Apple Watch Battery Life: The Reality of Apple Watches

Apple Watch Series of 2021

Apple Watch Series Battery Solutions
Apple Watches are one of the best smartwatches available today. They are sleek, stylish and come with a variety of different features to help you stay connected. However, the Apple Watch battery life can be an issue for some people. This blog post will discuss the popular Apple Watch Series of 2021, the cause of battery consumption on Apple Watches, and getting a battery replacement for your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is a must-have gadget for many. With the introduction of the Apple Watch Series, it has become even more popular than ever before. If you are looking to buy an Apple Watch, then here’s all that you need to know about the popular ones.

Most popular Apple Watch Series of 2021

1. Apple Watch Series 7: The Apple Watch 7 was announced alongside the iPhone 13 and came in two sizes- 41mm and 45mm. The key takeaway is the 33% increase in charging speed. Apple also increased its Always-on Display brightness to 70%. The estimated battery life remains (18 hrs) the same as previous models despite an increase in charging speed.

2. Apple watch SE: This is the most affordable Apple Watch series of 2021. It may not be comparable to the Apple Watch 7, but it has excellent features for basic users. The Apple Watch SE runs on watchOS 7 and comes in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. Like other models, it has a battery life of 18hrs but consumes faster while playing music and using GPS.

3. Apple Watch Series 6: The Apple Watch 6 ranks higher than the SE with an S6 chip and an Always-on Display. It also features ECG and blood oxygen measurements, unlike the Apple Watch SE. However, the battery has a run time of only 18 hrs, and with the implementation of these features, the battery consumption increases.

Reasons for Apple Watch Battery Degradation

Apple Watch battery life is decent, but not great. For instance, Apple claims that the basic model can last 18 hours on a single charge and up to 72 hours with low usage. However, some users have reported less than stellar results for several reasons.

Operating system updates/changes

Apple has continued to update its operating system for the Apple Watch, which impacts your device’s battery life. The more apps you have installed on your watch, and the higher level of connectivity you have set up with various devices, the worse off your battery will be. This is because these factors require additional power from your watch.

The watch may not be calibrated correctly.

Many people do not realize that the battery life listed by Apple is simply an estimate to help you gauge how long your device can last on a single charge. If your watch dies much sooner than expected, it might just need to be recalibrated for optimum performance. However, if this does not work, you may need to replace your battery.

Apple watches are not fully optimized just yet.

The fact that Apple Watches have only been around for a few years means there is still room for improvement when it comes to optimizing batteries and workings of the device in general. You can expect this issue to be dealt with over time as developers make Apple Watch battery life better.

Apple watch needs frequent charging.

If you find yourself having to charge your watch every day, the issue is most likely with how much energy apps and functions on your smartwatch are using up.
If you have a lot of connectivity features turned on (Bluetooth, WiFi), or if you use fitness features like GPS, your watch might run out of power very quickly.

Instead of simply disabling connectivity features or fitness functions entirely, you can find ways to use them less frequently so that they don’t consume as much energy. You could turn off Bluetooth on the weekends when it’s unnecessary for phone calls and enable it during workdays instead.

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Other common issues with Apple Watch Series include:


  • Apple watch not turning on or working properly.
  • Water damage repair.
  • Cracked screen replacement.