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Tips to Follow Before Purchasing a Pre-owned Phone


In today’s world, a mobile phone is a necessity for almost everyone. However, purchasing a brand new phone every time can be expensive, which is why many people opt for pre-owned phones. Pre-owned phones can be a great alternative to brand new ones if you know what to look for. In this article, we will discuss some general tips for purchasing a pre-owned phone.


Best Time To Purchase a Used Phone

If you’re looking to buy a used phone, the best times to do so are often just after a new phone model is released. This is when the previous model becomes less desirable and people start selling them for less in order to upgrade to the newest device. With new phone models or tweaks coming out regularly from both Apple and Android, you can expect to have good buying opportunities at least once a year or once every few months.


Of course, you don’t necessarily have to wait for a new release to buy used, but these periods often offer the best deals on the market. So keep an eye out for those opportunities and you may just snag a great deal on a pre-owned phone.


1. Buy From Reputable Sellers


Buying a pre-owned phone can be a great way to save money, but it’s important to exercise caution and buy from reputable sellers. In Singapore, there are several online marketplaces where you can buy pre-owned phones. Some of the most popular options include Carousell, Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee.


When shopping for a pre-owned phone on these marketplaces, it’s important to carefully review the seller’s profile and ratings. Look for sellers who have a high rating and positive reviews from previous customers. This can help give you peace of mind and ensure that you’re buying from a trustworthy seller.


In addition to checking the seller’s profile, it’s also important to carefully read the product description and ask any questions you may have before making a purchase. This can help you avoid any surprises and ensure that you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.


2. Do Price Research


If you’re considering purchasing a pre-owned phone, it’s important to do some price research first. While pre-owned phones can often be a great deal, it’s also important to ensure that you’re not overpaying for a phone that may be outdated or have potential issues.


Start by researching the original retail price of the phone when it was first released. This will give you an idea of what the phone was worth brand new, and can help you determine whether the pre-owned price you’re considering is fair. Next, take a look at the current market prices for pre-owned phones of the same make and model.


It’s also worth considering the condition of the phone. A phone that’s in excellent condition, with no scratches or dents, will likely be more expensive than one that has visible signs of wear and tear. Additionally, consider the phone’s age and how long it has been used. A phone that’s only a few months old will likely be more expensive than one that’s a few years old, even if they’re both the same make and model.


Once you have an idea of what the phone is worth, you can then start looking for pre-owned phones in your price range. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with sellers, especially if you feel that the price they’re asking is too high. And be sure to read reviews of the seller before making a purchase, to ensure that they’re reputable and trustworthy.


3. Check Battery Health and Quality


The battery life of a phone is a critical aspect to consider when buying a pre-owned phone. A phone with a poor battery life can be frustrating and may not be worth the purchase price. When purchasing a pre-owned phone, it’s important to check the battery health and capacity of the device.


To check the battery health of an iPhone, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. This will show you the maximum capacity of the battery as well as its peak performance capability. A battery with low maximum capacity may need to be replaced, which can be an added cost to consider.


On Android devices, you can check the battery health by using third-party apps such as AccuBattery, Battery Health or GSam Battery Monitor. These apps provide information on the battery’s health, capacity, and estimated time remaining before the battery needs to be recharged. Some Android devices also have a built-in battery health feature that can be found in the battery settings.


It’s important to note that the battery life of a pre-owned phone may not be as good as a brand new phone, especially if the phone is a few years old. However, checking the battery health and capacity can help you determine whether the phone is worth the purchase price, and can help you avoid unexpected costs down the line. If you’re unsure about the battery life of a pre-owned phone, it’s always best to ask the seller for more information or consider purchasing a new battery for the phone.


4. Check For Physical Damage


Checking for physical damage is a crucial step when purchasing a pre-owned phone. The condition of the phone’s exterior can give you an idea of how well the previous owner took care of the device. Scratches, dents, and cracks on the screen or back cover can be indicators of how much wear and tear the phone has gone through, and may also affect the phone’s performance.


If the screen is cracked or has deep scratches, it can impact the touchscreen’s responsiveness, making it difficult to use the phone. Additionally, scratches or damage to the camera lens can affect the quality of photos taken with the phone. In some cases, physical damage can also cause issues with the phone’s internal components, such as the battery or motherboard.


Water damage is another important factor to consider when checking for physical damage. Water damage can cause the phone to malfunction or even become unusable. Signs of water damage include a waterlogged or discolored screen, visible moisture inside the phone, or corrosion on the phone’s internal components.


Overall, checking for physical damage is an essential step when purchasing a pre-owned phone. It can help you avoid purchasing a device that may have issues or require costly repairs. When inspecting the phone for damage, it’s important to take your time and thoroughly examine all parts of the device. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions about any visible damage or signs of wear and tear. By taking these precautions, you can ensure that you’re getting a pre-owned phone in good condition that will serve you well.


In conclusion, purchasing a pre-owned phone can be a great way to save money while still getting a quality device. However, there are important factors to consider before making a purchase. By doing some price research, checking the seller’s reputation, examining the battery life, and inspecting for physical damage, you can ensure that you’re getting a pre-owned phone that is worth the purchase price. For professional inspection for smartphones get in touch with us.


Remember, it’s important to take your time and thoroughly examine the device before making a purchase. Don’t be afraid to ask the seller questions and request additional information or photos. With these tips in mind, you can confidently navigate the process of purchasing a pre-owned phone and find a device that meets your needs and budget.

Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Smartphone Sound Issues

Cell phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and their importance is only increasing with each passing day. We rely on our smartphones for everything from staying connected with loved ones to managing our schedules and navigating the world around us. However, one common issue that many smartphone users face is problems with sound. Whether you can’t hear anything at all or the sound quality is poor, it can be frustrating to deal with sound issues on your phone. In this article, we will explore some troubleshooting tips to help you address and fix sound issues on your cell phone.


1. Check Your Volume and Mute Settings

The first and most basic step to troubleshooting sound issues on your cell phone is to check your volume and mute settings. It’s possible that you may have accidentally muted your phone or turned the volume all the way down without realizing it. To check your volume settings, simply press the volume button on your phone and make sure that the volume is turned up. You can also check your sound settings to make sure that your phone is not on mute.

If you have an iPhone, you can check this by looking for the small switch on the side of your phone. If it’s pushed down, your phone is on silent mode. On an Android phone, you can check this by going to Settings > Sound and making sure that the volume is turned up and that the “Do Not Disturb” mode is not turned on. By checking your volume and mute settings, you can quickly rule out simple issues and move on to more complex troubleshooting steps if necessary.


2. Disable Do Not Disturb Mode

Another common issue that can cause sound problems on your cell phone is the “Do Not Disturb” mode. This mode is designed to silence all incoming calls and notifications, which can be useful when you’re in a meeting or need to focus on a task. However, if you forget to turn off Do Not Disturb mode, you may miss important calls or messages. To disable Do Not Disturb mode, simply go to your phone’s settings and look for the “Do Not Disturb” option.

On an iPhone, you can access this by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the crescent moon icon. On an Android phone, you can find this by going to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb. Make sure that this mode is turned off, and your phone’s sound should start working normally again. If you need to use Do Not Disturb mode again in the future, make sure to turn it off when you’re done so that you don’t miss any important notifications.


3. Restart Your Phone

Another quick and easy step to troubleshoot audio issues on your cell phone is to simply restart your device. Restarting your phone can help resolve many software-related problems, including audio issues. When you restart your phone, it closes any apps or processes that may be interfering with the audio and resets the device’s settings to their default state.


To restart your phone, simply press and hold the power button until the “Power off” option appears on the screen. Then, tap on “Power off” and wait for the phone to completely shut down. Once it’s off, press and hold the power button again until the device powers back on. Once your phone is restarted, check if the audio is working properly again. If restarting your phone doesn’t resolve the audio issues, you can move on to other troubleshooting steps.


4. Try a Headset

If you have tried all of the above methods and are still experiencing audio issues on your cell phone, the next step is to try using a headset or earphones. This can help you determine if the problem is with the phone’s speakers or if it’s a software issue. If you don’t have headphones or a headset, you can also try connecting a Bluetooth device. If you’re able to hear audio through a different source, but not from the phone’s speakers, then you can rule out network connection or software issues, and it’s likely that the problem lies with the hardware, specifically the speakers.


On the other hand, if you experience the same audio issues with the headset or earphones, then you can move on to the next troubleshooting step. It’s important to note that using a headset or earphones is not a long-term solution, but it can help you isolate the issue and determine the cause of the audio problems on your phone.


5. Remove Dust and Debris from the Speaker

Dust and debris can accumulate in the speaker grille of your cell phone over time, which can block the sound and cause audio issues. To solve this problem, you can try removing any dust or debris that may be clogging the speaker. One way to do this is by using a small, soft-bristled brush or a can of compressed air. Gently brush or blow into the speaker grille to dislodge any dust or debris that may be trapped inside.

Be careful not to use too much force or insert anything sharp into the speaker, as this can damage the speaker and cause further problems. You can also try using a piece of tape to gently lift away any visible debris from the speaker grille. Once you have removed as much dust and debris as possible, test the audio to see if the problem has been resolved. If the audio is still not working correctly, you may need to seek professional help or consider replacing the speaker.


6. Get in Touch With a Pro

If none of the above solutions have fixed your cell phone’s sound issues, it’s possible that you’re dealing with a hardware problem. Unfortunately, this is not something that can be easily fixed at home. In most cases, the best option is to take your phone to a professional who can diagnose and repair the problem.

You may be wondering if it’s worth paying for professional repairs when you could simply buy a new phone. The answer to this question will depend on several factors, including the age of your phone, the severity of the sound issue, and whether or not you have insurance. However, in many cases, getting professional repairs can be more cost-effective, especially with the skyrocketing prices of new smartphones in recent years.

If you need help with sound and audio issues on your smartphone or any other device, consider contacting the team at BreakFixNow. We offer a wide range of device repair services, including phone repair and tablet repair. Our knowledgeable technicians can help diagnose and repair the problem with your device, getting it back up and running like new again.

Guaranteed Ways to Recover Photos From a Damaged iPhone


Have you ever experienced losing your precious photos due to a broken iPhone? It can be a frustrating experience, but there is hope. With the right tools and methods, you can recover your photos from a broken iPhone.


Firstly, it’s important to determine the extent of the damage to your iPhone. If the screen is broken, but the device is still functional, you can use iTunes or iCloud to restore your photos. Simply connect your iPhone to your computer and follow the instructions to restore your device from a backup. If you have backed up your photos to iCloud, you can log in to your account on a different device and download your photos from there. However, if your iPhone is severely damaged or won’t turn on, you may need to use data recovery software or seek professional help. 


Keeping that in mind, there are still ways you can recover your cherished photos from a damaged iPhone by following these recovery steps:


1. Sync your iPhone and MacBook


If you’re an Apple lover and you have both an iPhone and a Mac, I’ve got some great news for you. You can easily sync your photos between your phone and computer! Here’s how:


  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac.
  • Open up the Finder on your Mac, and look for your iPhone in the sidebar. If you don’t see it there, make sure your cable is properly connected and that your iPhone is charging. Also, make sure your iPhone is unlocked and on the home screen.
  • If a message pops up on your Mac asking if you trust the iPhone and vice versa, just click “Trust.”
  • Select “Photos” from the bar on the Finder screen, and click on “Sync.”
  • You might be asked which photos or albums you want to sync. If so, choose the checkbox that says “Select Photos to your device from” and then pick Photos from the menu. Decide whether you want to sync all your photos or selected ones. Then, click “Apply.”
  • Finally, before unplugging your iPhone from your Mac, go back to the Finder sidebar and click “Eject.”


That’s it! Now you can easily sync your photos between your iPhone and Mac anytime you want.


2. Recover Using iCloud and Google Photos


Backing up your iPhone data, including your precious photos, is crucial to prevent losing them forever. Taking preemptive action with your data can save you from a lot of headaches in case of any unexpected mishap or phone malfunction.


One of the best ways to safeguard your data is to regularly back up your photos to a cloud-based platform like iCloud or Google Photos. By doing so, you can easily access your photos from any new device, as long as you can log into your cloud-based platform.


To ensure you don’t forget to back up your data, it’s important to set a regular schedule. Pick a specific day of the week to back up your photos, or better yet, turn on automatic backups. It’s simple to manage automatic daily backups on your iPhone through iCloud under Settings.


All you need to do is tap your name at the top of the screen, select iCloud, and then iCloud Backup. Finally, toggle iCloud Backup to On, and you’re all set. Now you can rest easy knowing that your photos and other important data are safe and secure. Remember, routine backups are essential to prevent losing your precious memories!


3. Repair your broken iPhone or find data recovery services


If the above methods seem too difficult or if you have a broken iPhone, don’t worry, there are still options for recovering your photos and other data. In Singapore, Breakfixnow phone repair service offers expert repair services for damaged iPhones. Their talented technicians can fix common iPhone issues like cracked screens, dead batteries, loose charging ports, and Wi-Fi connectivity problems. Additionally, they offer data recovery services and will be able to extract your photos and data from your damaged phone and transfer them to a new device.


In case you’re unable to recover your data, it’s important to set up automatic iCloud backups to avoid future iPhone data loss. By following these tips and taking proactive measures, you can safeguard your valuable memories and prevent losing them forever. So, whether you need to repair your broken iPhone or recover your data, Breakfixnow phone repair service in Singapore can help you get back on track.


4. Use Third-party Recovery Tools


Third party tools use advanced algorithms to scan your iPhone’s memory and retrieve lost or deleted data, including photos. However, it’s important to choose a reputable and reliable recovery tool to avoid any further damage to your device.


Some popular iPhone photo recovery tools include EaseUS MobiSaver, Dr. Fone, iMyFone D-Back, and PhoneRescue. These tools can recover photos from your iPhone, even if they’re deleted or lost due to a system crash. The recovery process involves connecting your iPhone to your computer and running the software to scan your device. Once the scanning is complete, you’ll be able to preview and select the photos you want to recover before restoring them to your device or saving them to your computer.


It’s important to note that while these recovery tools are generally effective, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be able to recover all of your lost photos. Additionally, some of these tools may require a paid subscription or one-time purchase, so be sure to check the pricing and features before committing to a particular tool.


In conclusion, losing your photos due to a broken iPhone can be a distressing experience, but there are ways to recover them. By following the methods mentioned above and taking preventative measures, you can ensure that your precious memories are safe and secure.

6 Unconventional Ways To Reduce Battery Drain On iPad


iPads are highly popular gadgets that can last for hours or even days on a single charge, depending on the usage. However, over time, the battery life begins to deteriorate due to demanding software features and apps. To counter this, Apple has built battery-saving options into the iPad, which can be accessed through Settings.


By controlling power-hungry apps running in the background, switching off animations, and disabling notifications, you can extend your iPad’s battery life. Whether you use your iPad for entertainment or professional purposes, it is essential to keep it in good condition. Regular use and charging cycles can degrade the battery, ultimately leading to the need for a replacement. Fortunately, by following a few tips, you can prolong your iPad’s life and get the most out of your tablet when you’re in a pinch.


1. Switch Off Transition Effect


The transition effects on your iPad, like the ones you see when opening or closing an app, are visually appealing but can consume a significant amount of battery life. If you are experiencing shorter battery life than desired, disabling these effects can help.


To reduce motion animations on your iPad, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Motion, and switch on the “Reduce Motion” and “Prefer Cross-Fade Transitions” options. By doing so, you can conserve your iPad’s battery life and extend its usage time.


2. Tweak iPad Screen Brightness Settings


One of the simplest and most effective ways to preserve your iPad’s battery life is to reduce the screen brightness. The display is a significant energy consumer, and high brightness settings drain your battery quickly. When your iPad’s screen is set to a high brightness level, it requires more energy to power the display’s backlight. By reducing the brightness, you can conserve battery life and extend the usage time of your device.


To adjust the screen brightness, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and move the slider to the left to decrease the brightness. You can also enable the “Auto-Brightness” feature, which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness based on ambient light levels. This feature not only helps save battery life but also reduces eye strain caused by using your iPad in low light conditions.


Another tip to reduce battery consumption is to turn off the “Raise to Wake” feature. This feature automatically wakes up your iPad when you lift it, but it can also accidentally turn on the display when not in use, draining the battery. To disable it, go to Settings > Display & Brightness and toggle the “Raise to Wake” option.


By implementing these simple steps, you can significantly increase the battery life of your iPad and enjoy using it for a longer time without the need for frequent recharging.


3. Toggle iPad Handoff Feature


Handoff is a useful feature that allows you to seamlessly switch between Apple devices while working on a project or task. For instance, you can begin browsing a website on Safari on your iPad, and then pick up right where you left off on your Mac computer. Similarly, you can copy text or an image on one device and paste it on another device that is logged into the same iCloud account.


However, it is important to note that Handoff can drain your iPad’s battery life, as it continuously syncs your data with iCloud in the background. If you find that your iPad’s battery life is decreasing quickly, disabling Handoff is a simple solution. To turn off Handoff on your iPad, navigate to Settings > General >Handoff and toggle the switch to the “off” position. By doing so, you can extend your iPad’s battery life and ensure that it lasts longer throughout the day.


4. Enable Low Power Mode


If you want to extend your iPad’s battery life, consider using Low Power Mode. This feature reduces power consumption by limiting background activity and adjusting certain settings to conserve energy. You can easily turn on Low Power Mode by going to Settings > Battery. Once enabled, your iPad’s display may be dimmer, and some visual effects and features may take longer to load. However, this tradeoff is well worth it if you want to extend your battery life and use your device for a longer time without needing to recharge.


When Low Power Mode is enabled, you’ll see a yellow battery icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, indicating that your device is running on low power. Once you recharge your iPad and it reaches 80 percent or higher, Low Power Mode will automatically turn off.


It’s worth noting that some features may be temporarily disabled while Low Power Mode is active, such as background app refresh and automatic downloads. However, you can still use all of your apps and continue to work or play as usual. By using Low Power Mode, you can significantly extend your iPad’s battery life and get more use out of your device between charges.


5. Stop Notifications From Waking Up Your iPad


Notifications can be a real battery-drainer on your iPad, and it doesn’t help that they light up your screen every time. But you can limit their impact and give your battery a break by using iPadOS’s Scheduled Summary feature. This cool feature holds your notifications and gives you a summary of what you missed at a later time. So, you don’t have to worry about being distracted every time an alert pops up on your screen.


Setting up Scheduled Summary is super easy. Just head to Settings, then Notifications, and select Scheduled Summary. From there, you can turn on the toggle for the apps you want to include and choose when you want to receive your summary. You can even snooze alerts from certain apps and create multiple schedules so you don’t get bombarded with notifications all at once. With Scheduled Summary, you can extend your battery life and stay on top of your notifications all at the same time!


6. Use Authentic Apple iPad Charger


Using a fake charger for your iPad can be a real bad idea. It might seem like a cheap and easy option, but it can actually damage your battery and shorten its lifespan. And nobody wants that, right?


Apple strongly recommends using only Apple-certified chargers and cables with your iPad. These chargers are specifically designed to work perfectly with your device and keep it safe while charging. Non-certified chargers, on the other hand, may not provide the right amount of juice to your iPad, which can lead to overcharging or permanent damage.


If you’re thinking of buying a cheap charger online or from a sketchy store, be warned. Fake iPad chargers are all over the place and they can look pretty convincing. But they’re usually not certified by Apple and can be super dangerous. Some of them might even have fake certification labels, so you really gotta be careful.


Don’t take the risk. Stick with an Apple-certified charger and keep your iPad happy and healthy for as long as possible.


In conclusion, there are several ways to extend the battery life of your iPad. You can reduce the screen brightness, turn off Handoff, limit notifications, use Low Power Mode, and reduce transition effects. It’s also crucial to use only Apple-certified chargers and cables to avoid damaging the battery.


By implementing these tips, you can significantly prolong your iPad’s battery life and make the most of your device. Remember, a little adjustment can go a long way in enhancing the longevity of your iPad’s battery, which ultimately enhances your overall experience with the device.



What Factors to Consider While Purchasing Android Smartphones Over iPhone

Deciding factors while purchasing android smartphones



Android phones have become increasingly popular over the years, and with so many different models and brands available, consumers have a plethora of options to choose from. While many factors can influence someone’s decision to purchase an Android phone, several key factors are particularly important to consider. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most significant factors that influence the purchase of Android phones.


What Makes People Buy Android Smartphones?




The price is one of the most significant factors that can influence someone’s decision to purchase an Android phone. For many consumers, the cost of the phone is one of the most important considerations. While some may be willing to pay a premium for the latest and greatest features, others may prefer a more budget-friendly option. Manufacturers recognize this and often offer a range of products at different price points to cater to different budgets and needs.

Android smartphone companies such as Xiaomi and Realme noticed this and offered high-quality features and specifications at a budget-friendly price. This has enabled consumers to get the best out of their smartphones without making a huge burn on their pockets. Thanks to them, features such as a higher refresh rate, extra cameras, and higher mAh batteries are easily accessible to general consumers.


Brand reputation


Brand reputation is another crucial factor that can impact the purchase of Android phones. Consumers may have brand loyalty or preferences based on previous experiences with certain brands. Brands known for their quality and reliability may be more attractive to consumers willing to pay a premium for a phone that will last them longer. On the other hand, lesser-known brands may struggle to compete with established brands that have a proven track record.


Features and specifications


The variety of features and specifications available in Android smartphones, many of which are available at a reasonable price point, has significantly impacted consumers’ purchasing decisions. Manufacturers of Android smartphones have been able to introduce cutting-edge features, such as higher refresh rates and triple cameras, before Apple has done so, which has helped attract consumers to the Android platform.

One key advantage of Android smartphones over iPhones is the wide range of options available at different price points. While iPhones are generally more expensive, many Android smartphones offer similar or even superior features at a more affordable price. This has made Android smartphones popular among budget-conscious consumers looking for high-quality devices without breaking the bank.

In addition, Android manufacturers have been able to introduce new and innovative features more quickly than Apple, thanks in part to the open-source nature of the Android platform. This has allowed manufacturers to experiment with different designs and technologies, leading to features such as higher refresh rates and triple cameras being introduced earlier than on iPhones.


