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best camera tempered glass screen protector


Get the best camera screen protector from Lens Shield. iPhone camera glass or samsung camera screen protector prevents broken or scratched camera glass

lens shield camera glass protector

best iphone camera tempered glass

ABSOLUTELY THE BEST tempered glass for your phone camera

BreakFixNow has to repair at least 10 of these cracked camera glass or iPhone housing every day and we paste at least 15 a day throughout ALL our outlets. Our customers always complain that due to the lack of a protector their cameras become blur due to scratches when they put their phones in their pockets. Keys or drops can cause huge scratches on the camera lens and this causes blur or out of focus cameras.

Why Choose Lens Shield screen protector:

1. Cheap ones only have side glue
2. This is ULTRA HD Japan Asahi Glass
3. Prevent breakage or scratches
4. Anti Smudge or Fingerprints
5. If you dont use a case this is a MUST
6. Anti-Fingerprint
7. Image not clear due to REFLECTION & Rainbow Effect on cheap quality film types
8. Do not lose your deepest blacks and brilliant colours due to low quality glass
9. Most competitive prices! Retailers are selling this camera glass for $25 or MORE!


Why you MUST buy this Screen Protector:

1. Dont lose optical clarity when you use such an expensive phone with high resolution
2. We have made it so much afforable than nearest competitors
3. It is usable fully submerged in water
4. It is case friendly and usable with all major brands like Spigen, Otterbox, UAG, X-Doria etc.
5. You should TRUST when we say the cost of camera glass replacement on these models are extremely high
6. We paste it for you for FREE


Camera Glass Made for iPhone 12, 11, Note 20, S20 Series

Proprietary Gorilla Glass made specially to solve the problems of everyday living while retaining viewing pleasure while providing the highest level of protection.

iphone 11 pro max camera glass protector
note 20 camera glass protector
Also for iPad Pro Series

If your iPad is being used by Kids and you need this protected. Please buy it for the iPad Pro 11 2020 and iPad 12.9 2020. The newer iPad 10.5 and iPad 10.9 can also benefit from having this.


There are various authorised distributors & partner outlets in Singapore who sell this Amazing product.

If you stay in these areas we are there:
1. BUGIS VILLAGE Hp: 9173 2030
3. BEDOKMALL Hp: 9777 7509

4. BUKIT PANJANG PLAZA Hp: 9150 8229
5. CITY HALL FUNAN Hp: 9678 0203

Just takes about 5 minutes to apply. This is an online website Promo our usual retail is $19.90 but as we are part of the GSS Sale only $10(SMS your preferred outlet for stock as its HOT selling; T&C Applies). Please do let our staff know you have seen our online Promo!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q2: How does the Lens Shield Camera Glass glass stick to my screen?

A: A proprietary adhesive which is optical grade fuses the camera glass to your phone camera. It is easily removable to change too.

Q2: Will my fingerprints be lesser?

A: Yes it will reduce your fingerprints on the camera and dust and grime will also be less likely to stick as much. But we recommend you change this every 6 months.

Q3: Do you sell other types of special tempered glass

A: Yes we do. We have Redstone UV glass screen shield. This is mainly for Samsung phones which have fingerprint on their screens. Other glass screen protectors do not allow you to use fingerprint but Redstone does and its on discount at $40 only. Retailing at $59.90. When you get the Redstone UV Glass, your LENS SHIELD Camera Glass is FREE!

best iphone camera glass protector

best samsung camera glass protector

This is a MUST BUY? Why because if your Samsung UV Screen Protector which allows fingerprint usage and HD images with no streaks or rainbow.


This usually retails at $59.00, get your LENS SHIELD Camera Glass FREE when you purchase from us using this online promotion of $40. Only for the N20 or S20 Series phones. Just show our sales staff this website link.
* While stocks last
* T&C Applies

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