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Phone skin wrap singapore breakfixnow. Best quality vinyl skins for iphoen and samsung phones. Free and express pasting service with all skins colour change, housing colour replacement. Best phone wraps singapore

  • Why CHOOSE Wraps?
  • Cheaper than changing the housing by 1/3 the price at least
  • Usable long term with unqiue look

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Carbon Fibre/ HoneyComb Wrap

iPhone 6 / 6+ / 6S / 6S+ / 7 / 7+

BREAKFIXNOW offers wrapping for all these models please call 9011 1239 for any questions pertaiing the wraps. Most wraps cost $20-$40. So its much cheaper than changing housing.

If you are looking for iPhone Repairs or Samsung Repairs you are on the wrong page.

Aluminium Housing Replacement

Wraps are CHEAPER than changing the housing due to scratches

If your phone is bent too badly and scratched till even you cant recognise it, it might be be more than what a military grade wrap can save. This is more costly at >$90.

What are the symptoms?

-Phone Obviously bent
-Scratches are deeper than 1mm
-You know deep inside even if u put 3 wraps it cant be saved
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Gold/ Red/ Black/ Blue/ Pink

This wrap comes in a few colours black being the most popular followed by blue.

Who likes this Wrap

    • Fashionistas
    • Hate to use casing but need scratch protection
    • Need some friction on phone to prevent drops and slips

Note: Might take about 30mins to complete

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Wood/ Carbon/ HoneyComb/ Marvel/ Glitter

Custom Cases

We will try to provide the best cases for your choosing

Click to find out Latest Skins we have

  • HoneyComb
  • DeadPool
  • Wooden Teak
  • Captain America

All Mobile Devices

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