Design and aesthetics


The availability of more design choices in Android smartphones has significantly impacted consumers’ purchasing decisions. Android smartphones come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, with different manufacturers offering unique design features and customization options.

For many consumers, the ability to choose from a wider range of designs and styles is a major factor when considering purchasing an Android smartphone. This is particularly true for users who prioritize individuality and personalization in their devices. With Android smartphones, users can choose from different materials such as glass, metal, or plastic and can also customize their devices with various cases, skins, and accessories.

In contrast, iPhones have a more limited design range, with only a few colour and size options available anytime. While this approach has allowed Apple to maintain a consistent brand identity and design language across its products, it can also limit the choices available to consumers who want a more unique or customizable device.

The availability of more design choices in Android smartphones has also encouraged competition between manufacturers, with companies constantly innovating and introducing new design features to attract customers. This has led to a rapid evolution of smartphone designs, with manufacturers experimenting with foldable screens, bezel-less displays, and other new technologies to create more visually stunning and functionally diverse devices.

Overall, the availability of more design choices in Android smartphones has been a major factor in attracting customers to the platform. While some users may prefer the more consistent and limited design choices of iPhones, the ability to choose from a wider range of options is an important consideration for many Android users.


User experience and ease of use


The user experience and ease of use of an Android phone can also impact the purchase decision. Consumers may prioritize intuitive interfaces or seamless integration with other devices. Manufacturers may differentiate their products through software features or user experience, such as offering voice assistants or gesture controls.

Manufacturers often use different skins over the Android OS in Android smartphones to differentiate their products from those of their competitors. These skins are known as custom user interfaces (UI), and they can include different design elements, features, and settings unique to each manufacturer.

For example, Samsung has One UI skin, Xiaomi has MIUI, and Huawei has EMUI. These skins often come with pre-installed apps and features that are specific to the manufacturer, such as Samsung’s Bixby virtual assistant or Xiaomi’s Mi Remote app. In addition, custom UI skins can offer different design elements, such as icon packs, themes, and wallpapers, giving users a more personalized experience.


Popular Android Smartphones in Singapore


  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – Samsung’s flagship smartphone that boasts a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display, 5G connectivity and a 108MP primary camera.
  2. Google Pixel 6 – The Google Pixel was released on Android 12 but it is now upgradable to Android 13 and features a 6.4-inch AMOLED display and a 50MP primary camera.
  3. OnePlus 9 Pro – OnePlus’s flagship smartphone that features a 6.7-inch Fluid AMOLED display, Snapdragon 888 chipset and a 48MP primary camera.
  4. Xiaomi 11T Pro – A budget-friendly smartphone that offers a 6.67-inch AMOLED display, Snapdragon 888 chipset and a 108MP primary camera.
  5. Oppo Reno6 – Oppo’s latest offering that features a 6.43-inch AMOLED display, MediaTek Dimensity 900 chipset and a 64MP primary camera.
  6. Realme GT – Realme’s flagship smartphone that offers a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED display, Snapdragon 888 chipset and a 64MP primary camera.
  7. Vivo X70 Pro – A popular phone from Vivo that features a 6.56-inch AMOLED display, MediaTek Dimensity 1200 chipset and a 50MP primary camera.


In conclusion, many different factors can influence the purchase of Android phones. Price, brand reputation, features and specifications, design and aesthetics, user experience and ease of use are all crucial factors to consider. Understanding these factors can be helpful for manufacturers and marketers to create and market products that appeal to consumers. Our professionals can help you make an informed choice to make the right investment on an Android smartphone. We‘ll help consumer to decide which factors are most important to them when making a purchase decision.

Is Replacing Your Smartphone Battery Really Worth it?

Replacing your smartphone battery can help your smartphone life


Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. We rely on them for communication, entertainment, and productivity. However, one of the biggest issues with smartphones is their battery life. In this article, we’ll discuss how replacing smartphone batteries can improve a dying smartphone.


Factors That Impact Smartphone Battery Life


Battery life is one of the most important factors when purchasing a smartphone. The charge a battery can hold is measured in mAh (milliampere-hours). The higher the mAh, the longer the battery life.

However, battery life is not solely dependent on the mAh rating. Several other factors can affect a smartphone’s battery life, such as screen size, resolution, brightness, the number of apps running in the background, and the processor type.

One of the biggest culprits for draining smartphone batteries is the display. High-resolution displays and bright screens can quickly drain a battery, and it’s essential to adjust the brightness and screen timeout to maximize battery life.

Another factor is the number of apps running in the background. Closing unused apps are essential to prevent them from draining the battery. Additionally, battery-saving modes can help extend battery life by reducing the device’s performance, brightness, and other settings.


Can Battery Replacement Improve Smartphone Performance?

Over time, smartphone batteries can degrade, resulting in reduced battery life. The typical smartphone battery has a lifespan of two to three years, after which it may show signs of degradation.

A dying smartphone battery can cause several issues, such as the device shutting down unexpectedly, slow charging times, and decreased battery life. If your smartphone shows signs of a dying battery, consider replacing it.

Replacing a smartphone battery can be an easy and cost-effective way to extend the life of your device. Many smartphone manufacturers offer battery replacement services, and third-party repair shops specialize in battery replacement.

Replacing a battery can significantly improve a smartphone’s performance and battery life. It can also help prevent unexpected shutdowns and slow charging times, which can be frustrating and inconvenient.


Tips to Extend Smartphone Battery Life

In addition to replacing a battery, several other tips can help extend a smartphone’s battery life. These include:

  1. Use battery-saving modes: Many smartphones have battery-saving modes that can help extend battery life by reducing the device’s performance, brightness, and other settings.
  2. Adjust brightness and screen timeout: Reducing the brightness and screen timeout can help extend battery life by reducing the display’s power consumption.
  3. Close unused apps: Closing unused apps can prevent them from running in the background and draining the battery.
  4. Use airplane mode: If you’re in an area with poor reception, using airplane mode can prevent the device from constantly searching for a signal, which can quickly drain the battery.


How to choose the best battery replacement service


  1. Research the company: Before choosing a battery replacement service, research the company. Look for reviews and feedback from previous customers. Check if the company is reputable and has a good track record for replacing smartphone batteries.
  2. Check the warranty: Ensure that the company offers a warranty for its battery replacement service. A good warranty should cover the battery for a reasonable amount of time (at least six months to a year), and the company should have a clear policy on what is covered under warranty.
  3. Look for quality batteries: Choosing a company that uses high-quality batteries for their replacement service is important. The battery should be a genuine product that meets the same specifications as the original battery. Using cheap or low-quality batteries can result in poor performance, short lifespan, or even damage to the device.
  4. Check the pricing: Look for a company that offers transparent pricing for their battery replacement service. The pricing should be reasonable and competitive with similar services in the market. Avoid companies that have hidden fees or charge exorbitant prices.
  5. Check the turnaround time: Check the turnaround time for the battery replacement service. The company should be able to provide an estimated time for the repair and return of the device. A good battery replacement service should be able to complete the replacement within a few hours to a day, depending on the battery’s availability and the repair’s complexity.
  6. Check if the company is authorized: Check if the smartphone manufacturer authorizes the company to perform battery replacements. Authorized service providers are trained and certified by the manufacturer to provide high-quality repair services. Choosing an authorized service provider ensures that the repair will be done correctly and that the warranty on the device will not be voided.


Following these guidelines, you can choose a reputable and reliable battery replacement service for your smartphone. Remember, choosing a quality battery replacement service can help extend the life of your device and ensure that it continues to perform at its best.


How iPhone and Android Batteries Compare to Each Other


Sure, here’s a comparison of the battery features between iPhone and Android devices:

  1. Battery Capacity: Android devices usually have larger battery capacities than iPhones. This is because Android devices often have larger screens and more powerful processors, which require more energy to operate. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 5,000mAh battery, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 3,687mAh battery.
  2. Battery Life: Battery life varies between iPhone and Android depending on the model and usage. However, iPhones generally tend to have better battery life than Android devices. This is because iPhones have better hardware and software integration, allowing for more efficient battery use. Additionally, Apple’s power management features help extend the battery life of iPhones.
  3. Fast Charging: Both iPhone and Android devices support fast charging. However, Android devices often have faster charging speeds than iPhones. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra supports 25W fast charging, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max supports 20W fast charging.
  4. Wireless Charging: Both iPhone and Android devices support wireless charging. However, iPhones require a specific type of wireless charger, while Android devices are more flexible and can use various wireless charging standards. Additionally, some Android devices have reverse wireless charging capabilities, allowing them to charge other devices wirelessly.
  5. Battery Health: IPhone and Android devices have battery health features that help monitor the battery’s condition and optimize its performance. However, Apple’s battery health feature is more advanced and provides more detailed information about the battery’s health and performance. It also allows users to monitor the battery’s capacity and disable performance throttling if desired.


IPhone and Android devices have their strengths and weaknesses regarding battery features. Android devices generally have larger batteries and faster charging speeds, while iPhones have better battery life and more advanced battery health features. Ultimately, the choice between iPhone and Android comes down to personal preference and the specific features and capabilities that are most important to the user.




Smartphone batteries are essential to the device’s performance and overall user experience. Battery life can be affected by factors such as screen size, resolution, brightness, the number of apps running in the background, and the processor type.

Replacing a dying smartphone battery can significantly improve the device’s performance and battery life. Additionally, several tips can help extend battery life, such as using battery-saving modes, adjusting brightness and screen timeout, closing unused apps, and using airplane mode.

By taking care of your smartphone’s battery, you can ensure it lasts longer and performs at its best.

Get Your Phone Microphone Working Again in No Time!

Fix microphone issues on smartphones



In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, serving as a primary mode of communication, entertainment, and work. With the advancement of technology, the ability to make and receive high-quality audio calls, record videos, and use voice-activated commands has become a crucial aspect of smartphone functionality.


This is where the microphone on a smartphone comes in. A microphone is a key component that allows users to communicate effectively and capture audio content. Whether you’re taking a phone call, recording a video, or using a voice assistant, the quality of the microphone on your smartphone plays a critical role in the overall user experience. In this article, we’ll explore some common microphone issues on smartphones and provide tips on how to troubleshoot and fix them.


There are several reasons why the microphone on a smartphone may become damaged over time. Some of the common causes of microphone damage on smartphones include:


  1. Water damage: Exposure to water or other liquids can cause damage to the microphone and other components of the phone. Even small amounts of moisture can cause corrosion and other types of damage that may affect the microphone’s performance.
  2. Physical damage: Drops, impacts, or other physical trauma can cause damage to the microphone or the wiring that connects it to the rest of the phone. Over time, wear and tear can also cause damage to the microphone or other components.
  3. Software issues: In some cases, microphone issues on smartphones may be caused by software problems, such as compatibility issues with third-party apps or bugs in the operating system.
  4. Environmental factors: High levels of humidity, extreme temperatures, and exposure to dust or other particles can also affect the performance of the microphone and other components of the phone.


Microphone issues on smartphones can be frustrating, especially if you rely on your device for important calls, video recordings, or voice memos. Fortunately, many microphone problems can be resolved with a few simple troubleshooting steps. Here’s a guide on how to troubleshoot and fix microphone issues on your smartphone:


  1. Clean the microphone Often: Microphone issues on smartphones can be resolved by cleaning the microphone port. Dirt, dust, and debris can accumulate over time and block the microphone, causing muffled or distorted sound. To clean the microphone, use a soft-bristled brush or a can of compressed air to gently remove any dirt or debris from the port.
  2. Restart the phone: Sometimes, a simple restart can fix microphone issues on smartphones. Restart your phone by holding down the power button until the “Power off” option appears. Tap “Power off” to turn off the phone, then press and hold the power button again to turn it back on.
  3. Check for software updates: Make sure your phone’s operating system and apps are up to date. Software updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements that can address microphone issues. To check for updates on an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update. On an Android phone, go to Settings > System > System updates.
  4. Check the microphone settings: Check the microphone settings on your phone to make sure they’re configured correctly. On an iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone. On an Android phone, go to Settings > Privacy > App Permissions > Microphone. Make sure the apps that requires a microphone is toggled on.
  5. Reset the Phone: If none of the above steps work, you may need to reset your phone to its factory settings. Before doing so, make sure to back up your data, as resetting your phone will erase all your apps, settings, and data. To reset an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. On an Android phone, go to Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data.


If you’ve tried all of these steps and are still experiencing microphone issues on your smartphone, it may be a hardware problem, in which case you’ll need to take your phone to a repair shop.


If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and are still experiencing microphone issues on your smartphone, it may be time to take it to a smartphone repair shop. Here are some ways a repair shop can help fix microphone issues on both iPhone and Android devices:


  1. Diagnosis: A smartphone repair shop can diagnose the issue with your microphone by running a series of tests to determine the cause of the problem.
  2. Replacement: If the microphone on your phone is damaged beyond repair, a repair shop can replace it with a new one.
  3. Cleaning: If your microphone is blocked by dirt, dust, or debris, a repair shop can clean it and restore its functionality.
  4. Software updates: A repair shop can update your phone’s software to fix any bugs or issues that may be affecting the microphone.
  5. Calibration: In some cases, microphone issues may be caused by a misaligned or improperly calibrated microphone. A repair shop can calibrate your microphone to ensure it’s working correctly.


The benefits of hiring a smartphone repair service to fix your microphone issues include:


  1. Expertise: A smartphone repair service has the expertise and knowledge to diagnose and fix a wide range of microphone issues on both iPhone and Android devices.
  2. Efficiency: Repairing your phone at a repair shop can be much faster than trying to troubleshoot and fix the issue yourself, especially if you’re not familiar with the process.
  3. Safety: Repairing a smartphone can be risky if you’re not experienced in handling electronic components. A repair service has the necessary tools and expertise to handle your phone safely and effectively.
  4. Warranty: Many smartphone repair services offer warranties on their repairs, which can give you peace of mind knowing that your phone is protected against future issues.


If you’re experiencing microphone issues on your smartphone and have tried all the troubleshooting steps, it’s a good idea to take your phone to a reputable repair shop. A professional repair service can diagnose and fix the issue quickly and safely, ensuring that your phone is back to working order in no time.


What Are The Chances of Damaging Your Smartphone Microphone?


The chances of microphone damage on smartphones depend on a variety of factors, including the quality of the phone, how well it’s maintained, and how it’s used. Phones that are exposed to water or other liquids, dropped frequently, or used in extreme conditions may be more likely to experience microphone damage. Additionally, phones that are several years old or that have been used heavily may be more susceptible to wear and tear that can affect the microphone’s performance.


To minimize the chances of microphone damage on your smartphone, it’s important to take good care of your device and avoid exposing it to water or other liquids. Using a protective case and screen protector can also help prevent physical damage. Additionally, keeping your phone’s software up to date and avoiding the use of third-party apps that may not be compatible with your device can help prevent software-related microphone issues.


In conclusion, microphone issues on smartphones can be frustrating, but they can often be resolved with some simple troubleshooting steps. By following the steps above, you should be able to troubleshoot and fix most microphone issues on your smartphone. If all else fails, it may be time to take your phone to a repair shop.

Cracking the Code: How Phone Reviews Determine the Best Devices

How phone reviews work



How phone reviews are done has changed significantly over the last few years. With the advancement of technology, phone reviews are now more accessible and can provide us with a better understanding of how a phone performs before we make a purchase. This article will look at how a phone review is determined and what to look for when reading one.


Finding Trustworthy Smartphone Reviews

When finding trustworthy phone reviews, there are a few things to remember. First, look for reviews from sources that are unbiased, such as tech blogs and industry experts. Reviews written by phone manufacturers or their affiliates should be taken with a grain of salt, as they may be interested in promoting their products. Additionally, it’s important to read reviews from a wide variety of sources to get a good cross-section of opinions and experiences.


Another way to find trustworthy reviews is to look for detailed and comprehensive reviews, such as ones that discuss battery life, signal strength, camera quality, and overall performance. It’s also a good idea to look for reviews that have been around for a while, as this will give you an idea of how well the phone has held up over time. Additionally, look for reviews that include pros and cons, giving you a more balanced view of the device.


Types of Phone Reviews

When shopping for a new phone, it can be hard to know which one is best for your needs. That’s why it’s important to read reviews before purchasing. There are several types of phone reviews to consider.


1. Hands-on review. This type of review is usually written by a reviewer who got to use the phone for some time. They’ll be able to provide detailed information about the phone’s features, design, and performance.


2. Comparison review. This review looks at a group of phones, usually similar in price and features, and compares them to each other. It’s useful if you’re trying to decide between two phones but can’t test them yourself.


3. Performance review. These reviews focus on how the phone performs in certain scenarios, such as gaming, streaming video, or running apps. They’ll also look at battery life and how the phone responds to different input types. This review is especially useful if you’re looking for a phone to use for a specific purpose.



4. User reviews. These reviews come from people who have purchased and used the phone. They can provide valuable insights into how the phone works in the real world and help you decide if it’s the right phone.


All these types of reviews can be helpful when you’re trying to decide which phone to buy. Be sure to read them all before making your decision.


Factors that Affect Phone Reviews

When it comes to determining the quality of a phone and the worthiness of a good review, several factors are taken into account. Some of the most common factors include the phone’s hardware features, display quality, software features, battery life, speed, and camera quality. Furthermore, the cost of the phone and its availability are also taken into account.


Regarding hardware features, the amount of RAM, internal storage, and the type of processor are all important factors. The more RAM and internal storage a phone has, the better it will perform. The processor type is also important as it determines the phone’s speed. The display quality is also important, as it determines how sharp the visuals look on the phone.


Regarding software features, the phone must have a good operating system, be compatible with different apps, and have a good user interface. Battery life is also important, as it determines how long the phone can last without needing to be charged. Speed is also important, as it determines how quickly a phone can open apps, browse the web, and play games.


Finally, camera quality is also important when it comes to phone reviews. The phone must have good resolution, an adjustable flash, and good image stabilization for taking clear photos. Additionally, the cost of the phone and its availability should also be taken into account. If the phone is too expensive or hard to find, it may not be worth a good review.


All of these factors must be considered when determining a phone’s review. A phone with good hardware, software, battery life, speed, and camera quality may be worth a good review. However, if the phone is too expensive or hard to find, it may not be worth a good review, regardless of its other features.


Phone Reviews and Consumer Feedback

When deciding which phone to purchase, reviews are often one of the most important factors. Reviews give us an insight into how a phone performs, what features it offers, and what other consumers have experienced. Looking at both professional and consumer reviews to get a well-rounded idea of the phone’s performance is important. Professional phone reviews are conducted by experts knowledgeable about phones and technology.


They evaluate a phone’s features, performance, and design and make a judgment on the phone’s overall quality. Professional reviews are often more accurate than consumer reviews, as people with technical expertise conduct them.


Understanding the Pros and Cons of a Phone

When it comes to determining how good a phone is, it can be a tricky process. A phone review is often based on several factors, such as the phone’s design, features, performance, and value. A good phone review should consider all of these factors before giving a final verdict. Design is one of the most important factors in a phone review.


Does the phone feel comfortable in hand and look good? Does it have a good build quality and fit nicely in your pocket? All of these elements should be considered when judging a phone’s design. Features are also a major factor when it comes to phone reviews. Does the phone have the latest operating system, a good camera, and enough storage space? Does it have good battery life and a good display? All of these elements should be considered when evaluating a phone’s features.


In conclusion, determining how a phone review is made is important in making an informed purchase decision. Professional reviews and consumer feedback can provide valuable insight into how the phone performs. Additionally, looking at the phone’s pros and cons can help determine if it is the right choice for you

Top Network Problems for Your Phone- Solved!

fixing network issues in smartphones



Are you having problems connecting to the Internet with your smartphone? Are you experiencing network issues? If so, this article is for you! We will discuss the various network issues that can arise on smartphones and how you can troubleshoot them. We will also discuss what causes this trouble and how to stop them in the future. So, if you are experiencing any network issues with your phone, this article is the perfect place to start.


Reasons why network issues occur on phones.

When it comes to network issues on smartphones, there are a variety of potential causes of why this might be happening. Poor cell phone reception can result from many different factors, such as insufficient signal strength from the provider’s cell tower, network congestion, interference from certain types of equipment, or a physical obstruction blocking the signal from reaching your phone. Phone users may experience slow data speeds, spotty connection, weak signals, dropped calls, and more. These issues may be caused by the local environment, the user’s device, or their service provider. 


When the issue stems from the user’s device itself, it can often be traced back to a lack of strong signal strength from the provider’s cell tower. This could be caused by the phone’s hardware, such as its antenna, being faulty over time. Likewise, interference from various sources, such as microwave ovens, other electronic devices, and large construction, can cause issues with the phone’s ability to receive the signal properly. A physical obstruction, like a tall building, can also block or weaken the signal. 


In some cases, network issues can be related to the service provider. When the provider’s cellular towers have too many users competing for service, it can cause congestion, resulting in slow speeds, low signal quality, and dropped calls. Additionally, coverage may be more spotty and unreliable if the provider has a limited number of cell towers in a given area. 


Therefore, users must be aware of all the potential causes of network issues on their smartphones. If a user suspects an issue with their device or service provider, they should contact their provider for specific guidelines for troubleshooting these problems.


Common network issues on phones.

A slow connection is one of the most common network issues experienced on phones today. This can result from an overloaded network, an inadequate WiFi signal, or an Internet Service Provider (ISP) issue. Other common issues include app crashing, phone freezing, random disconnects, and a lack of connectivity. All of these issues can be frustrating and time-consuming, as it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact source of the problem.


Sometimes, a simple reboot of the device can help alleviate issues, so try that first. It also helps to check if there are any software updates available for the device or if the latest version of your phone’s operating system is installed. It is also necessary to check if the phone is still covered under a valid service agreement or if a repair or replacement is required.


How to identify network issues on phones.

Identifying network issues on the phone can be a difficult business task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it can be done. First and foremost, you should determine if the issue is a hardware or software-related one. If the phone has recently been exposed to liquid, dust, or extreme temperatures, that could indicate a hardware issue that needs to be addressed. You will want to take it to a repair shop to diagnose this.


