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23 Samsung Executives ‘Kneel’ On Stage To Apologize For Galaxy Note 7


It’s been a wild year for Samsung. The Korean tech goliath’s Note 7 has made a considerable amount of debacles around the world. Still, China has been generally sympathetic when contrasted with different nations. The nation’s state supporter had some decision grants for Samsung, where things took an intriguing turn. Samsung held an occasion in Shijiazhuang, Hebei to thank its merchants for their support in the midst of the emergency.

It’s here when Samsung’s Korean and Chinese administrators swung to irregular intends to show both their appreciation and conciliatory sentiment. In a fascinating turn, 23 administrators made that big appearance and bowed. The move set the nation’s microblogging circle ablaze. Clients reacted contrarily to the move. Instead of welcome it, they dissented that the bowing damaged Chinese social standards.

With regards to stooping, Korean and Chinese societies have distinctive standards. For the previous, it’s a type of lowliness and regard, which Samsung’s administrators planned to illustrate. For the last mentioned, it’s an indication of edginess, love or outrageous love. So in case you’re Chinese, no big surprise you’d get bothered at such an unmitigated error. Clients now blame Samsung for being insensible of social contrasts, in spite of being a multi-national organization. It’s starting to look like nothing can go well for Samsung now, regardless of how hard the organization tries.

Samsung reacted to the feedback through the announcement, “This was territorial stock requesting occasion for merchants, PR had no learning of it heretofore. As we comprehend it, regardless of the impact of the Galaxy Note 7 blasts, wholesalers kept on supporting Samsung, and booked numerous requests at the occasion. This was to a great degree touching for Samsung’s top administrators, and in understanding their traditions they stooped to express appreciation towards these merchants. Samsung’s China officials were likewise moved, and they stooped as well.” Thoughts? Tell us what you think in the remarks area underneath and stay tuned for the most recent.

Loyal Samsung Users To Get Discounts On Galaxy Note 8

Note 8 New

Samsung is sticking its trusts on the Galaxy S8 to haul it out of the doldrums yet the genuine measure of its arrival to respectability is if the reputed Galaxy Note 8 will be fruitful.

There is yet an official declaration from the vexed South Korean organization yet bits of gossip are overflowing that the Note arrangement will proceed. The new lead phablet will be presented in 2017, as per bits of gossip.

Numerous trust that the tech monster would totally dump the Note line yet with this new arrangement of bits of gossip, the Note arrangement is conceivably on the rebound trail.

Very little is thought about the conceivable new Note phablet yet numerous say that the organization is organizing security. Samsung has likewise obtained a few elements from the Note 7 and put them on the S7 and S7 Edge. Odds are, these components, for example, the Always-On Display might be set in the Note 8 too.

Samsung has yet to declare what the genuine reason for the blast even after various speculations have been coasted. They have said more than once that they are as yet leading examinations.

Swop Note7 for S7 edge and get $250 cheque

note 7, repair, money

SINGAPORE – Samsung Galaxy Note7 owners who swop their scrapped phones for the S7 edge will receive a $250 cheque, Samsung said on Tuesday (Oct 18) as the company fights to keep customers.

Those who want a refund will get back $1,168, which is the retail price of the Note7 launched just two months ago. The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, another flaship device, retails for $1,098.

The two exchange options will apply to customers who bought the Note7 at full price from retailers, and those who paid a subsidised rate for it after signing a two-year service contract with local telcos Singtel, StarHub and M1. Customers’ telco contracts will continue undisrupted.

iPhone 7 Plus’ dual cameras Review!

Technical Details of iPhone 7 Camera

Are the iPhone 7 Plus’ two cameras better than one?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 still has the better UI

When it comes to user interface (UI), the Samsung Galaxy S7 still has the upper hand. Apple’s Camera UI remains largely changed in iOS 10. The only new feature is the ‘2x’ icon on the iPhone 7 Plus, which switches between the 28mm and 56mm cameras on the back.

The iPhone 7 Plus’ camera is slightly better in good light

The iPhone 7 Plus’ cameras are slightly better than the iPhone 6s Plus in good light. There are more details in each shot, but still not at the same level of clarity as the Samsung Galaxy S7. The iPhone 7 Plus’ raw files also have less detail than the S7, and more color noise. It looks like the iPhone 7 Plus applies a liberal dose of noise reduction in JPEGs, which gets rid of the color noise but also fine details. This holds true for both the 28mm and the 56mm cameras.

