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Best S9 Screen Protector


BreakFixNow Best Samsung S9 Screen Protector. Buy case friendly S9 tempered glass. Cheap Screen Protector & all S9 Accessories. S9 Screen Protector Singapore

best S9 screen protector

best s9 tempered glass


Why the one your bought is not RESPONSIVE:

1. Cheap ones only have side adhesive
2. They drop OFF after a few weeks of usage
3. Certain KEYS at the side are non-responsive
4. Some phone covers make the glass lift off the edges
5. DUST easy goes inside and make it very irritating
6. Image not clear due to REFLECTION & Rainbow Effect
7. You lose the deep blacks and brilliant colours due to low quality glass
8. Most competitive prices! Retailers are selling this UV glue glass for $70-$80 or MORE!


Why you MUST buy this Screen Protector:

1. We dont want you to lose optical clarity when you use such a good phone with high resolution
2. It has been made so afforable than nearest competitors e.g DOME
3. It is usable submerged in water
4. It is case friendly and usable with all major brands like Spigen, Otterbox, UAG, X-Doria etc.
5. Fixing crack screens on these models are extremely high, it is a good investment
6. We paste it for you for FREE!

Made for Note 8, S9, S8

Proprietary UV adhesive made specially to solve the unresponsive touchscreen issues of former screen protectors. Retains your high resolution viewing pleasure while providing the highest level of protection.

note 8 s9 s8 tempered glass

If your phone has minor CRACKS and you dont wish to repair. Use this as a layer over unsightly and dangerous glass. This is PROVEN to make the cracks “invisible” to the naked eye. Dont believe just come try!


There are various authorised distributors & partner outlets in Singapore who sell this Amazing product. And do the application for FREE!

If you stay in these areas we are there:
1. BUGIS Hp: 9173 2030
2. YISHUN Hp: 9788 0587
3. BEDOK Hp: 9777 7509

4. BUKIT PANJANG Hp: 9150 8229

Just takes about 5 minutes to apply. This is an online website Promo our usual retail is $59.90 but as we are part of the GSS Sale only $40(SMS your preferred outlet for stock as its HOT selling; T&C Applies). Please do let our staff know you have seen our online Promo!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How does the ARC glass stick to my screen?

A: A proprietary water which reacts to UV light and solidifies and bonds the tempered glass and screen together. Providing the best medium for your static touch to transfer to the screen giving you impeccable smooth scrolling and gameplay.

Q2: Can I buy other brands and you help me install it into my phone?

A: Yes that is a great idea. We can help with that but please bear in mind any part purchased online we will not be able to cover you with 3 months of warranty. Also if the part purchased is not the same version as your phone it can be installed but will not perform properly. This is true for certain models of Samsung. We also do charge a service fee.

Q3: Do you sell other types of tempered glass

A: Yes we do. We have X-One film screen shield. We have nano flex which is does not chip or crack. We have 3D gaming tempered glass for precise gaming needs.

s9 tempered glass