Software-related issues can be tricky and require users to use a few strategies. If the issue is that calls are dropping out or not connecting, you should ensure your phone is updating to the latest version of its operating system. Other issues may be related to a corrupt data file or a malfunctioning app. To diagnose these issues, you may run a virus scan or delete any third-party apps you don’t use.


How to troubleshoot network issues on phones.

Your smartphone may have a built-in troubleshooting utility that can help to identify any problems with your network connection. If you have enabled any security-based settings on your device or router, try to disable them and then reconnect. Try using a different connection, such as mobile data, rather than WiFi. If nothing else has worked, backing up your data to a cloud storage solution and performing a factory reset could help resolve any network issues.


Tips for improving network performance on phones.

First, purchase a high-quality cell phone signal booster compatible with your network. These boosters help to amplify your signal and can greatly increase your connection speed and reliability. Also, keep your cell phone away from high-traffic areas where signal interference would occur. Furthermore, close any unnecessary apps and check to see if your carrier has enabled WiFi calling or VoLTE, which can enhance your signal. Lastly, reset the network settings on your phone at least once per month to reduce signal distortion. Following these tips can ensure your cell phone has optimal network performance.


Benefits of a strong network connection on phones.

Maintaining a strong network connection on mobile phones has become increasingly important today. As more individuals rely on their phones for various activities, such as emails, video conferencing, news updates, and more, having a reliable and fast phone connection is essential. 


Overall, having a strong network connection on phones is incredibly important for various reasons. Not only does it help to keep us connected, but it also boosts productivity and safety.


How to reset network settings on the phone.

To begin, go to the device Settings menu. You’ll likely find the Network Settings section in the top portion of this menu. Once you’re inside the Network Settings, you should see a Reset Network Settings button. Tap this and confirm your selection to restart the process.


Once your reset has been confirmed, the device will begin to reset the network settings, a process that could take a few seconds to complete. You should now see a list of the network settings and check to see that everything is correctly configured. This should take a few minutes to do. Once you’re confident that the settings are correct and up to date, you can go ahead and reconnect to the Internet, if everything is in order, you may need to reconnect to your WiFi or cellular networks again, depending on what kind of connection you use.

Removing a Forgotten Passcode on Your iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Unlock iphone passcode quickly


Forgetting your passcode on your phone can be a stressful and frustrating experience. It can prevent you from accessing your phone and all its features. Fortunately, you can remove the forgotten passcode and regain access to your phone. This guide will provide a step-by-step guide to removing the forgotten passcode on your phone. 


Step 1: Research Your Phone Model


The most important step is researching your phone model when figuring out how to remove a forgotten passcode from your phone. Different phones have different processes for resetting a passcode, so knowing the exact model of your phone is essential for finding the right instructions. Start by looking for the model number, which can usually be found on the back of your phone or in the settings menu.


Once you’ve established the exact model, you can look for specific instructions. For example, if you have an iPhone, you’ll need to look for Apple’s instructions to reset the passcode. If you have an Android device, you’ll need to look for instructions specific to the manufacturer, like Samsung or LG. Once you’ve figured out the instructions for your specific phone model, you can begin resetting the passcode.


Step 2: Contact Your Phone Manufacturer


If you’ve forgotten the passcode for your phone, the next step is to contact your phone manufacturer. Depending on your phone type, this could be Apple, Samsung, or another popular brand. If you have an Apple device, you can contact them in a few different ways. You can call their support line, chat online, or email them. When you contact them, make sure to have your device’s serial number ready and any information about your account, such as your Apple ID.


This will help them identify your device and provide you with the best assistance. If you have a Samsung device, you can similarly contact them. Just be sure to have your device’s serial number and any account information ready. They will be able to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to reset your passcode. No matter what type of device you have, the manufacturer will be able to provide you with the necessary steps to reset your passcode.


Step 3: Try the Default Passcode


Step 3 of removing a forgotten passcode on your phone is to try the default passcode. Depending on your phone type, the default passcode may be different. If you own an iPhone, the default passcode is usually “0000” or “1234”, while Android phones usually have a default passcode of “0000”. If you are unsure what the default passcode is for your device, consult the user manual or search online for your phone’s specific model.


Once you have entered the default passcode, your device will be unlocked, and you can access the settings page to reset your passcode. Keep in mind that some phones may have additional security measures in place, such as requiring you to enter a security question before allowing you to reset your passcode. If this is the case, you must answer the security question correctly to reset your passcode.


Step 4: Restore Your Phone to Factory Settings


Restoring your phone to factory settings is another way to reset the password but you’ll lose all your data in the process. This can be done in a few different ways. The quickest and easiest way is to use your phone’s settings app. Depending on your device, this may be found in different places, but it’s usually under the “General” section.


Once you have found the settings app, look for the “Reset” option. This will allow you to restore your phone to its factory settings. You will be prompted to confirm your decision and may be asked to enter your device’s passcode. Once you have done that, your phone will be reset, and you will be able to use it again. This option needs you to have access to your phone settings.


Another way to access factory reset is through the Recovery Mode. This typically needs you to press certain buttons when the phone is switched off and finally do a full wipe on your phone. Check online to know how to access custom recovery for your specific phone model.


Be aware that this process will wipe all of the data on your device, including any photos, videos, and apps, so make sure you have backed everything up before proceeding.


Step 5: Use a Third-Party Tool to Remove the Password


If restoring the phone to factory settings does not work, the next step is to use a third-party tool to remove the password. Various tools are available, and they can be used to remove the forgotten passcode. It is important to ensure that your tool is reliable and that you follow the instructions carefully. 


Step 6: Reset Your Phone with iTunes (iPhone)


If you use an iPhone, then it’s time to use iTunes to reset your device. This process will reset the device’s factory settings, erasing all your data. It’s important to note that all your data will be lost, so make sure to back up your files before proceeding. To begin, connect your phone to your computer with a USB cable and open iTunes.


Once connected, select your device from the list in the iTunes interface. Select the “Summary” tab from there and click on the “Restore iPhone” button. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to confirm your choice. Click “Restore” to continue, and your phone will begin to reset. After the reset, you can set up your phone and enter a new passcode.


Step 7: Use Find My iPhone


Apple users can use the Find My iPhone feature. This feature is available on iPhones and is a great way to locate a missing or stolen device. It can also be used if you have forgotten your passcode and need to reset it. This feature needs your Apple ID and iCloud account to be set up prior to forgetting your passcode.


Once you have logged into your account from another device, you can locate your iPhone and reset the passcode. You can also use the Find My iPhone app, which is available for download from the App Store. Once you have the app installed, you can locate your device and reset the passcode from the app itself. With this feature, you can easily remove a forgotten passcode and regain access to your phone.




Forgetting your passcode on your phone can be a frustrating experience, but it is possible to remove the forgotten passcode and regain access to your phone. This guide provided a step-by-step guide to removing the forgotten passcode on your phone.


The steps include researching your phone model, contacting your phone manufacturer, trying the default passcode, restoring your phone to factory settings, using a third-party tool to remove the password, resetting your iphone with iTunes, and using Find My iPhone. Following these steps can help you remove the forgotten passcode and regain access to your phone. Professional assistance for iPhones including the iPhone 14 and software fixes are available at our store. Get in touch with us to get a free quote for your damaged smartphone.




How to Save Money on Phone Repairs – Confused About the Process? 

How to save money on phone repairs


Like most people, you’re probably confused about getting your phone repaired. You may have heard that you need to go to a specific store or that you have to bring your device in for inspection. Or you’ve tried doing it yourself and ended up with a bill that’s way more than you expected.


In this article, we’ll explain the basics of phone repair, including where to find affordable options and how to save money on repairs.


Phone Repair – Know the Basics


There are two main areas where you can find yourself needing phone repair: screen replacement and phone repair. Phone screen repair is fairly simple to do yourself, and phone repair is fairly complex.


There is, however, the possibility of damaging your phone and trying to repair it yourself. You should only attempt phone repair when you have experience in the field and the necessary tools. It is always a good idea to improve the phone with a professional. 


Phone Screen Replacement 


The most obvious and simple of phone repairs are replacing your phone’s screen. This is done the same way as replacing the glass in your car. You take the phone apart, open the case and remove the old screen. It would help if you had a new screen of the correct size and a new camera to put it back together. It is a fairly easy job and should not cause concern. 


Hard Resetting Your Phone 


You could also have a hard reset of your phone. This will reset all the settings, including your phone number. It would help if you did this in a controlled and safe environment. You will need to take out the battery and remove the SIM card. You will need to have some way of powering your phone on, like an external power source, and a way to charge the phone once it is turned on.


You could even use a laptop or any other device with a similar-sized battery that you do not need. This process will remove any data you have stored on your phone and will allow you to start using it again. However, this method is highly likely to void your warranty. If you have accidentally hard reset your phone and have not put the SIM card back in, it will result in a bill from your insurance company for the whole device. 


Tips on Saving Money on Phone Repair


Use a discount phone service.


If your phone needs repair, a few options are available. You can fix it yourself or go to a service provider like Apple or Verizon. However, these options may not be the best for you, depending on the nature of the repair. If your phone needs a battery replacement or a new screen, repairing it yourself may not be an option because those tasks require specialized knowledge and tools.


In these cases, a discount phone service could be a better option. These services typically charge less than traditional providers for repairs and replacements, and they often have staff familiar with all types of mobile devices. This means you can get repairs done faster and with fewer complications than if you tried to do them yourself.


Check for warranty coverage.


If you’re experiencing issues with your phone, there are a few things you can do to save money on repairs. Try to check if your phone has warranty coverage. If it does, contact the manufacturer or carrier and ask about the range. You can get a discount on repair costs or receive a new phone instead of a repair.


If your phone doesn’t have warranty coverage, consider using a broken phone to learn about battery life, storage space, and other important features. By understanding your phone’s capabilities and limitations, you can save money in the long run by purchasing a model that better suits your needs.


Look for coupons and deals online.


Are you looking to save money on phone repairs? There are a few ways to go about it. One option is to look for coupons and deals online. Another option is to ask your service provider if they offer any discounts on repairs.


Sometimes, they may have arrangements with certain repair shops that allow customers to have their devices fixed at a discounted rate. Last, sometimes you can find deals on replacement devices outright. So take advantage of all the options available and save money on your phone repairs!


Get a good provider.


Like most people, your phone is a valuable gadget you rely on for communication and entertainment. But like any other technology, your phone can sometimes need repairs. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on phone repairs.


One way to save money on phone repairs is to get a good provider. Choosing a good provider can ensure that your phone gets repaired quickly and efficiently. Plus, getting services from a good provider can be cheaper than paying out-of-pocket for repairs if you have an insurance policy that covers device repairs.


Another way to save money on phone repairs is to keep your device in good condition. Keep your screen clean and free of scratches and dents. This will help avoid damage that may require repair.


Buy a device that lasts.


There are a few ways to save money on phone repairs. The first is to buy a phone that lasts longer. For example, iPhones last longer than Android phones. You will spend less money on repairs in the long run. Another way to save money on repairs is to get a phone with fewer features.


For example, if you need a phone with a camera, buy a cheaper model without one. Finally, make sure you have insurance when purchasing a new phone. This will cover any damage or repair costs during your phone ownership.


Buy a device that can be repaired.


If you’re like most people, your phone probably gets a lot of use. Whether you’re checking email, browsing the web, or taking pictures and videos, your phone is constantly in use. That means that it’s likely to get broken at some point.


You might be tempted to buy a new phone every time your old one breaks, but that’s not always the best option. Breakfixnow is the phone repair service that caters to every phone irrespective of the model. We only use genuine parts for repair and offers free diagnosis for your damaged phone.


Repairing DIY vs. Professional: Which Is Better?

phone repair service by professional or at home


The ability to repair our phones is a great asset in today’s world. It can be incredibly beneficial for our wallets and convenience. However, there are certain cases where hiring a professional phone repair technician could be the better option. This article will discuss the top six reasons why professional phone repairs can be preferable to DIY. From understanding the complexity of modern technology to access to specialized tools and parts, we will explore how professional repairs are often more reliable than DIY attempts.


Expertise in Phone Repair


When it comes to repairing smartphones, there’s a big difference between choosing a professional repair service and attempting a do-it-yourself (DIY) fix. A professional technician has the expertise and experience to ensure that your phone is repaired correctly and safely. They have access to genuine manufacturer parts and the know-how to diagnose any issue quickly. DIY repairs often lack this expertise, leading to less reliable results that may cause further damage or put you at risk of personal injury.


Professional technicians also offer convenience for their customers. Repairs are done onsite in most cases, so you won’t need to find a way to transport your phone elsewhere for servicing. In addition, many services offer same-day repair options and advice about how best to protect your device from future damage.


Quality Parts and Tools


The modern smartphone has become an integral part of our lives. Unsurprisingly, people want to keep their devices safe and functioning smoothly. Many people are tempted to attempt DIY repairs but to do the job properly, it is important to choose a professional rather than take a DIY approach. 


Professional technicians have access to quality parts and tools necessary for successful smartphone repair. Quality parts mean repairs that last longer while using appropriate tools helps ensure the job is done correctly without damaging the device. In addition, professional technicians have experience diagnosing problems and making recommendations as needed, so you get the best outcome from your repair job. DIY repairs can be time-consuming and difficult, leading to further damage or inadequate solutions.




Do-it-yourself repair of a smartphone is a cost-effective approach compared to the cost of professional repair. However, this is not always the case. Professional repairs often come with warranties that can save you money in the long run if something goes wrong during or after the repair. Moreover, professionals are more likely to have access to quality parts and specialized tools that may be unaffordable for consumers attempting DIY repairs.


Professional technicians also undergo extensive training and maintain certifications demonstrating their capability to quickly and accurately repair smartphones. This ensures that your device is fixed properly from start to finish – saving you time and money by avoiding costly repeat diagnoses and repairs due to improper fixes on your own. In addition, most professional repair centers offer same-day service so you can get back up and running with minimal downtime.


Time Efficiency


For many people, the thought of completing a task by themselves is tempting and can often be cost-effective in the long run. DIY projects have their advantages; however, when it comes to time efficiency, you may be better off hiring a professional. 


When it comes to repairing your smartphone, for example, the DIY approach can cause more issues than it solves. With hundreds of different parts and components required for repair and thousands of potential problems, each phone could experience, relying on your abilities may not be the best idea. Professional technicians are highly trained and experienced in their field, allowing them to quickly diagnose any issue with your device. They will also have access to genuine OEM parts and the efficient tools needed to complete the job.


Warranty Protection


Smartphones are essential tools in today’s world. As such, it’s important to protect these devices with reliable repairs and maintenance. Consumers often choose between professional repair services and do-it-yourself (DIY) smartphone solutions. One of the major reasons why opting for a professional service is beneficial is that it can offer warranty protection against future damages or malfunctions. 


Working with professionals who provide warranty protection can give consumers peace of mind knowing that any issues with their smartphones will be taken care of quickly and properly if they arise. Additionally, many repair shops offer discounts on warranties when multiple repairs are made at once, adding additional value to having a professional handle your phone’s maintenance needs rather than trying to fix it yourself.


Professional Customer Service


When it comes to smartphone repair, there are a couple of options available. Many people take on the task and attempt a DIY repair, while others prefer to bring their device in for professional servicing. 


There are several advantages to choosing professional customer service over DIY repairs. Firstly, professionals have access to any parts needed for the job, allowing them to complete the work quickly and efficiently. Secondly, they have experience working with similar devices and can quickly identify what is wrong–something many users lack when trying a DIY repair. Finally, professionals will warranty their work, providing peace of mind should anything go wrong after the initial repair. For those looking for reliable smartphone repairs without the hassle of doing it themselves, seeking professional customer service is often the best option.


Excellent Skills


Hiring a professional for any job can be expensive but has many benefits. Professionals have the skills and expertise necessary to get the job done right the first time, saving you money and time in the long run. If you’re considering whether or not to do a project yourself (DIY) or hire a professional, it’s important to consider how much skill is required. Not all projects are suitable for DIYers. 


Professionals often use specialized tools and techniques that make certain jobs easier and more efficient. They know what supplies are, how much each is required, and which products work best for a particular task. In addition, they can provide advice on preventative maintenance to help save you money by avoiding costly repairs down the line.




Choosing a professional to do a job is usually the wiser decision. Not only does it save time, but it also guarantees quality results backed by a guarantee. Professional service providers have the skills and experience to do the job efficiently and accurately. They also have access to tools and resources that the average person may not have. Finally, they often provide warranties, ensuring their services are of good quality. When considering DIY or professional services, consider these factors before deciding.


Uncovering Phone Repair Secrets: 9 Tips Experts Know

Phone repair habits only experts follow



Phone repair can be a daunting task for many people. It is an area of expertise that requires technical knowledge and hands-on experience. But with the right information and guidance, anyone can become a pro at phone repairs. This article reveals 9 tips and tricks that only experts know about phone repair. We will go over everything from basic troubleshooting techniques to advanced techniques that you can use to fix any issue with your device.


Identifying Common Phone Issues


Experts understand how phones work and can easily identify problems that regular consumers may miss. This means they can often detect a problem without taking apart the entire device.


For example, experts understand that certain sounds from speakers or unusual behavior from apps could mean something is wrong inside the phone’s hardware. Using various tools and software, they can quickly diagnose any issue with a smartphone and find out what needs to be done to fix it.


Troubleshooting Strategies for Phone Repair


Phone repair is a complex process requiring a detailed and knowledgeable understanding of the device to get it working properly. Even for tech-savvy individuals, phone repair can be challenging, but for those who are experts in the field, certain strategies can help make the process easier.


Troubleshooting strategies for phone repair should always start with checking that all software is up to date, including system and app updates. Additionally, experts know that it’s important to have backups of all data stored on your device before any repairs, as this will ensure nothing is lost during the process.


Advantages of Professional Repairs


When it comes to phone repair, many people take a DIY approach. They try to fix their phones independently to save money and time. But most people don’t realize that there are several advantages to seeking professional repairs when it comes to phone repair. Only experts know about these benefits, ranging from extended warranty options to genuine parts used in the repairs. 


Taking your device to a reputable and experienced phone repair shop gives you access to experienced technicians who can provide quality service with quality materials. Instead of attempting to repair yourself with cheap replacement parts, such as off-brand batteries or inferior screens, an expert technician will use top-notch components specifically designed for your model of the device.


Essential Tools for DIY Repairs


Only experts know about the essential tools you need to get the job done right when it comes to phone repair. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking to learn the ropes or an experienced technician needing a refresher, it’s important to understand which tools are necessary for successful repairs. 


From screwdrivers and suction cups to spudgers and tweezers, these are some of the most basic tools required for any phone repair project. However, even beyond those basics lies a world of specialized equipment like soldering irons and desoldering wicks that can make difficult jobs easier. The correct combination of professional-grade tools will ensure success in any phone repair scenario.


Tips for Keeping Phones in Good Condition


Only the experts know the best tips for keeping your phone in good condition when it comes to phone repair. It’s important to keep up with your phone regularly and do some maintenance on it so that you can maximize its lifespan. This means getting rid of dust and dirt that accumulates over time and taking steps to ensure your device is properly protected from physical damage. Here are a few expert-recommended tips for keeping your phone in top shape: 


First, keep all ports and jacks clean using compressed air or a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. This will prevent debris build-up that could cause charging or sound quality issues. Second, investing in a good case and screen protector can help shield your device from scratches or drops, which could damage the phone’s internal components.


The Benefits of Regular Maintenance


Many people don’t realize the importance of regular maintenance when it comes to phone repair. Not only does regular maintenance extend the life of your device, but it can even prevent major repairs in the long run. If you want to keep your phone functioning properly and save money on expensive repairs, then staying on top of regular maintenance is key.


An expert technician can help you stay ahead of any potential issues with your device. Regular maintenance appointments include a deep clean, which removes any dust build-up or debris that could cause damage over time. 


Specialized Tools and Equipment


Regarding phone repair, there are many specialized tools and equipment that only experts know about. Knowing how to use these specialist tools correctly can make the difference between an expert phone technician and a novice amateur. Many people are unaware of the items necessary for successful repairs and may struggle with the most basic tasks.


From screwdrivers to pry bars and soldering irons, having the right tools is essential for any repair job. It is also important to understand which tool should be used in what situation, as using the wrong one could damage delicate components or lead to further troubleshooting issues down the line.


Sourcing Quality Parts and Materials


For those in the know, sourcing quality parts and materials regarding phone repair are essential. Without the right components, a phone repair can quickly go wrong. But finding the best replacement parts or materials for a given device isn’t always easy. 


That’s why enlisting an expert is key to acquiring superior-quality components guaranteed to work with your mobile device. Professional technicians are well-versed in everything from where to buy the most reliable batteries to how much adhesive should be used on a specific type of screen repair. 




In conclusion, there are many things that only experts know about phone repair. From understanding the types of repairs needed to diagnose and fix issues quickly and efficiently, it is clear that having the necessary expertise can make a big difference in the success of any phone repair. It is important for anyone who wants to work in this field to have training and experience to gain the knowledge needed.


Never Worry About Data Loss Again: iPhone & Android Backup Tips.

Data backup tips for Android and iPhone


Backing up your iPhone or Android is an essential step to take when it comes to protecting your data and personal information. Not only can backing up prevent the loss of important documents, photos, and messages, but it can also save you time and stress if something goes wrong with your device. The benefits of backing up are numerous.


Backing up your digital data is an essential part of modern life, and the benefits of doing so are numerous. Firstly, if your phone or computer experiences some malfunction or accident, you can restore from a backup and recover all your important information. This could prove invaluable in helping to protect yourself against data loss and avoiding any costly repairs or replacements that may be required if the damage is too severe.


Additionally, backing up regularly will ensure that you always have access to the most recent versions of your files. Backing up can also free up space on your device by allowing you to delete items knowing they can quickly and easily be restored when needed – particularly useful for smartphones where storage capacity is often limited.


