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Breakfixnow Best Laptop Repair Singapore, Fast Replacement. Replace Best Laptop lcd display, fix cracked screens. Warranty for all Best Laptop Repair Singapore. Best Best Laptop Repair Singapore

best laptop repair in singapore

Best Laptop Repair by breakfixnow in 30 minutes

Best laptop fixing providers in singapore

We Specialize in fixing a range of laptops here, this list is not exhaustive:
1. Asus – Zenbook, Chromebook, Vivobook, ROG (Republic of Gamers)
2. Alienware – M15, M17
3. Toshiba – Protege, Satellite, Tecra
4. Dell Inspiron – XPS Series, Latitude Series, Vostro
5. Acer – Swift, Aspire, Spin
6. Lenovo – IdeaPad, ThinkPad, Chromebook, Yoga Series
7. Samsung – Notebook 5,7,9, Odyssey, Flash
8. HP – Spectre, Pavilion, Elitebook
9. Microsoft – Surface Pro 3,4,5,6
10. Sony laptops

If your device is still under warranty from the Official Brand Agents, please do send it there. This should be within the usual 2-3 years of standard warranty. Please do note that their warranty does not cover accidental damage to the device. This includes:
1. Water damage due to spillage
2. LCD damage due to impact or drops
3. Other self inflicted damage to casing

Sometimes these repairs are outsourced & will take more than 5 days to repair the laptop and you will have to suffer from the data loss as they need to format your laptop to do diagnostics.

We have been in the market for almost 10 years and have qualified China technicians to assess any issue and solve it.
We have encountered many novice freelance service providers who know little about how to deal with the issues and might damage your device further making some data recovery impossible after they touch it. So we advise that if your data is of the ultimate priority please do bring direct to us for us to advise.


1. Broken screens and lcd display [most common] 2. Hard drive corrupted and needs replacement or data needs retrieval
3. Keyboard replacement due to keys slowly falling out
4. Motherboard failure and blue screen of death
5. Laptop housing cracked and needs replacement

Battery Problems
All Laptops require battery changes due to degradation of the lithium polymer within the cell and does not hold charges well
Phone No Display
LCD failure due to drops are costly and common amoung Notebooks and Macbook
Motherboard Failure
When you see the blue screen of death you know there the CPU or hard drive has failure.
Not Charging
Battery power supply for laptops should be changed after 2 years due to low efficiency
Water Damage
If you dropped your laptop in the water or spilled something on the keyboard its best to bring it down for a clean up
Where to get the Best Laptop Repairs in Singapore
 Laptop Repairs by the best - Breakfixnow

Doorstep Collection of Laptops. Customer Data is Safe

Our service centers are accessible daily and there is no need to book an appointment. You can call us at 9750 4333 for our technical support to advise and quote you. If you are urgently needing to use it, we will remove & resolve the problem in such a short time that you will be surprised at our efficiency. Most repair work takes about 1-2 hrs on site.
Doorstep Collection Service
If you need us to collect from your doorstep the device just call us first. More straightforward cases like screen cracks can be quoted on phone and settled within 2-3 hours & sent back. Some devices like blue screen of death need to be brought down for diagnostics. When you will bring the device to us we will let you know whether the damage can be repaired or net. We can understand how important your laptop is for your task.


Customer Q1 Highlights: I did not drop my laptop but the lcd is causing flickering, can you tell why?

A: Switch off the laptop and reboot. If this does not solve the flickering lcd issue it could be a connector problem. Rust and corrosion can also degrade the internal lcd components to cause this effect. We will help diagnose the issue and provide you with an affordable solution. Sometimes we even advise you to get a new one.

Customer Q2 Highlights: Can I buy my own battery for the laptop repairs?

A: Yes, you can buy your own battery but the installation will cost you charges.

Customer Q3 Highlights: Where do your provide your laptop repairs and phone repair services


A: Main On-The-Spot laptop repair locations:
You can look for us at BUGIS Hp: 9173 2030
If yours is not very urgent & you can wait a day or 2, you can drop it off at these locations:
1. YISHUN Hp: 9788 0587
2. BEDOK Hp: 9777 7509
3. BUKIT PANJANG Hp: 9150 8229

Customer Q4 Highlights: Some customer reviews highlights that you do home laptop repair service. Do you provide this service for data recovery?

Yes and No. Some laptop repairs like motherboard failure require a few days and this cannot be done at home.

Customer Q5 Highlights: What other digital device services do you provide to customers?

For laptop repairs, we do laptop fan clean up and PC clean up services too. Data recovery for hard disks and flash drives for customers.

SG Laptop Repairs


With the 10 years of experience in Singapore doing laptop repairs, you can trust us with your previous device.

Our policy is that if there are still issues with your laptop repairs we will not collect payment. If you read our customer reviews you will know that we are also the best at pc hard drive data recovery.

If there is any damage done by water contact us before or after our working hours if urgent. We have years of experience in data recovery for such laptop repairs.

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