CaseTrust in Singapore

CASE is an acronym for Consumers Association of Singapore and CaseTrust is its accreditation arm. CaseTrust accreditation is awarded to organizations who are ready to be fair and transparent in their dealings with customers.

CaseTrust was established in 1999 and has since been working closely with numerous companies to improve the industry standard in Singapore. CASE has always been at the service of consumers pushing for greater protection for them.

The commitment of CaseTrust and constant consultation with industry experts has allowed the body to recognize the needs of each industry. CaseTrust has put in place different accreditation schemes depending on each specific industry.

Benefits of CaseTrust to consumers

Whatever good you are purchasing or service you are getting from a CaseTrust accreditation shop you can be assured what they offer is standard. If there is any dispute during a business transaction with a CaseTrust accredited shop it will be resolved in a short while, so you don’t have a thing to worry about.

In any case, the dispute cannot be resolved consumers can always approach CASE for assistance. Consumers Relations Officers at CASE are ever ready to hold your hand in the mist of the dispute and offer their best to ensure it is resolved.

CASE can as well organize a mediation session between the consumer and business if need be to ensure a truce.

Benefits of CaseTrust to businesses

CaseTrust accreditation strengthens your business to be more committed to your customers. Being a CaseTrust accredited business allows consumers to be more confident in your products and services.

Consumers become more loyal and patronize you more when you are CaseTrust accredited; your business will stand out in a competition with other related businesses.

CaseTrust accredited phone repair centers in Singapore


iRepair is the only CaseTrust accredited smartphones repair center in Singapore. Being a CaseTrust accredited repair center you can be assured every products and service you get from iRepair are the best regarding quality.

Their repair services are swift and affordable; they also offer a face2face repair service which allows you to watch as they fix your damaged device.