Not only does it provide a way to protect the valuable data stored on your computer, but it also serves as a great way of tracking the memories you’ve made over the years. By regularly backing up files such as family photos or videos, you can ensure that all those special moments will be kept intact no matter what may happen to your device in the future.


Additionally, backing up data can give you peace of mind and reduce stress from worrying about losing important information or files due to hardware malfunctions or other unforeseen events.


Using iCloud


Backing up your iPhone with iCloud can be a great way to protect your data. Whether you want to keep contacts, photos, or documents safe, iCloud can help you make sure these items are secure from loss or damage. With an iCloud account, users can back up their devices in just a few steps.


First of all, Apple users should ensure that their devices are running the latest version of iOS before attempting to use iCloud for backups. Once this is done, they will need to open the Settings app and select “iCloud” from the list of options. From here, they can turn on backup and choose which items should be backed up: contacts, photos, documents, etc.


After selecting what needs backing up and allowing some time for the process to complete (depending on size), users will have successfully created a backup of their device with iCloud.


Using Google Drive


Keeping your important data safe is essential whether you own an iPhone or Android phone. Backing up your device on a cloud-based storage system like Google Drive can provide peace of mind that your photos, videos, and other data are securely stored in an emergency. Google Drive offers both free and paid plans to back up your iPhone or Android phone.


The free plan includes 15GB of storage space, while the paid plan offers 100GB for just $1.99 per month. Setting up automatic backups is easy; all it takes is downloading the app and entering a few simple settings. Once enabled, everything on your phone will be backed up regularly – photos, videos, contacts, messages – ensuring that you don’t lose any important information should something happen to your device.


Using Dropbox


Today, we rely heavily on our smartphones for daily tasks and important data storage. Unfortunately, if something happens to your device, you could easily lose all of your saved contacts, photos, and other precious memories. To avoid losing those irreplaceable items and keep them securely backed up on the cloud, using a service like Dropbox is an easy solution.


Dropbox offers a secure way to back up both iPhone and Android devices with their mobile app and web version. The app itself allows users to sync their photos as soon as they are taken and can be configured in just minutes. With Dropbox’s 2GB of free online storage space, users will never run out of room while backing up files from their devices.


Backup on your PC


It’s important to keep your phone backed up and secure. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, backing up on a PC is a great way to do this. It provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind and allows you to restore your device if it crashes or becomes corrupted quickly. Backing up your device on a PC can be done in a few simple steps.


First, download the relevant backup software for either iOS or Android onto your computer. Once installed, connect your phone via a USB cable and follow the instructions provided by the program. This will copy everything from your device onto the computer for safekeeping – apps, photos, music, and messages – so that if anything should happen to your device, you can quickly retrieve all of these items with ease.


Backup on Mac


Backing up your iPhone and Android devices is important for keeping data safe and secure. With Backing Up on Mac, users can now easily back up their phones with just a few clicks. This program helps to quickly store photos, music, contacts, text messages, and other important file types in the cloud or on a local drive.


The app allows users to choose which data to be backed up and how often they want it done. It also enables automatic backups, so users don’t have to do it each time the phone is plugged in manually. With advanced encryption protection, all backed-up files are kept secure while using any of the popular cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. The backup process is quick and easy, requiring no technical expertise.




Backing up your iPhone or Android device is a great way to keep important information safe and secure. Whether you’re worried about losing data due to an unexpected system crash or storing memories to share with family and friends, backing up your device is essential. With so many options available today, choosing which is best for you can be difficult. By regularly backing up your phone, all the data stored on it will remain safe if something happens to the device itself.



This includes photos, videos, music, contacts, and any other personal information that may be stored on the phone’s memory. It’s also important to back up frequently to ensure that no new data has been lost since the last backup. Additionally, backing up allows users to access their data from any computer or smartphone without worrying about manually transferring files. To know more about backup options and solve any related problems, get in touch with us for expert advice.


Make a Positive Impact: Benefits of Reusing Old Phones

Making old phones useable


Reusing old smartphones can be a great way to save money and reduce electronic waste. With the cost of new phones skyrocketing, reusing an existing device is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many people. Not only will you benefit from the cost savings, but using unused smartphones can also help protect our environment.


Before deciding whether or not to reuse an older phone, it’s important to consider what you plan on using it for. An older model should do just fine if you’re looking to check emails or use basic apps. However, it’s best to go with a newer model if you need access to the latest apps and features like 4K video recording. Additionally, remember that some devices may require more maintenance than others due to their age and overall condition.


Things You Can Use Your Old Smartphone For


We all know recycling is a very important way to help make our planet healthier. But what many people don’t realize is that reusing your old phones can also positively impact the environment. Not only can it help reduce electronic waste, but it can also free up resources for those who need them most.


When you reuse an old phone, you give it a second life and ensure that fewer new phones must be manufactured. This helps conserve natural resources since fewer materials will be needed for production.


Additionally, reusing an old phone eliminates the emissions created by producing new ones, which reduces air pollution and carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. It also means less energy consumption, which cuts back on energy costs and increases efficiency.


A Music Player


We all have an old phone lying around in a drawer somewhere. Instead of letting it gather dust, you can put it to good use! Reusing your old phones has many benefits, and one of them is as a music player. Using your old phone as a music player is great for those who want to listen to their favourite tunes on the go.


The phone’s headphones port will allow you to plug in any earbuds or headphones, making this an easy way to get quality sound playback without purchasing additional electronics. Additionally, some older smartphones can store multiple gigabytes of music to become digital jukeboxes with just a few taps and swipes.


A Wireless Router


An old cell phone can be put to good use by reusing it as a wireless router. This allows individuals with limited access to the internet to get online from many devices in their homes or small business. Using an old phone as a wifi hotspot is an economical solution that provides users with several benefits.


Reusing an old phone as a wireless router allows users to access the internet from any compatible device, such as computers, laptops, and tablets, without purchasing additional hardware. Furthermore, it can also be used for streaming media content across multiple devices in the same area.


The router is secured with a password that the user sets, allowing them peace of mind when connecting their devices without risking data breaches or invasion of privacy. The advantages of reusing an old cell phone as a wireless router far outweigh any disadvantages.


A Camera


In the age of technological advancements, there are many benefits to reusing old phones. The most versatile use is as a camera – it can capture life’s most precious moments and serve as a tool for creativity. Not only do you save money by not having to buy an expensive new phone, but you also get the opportunity to be creative with a pre-owned device.


Using an old phone as a camera has other advantages as well. It is often much lighter than modern cameras, so carrying it around on trips or hikes is less cumbersome. Additionally, if your phone does happen to break during these activities, the financial loss will be minimal compared to that of a traditional camera. Furthermore, many smartphones have basic editing tools built in so users can add effects and filters without needing additional software.


A GPS Navigation


Reusing old phones has numerous benefits, and one of the most practical uses is to use them as a GPS navigation device. Many people now rely on GPS navigation systems in their cars. However, having an additional sat nav can be beneficial. An old phone can easily store downloaded maps, providing a backup plan in case of any technical issues with the car’s built-in system.


Using an old phone as a sat nav is also very cost-effective. Rather than investing in expensive satellite navigation systems, users can take advantage of their existing devices without investing in new technology. Not only that, but this solution eliminates the need for dealing with bulky hardware or charging multiple devices at once.


Moreover, unlike standard GPS navigation systems, using an old phone allows users to use voice commands and other features like route sharing and real-time traffic updates.



What positive impacts does Reusing Old Phones have?


Reusing old phones is an easy, effective way to benefit the environment and contribute to sustainable living. Not only can recycling phones help reduce e-waste being sent to landfills, but it can also bring a wealth of other positive impacts. 


When consumers choose to reuse their old phones instead of buying a new ones, they are helping cut down on energy consumption and emissions from production processes. This means there will be fewer harmful pollutants released into the atmosphere due to producing new devices.


Additionally, fewer resources will be used in the manufacturing process by opting for refurbished phones over new ones, which helps conserve natural materials like rare metals and minerals essential for making smartphones. 


The economic benefits of reusing old phones cannot be understated either; it gives people access to quality yet affordable devices at a lower cost than purchasing brand-new models.




Reusing old phones is a great way to save money and help the environment. Not only does it reduce electronic waste, but it also helps cut down on the need for new phone production. As more people become aware of the environmental benefits of reusing old phones, phone companies are beginning to offer more incentives for customers who choose to give their used devices a second life. 


Looking for a Best Budget Samsung Smartphone? Look No Further!

Top budget Samsung phone



Samsung is, without question, the greatest choice for high-quality budget phones. When making your purchase, keep the following in mind:


  • How far can you stretch your money?
  • Where do you reside, and can you get 5G service? Have you needed the extra velocity?
  • Do you plan to buy through a carrier or get it unlocked?


The good news is that no matter what specifications you’re looking for, you can find a low-cost Samsung phone that meets your needs. To help you make a selection, we compared all of the models currently on sale and picked our four favourite budget-friendly Samsung phones. See our buyer’s guide if you don’t know what to look for; otherwise, read on to find out why we think this is the best option. Are you tired of the Samsung ecosystem and ready to switch to a cheap phone? Here is our rundown of the most useful low-cost mobile devices.


Samsung’s 5G SM-A53


Although its $450 price tag may be a little out of your price range, we recommend the Galaxy A53 5G as the finest low-cost Samsung smartphone currently on the market. It is one of the most feature-packed smartphones on the market, regardless of cost. Additionally, Samsung provides an unmatched five years of security upgrades, making this phone a solid investment for the future.


We were impressed by the A53 5G’s adaptability and the quality of its four cameras. The oversaturation we saw in older Samsung phones has been eliminated, and all of the test photos we took were crisp and accurate. We find ourselves using the main shooter, ultrawide, and telephoto lenses when it comes to regular point-and-shoot photography. However, the macro lens offers little beyond niche appeal.


The battery life was also quite good in our testing, lasting over two days straight. The 25W charger was fast enough to charge the phone in around 85 minutes. No charging cable is included, so you’ll need to go out and get a USB-C adapter if you don’t already have one.


Another thing we liked about the A53 5G was the display. It offers a bright and fast 120Hz Super AMOLED screen with options to reduce refresh rates for longer battery life. This is the best budget smartphone display we’ve seen, not just because it comes from Samsung.


5G SM-A32


Although we were more impressed with the Galaxy A53 5G’s extensive set of features, we must admit that the Galaxy A32 5G’s low price is hard to ignore. Since the Galaxy A33, 5G, has been on the market for over a year (outside of the United States), recent price cuts have made it a more attractive option.


The A32 5G excelled in every category we tested it in, from speed to camera quality to battery life, and it always came out on top. This is still a budget Samsung phone, so it can’t be compared to the Galaxy S22, but it’s a great option for most people as their primary device.


Samsung’s 5G SM-A13


The Galaxy A13 5G may not be the most impressive budget Samsung phone, but it is likely to be the cheapest if purchased via a carrier. Although it may not appear like much, this phone is available for incredibly cheap prices (or even for free) on contract in the United States, making it a good choice for those on a tight budget.


The phone itself performed well in our testing. The main camera was suitable for regular use since it took consistent pictures under adequate lighting and could operate for up to two days on a single charge. Samsung’s commitment to updates is the main intangible advantage here; the phone will be supported for another five years. You won’t find anything like it outside of Samsung’s catalogue at those prices.


However, we found a few minor issues that could distract some readers. The screen isn’t very sharp and gets rather dark even during the day. We also discovered that the camera did not fare well in low light without a dedicated night mode and that the secondary ultrawide and macro lenses were mostly unimpressive.


Samsung Galaxy A03s


We won’t sugarcoat it; the Galaxy A03s is a stripped-down smartphone. However, if you’re looking for a low-cost Samsung phone that can still handle daily use, this is the one we recommend. Due to the low price (less than $200), moderate expectations are required, yet the job can be done.


In our testing, both performance and build quality were inadequate, but you’ll have to weigh that against the reasonable price. Again, no charger is included, but the relatively low-powered CPU allows for two days of moderate use on a single charge.


How to find a Samsung phone with minimal cost


While Samsung’s low-priced phones are among the best available smartphones, finding the right one for you requires consideration of a few key criteria.


Think about the cost.


It’s tempting to buy a phone based on its price, but you should look at its value as a whole instead. If a phone costs $100 more but lasts for three years instead of two, it’s a better investment. This might take the form of a more durable design that prevents breaks or a more powerful processor that can run programs with increasing system requirements in the future.


5G or not


The devices mentioned above have a 5G connection, although depending on your region and use cases, you may not need it. If you don’t use data much outside of the home or live in a remote area, switching to an LTE-only phone may be cost-effective.


Carriers vs Open Systems


In the United States, carriers control most of the mobile phone industry. Samsung mobile handsets may be available at deeply discounted rates from your service provider, depending on your package. This is true for premium models like the S22 family and cheaper ones like those in the A series, some of which are free with a two-year service agreement.


All of them need just one camera to control.


Extra camera lenses on budget devices are usually useless. Since only the principal photographer can reliably get good shots, low-resolution ultrawide and macro cameras are usually an afterthought. This won’t be an issue unless you need a camera for anything.  Visit our store to get the best consultation for a new phone.


A Guide to the Necessary Equipment for Cell Phone Do-It-Yourself Repairs

essential tools for phone repair



Do you have a cracked screen or a malfunctioning battery on your smartphone? Are you looking for an alternative to expensive repairs from a certified technician? If so, then look no further! DIY smartphone repair is the perfect way to fix your device without breaking the bank. However, ensuring you have the right tools to get the job done safely and efficiently is important. This article will cover eight must-have tools for successful DIY smartphone repairs.




Regarding do-it-yourself cell phone repairs, the most important tool you need is a screwdriver. This basic tool will help you open up your device to make necessary adjustments or changes. The type of screwdriver needed for different cell phones can vary depending on their make and model.


While some may require a Phillips head or flathead screwdriver, others may require specific sizes such as Torx or Tri-Wing. You must know what kind of screwdriver your device requires before attempting any do-it-yourself repair attempts. For this reason, it’s always good to have several different sizes and types of screwdrivers on hand in case one isn’t suitable for your needs.


Plastic Spudger


Anyone can easily perform basic repairs independently with the right tools and knowledge. One tool that is essential for cell phone repair is a plastic spudger. A plastic spudger is a thin spatula-like tool used to pry open and manipulate components inside electronic devices safely.


It’s made from durable plastic material, which makes it non-conductive and less likely to cause damage when handling delicate parts like chipsets or connectors. Plastic spudgers also come in different sizes, allowing users to select the best fit their needs. When doing DIY cell phone repairs, having a plastic spudger handy can make all the difference in ensuring the job gets done safely and efficiently.




One must-have tool for successful DIY phone repairs is the tweezer. Tweezers are an inexpensive tool that makes precision work possible when repairing cell phones. Tweezers come in various shapes and sizes, but curved or angled tweezers are the most suitable for working on small components inside cell phones, such as SIM cards and other internal parts.


Tweezers also come in stainless steel or plastic-coated tips, which will help prevent damage to delicate components on the phone’s circuit board. With tweezers, you can easily remove damaged components during repairs without causing additional damage to your device.




Cell phone do-it-yourself repairs can save you both time and money. Having the right tools to get the job done is important. One such tool is an iOpener, a heat source that softens glue when replacing screens and other parts of phones.


The iOpener package includes a heating pad with temperature control options, a thermally conductive film that allows for even heat distribution, and a plastic spudger for prying open components safely. The kit also includes instructions on using each item properly so users can confidently make repairs without damaging their devices.


Overall, an iOpener is an essential piece of equipment for anyone wanting to tackle DIY cell phone repairs to avoid costly repair shops or replace broken parts quickly at home.


Anti-static Wrist Strap


One essential item that should never be overlooked when performing DIY cell phone repairs is an anti-static wrist strap. This handy device helps protect the delicate components of your device from damage due to static electricity build-up.


An anti-static wrist strap works by grounding you through the metal snap on the end of the band while you are working on your mobile phone. The strap wraps around your wrist and then connects to an unpainted metal surface, such as a computer chassis or outlet box, effectively draining away any static charge that could damage sensitive electronic components inside your device.


Glue Stick


Having a good quality glue stick on hand can help make cell phone repair jobs easier and less time-consuming. Glue sticks provide strong adhesion between two pieces of plastic, allowing users to easily repair damaged parts without needing extra tools or components.


For example, if a user needs to fix the back cover on their cell phone, they can use a glue stick to bond the broken pieces together quickly and easily. Furthermore, using a glue gun with special adhesive tips increases the strength of the bond even more so that it won’t come apart under normal usage conditions.


Replacement Screen


One of the most common repairs when fixing a cell phone is replacing a cracked or broken screen. Smartphone owners can save money by doing this repair themselves with just a few necessary tools and equipment. A replacement LCD screen is the most important item, but there are other essential items.


To complete this repair job safely and without damaging any components inside the device, you’ll need a heat gun, Phillips screwdriver set, tweezers, and suction cup tool to gently remove the glass display from the frame of the phone, and a spudger tool for prying open the device. With these tools in place, DIYers can easily replace their cell phone screens at home in no time.


Magnifying Glass


Magnifying glasses are essential for DIY cellphone repairs because they allow users to see inside the tiny components of a smartphone. With magnification capabilities of up to ten times, these glasses make it possible to spot small problems and properly install hardware pieces within a device.


Additionally, by viewing the inner workings of devices in greater detail, users can understand how each component fits together and why certain steps are necessary when making repairs. A quality magnifying glass is an important tool for anyone interested in performing cellphone repairs.



In conclusion, the necessary equipment for cell phone DIY repairs is essential before attempting any repair project. You should always ensure you have the proper tools, such as a precision screwdriver set, soldering iron, safety glasses, and plastic pry tool.


The components of a smartphone demands precision while repairing it and one should be patient during the repair process. It’s important to know that repairing your cell phone can be very risky and tedious if you don’t have the right precautions in place. To have an expert check the status of your phone click here.

Keep Your Foldable Tech Alive This Christmas with These Smart Tricks



The foldable phone is a revolutionary new device that has transformed the mobile technology world. As more and more people are looking to buy a foldable phone for Christmas, it’s important to know how to maintain and protect the device. With proper care, your foldable phone can last you for years – allowing you to get the most out of its features and capabilities! 


What is a Foldable Phone?


Foldable phones, also known as bendable phones, are the latest trend in mobile technology. These devices feature a flexible display that can be folded in half or even rolled into a compact form factor. This type of phone is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to provide greater functionality while maintaining a slim profile. Foldable phones offer many benefits, including longer battery life, improved portability and durability, and access to larger displays.


Foldable phones typically employ a combination of plastic OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screens and mechanical hinges to achieve flexibility. The OLED screen allows the device to be folded in half or even rolled up when not used. Additionally, this display offers impressive image quality with deep blacks and vibrant colors.


Tips to increase their longevity this Christmas


It’s the season for Christmas shopping, and if you’re buying a foldable phone this holiday season, you should know that there are ways to ensure your new purchase will stand the test of time. To make sure your foldable phone remains in good condition for as long as possible, here are five tips to increase its longevity.


Keep it Away From Water.


With the emergence of foldable phones in the market, there has been a surge of interest among consumers to purchase them. This Christmas season, those looking to buy foldable phones should take extra care with their new device. That’s because these devices are increasingly vulnerable to water damage, more so than regular smartphones.


Water damage can be particularly damaging for foldable phones due to the number of components and parts folded together. When exposed to water, it can easily seep into many crevices and cause permanent damage, leading to malfunctioning buttons or even complete breakage of the phone’s folding mechanism. To ensure maximum longevity and usability, users should keep their foldable phones away from liquids and moisture as much as possible.


Invest in a good case for extra protection


As foldable phones become increasingly popular, it’s important to invest in a good case to keep your device safe. Not only will it protect against scratches and dirt, but investing in a quality case can help extend the life of your phone. There are many different types of cases available on the market, so you should carefully consider which would best suit your needs.


If you need extra protection from drops or falls, look for something shockproof or reinforced with metal corners. For added durability, opt for something made from hard plastic or silicone material, as these won’t lose shape easily over time. Additionally, if you want to show off your new device’s design, plenty of stylish cases are available too!


Refrain from Pressing the Screen too Hard


If you’re considering buying a foldable phone this Christmas, it’s important to remember to be careful with how much praise you heap on its screen. Not taking care of your foldable phone correctly can lead to problems with its display and reduce its longevity.


Foldable screens are incredibly delicate and need constant protection from scratches, dust, and pressure to remain in top condition. That means keeping them away from sharp objects such as keys or coins that could damage the surface or internal components of the phone. Additionally, even gentle use needs to be monitored carefully so that the flexing of the display is minimized over time.


Use the Right Cleaning Products


This Christmas season, foldable phones are the latest must-have item for tech enthusiasts. With their state-of-the-art designs and innovative features, these devices offer cutting-edge technology for anyone who wants to stay connected. However, with all its bells and whistles comes the responsibility of keeping it clean and in top condition over its lifespan.


Therefore, when buying a foldable phone this Christmas season, please select the right cleaning products to help increase its longevity. These days, many different types of cleaning products are available on the market designed specifically for foldable phones. It’s important to choose products that don’t contain harsh chemicals or abrasives that may damage delicate parts of the device, such as display screens or plastic frames.


Keep it Away from High Temperatures.


Christmas is just around the corner, and a foldable phone could be a great tech-savvy gift for your loved ones. But what are the safety measures that come along with these futuristic phones? You must be aware of certain factors to ensure that your foldable phone lasts long.


One such factor is temperature. Foldable phones are equipped with several advanced components which can easily get damaged due to high temperatures. This can affect the battery life and performance of the device and cause irreversible damage if not taken care of properly.


Thus, keeping your foldable phone away from direct sunlight or any other high-temperature environment, such as near an oven or heater, is wise. You should also avoid using it in cars parked under direct sunlight as this will expose it to extreme temperatures and lead to malfunctions in its working stage.


Are Foldable Phones Worth it?


For those considering buying a foldable phone this Christmas, it can not be easy to discern whether the device is worth it. To help make your decision easier, many advantages come with owning a foldable phone. The most obvious benefit is the portability factor: you don’t have to lug around an extra device to watch videos and browse the web on a large display.