The iPhone 7 Plus takes better panoramas

The iPhone 7 Plus still takes better horizontal panoramas than the Samsung Galaxy S7. There are almost zero artifacts and tears at the seams, even with moving and complex subjects. They sometimes appear, but rarely, while ghosting and tears appear easily in the S7’s horizontal panoramas.

Apple AirPods wireless headphones review

review, apple earpods


Apple believes the future is wireless. Their AirPods are a great example of that. The bluetooth connection is strong within 45 – 50 feet. AirPods sense when they’re in your ear and automatically stop playing when removed.

Here’s why Samsung Note 7 phones are catching FIRE

note 7, repair, money

Why Note 7?

What makes the Note 7 different: Samsung may have accidentally squeezed its batteries harder than it should.

“The defect was revealed when several contributing factors happened simultaneously, which included sub-optimized assembly process that created variations of tension and exposed electrodes due to insufficient insulation tape,” a Samsung representative tells CNET.

Or, in plain English: the thin plastic layer that separates the positive and negative sides of the battery got punctured, became the shortest route for electricity to zap across the battery (that’s why they call it a “short-circuit”), and became a huge fire risk.

What does pressure have to do with it? MIT materials chemistry Professor Don Sadoway explains that today’s cell phone batteries are made by literally pressing together a stack of battery components — and that battery companies are under pressure (no pun intended) to cram in as much battery capacity as possible.

Update, September 15 at 2:00p.m. PT: The CPSC has officially approved the Galaxy Note 7 recall and exchange program in the United States, and Samsung says new Note 7 smartphones with safe batteries will be available at “most retail locations no later than September 21, 2016.” We’ve updated this story to reflect that.

Update, October 10 at 1:31p.m. PT: As many as five of Samsung’s replacement Note 7 smartphones have also allegedly caught fire. All US carriers have stopped selling the phone. Samsung and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission are investigating.

Update, October 10 at 4:21p.m. PT: Samsung and the CPSC have officially advised that all Galaxy Note 7 phones — new and replacement — should be shut down.

Samsung permanently STOPS all production of Note 7

Note 7, Fire, Explode

Latest News

All Note 7 Production has been ceased by the Korean Tech Giant
“We recently readjusted the production volume for thorough investigation and quality control, but putting consumer safety as top priority, we have reached a final decision to halt production of Galaxy Note 7s,” the company said.
“For the benefit of consumers’ safety, we stopped sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 and have consequently decided to stop production.”

‘Brand damage’
Samsung could suffer “a considerable loss of consumer faith,” said Greg Roh at HMC Investment Securities.
“If it’s once, it could be taken as a mistake. But for Samsung, the same thing happened twice with the same model,” he said.
“The reason consumers prefer brands like Samsung and Apple is because of product reliability. So in this case, brand damage is inevitable and it will be costly for Samsung to turn that around again.”

Note 7 being Recalled Again ???

note 7


The Galaxy Note7 is in full-on product free-fall right now. Retailers are pulling it off shelves, Samsung has stopped production, and the once-deemed-“safe” versions of the phone are very obviously not. Things, frankly, could not have gone worse for Samsung. The Note7’s launch has been brought to a screeching halt, and while many consumers may have been OK with Samsung’s first battery fire flub given the relatively quick turnaround and response, this second round simply has no hope of retaining that goodwill.


Just a month or so after getting their hands on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note7 phones, thousands of consumers have had to exchange them for new ones this month, in a worldwide recall of the phones sparked by incidents in which they caught fire.

A small number of these consumers even had to exchange the phones twice – after replacements were found to overheat and rapidly drain power while being charged.

Two consumers told The Straits Times that they had to swop their phones again over the weekend. Another five to 10 consumers posted similar complaints about their newly exchanged phones on Samsung Mobile Singapore’s Facebook page.

Won’t I lose the Apple AirPods?



AirPods offer the pretty cool ability to detect when the earphones are being taken out of your ears thanks to built-in optical sensors and motion accelerometers, and will pause your music accordingly.


According to the company, AirPods should last an average of five hours per charge, although they feature quick charging technology that provides three hours of playback after 15 minutes of charging. The case itself offers around 24hrs of battery life before it’ll require charging.

iPhone 7 review – 4 Stars

iPhone 7 Waterproof and reviews on its sleek design


  • Good low light camera
  • Water resistant
  • Double the internal capacity


  • Lacks clear upgrades
  • Same design used for last three phones
  • Battery life unimpressive



  • Water resistance brings confidence in robustness of device
  • Same design as previous two years
  • Headphone jack removal is inconvenient



  • 25% brightness boost and more colors are hard to spot
  • Sharpness is still far lower than competitors
  • Contrast ratio for movie watching could be better