5 Most Common iPhone Problems in Singapore


Jokes aside, the Gorilla Glass Screen on your iPhone needs significantly less impact than a raging silverback to crack it. A sharp knock at an unfortunate angle will see your lovely clear screen turned into a practically unusable spider’s web of cracks. To protect your phone, you need at least a tempered glass screen protector – these come in thicknesses of anywhere from 0.3 to 0.5mm. Not only will it save you from playing your mobile games through the glassy crevices of a broken screen, glass protectors help improve touch sensitivity and colour.

If you’re reading this just after dropping your phone from a height onto the marble floor and didn’t have time to act on your advice then you might want to consider checking out iPhone Screen Repair offered by iPhone Repair Singapore. Or if you wish to DIY, they can provide the parts to you once they ascertain you have the minimum repair knowledge required.

We have found their screen repair rates are very affordable and are highly frequented by students at their Bugis Street Outlet.


Here’s how to tell if your iPhone has a battery problem:

1. Phone suddenly turns off even though battery indicator shows 20% power remaining.

2. Battery depletes fast enough for you to start noticing and feels hot during charging.

3. Phone is already 1.5 to 2 years old and has completed a full charge cycle count of 300 to 500.

Note: Apple is offering a free battery replacement program for iPhone 6S’s which are affected by unexpected shutdown issues.

Some great tips for keeping your phone battery healthy include keeping your phone away from heat sources like direct sun exposure, refraining from draining your phone’s battery before you charge it, and keeping a charge in your phone even if you put it away for storage – or else the battery might completely forget how to hold a charge when you do dust off that old device eventually.

If you are unsure of whether your battery is spoilt, you can also download this program to check the cycle count of your iPhone. If it really does need replacing and you’re feeling brave, you could always check out this video guiding you through how to replace your iPhone 6 battery in just 4 minutes. However, we think you might be better off leaving it the experts.

Kai from Mobile Phone Repair advised our team that once your iPhone starts to die even when it still shows 20% battery life left, it’s highly recommended that it be changed or the power unit of the motherboard can get damaged which will leave you with even more expensive repairs. If the unthinkable does happens and your battery is on its last legs, you might want to consider giving Kai a call for an iPhone battery replacement at their main Chinatown outlet.

3. iPhone doesn’t charge when connected

If you have to keep twisting that iPhone cable to get to the sweet spot to get your phone charging, you might need to clean up the port.

Shine a light inside and see if there is anything blocking the metal receptors from the cable head. If it is clean, you might have a bigger problem than grime.

1. If there is an hard object inside like eraser shavings, just use a toothpick and gently pry it out without damaging the metal connectors inside the phone

2. Dust, dirt and grime tend to get stuck inside the charging port. All you need for a clean-up are a pair of tweezers, cotton wool and a little lighter fluid. Just make sure your device is off during this process and don’t stick the tweezers too far into the port.

3. If all else fails, get the professionals to replace the charging port. Yes, it’s possible.

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