Additionally, you get more features than traditional smartphones due to their larger size and unique design — they often come equipped with multiple cameras and additional storage space. To know which foldable phone is under your budget, visit our store and consult our experts.


Revive Your Lost Texts: How To Get Deleted Messages Back On iPhone

how to recover deleted messages on iPhone



As technology advances, it has become easier for everyday users to store and access data on their phones. This includes text messages, which have become an important form of communication for many people. Unfortunately, these texts can be lost or deleted accidentally, making it necessary to retrieve them in certain situations. 


Fortunately, there are several ways to get back those old texts on iPhone devices. Depending on your phone type and the version of iOS installed, there might be different methods you can use. Some phone models allow you to recover deleted texts directly from the device itself, while others require a third-party app or software package. Some services even offer cloud backups that can help restore old messages if they were backed up before they were lost or deleted.


If you have ever experienced the dreaded deleted text message on your iPhone, then you know how frustrating it can be. But don’t panic! You can take several steps to recover these messages quickly and easily. Here is an easy guide to retrieving those texts and getting back on track in no time. 


Use iPhone Cloud Backup.


For many of us, our iPhones are like an extra limb. We rely on them for almost everything – including text messaging. But what happens when you accidentally delete a text or conversation that you need to keep? The good news is that with the use of iPhone cloud backup, you can easily recover those deleted texts and conversations. 


While backing up your iPhone using iCloud is highly recommended, it’s also quite easy. You must make sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network and then open the Settings app on your phone. From there, select “iCloud” and then “Backup”. Turn on iCloud Backup if it isn’t already enabled, and then press “Back Up Now” under Backup Options.


Use iTunes or Finder Backup.


Regular backups of our iPhones are essential if we want to restore lost data. With the help of iTunes and Finder, it is easy to back up your text messages and prevents accidental data loss. The process begins by opening the iTunes or Finder app on your computer and plugging in your iPhone using a USB cable. Ensure you have enabled iCloud for Messages, as this will enable you to back up all of your text messages from your iPhone onto a computer. Once these settings are adjusted, click on ‘Back Up Now to start the backing up process.   


When the Backup is finished, disconnect your phone from the computer and then open Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content & Settings on your device. This will erase all content on your device, but it will also allow you to recover deleted texts since they were backed up prior.


Contact Your Carrier


If you are an iPhone user, you may have experienced the unexpected horror of losing text messages. It can be frustrating to have them gone instantly, whether they were important or just a memory. Unfortunately, text messages often vanish if you don’t back them up properly, leaving users helpless. To help protect your data and recover any lost texts, it is important to contact your carrier. 


Your carrier is the best resource for retrieving deleted texts as they store all your data on their server. They will be able to help you access the information that was lost so that it can be restored to your device quickly and easily. Depending on the phone model and provider, options such as logging into an account or using special software to access your texts from the server directly could be available.


Use Third-Party App


It might be distressing to discover that you have accidentally deleted crucial messages from your iPhone, particularly if you do not have a backup. However, there is still a chance that those lost texts may be recovered! Users of iPhones can easily recover deleted messages on their devices using third-party applications.


One such program is Dr Fone, which gives users the ability to retrieve deleted text messages from their iPhones and other devices that run iOS 10 or later. Users should ensure that they have a recent iTunes or iCloud backup available before installing the software in case there is a requirement for data restoration if anything goes wrong during the retrieval process. This should be done before downloading the program. After that, users can connect their smartphone to the computer and let Dr Fone work its magic by recovering all of their lost text messages without requiring access to an Apple account or password.


Getting Back Old Texts without Overwriting your data


It’s important to understand how to retrieve deleted texts on your iPhone in a way that doesn’t overwrite any of your data, as this can be challenging. Here is a comprehensive guide to retrieving deleted texts without overwriting your phone in case you need to recover an accidental deletion or find out what’s been going on behind your back. You can use this guide whether you need to recover an accidental deletion or find out what’s been going on behind your back.


To complete this process, you first need to check to see if a backup was created before you deleted the text messages. If there was a backup, you could use iTunes or iCloud to retrieve the messages from that Backup and restore them to your device. On the other hand, if there isn’t one, you’ll need specialised software to let you retrieve the deleted data directly from your device. This software will not delete any previously stored data and will provide an intuitive user interface that will make it simple to locate the required information.


For any iPhone user who has ever inadvertently deleted a text message, retrieving that message can appear overwhelming and difficult. It is easier than one might think to retrieve deleted texts from an iPhone after they have been deleted. Even though users should move quickly and ensure they follow the correct steps, they can take a few different approaches to recover their lost messages. Solve any issues on your iPhone by walking into our store along with a free quote.


What Everyone Should Know: iPhone’s Missing App Store

Fix Apple App Store lost



The iPhone has revolutionized how we use our mobile devices, but there is still one thing missing: an app store. Despite the popularity of the device and its wide selection of apps, Apple has yet to create an official App Store for iPhones. This means that users must rely on third-party providers who may not offer as comprehensive a selection or level of security as Apple would. 


Knowing what you’re getting when downloading an app from a third-party provider. Many apps can be scams or contain malicious code, so it’s best to read through reviews before making any purchases or downloads. Additionally, many free apps will come with ads that could lead to other unwanted downloads — something that wouldn’t happen from the App Store if it existed.


The App Store is a vital part of the iPhone experience. It’s where users can download software, games, and other apps that extend the device’s functionality. Unfortunately, sometimes the App Store can go missing from an iPhone, leaving users unable to access any new content on their device. If you’re facing this issue with your iPhone, don’t worry – it’s usually a simple fix. 


iPhone App Store: Why is it missing?

The App Store is a crucial part of the iPhone experience, allowing users to browse and download thousands of apps. Unfortunately, users may sometimes find the App Store missing from their devices. This can be incredibly frustrating as it prevents them from accessing their favourite apps and performing important updates on existing ones. 


It’s important to understand why this might happen to take measures to fix the problem. The most common cause for an iPhone missing its App Store is that restrictions are enabled on the device, blocking access to certain features like the app store.


Furthermore, if a user has downloaded third-party applications or changed certain system settings, accessing the App Store could also cause problems. It’s also possible that Apple servers have gone down temporarily, preventing users from using their devices normally until they’re back online again.


Find the Missing App Store

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably been there: You open the App Store app, and it’s missing from your Home Screen. This can be a frustrating experience, as the App Store is essential for downloading new apps, keeping your current ones up to date and more. Fortunately, you can take some simple steps to get the App Store back on your Home Screen. 


The first step is to check if the App Store icon is hiding in another folder or on another page of your Home Screen. If not, you’ll need to reset your iPhone’s home screen layout by going into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. This will return all your apps to their original places and return the missing App Store icon.


  • Find the Missing App Store by restarting the iPhone.

Are you having trouble locating the App Store on your iPhone? There are easy steps that you can take to find it. Sometimes, restarting your phone can do the trick! 


Restarting your iPhone is a great way to find the App Store quickly and easily. All you need to do is press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Once this shows up, slide it across to turn off your device. Wait a few seconds and then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple logo appear on the screen again. 


After doing this, check if you can now see the App Store icon on your home screens or in a folder – if so, great!


  • Find the Missing App Store with Spotlight Search

The App Store is one of the most important resources for Apple users who want to find new applications on their devices. With Spotlight Search, finding what you need in the App Store has become even easier.


Spotlight Search helps Apple users quickly and easily locate apps in the App Store by typing a keyword or phrase into the search bar. It provides an efficient way to search through thousands of apps, saving users time and simplifying the process. It also allows users to search for specific categories to narrow their results even more quickly. Some popular apps can be found with Spotlight Search without opening up the App Store itself. 


Overall, Spotlight Search makes searching for apps in the App Store more convenient than ever – type in what you’re looking for and get a list of relevant results within seconds!


  • Find the Missing App Store in App Library

Finding apps in the App Store can be challenging for iPhone users. Apple is constantly updating its layout and organization of app categories, leaving many users feeling lost and frustrated. But Apple has recently introduced an easier way to find apps: the App Library. 


The App Library consolidates all your downloaded apps into one place, with organized folders and an easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies finding what you need. It allows you to organize your home screen however you want without manually moving each app into its own folder—the library does this for you automatically.


The App Library also provides quick access to recently used and suggested apps based on usage patterns and frequently used ones like games or social media that are sorted by categories. Fix any issues related to the App Store and iOS by hiring our expert iPhone services.



As Apple’s App Store has grown in popularity, many are wondering what the future of the service holds. How can developers and users ensure they get the most out of it? To find this missing conclusion, one must first understand how far App Store services have come and where their potential lies.


Apple’s App Store offers developers and consumers a wide range of services, from streaming music to gaming platforms. This platform provides an easy way for developers to share their products with customers worldwide while giving users endless entertainment and productivity options.


The App Store has become so popular that its growth is hard to keep up with – leaving questions about what comes next for this service unanswered. With new features such as app bundles being introduced, it is clear that there is still much more to discover about the possibilities offered by Apple’s App Store.


Is Your Phone Charging Slowly? 7 Reasons Why

fix charging problem on smartphones

If your phone is charging slowly, there could be a few reasons. Maybe your battery is old and needs to be replaced, or you have too many apps running in the background. It could also be that your charger isn’t compatible with your phone or your port is damaged. Here are seven possible reasons why your phone might be charging slowly. 


Seven Common Reasons Your Phone is Charging Slowly


1. Your battery is old


Lithium-ion batteries, like the ones found in smartphones, have a limited lifespan. After about two years of use, the battery will degrade and lose capacity. This means that it won’t be able to hold a charge as long as it used to, and your phone will die more quickly. You can do a few things to extend the life of your battery, such as avoiding extreme temperatures and not letting it drain completely before recharging. But eventually, all batteries will reach the end of their life and need to be replaced. If your phone is charging more slowly than it used to, it’s probably because the battery is getting old. You can try some troubleshooting tips to improve its performance, but ultimately you’ll need to replace the battery.


2. You have too many apps running in the background


Is your phone charging slowly? It could be because of too many apps in the background. When you use your phone, many apps run in the background. This can tax your battery and cause it to charge more slowly. Check how many apps run in the background if your phone takes longer to charge. To do this, go to Settings > Battery and see which apps use the most battery power. If there are a lot of apps listed, try closing some of them to see if that helps improve your charging time. Consider deleting any unused apps from your phone. Too many apps can slow down your device and drain your battery quickly. You can speed up your phone’s charging time by decluttering your app collection.


3. Something could be wrong with your charger


If you’ve noticed that your phone has been taking longer to charge recently, there could be a problem with your charger. Several things, including a damaged cord or a bad battery, can cause a slow charger. If you think your charger is the issue, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. First, check the cord for any damage. You’ll need to get a new one if it looks frayed or broken. You can also try cleaning the charging port on your phone with a cotton swab. If any dirt or debris is blocking the connection, this could be causing the problem. If neither of these solutions works, it’s possible that your battery is damaged and needs to be replaced. You’ll need to take this to a professional to have it done, but it’s usually pretty inexpensive.


4. Low Watt Charger


Is Your Phone Charging Slowly? It could be because of the low-watt charger. If your phone is charging more slowly than usual, it might be because you’re using a low-wattage charger. Many phone chargers come with the phone have a power output of 10 watts or less. That’s not enough to charge some phones quickly. Instead, try using a charger with an output of 15 watts or more. You’ll see a difference in how quickly your phone charges.


5. You’re using your phone while charging


According to a new study, if your phone is charging slowly, it could be because you’re using it while charging. The study found that when people use their phones while charging, it can take up to twice as long to charge. So why does this happen? When you use your phone while it’s charging, the battery is being used at the same time that it’s trying to charge. This means that the charger has to work harder to charge the battery, and as a result, it takes longer to charge. If you want your phone to charge faster, put down the game or turn off the video and save it for later. Let your charger do its job so you can have a fully charged phone sooner rather than later.


6. Your cable is too old 


Check your charging cable if you’ve noticed that your phone has been taking longer to charge than usual. Over time, cables can become worn down and no longer work as efficiently as they once did. If your cable is more than a few years old, it could be why your phone isn’t charging as quickly as it used to. You can do a few things to see if your charging cable is the issue. First, try plugging your phone into a different outlet. If it charges faster, you know the outlet wasn’t the problem. Next, try using a different charging cable. If your phone charges faster with the new cable, it’s likely that the old one was causing the problem. If you’re still having issues with your phone charging slowly, another issue could be at play.


7. Power Source is Weak


If your phone is charging slowly, it could be because the power source is weak. A weak power source can cause your phone to charge slowly or not at all. There are a few things you can do to fix this problem. Try using a different power source. If you use a USB port on your computer, try plugging it into an outlet. If you’re using an outlet, try a different one. If you have a car charger, try that as well. Also, check the cables you’re using to charge your phone. Make sure they’re not damaged and securely connected to your phone and the power source.


How to Fix Charging Problems?


First, make sure you’re using the correct charger. If you’re using an old or damaged charger, it could cause your phone to charge more slowly. Second, try cleaning your charging port. Dust and dirt can build up in the port and prevent your phone from charging properly. Finally, restart your phone. A restart can often fix minor software issues causing your phone to charge more slowly. If none of these tips works, your battery is simply damaged and needs replacement.

Smartphone Repair: Tips to Keep Your Device Working Like New

smartphone care tips and renew


Your smartphone is with you almost everywhere you go. It’s become an extension of yourself, so it’s important to take care of it. Here are a few reasons why you should take care of your smartphone:

  • To keep it working properly – Just like any other device, your smartphone will start to experience wear and tear over time. If you don’t take care of it, eventually it will start to malfunction. 
  • To avoid costly repairs – If you do end up damaging your smartphone, it can be expensive to fix. By taking care of it, you can avoid having to pay for costly repairs. 
  • To keep your data safe – Your smartphone likely contains a lot of personal data, from photos and videos to contact information and more. If something happens to your phone, this data could be lost forever.


So why take the risk?

It seems like every day there’s a new story about someone’s smartphone breaking. And, it’s always at the most inopportune time. Whether you drop your phone and crack the screen, or you spill coffee on it, accidents happen. 

But, there are some things you can do to avoid having to get your smartphone repaired. By taking a few simple precautions, you can keep your device working like new for longer. 

Here are some tips to avoid having to repair your smartphone:


Use a Screen Protector

A screen protector is a thin piece of film that you can attach to your smartphone’s screen. It’s designed to protect your screen from scratches and other damage.

You might be wondering, do I need a screen protector? The answer is: it depends. If you use your smartphone a lot and are worried about damaging the screen, then a screen protector is a good idea. But if you’re not worried about damaging your screen, or if you already have insurance that will cover repairs, then you might not need one.

There are different types of screen protectors available, so you’ll want to choose the right one for your needs. For example, some protectors are made of glass, while others are made of plastic. Glass protectors are more durable but also more expensive.


Protect it from direct heat

Though you may not have realized it, your smartphone is quite sensitive to heat. If you leave it in a hot car or expose it to direct sunlight for too long, you could end up damaging your phone. The heat can cause the battery to overheat and swell, which can lead to permanent damage. In extreme cases, the phone could even catch fire.

So how can you protect your smartphone from the heat? First, avoid leaving it in a hot car for extended periods. If you’re going to be out in the sun for a while, try to keep your phone in a cool, shady spot. And if you notice that your phone is getting too warm, find a way to cool it down as quickly as possible.

By taking some simple precautions, you can help keep your smartphone safe from the dangers of overheating.


Do not use it while charging

When it comes to smartphone safety, there are a few cardinal rules that everyone should follow. One of the most important is to avoid using your phone while it’s charging.

Charging your phone puts stress on the battery, and using it while it’s plugged in can put even more strain on the already-stressed battery. This can lead to subpar battery life, and in extreme cases, can even cause your phone to overheat or catch fire.

So if you want to keep your smartphone safe and prolong its lifespan, make sure to unplug it before using it. And if you must use it while it’s charging, be sure to keep an eye on it so you can unplug it at the first sign of any issue.


Take Care of how you charge it

We all rely on our smartphones to stay connected with the world. But did you know that how you charge your phone can affect its lifespan? Here are a few tips to help you keep your smartphone in tip-top shape.

When it comes to charging your smartphone, slow and steady wins the race. Overnight charging is bad for your battery because it puts unnecessary stress on it. So instead of leaving your phone plugged in all night, charge it up during the day when you can keep an eye on it.

Most importantly, don’t wait until your battery is completely depleted before recharging. This puts a lot of strain on the battery and will shorten its lifespan over time. It’s best to keep your battery between 30% and 80% charged, so plug it in when you can throughout the day.


Use a phone case

A phone case is one of the most basic accessories for a smartphone, yet it’s also one of the most important. A case helps protect your phone from scratches, drops, and other damage.

There are many different types of phone cases on the market, so it’s important to choose one that fits your needs. If you’re looking for basic protection, a simple silicone or plastic case will suffice. If you’re looking for something more durable, consider a metal or leather case.

No matter what type of case you choose, make sure it’s compatible with your specific smartphone model. Otherwise, you risk damaging your phone or not getting the full level of protection you need.



We all want our smartphones to have long, healthy lives. We take them everywhere with us and rely on them for just about everything, so, naturally, we would want to do everything we can to protect them. Protecting your smartphone from scratches, drops, and other damage will help it last longer. And if you’re careful with it, you may be able to avoid having to replace it as often.

How to Boost Performance on Slow and Sluggish Laptops

Don’t give up on your old laptop just yet. You can try out these speed tips and tricks for boosting performance on your laptop.

Working on a slow laptop is quite frustrating. The slow load times of programs, sudden hangs when switching programs, slow boot up times etc are nerve wrecking, especially when you are doing urgent tasks. Every laptop faces this issue sooner or later even though it is in a perfect condition. We will further discuss the fixes for slow Windows 10,8 or 11 laptops.

One can boost and reduce the slowness of a laptop by following certain procedures which are listed below. We can transform the  most sluggish laptop into a performance beast with some cleanup and a few complex technical procedures.

1. Exit all applications from the system tray.

If your laptop boot time is extremely slow, it is possible that you have many apps running in the background along with Windows. The items in the system tray are preloaded and keeps running on the background unless you manually close it.

To access the system tray:

  1. Go to the right side of the Taskbar
  2. Click the Upwards arrow
  3. Check the apps that are running
  4. Right click and close the ones that are not needed

2. Disable programmes that start up automatically.

Some apps are set to automatically open during Windows startup and they drastically eat up your laptop’s boot time. These apps also includes those in the system tray. However, you may want to keep some essential programs alive, such as an antivirus software. Follow the below steps to access these startup programs:

Rght-click the taskbar and select Task Manager. Alternatively you can press Ctrl-Shift-Escape. In the Startup tab area you can check which programs run on startup and its impact.

Assess them to see which ones don’t need to run automatically. This method is extremely useful as it can disables high impact apps to increase performance. Nonetheless, procceed with caution as some of these apps are required to run Windows. The apps with Microsoft as the publisher is better left alone. To disable the apps perform a right-click and choose Disable.

Remember that you’re not actually turning off the application; you’re only turning off the fact that it runs at startup.

3. Keep Windows, drivers, and programmes up to date.

Nine out of ten times you’ve heard that installing the latest Windows updates minimises the rate of security breaches online. Along with a better security, it can also speed up your laptop. By default, Windows will notify you of any new updates and it’s your duty to download it asap.

You can easily check the update by going to the Start Menu> Settings> Updates & Security > Windows Updates.

4. Remove any files that are no longer needed.

Our laptops, like our closets and drawers, become crowded. You know it’s there, even if you can’t see it, and it might be affecting the functionality of your computer. This is especially true if you work with a lot of huge files on a daily basis, such as high-resolution photographs, audio files, and films.

Make it a practise to delete files and folders once a week and clear the recycle bin afterwards to free up space. If you do this on a regular basis, you’ll be less likely to forget what’s in the files and folders, and you won’t be as afraid about accidentally deleting anything vital.

5. Look for apps that consume a lot of resources.

If you notice that your laptop is suddenly performing much slower, it’s likely that a certain software is responsible. Going into your task manager and seeing what’s taking up your resources is one approach to figure out who’s to blame.

Select Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar. To learn more about the programmes that are presently operating on your computer, click More details. The Processes tab should be displayed by default.

You may arrange the list by clicking each heading to see which programmes are consuming which resources the most. If you need to close a running app, try closing it normally first. Return to the Task Manager page, right-click the application, and choose End task if it won’t end.

6. Modify your power settings

Windows has a number of pre-configured ‘power plans’ to fit your needs. Balanced is the default setting, which considers both performance and energy consumption. However, energy consumption is only a worry if you’re operating on batteries or attempting to save money on energy. As a result, you may wish to reconsider your strategy.

If your PC is functioning slowly, the High Performance plan is a better alternative. Although this option consumes more energy, it prioritises performance and should make your system run faster.

You may construct your own unique plan in addition to the usual ones. Create a power plan in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options. Choose which current plan you’d want to start with, give your new plan a name, and then click Next.

Basic choices include how long the display stays on while you’re not using it and how long the computer stays awake before going to sleep. These won’t have much of an effect on the speed of your laptop, but if you click to Change advanced power settings, you may make further tweaks that will.

7. Remove any programmes you aren’t using.

We frequently install apps without understanding how much disc space they consume. If you believe this is the case, you may quickly delete any apps you no longer need. Even if you only use a software once in a while, if it’s very huge, it can be worth simply reinstalling each time you need it.

Go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features to remove an application.

Examine the programmes and determine which, if any, you don’t require. If you’re unsure about a software, you may simply utilise a search engine to learn more about it.

8. Clean up your hard drive.

Windows has a built-in utility for removing junk that builds up over time. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools, and then pick Disk Cleanup from the list.

You may now pick the file types you want to delete and click OK. Then choose any system files you want to delete by clicking Clean up system files.

10. Change the visuals and animations or turn them off.

Recent Windows versions have a lot of visuals, including animations like fading effects and flyouts. These contribute to a better overall user experience by making the programme seem more clean and sophisticated. On the other side, they might cause your computer to slow down.

Thankfully, changing these settings is straightforward and will potentially save some processing power. To access advanced system settings, go to Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings. Then, under Performance, select Settings to get a complete list of settings.

You can select Adjust for best performance which will remove all visual effects or you can remove them one by one. It’s a personal opinion, but you could definitely do without the fade and shadow effects.

11. Make a hardware upgrade

If you’ve explored all of the above options, it might be time to upgrade your hardware. Here are a number of things you might want to consider investing in:

Add an SSD: While HDDs provide greater room for a lesser price, adding an SSD may significantly speed up your computer.
Increase the amount of RAM on your laptop: If you have an older laptop, it may not have enough memory to run latest software properly. Furthermore, if you run a number of apps at the same time, you may not have enough RAM to get by. Installing fresh RAM might provide the boost your laptop craves.

Best Software To Tune Up Your Windows Laptop

boost laptop speed



1. iObit System Care


laptop scanning and boost


iObit System Care offers both a free and pro version. The free version offers basic cleaning features and compression. Some of the interesting features include real-time system monitoring, disk repair, malware removal, email filter and Face ID capture.

While the free version offers only basic functions, the Pro version comes with state of the art features at a reasonable price. The scanning and optimization is executed at a deeper level that will definitely boost your laptop performance. iObit System Care Pro offers hard disk defragmentation, better RAM management, Registry optimization and one-click software updates among others.

Automatic clearing for tracking data while surfing, digital fingerprint masking, private information encryption, and real-time threats detection and blocking are among the privacy and security features. Automatic upgrades and round-the-clock technical help are also included in the Pro edition.


2. IOLO System Mechanic


tune up laptop performance


An easy to use tune-up application that is quite fast. Based on Iolo Labs updates, it can identify and solve over 30,000 errors. 

The features include hard drive defragmentation, temporary files removal, deleting unnecessary startup applications, CPU and RAM optimization and more. One can make use of the NetBooster option to improve internet speed and reduce page load times. IOLO System Mechanic can fix Windows vulnerabilities and clear browsing history to increase privacy and security.

The fact that you just have to pay one fee to cover all of your PCs in your house is a significant advantage, since some other utilities demand you to buy a separate licence for each machine or limit the amount of PCs you may cover. Iolo System Mechanic is recommended for families or organisations. This programme is compatible with Windows XP and later.


3. Norton Utilities Premium


windows speed up software


Computer Tune-Up and Norton Utilities Premium are the best tune-up services from Norton. A technician takes control of your laptop through the Tune-Up service which is a one-time remote access service. The technician will then analyse your laptop and optimise it for better performance.

If you prefer regular tune-ups, Norton Utilities Premium is the better option. Norton offers a user-friendly interface through which you can optimise your laptop with a single click. Some of its features include removing cache and temporary files, reducing application load times, deleting unwanted apps to boost boot time and reducing hanging and fixing frequent errors and malware.

The automatic RAM and CPU optimization in Norton Utilities Premium is a feature you shouldn’t miss. The application will also scan and delete unwanted startup apps and repair common Windows issues to boost laptop performance. Using the browser’s file download removal option you can increase your digital privacy. A file shredder destroys personal papers in a safe manner, preventing others from accessing them.

While your computer is inactive, this programme runs automatically. It’s compatible with Windows 7 and higher. The UI is simple to use, but if you need assistance, support is accessible via phone and email.


4. AVG TuneUp


boost windows 11 laptop


The free version of this tool only offers scanning features.  You’ll need to upgrade to the premium version for a proper tune-up. This features a performance optimizer that can significantly improve your device’s performance. This is one of the most expensive tools on the list, despite its excellent performance.

The user interface is simple to use, and the software runs quickly. AVG will clear your registry to prevent crashes and failures, and it will also wipe up browser history, cache files, tracking cookies, and application junk as part of its routine maintenance. Live optimization is one of the tool’s best features. This allows you to put specific apps to sleep on a priority basis, reducing memory and CPU usage and speeding up your systems. This is especially useful if you frequently multitask.

This programme will thoroughly clean your hard drive, installation files, system cache, older backups, and temporary system files, freeing up space. It also cleans out temporary files and other online remnants from browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer) to make them run faster, lighter, and more reliably. AVG’s software updater will install updates for over 50 popular programmes automatically. A software uninstaller eliminates bloatware and trash applications. AVG TuneUp is compatible with Windows 7 and higher.




laptop speed up software


Slimware SLIMCLEANER has a lot of tools that might make your PC operate faster and smoother. This application does not have a free version, however, it does have a free trial. You can easily discover errors with your PC with a one-click scan. Performance boost mode, boot optimization, and the removal of unneeded startup items are among the other features.

This software offers a unique community rating system that delivers software and startup programme suggestions based on user ratings. This implies you’re using the most up-to-date information from the field to improve the performance of your PC. Slimware SLIMCLEANER will clean up your laptop by removing junkware and unneeded files, freeing up space and safeguarding your privacy.

This programme is compatible with Windows XP and beyond. It’s simple to use, but if you need help, you may contact them by phone or email.

How to Fix Delayed Touchscreen Response on iPhone SE

iphone se touchscreen delay

Typically, a device’s performance degrades as it becomes older. Sluggishness or frequent delays, unpredictable restarts, persistent freezes, or unresponsive displays are some of the most prevalent symptoms to emerge. However, other issues such as random malfunctions, corrupted data, and improper updates might also cause these symptoms. Whatever the reason, it is an issue that must be addressed as quickly as possible. A similar issue with the iPhone SE is addressed in this post, with a focus on delayed touchscreen responses. Continue reading to see what choices you have if you ever have the same problem with your iPhone SE.


1. Restart your iPhone (Soft Reset).


If there isn’t enough memory on the device, minor errors are frequently the culprits. If this is the first time your iPhone SE has been sluggish to perform, it’s most likely one of many random software bugs on your device. Restarting your iPhone is an easy solution to this problem.

To do so, press and hold the Power button on your iPhone until it turns off, then slide it to power off. Turn your iPhone back on after 30 seconds by pushing the Power button until the Apple logo shows.

After the reboot, use your iPhone, as usual, to determine if the problem has been resolved. If it doesn’t work, try the next available options.


2. Force background apps to close.


Background applications can occasionally cause a conflict with the system, resulting in a delayed touchscreen response. It’s the same thing that happens when one of the background applications crashes. Other functions of the iPhone are usually affected as well. Clear all your recent applications using these procedures to be sure this isn’t the problem:

  • Press the Home button twice quickly. This will bring up a list of apps that have been used recently.
  • To clean or end an app, swipe it.
  • Carry on with the remainder of the apps on the screen in the same way.
  • Reboot your iPhone once more to determine whether the problem has been resolved.


3. Manage internal memory.


A regular lag in the touchscreen might indicate that your iPhone’s functionality is deteriorating owing to a lack of memory. If you often download large files and demanding applications to your iPhone, your phone’s internal memory is likely to be running out soon. As a result, your gadget is becoming increasingly slow. Memory management would be required if this is the case.

Go to Settings-> General-> iPhone Storage to see how much storage space your iPhone SE has. View the used and available memory on the following screen, or scroll down to see how much memory each programme is taking.

If your memory is running low, you’ll need to make some room. Remove any useless files and unnecessary apps from your device to do this. Another option to explore is transferring some of your crucial data to an external device or online storage.


4. Update iOS to the most recent version.


Keeping your iPhone system up to date is one method to ensure that it performs at its best. This is why Apple always advises you to install the most recent iOS version for your device. Software upgrades, in addition to bringing new and improved features, also provide bug patches to address existing software issues caused by faults in the present iOS platform. Check for available software updates and upgrade your smartphone to the newest iOS version if you haven’t already.

Go to the Settings-> General-> Software Update menu to do so.

If an update is available, a notification will appear. Make sure your device has a steady Internet connection and enough energy to continue with the update process. This is to avoid data corruption as a result of a partial or unfinished update installation.


5. Reset or restore your iPhone to factory settings.


You might try a factory reset on the iPhone SE as a final option. A factory reset erases everything from your iPhone’s system and returns it to factory settings. All system flaws, such as a sluggish touchscreen response and software issues, are then removed, as well as any vital data saved on the internal memory. As a result, your iPhone will get a fresh start. However, before you begin, make a backup of all of your vital data, as the system will erase everything. Once you’ve got everything set up, you may reset your iPhone SE to factory settings by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings app
  • Select General.
  • Reset option may be found by scrolling down and tapping it.
  • Erase all content and settings is the option to choose. The master reset is then triggered.
  • Wait until your iPhone reboots once the reset is completed. Proceed to the initial setup after the reset, and then use your iPhone as usual.

You may also use iTunes on a computer to recover your iPhone SE. To do so, you’ll need a Windows or Mac computer with the most recent version of iTunes installed. You may next choose to restore from an iOS backup or restore your iPhone to factory defaults. To execute the required process, simply follow the onscreen directions in iTunes.


6. Seek more assistance to resolve the issue of sluggish touchscreen response.


If the problem persists or your iPhone SE is still reacting slowly to touchscreen inputs or has a delayed touchscreen response, you may contact Breakfixnow for assistance. There might be a more complex system issue that requires us to use specialised software to resolve. It’s also a good idea to escalate post-update concerns, so if a problem arises after installing a new iOS version on your iPhone, let us know so we can address it as one of our top priorities.

Alternatively, you may visit our repair facility and have our Apple specialist examine your iPhone for any signs of hardware damage. If neither of these things can be avoided, it may be time to consider a gadget update. After all, you have the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X to choose from as your next gadget. For formal suggestions, contact your carrier.

Fix “Unable to Check for Update” Issue on iPhone 13

This article will show you how to fix an issue with the current iPhone model that prevents it from checking for new updates. Continue reading to find out what to do if you get the “unable to check for update” issue while trying to access the most recent iOS version on your iPhone 13.


OTA updates for iOS


Manually downloading and installing an iPhone software update (OTA) is simple as long as all of the update conditions are met, such as fast and consistent Wi-Fi, adequate storage, and battery life.

However, there are various circumstances that might make a straightforward operation seem difficult. Many users have reported numerous difficulties and troubles while trying to manually install the latest iOS update on their iPhones.

Among the most prevalent causes are sudden internet connection dropouts and poor network reception on the iPhone.

Another cause is network congestion, which occurs when the Apple server receives an excessive number of update requests. The same can be said  w hen Apple servers goes down due to technical issues

Random software malfunctions that cause system incompatibilities are also among the probable causes of the device’s inability to read and apply OTA updates.

An issue that often arises while looking for an available software update on the new iPhone 13 device is addressed in this context.


Troubleshooting the iPhone 13’s “Unable to Check for Update” problem


The remedies below will assist you in removing common causes that may prohibit your iPhone 13 from searching for over-the-air upgrades and instead simply display an error message.

Remember to charge your smartphone first to guarantee that it can complete the whole update procedure. Check that your phone has enough storage space to accommodate the new update file.

Once you’ve got everything set up, you may start with the following:-


1. Restart your iPhone after closing all background apps.


These are apps you’ve recently opened and may have remained open in the background. While this may be advantageous for multitasking between various applications, leaving apps in this mode for an extended period of time may cause problems and eventually cause other system services, such as wifi updating, to stop working.

To rule out this possibility, follow these steps to turn off all background apps on your iPhone 13:

  • Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen to reveal the app switcher menu, which displays thumbnails of any applications you’ve recently used and left open/running in the background.
  • To close each app preview, swipe up on it one by one.
    To erase any irregular remaining app data and system cache, restart your iPhone after removing all background apps.
  • Try installing the latest iOS update.


2. Perform a Soft Reset


To perform a soft reset, simply follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the Power/Side buttons for a few seconds, then release when the Power Off option appears.
  • Then move the slider to completely turn off your iPhone.
  • Press and hold the Side button for another 30 seconds, or until the Apple logo shows to power on the iPhone.
  • Give sometime for the iPhone to establish a successful internet connection.
  • Return to the Settings->Software Update menu as soon as your phone is back online and try the updates again.


3. Re-evaluate Your Internet Connection


Network connectivity troubles on the iPhone are frequently the cause of system update failures. This is frequently the case when the device has sporadic, sluggish, or no network access.

Because network connectivity difficulties are unavoidable with mobile devices, they are one of the likely causes.

Optimizing the phone’s internet connection is advised to cope with random internet difficulties affecting over-the-air updates. This may be accomplished in a variety of ways:-


A. Refresh your Wi-Fi.


Turning the Wifi off and on is a common method when dealing with unpredictable internet errors with iPhones.To do so on your iPhone 13, go to Settings-> Wi-Fi and then toggle the Wi-Fi switch on and off. You can also do this directly from your iPhone’s control centre.


B. Modifications to the aeroplane mode.


The so-called Airplane mode method is another efficient remedy for small internet issues. This is accomplished by turning on Airplane mode, rebooting the phone, and then turning off Airplane mode.

To do so, navigate to Settings-> Airplane mode and then hit the switch to turn it on. When Airplane mode is turned on, all wifi functions are turned off at the same time. While in this mode, restart the phone and then switch off Airplane mode.

When you use the Airplane mode method, all wireless services on your iOS device get a simultaneous refresh, which reduces important issues like Wi-Fi hiccups.

Switch to a Wi-Fi network if the issue occurs when your iPhone is connected to the internet through cellular data. If the underlying reason is a sluggish or unreliable cellular connection, this will most likely cure the problem.

Return to Settings and check for the updated iOS version after optimising your iPhone’s wireless connections.


4. Delete the existing Wi-Fi network and create a new one.


If your iPhone’s online services aren’t operating as they should and you can’t get to over-the-air updates through settings, uninstalling and re-adding the Wi-Fi network could help.

When an internet problem occurs as a result of a faulty Wi-Fi network, online apps and services might become inoperable.

Simply follow these procedures to erase your iPhone 13’s Wi-Fi network:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Select Wi-Fi.
  • Next to the Wi-Fi network, tap the information ‘i’ symbol.
  • Select Forget This Network from the drop-down menu.
  • To confirm, read the warning popup and then tap Forget.

Reboot your iPhone, then return to the Wi-Fi option under Settings. To display accessible networks, make sure the Wi-Fi switch is switched on. Choose the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect. Enter the Wi-Fi password if required, then hit Join.

When the internet connection is established, go back to Settings and check for the most recent software update for your iPhone.


5. Reset all of your iPhone’s Network settings.


If the issue persists after you’ve tried everything else, the next step is to do a network settings reset. Internet difficulties caused by improper settings, such as rogue custom networks, are frequently resolved by restoring default network and system settings.

Resetting network settings and resetting all settings are among the options available on the iPhone. A network reset does not destroy any user data rather it cleans all network bugs.

Simply follow these procedures to reset the iPhone 13’s network settings:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Select General.
  • Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone at the bottom of the page.
    To continue, tap Reset.
  • Then, from the list of choices, select Reset network settings.
  • If asked, enter your passcode, then touch to confirm the action.

After that, the phone will delete all personalised settings and restore the default applications, values, and choices.

The iPhone reboots automatically after the reset. Simply wait for it to finish rebooting, and then return to the Software update settings page to view the most recent iOS version to download and install on your iPhone.


Still can’t get your iPhone 13 to update wirelessly?


Other iPhone users who had the same issue were able to resolve the issue by executing the following adjustments.


Make sure the date and time are right: Conflicts can also arise when downloading over-the-air updates if the date and time are incorrect or inaccurate. If your iPhone’s date and time settings are set to manual, change them to Set Automatically. This will cause your device to utilise the date and time information from your current location’s time zone.


Make a DNS change (optional): Try browsing the internet using Safari and visiting random websites and pages to see if your iPhone’s internet connection is reliable. Check the DNS settings in the Settings-> Wi-Fi menu if you’re having issues with slow or sporadic downloads. You may verify if the issue is fixed by using different DNS addresses, such as Google’s DNS server address


Remove any iOS beta accounts you may have: Due to various conflicts, if you’ve registered for iOS beta testing, your phone may face difficulties when installing the newest stable iOS version. In this instance, it’s best to delete the beta profile.


Make use of iTunes: Occasionally, the issue is limited to the iPhone system. You may also try upgrading your iPhone with iTunes on a Windows or Mac computer as an option. Just make sure you’re running the most recent versions of iTunes and Finder on both PC and Mac. Also, make sure your computer has a strong Wi-Fi connection.

Reply to Messages From Lockscreen on iPhone iOS15

Did you know that you can respond to messages from the iPhone’s Lock Screen or Notification Centre? iOS 15 enables you to reply to texts without having to launch the app. Previously, if you swipe left over a notification, it displays ‘View’ and ‘Clear.’ Apple has changed this actions to ‘Options’ and ‘Clear’ on iOS 15.


iOS 15: How to Reply to Messages from the Lock Screen



1.To access your Lock Screen, press the Side button or enable the ‘Tap to Wake’ or ‘Raise to Wake’ to wake iPhone


2. Long-press the text you wish to reply to. This will expand the message to reply to text messages from Lock Screen in iOS 15 on iPhone


3. You can now type your reply


4. Press send

reply to messages on iPhone Lock Screen


5. You can return to the lock screen, by tapping on the space outside the message preview.

You may also reply to WhatsApp messages from the lock screen following the above steps.


NOTE: If you’re having trouble replying to messages from the Lock Screen, try the methods below.


For iPhone X or later


  • Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode. Toggle on the “Reply with Message” option under the “Allow access when locked” column.


unable to reply to a message from Lock Screen on iOS

For iPhone 8 or older


  • Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Allow Access When Locked. Then select Reply with Message from the drop-down menu.


Reply to messages from the notification centre on iPhones


You can also reply to messages from the notification centre. In order to do so,


1. Open the Notification Center by swiping down from the top-left corner of your screen while your iPhone is unlocked.


2. Locate the text or message to which you need to answer.


3. To preview the message, press and hold it for a long time


how to reply to WhatsApp messages from Notification bar on iPhone

4. Tap the Send button after typing your response


how to reply to WhatsApp messages on iPhone lock screen


Similarly, you may reply to WhatsApp messages from your iPhone’s notification bar.

Reset iPhone Home Screen Layout in iOS 15

Did some apps suddenly disappear from your iPhone’s home screen? Or default apps such as  Phone, Messages, Notes, and Safari no longer visible on your home screen?   Most people become anxious in this situation because there is no option to reinstall these apps from the App Store. That’s because, with the exception of a few pre-installed apps, you can’t Offload or uninstall apps that comes with your iPhone. However, these apps already exists on your iPhone but it’s just that you can’t locate it.

Is there a lack of applications on the iPhone Home Screen?

So, what should I do if an app on my iPhone or iPad is missing? You may just look for the app in the App Library and restore it to your home screen. If you have a number of apps dispersed across several home screens, you can hide individual app pages with iOS 14 or later. Furthermore, iOS 15 allows you to rearrange and erase any home screen pages you may have.

Is your home screen a mess and you don’t want to go to the trouble of manually arranging it? In such scenario, using the reset home screen option is a simple and precise approach to clean up the mess on your iPhone’s home screen and better organise it.

However, with iOS 15, the methods for resetting network settings and resetting the home screen are slightly different. The new ‘Transfer or Reset iPhone’ option in iOS 15 replaces the earlier ‘Reset’ option. As a result, it might be perplexing for newcomers to the iOS environment. Nonetheless, resetting the app layout on an iPhone is a rather simple process.

Let’s look at the methods for resetting home screen layout in iOS 15 on iPhone.  On iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and older iPhones running iOS 15, this will help you reset the home screen.

How to Reset the Home Screen on an iPhone on iOS 15

1. Select “General” from the Settings app.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Transfer or Reset iPhone.”

3. At the bottom of the screen, select “Reset.”

reset iPhone running iOS 15

4. From the drop-down menu, choose “Reset Home Screen Layout.”

how to reset Home Screen layout in iOS 15 on iphone

5. Confirm your choice by tapping “Reset Home Screen.”

how to reset Home Screen on iOS 15

That is all there is to it. The home screen layout will now be restored to factory settings, as it was when you first purchased the iPhone. It’s important to note that resetting the home screen will not erase any applications; all of your installed apps will remain.

What happens when you restore your iPhone’s Home Screen?

On iOS 15 or earlier, you’ll notice the following modifications when restoring the default home screen layout.

  • Apple’s pre-installed applications will revert to their default settings.
  • Widgets that were manually installed will be removed.
  • On the home screen, all of the concealed home screen pages will be displayed.
  • Any previously established app folders will be deleted, and all bookmarks and apps will display on various home screens.

Unfortunately, with iOS 15, there is still no option to disable or uninstall the App Library.

Complete Guide to Turn Off Siri on iPhone 13

This article will show you how to disable Apple’s Voice assistant (Siri) service so that it won’t be activated when you unintentionally long press the iPhone’s Side button. If you find Siri bothersome or just don’t enjoy having such a voice command enabled while using your smartphone, keep reading to learn how to turn it off on iPhone 13.


Siri: A Quick Overview


For starters, Siri is an Apple device-integrated personal virtual assistant. The iPhone 4S, as well as the early Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac computers running macOS Sierra and later, originally included this voice-controlled personal assistant.


Talking to Siri on your iPhone is one method to get things done quickly. You may ask Siri to set an alarm, get the most up-to-date weather information, translate a sentence, and more.


All you have to do is enable Siri in your iPhone’s settings and then give your device the “Hey Siri” instructions you want it to accomplish.


Siri has gotten more intelligent as a result of the frequent upgrades Apple provides. Because Siri has access to all of Apple’s built-in apps, connecting with the devices is more fluid and simple.


However, there are some situations where using a voice assistant service isn’t appropriate. As a result, Apple has designed the Siri app settings to be changeable by users.


You may, however, switch this function on or off whenever you choose.


The iPhone’s Siri


Setting up Siri is part of the iPhone’s first setup procedure. Despite the fact that it might be skipped, many individuals don’t mind going through the procedure and subsequently discover that they don’t need Siri to keep their iOS device operational.


If you’re one of these folks who needs help figuring out how to stop Siri from interfering with your work, you can simply turn the function off.


The procedure for turning off Siri on an iPhone is simple.


I’ve listed these simple steps below for anyone who are new to iOS and are asking how to access and control Siri on the new iPhone 13.


How to Turn Off Siri on iPhone 13 with iOS 15.3 in Simple Steps


The procedures below are also applicable to other iPhone models running the same iOS system as the iPhone 13 series. Actual panels and menu items may fluctuate somewhat depending on device version and wireless provider, so expect some variation on every device interface.


Just make sure your device’s firmware is up to date so you may entirely stop Siri using the following steps.


Step 1: From the Home screen, tap the Settings icon to enter the Settings app.


Step 2: Scroll down to Siri & Search and press it. This brings up Siri’s settings menu.


Step 3: To disable Siri, change the switch next to Listen for “Hey Siri” and Press Side Button for Siri to the off position.


When you disable the first two choices, you’ll be asked to confirm the action for disabling Siri.


Step 4: Read the warning notice and then confirm your decision by tapping Turn Off Siri. Siri on your iPhone 13 should now be disabled.


When you switch off Siri on your smartphone, you won’t be able to utilise Voice Dial or other voice-control services.


If you simply want Siri to be disabled on the lock screen, flip the switch next to Allow Siri When Locked to off while leaving the first two choices on.


Turning off Siri has no effect on the information Siri uses to react to Dictation queries. However, until you turn off Dictation on your iPhone, this information stays on Apple’s servers.


Reactivating Siri on the iPhone 13


To reactivate or enable Siri on your iPhone, just flip the switches next to Listen for Hey Siri and Press Side Button for Siri in the Ask Siri section. You can do this through the Siri & Search menu.


Simply place your iPhone face down if you want to keep Siri activated but don’t want it to react to “Hey Siri.” This This is an alternative to using the Siri settings menu to disable the Listen for “Hey Siri” option.


If getting app suggestions in search or lock screen from Siri irritates you, simply go to the Siri Suggestions section of the Siri & Search menu and toggle the switch next to Suggestions in Search, Suggestions in Look Up, and Suggestions on Lock Screen to disable them. It’s also possible to disable Siri suggestions for individual applications and Siri iCloud sync.


That’s all there is to it for removing Siri and its related capabilities on the iPhone 13 running iOS 15.3 firmware.

Top Rated Data Recovery Software For Windows Laptop 2022

Data recovery is more crucial than it has ever been. Some of the popular Windows and macOS software now saves any changes automatically; however, auto-saves will not save files that are damaged or destroyed by accident. Fortunately, there are a plethora of data recovery tools available to assist you in recovering your lost files.

The data recovery solutions we’ve selected as the best-in-class for 2022 will vary in some areas. The following explanations should assist you in making a more informed decision when selecting a tool to recover damaged or lost data from your devices.


1. Remo Recover


data recovery for windows

Remo Recover is a clean and user-friendly interface that helps users to easily detect and restore lost data. It works swiftly and is really thorough. It will display you a folder-based breakdown of your system that may be further sorted by file type once you’ve picked the type of data you want it to scan for (images, audio, video, documents, emails, other). Data that has gone “missing” can be found in the “lost” file.

Remo Recover also has a Deep Scan tool if you still can’t recover the data you’ve lost but are confident it’s there.

This tool has two significant drawbacks. First and foremost, it is a significant resource consumer, especially if you intend to do the Deep Scan. The software may potentially crash on older PCs with inadequate processing power. The second problem is that, at the time of writing, Remo has two websites, each with different prices for the same tool. When you visit its and websites, you can be confused about how much the product costs and exactly what features you’re getting.


2. Stellar Windows Recovery


stellar recovery for windows data recovery


Users can have their first scan up and running in minutes with Stellar Windows Recovery, and it should be the first pick for any beginners who are new to the field of data recovery. The user interface is well-designed, and all of the existing functions are readily accessible without the need to search for them.

You may define the kind of files you want to discover and recover with this software. You may even search full drives as an alternative (both your hard drive or removable storage devices). It also contains a Deep Scan tool, which tries to find the fingerprints and trace components of lost, destroyed, or damaged files and then reconstructs them.

Aside from the price, this is one of the greatest data recovery solutions on the market. It does, however, offer limitless recovery for one device for a relatively low charge, but data repair can set you back quite a bit more.

3. Data Rescue

data rescue 5


Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue may not have the most attractive user interface or the cleanest setting choices, but it makes up for that in raw, unfiltered results.

Data Rescue (Version 6 as of this writing) performed some of the most thorough deep recovery scans we’ve seen this year, and in addition to finding 100 percent of the data we set out to retrieve, it also unearthed a few old files we assumed were long dead and buried.

Add to it a large number of file types supported and an incredibly detailed search mechanism that may save you time while also reducing stress on the drive being scanned, and you’ve got a winning data recovery combo that will be difficult to beat for a long time.

The scanning speed and cost of this instrument are its two greatest flaws. Expect to leave your hard drive alone for long hours if you plan on completing a deep scan. However, Prosoft  Engineering does claim that a thorough scans can take up to 3 minutes per gigabyte. The other problem is cost. It costs $19 to recover a single file and $49 to restore 100 files. The cost of the complete drive recovery is normal at $99, but it’s only a one-time fee. A licence for limitless file recovery costs roughly $400.

4. EaseUS

Easeus data recovery


EaseUS pleased us with its deep scanning capabilities, delivering a reasonable amount of results that just missed hitting 100% because of certain distorted file previews. Apart from that minor snag, EaseUS provided a good user experience, a free trial, and one of the most comprehensive customer service alternatives in the industry.

This service can perform anything you need it to accomplish, as well as everything else we seek for in a solution like this, such as partition recovery. EaseUS, on the other hand, instead of creating a low-cost all-in-one solution, offers hard drive and partition recovery as distinct programmes. Furthermore, you’ll have to pay a monthly membership charge for regular hard drive recovery; the organisation does not provide a one-time payment option.

Although it offers a free trial, it does not allow you to restore data. You can only glimpse at what data EaseUS has found. EaseUS, on the other hand, includes data recovery programmes for all major operating systems, including Android and iOS. Still, the greatest discomfort is the expensive fee, which is worsened by the fact that different tools are required for different types of recovery.

5. Disk Drill

disk drill
Source: Cleverfiles

This is one of the most comprehensive tools we’ve seen. It can look for lost data on hard discs and removable storage devices like USB flash drives. Disk Drill’s Windows application, meanwhile, is quite successful at identifying and recovering lost or damaged files, despite the fact that it is more prominently advertised as a macOS recovery service.

If you’re short on time and need something that works with a few clicks, Disk Drill is still a good option. Much of the procedure has been reduced to its most basic components. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time fiddling with different scan types and would rather get their lost photographs or files back as fast and painlessly as possible.

There are few drawbacks to this recovery tool that we could uncover, especially with the most recent versions. It even has a few functions that aren’t seen in most other data recovery software. Disk Driller, for example, provides a “Recovery chances” rating to better illustrate the likelihood of file recovery success. It also lets you to save data to a disk image, which you may subsequently try to recover.

How data recovery software works

How does data recovery software function?

Data recovery software is useful for restoring files on your system that you can no longer find on your device.

Data recovery software works by extensively examining a drive for any files recently designated as “deleted” in the disk’s master boot record in order to retrieve lost, erased, and occasionally even damaged data.

A drive’s boot record determines which sectors show as a “0” and which appear as a “1.” Any results with a 0 will be carefully sorted, and then the software will go on the lookout for any shreds of files with the same marker.

Data recovery software can utilise a variety of imaginative approaches to reassemble any fragments discovered during the thorough search. These can range from scanning through titles and metatags for data clumps with comparable tags, to utilising fresh versions of a file existing on the disc and patching portions of them back into the destroyed file to restore it to its original state.

No matter how complicated the approaches get, the final result should be a complete image of the deleted file, ready to be recovered from the rubble that was once your Recycle Bin.

It’s unusual for data recovery software to remember specific filenames for lost data, much alone the date when a file was last edited. But, what it lacks in metadata recovery, it more than makes up for when it comes to resurrecting the whole file after it was thought to be lost forever.

Best Video Converters For Windows Laptop 2022

Videos are omnipresent these days, whether we make them ourselves or watch them on the internet. Even though they’re widespread, playing video files on different devices isn’t always a smooth experience.

Here come the video converters. These simplify your life by converting video files into several formats, allowing you to watch them on your preferred device and app. When editing videos, video converters can be handy since altering the file format allows for a more efficient editing process. Fortunately, there is a wide range of video converters for PC, but picking the appropriate one might be difficult.

We’ve compiled a list of the top video converters for Windows 10 and earlier, along with a description of what each have to offer.

1. VideoProc

VideoProc best video converters for Windows.

Our top choice for the best video converter for Windows is VideoProc by Digiarty. Although this is a paid-only product, you may test it out for free to see whether it’s right for you. One of the advantages of paying for a service is that you won’t have to deal with bothersome commercials or upsells. The video quality of the output is good, and the GPU hardware acceleration capability allows for quick conversion times.

The trial version has all of the capabilities of the full programme, including the recording capability, but it only allows you to convert videos up to five minutes long. This is in contrast to many other commercial video converters’ trials, which limit you in various ways, such as conversion speed or the features available. If you purchase the full edition, you will get a licence code that will remove the time restriction.

The VideoProc interface is simple to use, with conversion formats organised into categories. When you choose a tool and click the associated gear icon, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you may work with that tool. Merge, flip, trim, split, snapshot, fisheye correction, and more options are available. Deshake and denoise are two functions that have been built exclusively for GoPro users. While this software has many features that will appeal to sophisticated users, it is also a good choice for novices.

AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3, and MP4 are among the more than 70 formats supported by VideoProc. It comes with a plethora of pre-configured profiles that are conveniently organised. VideoProc can handle 4K conversions with ease, and it even supports 8K resolution. This programme is also available for MacOS.

2. Allavsoft Video and Music Downloader

Allavsoft interface.

Allavsoft is mostly a downloader, but it also has video conversion capabilities. This is especially useful if you want to get videos from a certain platform and then convert them to play on your preferred device.

The application doesn’t have the most sophisticated user interface, but it’s simple to use and available in a dozen languages, including German, Portuguese, and Turkish. Over 1,000 websites, including Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube, provide video and music downloads. You can download up to five videos with the free version. You may use the batch option to download numerous URLs at once.

MKV, WMV, MP4, MOV, and AVI are among the formats supported by the converter. It also functions as a video to audio converter, with numerous settings available. It can handle resolutions of up to 4K. Allavsoft’s free edition enables you combine or convert videos up to five minutes in length, but it’s still a lot more useful than other trial tools.

A screen recorder is included for making your own video files, as well as a built-in player for playing and viewing. A set of editing tools is missing from this application, which may be useful to some users. It supports both Windows and MacOS

3. Wondershare UniConverter

The interface for the Wondershare best video converter for Windows.

One of the finest video converters for Windows is Wondershare UniConverter (formerly Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate). It’s not the cheapest software on the market, but if you’re seeking for quality and speed, it can be a good fit. There are no commercials or upsells to contend with because it is a paid product.

Wondershare provides a free trial, however it comes with a lot of restrictions. You can only convert one-third of a video’s duration, speeds are slower than in the premium version, you can’t burn to disc, and video download and recording are severely limited.

However, once you pay, you get limitless high-speed conversions as well as unrestricted access to the screen recorder, downloader, and disc burner.

Wondershare UniConverter is simple to use, but it contains a lot of extra features beyond simple video conversions, such as powerful editing capabilities. As a result, it’s suitable for both novice and experienced users. A watermark editor, smart trimmer, and subtitle editor are among the six addon features available, but they cost $5.99 per month.

MKV, MP4, MOV, MP3, and MPEG are among the 35 video formats supported by this programme. There are over 150 pre-configured device profiles, which is helpful if you’re not sure what format you’ll need. 4K video conversions are no problem for Wondershare. MacOS users can use the app as well.

4. ByClick Downloader

ByClick Downloader interface.

ByClick, like Allavsoft, is primarily intended as a downloader, but it can also convert videos. This is great for anyone who frequently downloads videos and does not want to deal with two different pieces of software. You may choose a destination folder, format, and quality level using the ByClick interface, which is colourful, modern, and simple to use. Although there is a one-day trial, ByClick Downloader is a commercial programme.

It can download videos from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo and Dailymotion, among other prominent sites. ByClick allows you to download in bulk, including whole YouTube playlists and channels, as well as complete Instagram profiles. MP4, MP3, WMV, FLV, AVI, and M4A are among the formats supported by the converter. A set of editing capabilities is lacking from this programme, which may be a deal-breaker for certain users.

In terms of video resolution, it supports up to 4K and can handle extended videos (including those over an hour long). It works with subtitles and inserts MP3 names and titles automatically. You may effortlessly download your private videos by linking your personal video sharing site accounts to the programme. The “Recommended for you” area is a useful addition that suggests videos you might enjoy.

5. DivX Converter

The interface for the DivX best video converter for Windows.

Although DivX offers a free version, there is a significant upsell to the paid version, DivX Converter Pro. When you initially install the software, you’ll be asked to accept the installation of many other programmes, including Divx Player, Media Server, and DivX Web Player, as well as Avast Antivirus. If you’re paying attention, you can just uncheck the boxes next to each and proceed with the installation. You’ll also be asked for your email address at some time. However, you may simply click Finish instead.

The software’s free version provides reasonable conversion rates, high-quality output, and the option for 4K output. There are almost a dozen different formats to choose from, including MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, MKV, and more. DivX’s free version, unlike many other freemium solutions, is quite functional. It’s simple to get started with, but until you upgrade, you won’t have as many format possibilities as you would with other programmes. Faster speeds, more profiles, and more custom configuration choices are also included in the Pro edition.

Individual features, such as Cloud Connect, a Video Pack (to convert MPEG-2 and VC-1 files), a DFX Audio Enhancer, or a DTS-HD Plug-In, can be purchased to upgrade from the free version. You may also pay to have advertising removed entirely. You may also upgrade to the Pro version, which includes all of the other features. Available for both Windows and MacOS.

6. iDealshare VideoGo

iDealshare VideoGo for Windows.

iDealshare VideoGo is a mid-range video converter that is a freemium. You can convert five minutes of a video, with the free trial version. The user interface is straightforward, making it excellent for newcomers.This programme converts audio and video files quickly and accurately using Nvidia GPU hardware acceleration.

It supports over 80 different input files, including MOV, MKV, AVI, MP3, and MP4, as well as over 35 different output formats. Conversion in batches is possible. You may download videos from YouTube using a built-in tool, however there is no screen or camera recorder.

Trim, crop, divide, subtitles, watermark, effects, flip, rotate, merge, brightness and other editing functions are included in iDealshare VideoGo. However, complex capabilities such as denoise and deshake may be missed by consumers. Available on both Mac and Windows.

Which video converter is the best?

Above you’ll find a list of our favourite video converters, with VideoProc and Wondershare UniConverter at the top. However, the one you select will be determined by your individual requirements. Of course, everyone wants good value for money, but there are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Format choices: A wide selection of format options is beneficial, but be sure the converter you choose supports the formats you use the most.


  • Features: Is there a feature on your wish list that you absolutely must have, such as the ability to insert chapters or subtitles? Before you make your purchase, examine the provider’s website for information on any desired capability. If you can’t locate what you’re searching for, call the support team because some providers don’t make every function on their site obvious.


  • Usability: Having a full-featured video converter that is difficult to use is pointless. To guarantee that you select a supplier that will give you with a flawless experience, we recommend taking advantage of free trial periods and online instructions.


  • Support: Similarly, having access to a skilled and responsive support crew may be highly beneficial when learning new applications or fixing problems. It’s a good idea to see what kind of help a company provides. Will you have to wait 24 hours for a response to a webform, or do you have quick live-chat support?


Is it possible to convert video to MP3 using a video converter?

Yes, you certainly can. In reality, all of the converters on our list, including VideoProc, Wondershare UniConverter, DivX Converter, and others, can convert videos to MP3 audio files.


MP3 files are appealing for a variety of reasons, including their tiny size and compatibility with a wide range of devices. Simply choose this file type as your output format and adjust the parameters as needed to convert to MP3. You can extract an MP3 audio file from practically any movie or other audio format using this approach.

6 Best Online Video Downloader of 2022

Do you want to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other video-sharing sites? Video downloaders can help you directly save videos from online sites in various formats.


While there are a plethora of both free and paid video downloaders available, not all video downloaders are created equal, and many result in a terrible experience. In this article, we’ll show you our top video downloaders for Windows 10 and MacOS


When downloading videos, make sure to read the terms of service on the hosting site. We do not promote or condone copyright infringement, and we urge that you only download videos that are either in the public domain or that you own, or that you have permission to do so from the hosting site or the copyright holder.

1. VideoProc

(Windows, MacOS)

The VideoProc interface.

Digiarty’s VideoProc is a video editing application with an excellent downloader. This is a premium application, but it is reasonably priced, and you may check it out for seven days before committing.

VideoProc supports over 1000 video streaming sites. This includes popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo. You also have the option for bulk downloading live videos, music and video playlists and channels.

Most rivals only offer 1080p or 4K video, however this programme supports 8K video, which is becoming increasingly prevalent. Use the built-in video converter to convert your downloads to various formats such as AVI, MP3, AAC, MOV and 70 other video formats.

VideoProc has all of the capabilities you’ll need to make professional-looking films, such as file merging, subtitles, effects, deshake, and denoise. You may also use the app’s built-in recorder to record your own video or screenshots. On that point, if you want to save a live video, you may record it by setting the start time and duration.

You won’t have to deal with advertisements or upsells, and it won’t try to sneak more software onto your device if you are on the paid version. You also get excellent assistance in the form of extensive web tutorials and a contact form through email.

2. 4K Video Downloader

(Windows, macOS)

The 4K video downloader screen.

YouTube addicts love 4K Video Downloader since they can access all of their favourite YouTube videos at one go. The user interface maybe abit outdated but it is beginner friendly and simple. You may save individual videos or whole playlists from YouTube using 4K Video Downloader, and you can even have it download new videos from your favourite channels automatically.

It also supports popular sites like Vimeo, Tiktok and Facebook. The free plan of this tool puts a limit on the number of channels and playlists that a user can download.

When you upgrade to premium, you have unlimited access to these services as well as a channel subscription feature, no advertisements, and priority support.

This programme, as its name says, supports 4K video, but it also supports 8K. Bulk downloading, YouTube subtitle extraction, access to private YouTube material, 3D and 360° downloads, and an in-app proxy are just a few of the features (for unlocking blocked content). MKV, MP4, MP3, OGG, and M4A are the only formats you may save to.

Over a dozen languages, including German, Spanish, and Japanese, are supported by 4K Video Downloader. On the website, you’ll discover lots of setup and troubleshooting tips, as well as an opportunity to write an email if necessary.

3. Allavsoft Video and Music Downloader

(Windows, MacOS)

Allavsoft video downloader.

Allavsoft is a useful freemium downloader for video and audio files. Although the design is simple, this tool has every feature you would expect from a video downloader. It can download files from over 1,000 different websites, including YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Deezer, Tidal, and many others.

You may only download a maximum of five videos and convert or combine videos that are less than five minutes long in the free version.

Allavsoft includes a built-in converter that supports a wide range of file types, including MP3, M4A, Apple Lossless, WAV, MOV, MP4, and AVI. It supports 1080p and 4K resolutions. To download and convert videos in bulk, you can specify several URLs.

You may generate and convert your own videos with this software’s built-in screen recorder. You may also preview and replay your downloaded files using the built-in player. There’s also a tool that lets you stop and resume your downloads. Some users may be disappointed by the lack of editing options available.

Some users have experienced problems with initial setup, however Allavsoft technical assistance is quite prompt and available via email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. ByClick Downloader


ByClick Downloader

When it comes to aesthetics, ByClick Downloader takes things to the next level. It boasts a well-designed, user-friendly interface that makes downloading films and playlists a breeze. It works with a variety of platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter, YouKu, Dailymotion, and many others. In one click, you may download complete YouTube playlists and channels, as well as entire Instagram profiles.

This is a premium application. You’ll get a free version, but it’ll only be available for one day before prompting you to upgrade to the premium plan in order to continue using the programme.

This downloader also comes with a converter that supports MP3, MP4, WMV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, and M4A among other formats. Some users may be disappointed that there are no editing tools available. ByClick Downloader can handle lengthy videos and supports up to 4K resolution. YouTube subtitles may be downloaded together with your video, and names and titles are automatically added to MP3s. Hundreds of videos may be downloaded at once.

There are two download choices available to you. You can utilise the one-click download method or paste the URL. In the former, simply browse to the video, and a window will prompt you to download it. Another cool feature of this downloader is that it offers personalised video suggestions at the bottom of the screen. You may also download your private videos by linking your video sharing site accounts.

Spanish, German, and Turkish are among the 23 languages supported by the interface. The ByClick Downloader website has a comprehensive FAQ section that should answer most of your questions, but if you need more help, there is an email contact form.

5. YTD Video Downloader

(Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS)

YTD interface.

Another product with a limited free version is YTD Video Downloader. A 7-day free trial of the premium tool is available, however the free and pro versions are independent pieces of software. YTD Video Downloader, like the last app, has a little old design, but it’s easy to use.

You may use this tool to download videos from a variety of websites, including YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo. The built-in converter in YTD Video Downloader offers conversion to a variety of formats, including MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, and 3GP. Premium customers may download and convert numerous URLs in one go, get quicker download rates, and avoid advertising and upsells in the programme.

If you have any problems, you can create a ticket, however YTD strongly advises customers to first look over the very detailed FAQ area.

6. Freemake Video Downloader


Freemake Video Downloader.

Freemake Video Downloader is a well-known programme for downloading, transcoding, and modifying videos. It’s a freemium tool, but the free edition has a key drawback: downloaded films have a giant watermark in the middle, rendering some of them unwatchable. It does, however, come with a converter and a number of editing tools (including cutting and rotating).

The Freemake app is mainly user-friendly and features a bright, cheerful design. Italian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese are among the 18 languages available. Freemake can download videos from over 10,000 websites in 4K quality.

AVI, MP3, MP4, and MPEG are just a few of the formats you may save to. Batch downloading, bandwidth throttling, cloud uploading, and parental controls are among the other features.

The “Freemake Mega Pack,” the paid edition of this programme, includes quicker converting speeds, logo removal, and extra editing options including subtitles, custom watermarking, and a DVD burner.

Freemake has a dedicated support webpage for all of its products. If you can’t find the answers you’re searching for, you may fill out a request form and receive an email response.

Oppo Smartphone Review: What Is the Catch?

Oppo phone quality parts and repairs

When we think of China’s top smartphone brands, names like Xiaomi and Huawei come to mind. However, there is a player that has been making waves in the industry: Oppo. Initially founded in 2004, Oppo has grown steadily over the years and now commands 23% of China’s smartphone market share as of 2021 Q1; it also ranks as one of the top 10 phone manufacturers globally. With such an impressive accolade, you might assume that all Oppo phones are perfect- but this isn’t necessarily true! This article will talk about what makes an Oppo phone great and where they fall short.

The Pros of Oppo Phones

1. Excellent photography features

The photography features in Oppo smartphones are one of the biggest drawcards for users. Oppo features selfie cameras that stand well against its competitors. The Ai-enhanced camera features used by Oppo phones allow for high-resolution and detailed selfies. They also included various lighting modes and filters that users love trying. Back in 2012, Oppo was the buzz for the best selfie phones with built-in beautifying features. In 2018, they launched the stealth 3D camera on the Oppo Find X.

2. Long battery backup

Oppo phones have a strong battery life that is perfect for those who require a long usage time. Many Oppo phones include the VOOC flash charger, which charges their batteries from 0-100% in just 30 minutes! Customers can get quality battery backup in every price range. Like the Oppo Reno series, most of its flagship models feature SuperVOOC and 65W charging speeds, which is a lot more than its competitors like the Xiaomi Mi 11.

3. Best Brand for all budgets

Oppo makes mobile phones for all kinds of budgets. The Oppo A1K 32 can be purchased for as little as $108 and comes with a slew of features that set it apart from the competition. Oppo provides a wide selection of models with exciting features at various pricing points, regardless of your budget.

Since Oppo does not only concentrate on the creation of new models, it also manages to focus on the characteristics of earlier ones, and the smartphone is less likely to become obsolete and redundant after a time.

The Cons of Oppo Phones

1. No Android updates

Oppo phones don’t fit in in today’s world of changing smartphones and regular updates. The Android version on your Oppo phone will stay the same at the time of purchase and can’t be upgraded. This means that you will not have access to all those new features and security patches from Google. Oppo users face the bugging problem of installing new apps that requires a higher android API. This is a common problem since Google updates its Android versions regularly while Oppo doesn’t provide any software updates.

2. Overheating issues

Oppo phones are losing their reputation for overheating issues. Many users report that the phone is getting hot while charging and during normal usage, especially when playing graphic-intensive games or editing videos.

This happens due to poor thermal management on Oppo devices, leading them to overheat quickly and cause battery drain faster than usual. Over time, the battery life also degrades, and the phone gets sluggish.

3. No unique design

Oppo phones generally have the same design characteristics across all price points. This makes it difficult for them to stand out from their competitors, especially since most of Oppo’s smartphones are pretty similar in appearance. This does not mean that they don’t look good- but you won’t catch anyone drooling over an Oppo phone. Of course, the Oppo Find 7 and Neo are praised for their ingenious designs, but that’s all.

Every smartphone has its share of advantages and disadvantages, and Oppo phones are no different. They have many benefits like great cameras, long battery life, and low price range, but they also fall short in areas like software updates and design uniqueness. After all, you can study its pros and cons and make a more informed decision.

If you have an Oppo phone and face problems such as battery degradation, black screen, broken camera, charging issues, etc., bring it to Breakfixnow and get it fixed at an affordable price. We offer the best quality at affordable prices. Our technicians are trained to get your phone up and running in no time! All our repairs come with a one-year warranty period. We offer same-day services for all smartphone repairs, including Oppo phones.

How to Reduce Laptop Heat: eXtremely Useful Steps

fix laptop overheating issues in Singapore
Do you own a laptop? If so, you’re probably getting frustrated with the high temperatures that your device generates. This can be uncomfortable to use and is often more than just an annoyance. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to reduce overheating in laptops! In this post, we will discuss what causes laptop overheating and how it occurs, and steps to reduce the heat generated by your laptop and keep it running smoothly for longer periods.

What causes laptop overheating?

Many different things can cause your laptop to overheat. First, the device generates heat as a result of being in operation. This is normal and fairly expected when using any electronic appliance or gadget because electricity running through circuits always generates some form of heat. However, the problem is when the laptop is hotter than usual, and the temperature ranges between 85°C and above. These extreme temperatures are called overheating and may lead to a complete laptop failure. The overheating causes can be attributed to-

1. A Clogged Laptop Fan

Dust accumulation inside the fan blades can lead to overheating issues and cannot spin as fast as it would need to for your laptop to remain cool. This results in an overheated device, and you might even start hearing a strange noise that resembles a helicopter taking off- this happens when one of your fans has been clogged by dust particles!

The Fix: First, unplug the laptop and take out the battery (if removable). Next, use a compressed air duster to shoot out any dust or dirt hovering around the fan. Wipe away all of the excess particles with a dry, lint-free cloth so you can ensure there are no more left floating in between cracks.

To properly clean the fan and laptop internals, you need to remove the casing of the laptop. Please proceed with this method only if you have experience with laptop components. Also, check your laptop manual to see if removing the case will void the warranty or not.

2. Dust and Dirt on the Laptop Airflow Ventilation

Laptops are designed in a way that ensures proper airflow all around them. If there is accumulated dirt on ventilation points, the laptop might not cool down as much as it needs to, leading to overheating issues. Another reason why dust accumulation results in high temperatures are that they block the fans from spinning!

The Fix: Use a compressed air duster to clean out any dust or dirt preventing the airflow in your laptop. Make sure you are gentle when doing this because too much pressure can damage internal components. If compressed air is not available, gently remove any dirt or grime accumulated in between the air vents using a dry cloth or cotton swab.

3. Placing Objects Near the Ventilation and Obstructing Proper Airflow

Placing objects near the ventilation grill of your laptop is an absolute no-no. It might seem like a cool idea to put your drink by your side, but it blocks fans from moving air and will cause overheating issues over time.

The Fix: The area near the ventilation airflow should be kept clear of any objects at all times. Electronic devices such as phones, speakers, smartwatches, etc., should not be placed near the vents as these devices can also overheat and cause more trouble. Drinks or any liquid substance should never be placed around the laptop, as any spillage can cause short-circuiting inside the laptop.

4. Hot Room Temperature

Heat is the ultimate enemy of laptops. If your laptop is being used in a hot room or area, there are high chances that it will overheat quickly and shut down to prevent damage from occurring.

The Fix: Make sure you use your laptop somewhere cool where proper ventilation can happen without any obstruction. Keep an eye on the temperature inside your room and avoid placing your laptop in a closed space. If the overheating persists, you need to look at other causes such as dust accumulation or clogged fan that we have already mentioned above.

5. Excessive Junk on Laptop

Overheating may sometimes arise from Windows OS and is not related to hardware detects. For example, when you have too many junks on your laptop, the Windows hangs and becomes slower. These junk files are temporary files, such as those found in the ‘%temp%’ folder. It can also be files left over by programs when you uninstall them. The cache of programs, browser history, thumbnails, etc., are all junk files. These files will affect your laptop performance and lead to overheating.

The Fix: The quick fix for this overheating issue is to remove all the unnecessary files that are taking up space on your computer. You can use any free software like CCleaner to remove junk, but be sure to backup your important data first. If you do not want to go through the trouble of doing it manually, other software can help automate this process for you without any hassle. The best thing about these programs is that they also speed up laptop performance and make it run faster than before.

Still, facing overheating problems after following the above steps? Don’t want to take the risk of meddling with the laptop hardware? Rest assured and bring your laptop overheating issues to Breakfixnow. At Breakfixnow, we offer professional laptop repair services, including fan cleaning, laptop data recovery, laptop battery replacement, and more. Get in touch with us to get a free quote and fix your laptop overheating issues at an affordable price.

The Pros and Cons of Dell Laptops

Dell laptop pros and cons repair

Dell laptops are a popular choice for many people because of their quality, features, and price. Dell offers many different models for all budgets. However, not every laptop is perfect; there are pros and cons to purchasing a Dell laptop. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of owning a Dell laptop and the disadvantages you should be aware of before buying one.

The Pros of Dell laptops

1. Design

The Dell laptop has a clean, modern design that looks professional and sleek. Dell’s wide range of laptop models allows you to find the exact style of laptop that best suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a professional, business-oriented design or an edgy gamer look, Dell has it all. Dell has one of the slimmest and lightweight laptops out there. They also offer features like enhanced display and edge-to-edge display. The Dell XPS laptop models have an aesthetically pleasing design.

2. Budget-friendly

Dell offers a wide range of laptop models to fit the needs of every individual. Whether you are looking for a budget laptop, business, or gaming model, Dell has it all. Dell has a model in every price range that fits the consumer’s needs. Their laptops are reasonably priced while still having better features and designs than some of their competitors.

3. Technical support

Dell offers a range of online technical support options to help you find the solution you need. Dell has live chat, email, or phone services available for customers looking for assistance with their laptop issues. Many people have reported positive experiences when contacting Dell’s tech support team and found them helpful in solving any problems they were experiencing with their laptops. On-site, services are also available for selected models like Alienware.

4. Warranty

Dell offers a one-year limited warranty on all its products. However, you can extend it to 5 years after paying a particular sum. Dell warranty covers both the cost of shipping and returns for all its products. Your warranty won’t go void even if you upgrade the laptop.

The cons of Dell laptops

1. Build quality

Some of the budget models have low build quality. Many people have reported that their laptop broke down within a year after buying it, leading to expensive repairs and replacements, which they could have avoided if they had chosen another brand. Sure, Dell’s premium models have excellent build quality, but the same cannot be said for their lower-priced laptops. Their laptop models with the plastic build are bulkier and more susceptible to cracks.

2. Display screen

Except for their high-end models, Dell laptop display is not as impressive compared to other brands like Sony, Lenovo, etc. Dell displays are dull and don’t seem vibrant enough for use in the long run. The screen viewing angles also aren’t that good when compared to other brands. The Dell XPS models have a beautiful display and do justice in image quality, but their standard laptop screens are not up to the mark.

3. Battery Life

The premium Dell Latitude laptop has around 16-18 hrs of battery life which is no joke, but the majority of the Dell laptops lack battery backup. Dell has made an effort to fix this issue with their new models by including better battery management, but the older laptop models still suffer from poor battery life. The low budget laptops are known for their short life, which is not the best option if you use your laptop on the go or outside where there is no access to electricity all day.

Dell laptops are an excellent choice for many people because of their price, features, and design. However, not every model is perfect, so you should be aware of the disadvantages, such as low build quality in some models, before making your purchase decision. Make sure to do thorough research when buying any product online so that you don’t get ripped off and end up with a low-quality product.

Are you facing problems with your Dell laptop? We got the fix right here for you. Breakfixnow should be your go-to repair service if you need any repairs for your Dell laptops.

Alienware Laptop Repair: Your All-in-one Guide to Fixing Alienware Issues

Alienware laptop quality parts repair in Singapore
Alienware laptops are one of the most popular laptops in the market, and for a good reason. They offer a sleek and attractive design with powerful hardware, but what happens when these high-end systems have issues? Many common problems occur with Alienware laptops, so we’ve compiled this guide to help you troubleshoot them.

1. Rapid Battery Drain

Even a high-end gaming laptop like Alienware has its share of battery issues. The average battery backup from an Alienware laptop is 2hrs for gaming and 5hrs on regular use, which is impressive metrics. However, this will gradually go down as the laptop grows older. If the laptop cannot hold up to these hours, your Alienware laptop needs a battery replacement. The battery backup also depends on the type of GPU and if your Alienware laptop supports Optimus or not. Keep the refresh rate low during everyday use with the latest windows update to save battery life.

2. Sluggish Performance and Slow Boot time

Alienware laptops are known for their powerful processors and lightning-fast boot times, but this is not the case with every Alienware laptop. As time goes by, even high-end gaming laptops like Alienware will become sluggish in performance and booting speeds. Auditing programs like bootloader can help decrease boot time. To do this, download the System Suite 7 Professional tool, a startup optimizer, and manager, then disable all unused programs before running it. Other possible solutions include upgrading to a higher ram, clearing cache, and defragmenting your hard disk.

3. Overheating issue in Dell Alienware

If your Alienware laptop gets hot quickly, then it’s not a good sign. This overheating problem in Dell Alienware laptops results in decreased battery life and damage of internal components. Improve air circulation and reduce heating through these steps:

  • Close all programs when not in use- use task manager to ‘End Task’.
  • Check for dust on the fan and vents.
  • Use a cooling pad if needed. This is very useful during extended gaming sessions in Alienware laptops with poor airflow.
  • Use proper space for ventilation.
  • Update your Bios to the latest version.
  • Change to low power settings for everyday use

4. Slow hard drive

Alienware systems on Windows 10 face this problem when the hard drive space is cluttered with unnecessary temp and browser files. This will lead to low transfer file speeds and increased load times for programs. These temporary files can be deleted using Disk Cleanup tools which will free up disk space and improve transfer speeds; you can use third-party apps like CCleaner for this purpose. You can also access the disk defragmenting tool by typing ‘Defragment and Optimize Drives’ on the Windows search bar to organize data information and improve hard drive speed.

5. Shutdown problems

There are reports of slow shutdown times on Alienware laptops, attributed to more than one reason. The first step is to update to the latest version of Windows; go to the search bar and search ‘check for updates’. The next you can do is close all the running programs before shutting the laptop. Use the task manager to end a running task successfully. Further, troubleshoot using default options on Windows:

  • Go to the search bar and type’ Fix problems with your Computer’.
  • Click on the list of results.
  • If Windows found a possible fix, click on ‘Apply fix’.
  • Complete the fix process.
  • Restart your laptop.

A regular update of your Operating System and drivers, defragmenting the hard drive, and using cleaner tools will optimize and improve your Alienware laptop performance. If your Alienware laptop is overheating, then make sure there are no obstructions to airflow. Finally, suppose shutdown time takes too long, or your system hangs frequently. In that case, you can try updating Bios, changing power settings for everyday use, and closing all running programs before shutting down the computer.

To know more about fixing and repairing Alienware laptops, bring it to us to get a free quote and the best services for your Alienware laptop. Breakfixnow offers Alienware laptop repair services at affordable prices and replacements done through certified Dell Alienware parts. Get your screen replacement, battery replacement, data recovery, fan replacement, and more from the best in Alienware laptop repair service.

Google Pixel Repair: Problems and Issues Experienced with Google’s Smartphones

Google Pixel repair Singapore
If you’re looking to get your Google Pixel repaired, you’ll need to be aware of the problems and issues that people have been experiencing with their smartphones. This article will show you some of the most common complaints that users have had about their Pixel phones and how we can fix these problems for them.

We’ve seen a lot of customers come in with broken screens on their Google Pixel phones recently. The other problem is battery life; many people find themselves running out of power before they know it! We also see many people coming in because they want us to replace the screen or change the battery – which we’re more than happy to do!

1. Flickering display on Google Pixel screen

Google Pixel users have reported that their screens flicker on and off when they press the power button. This is a problem with the LCD screen, which means it needs to be replaced before the damage spreads over the screen. If you experience this issue, bring in your Google Pixel for its LCD screen to be changed – we’ll soon sort out the problem for you!

2. Charging issues on Google Pixel

Another common problem on the Google Pixel is charging issues. Users have reported that their phones either take a long time to charge or won’t turn on at all when they plug it in! This can be an issue with your phone’s motherboard, which needs to be replaced if you want to continue using your smartphone without any problems whatsoever. There are also cases when the quick charge function doesn’t work. In that case, the USB Type-C connector will need to be replaced.

3. Google Pixel Reboot Loop

Sometimes the Google Pixel goes into a reboot loop, with many users reporting that this problem is evident after updating their Android version. This means they are either stuck on the ‘Google’ logo when they turn on their phone, or it continuously reboots and doesn’t go beyond any step further. Flashing of the software may be required to fix this issue.

4. Wireless connection problem

Wifi connection problems are prevalent in most Google Pixels phones. Some people report that their phone doesn’t save the wifi passwords, and hence they have to enter them every time, or an error message shows up when trying to connect. Sometimes, the wifi connection disconnects by itself and cannot maintain a static link. This can be caused by a faulty motherboard, USB port, or antenna.

5. Google Pixel gets too hot

The Google Pixel tends to heat up and get too hot while charging or during general use. The problem is mainly attributed to a software glitch, but it can be due to too many apps open in the background, using the phone while charging, multiple downloads at once, or a hardware defect such as the motherboard. Some users have reported that their battery drains very quickly, even when not in use! In such cases, we should replace the battery with a new one.

Although Google Pixel phones are the premium phones from Google, they’re not without their problems and issues! If you find yourself experiencing any of these or similar issues on your smartphone, then bring it to us for quick repair service. We can change any broken screen, address charging issues, and more. If you’re looking for a quick fix, then bring your device to our repair centre.

The problems that Google Pixel users are experiencing may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry – we can fix all of these issues for you! We understand how frustrating broken screens or faulty batteries on your smartphone can be, which is why our team has already helped hundreds of customers with their Google Pixel issues.

How to Extend Laptop Battery Life: 5 Quick Easy Steps

Quality laptop battery replacement in Singapore

The first thing to do when your laptop battery is not working as good as it used to be, is to check if your warranty is still valid. If the laptop repair company offers a warranty, then this will help you save money in the long run by saving on repairs and replacements.

If there are no warranties available or you have done all of your research and still cannot find out who has the best quality service, then one way that might work for finding a suitable replacement battery near you is checking with businesses in your area. Another way might be going online and searching around for reviews from different people who have had their batteries replaced before.

When looking for a laptop battery replacement service, make sure the business offers excellent customer support. This way, it will be easier to get in contact with them and easier to ask questions. Laptop batteries die off within two years or earlier if you constantly use them while charging. You can extend a laptop’s battery life by following the steps below:-

1. Lower the screen brightness whenever possible

This will make your laptop battery last longer and allow you to save money on electricity bills in the long run by not charging it as often. Unless you are using it for entertainment, it is recommended to use the laptop at low brightness. Applications like word, excel, programming apps, etc., are all useable under low screen brightness.

2. Close apps that consume more power

It is crucial to close apps you aren’t using because this will help save your laptop’s battery. Close any media players, internet browsers, and anything else that is running in the background. On Windows 10, type ‘See which apps are affecting your battery life’ onto the search bar to pull up the list of apps that are consuming your laptop battery. Close any app you are currently not using.

Make a habit of closing background apps as it will drastically prolong your laptop battery life. Note that apps such as Spotify, Adobe Acrobat, Discord, etc., hog a lot of power and should not be left running in the background while not in use.

3. Tweak graphic and display settings

Pumping up your graphic settings while gaming, designing, or watching movies is understandable. But you can get the most out of your battery life by lowering your graphic card settings during normal use. Even if you are not using any graphic intensive apps, each time a background app or website refreshes, this puts stress onto your graphics card, which in turn consumes more power from the laptop’s battery. By minimizing graphic settings during normal use, the battery will last longer. Note that if you are using your laptop for work or school-related apps requiring more GPU, keep this at high settings as it is necessary to function correctly.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If your laptop is not connected to the internet, it does not need to be using its wireless network adapter. Your laptop will use more power when on standby with the wireless adapter enabled because this is constantly looking for a connection. If you are not within the range of any available connections, disable the wireless adapter to save power. Similar to Bluetooth, it uses up a lot of power when enabled. Unless you are constantly transferring files or syncing specific devices onto your pc via Bluetooth, turn it off to save energy.

5. Control laptop heat with proper airflow

Make sure you have adequate airflow for your laptop to avoid overheating. Heat management is a priority to extend a laptop’s battery life. Heat management is crucial because it leads to higher battery temperatures which reduce its lifespan. Use a cooling pad if you are using your laptop on a flat surface or in any position where airflow isn’t optimal for heat dissipation.

If you are using your laptop on a desk, make sure the area around it is clear so that there isn’t anything blocking airflow. Avoid placing any objects like sofa pillows or blankets near the back of your laptop as this can trap heat which will eventually deplete its battery life.

Get the best laptop battery replacement service through Breakfixnow. We offer battery replacement services for all laptop models and brands at affordable rates. Our team of experts will diagnose the issue and provide you with a quote before starting any work on your laptop. Contact us today to get more information!

Troubleshooting Your Apple Watch: Overheating, Rebooting Issues and More

troubleshooting Apple Watch issues and display

Apple Watches are great devices. They can be worn all day and give you notifications not to miss anything important, but they also have drawbacks. For instance, some Apple Watches overheat when they are in use for too long or update issues that require a hard reset to fix. We will go into detail about how to troubleshoot your Apple Watch with these types of problems below.

Apple Watch overheating


When you wear your Apple Watch all day long, it can become hot to the touch. This is normal in some cases because of being in direct sunlight or working out while wearing it, but if the heat becomes too much, then there’s probably a problem with your watch internals. If this happens when using apps that aren’t known for causing a lot of heat, then the first thing you might want to do is restart your watch.

If that doesn’t work and the watch still overheats on using for longer periods, there may be something wrong with the sensors or hardware inside. In this case, one option would be to bring your Apple Watch to us for repairs.

Apple Watch charging issues

Your Apple Watch may face charging issues if you try to charge it while wearing it or plugging in the charger at an odd angle. In some cases, this can be due to a faulty charging cable, so make sure that you are using the correct one from Apple and if not, then replace your cable with a new one.

If that doesn’t work, there may be a problem with the charging port on your Apple Watch, but if it is still under warranty, you can take it to the official Apple service center.

Apple Watch won’t update

If you try updating your Apple Watch and the screen goes black or fails to do anything, there may be a problem with the software that needs to be fixed by deleting the latest software file or a reset. Do a normal restart and try updating the software again. If that doesn’t work, access the Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to My Watch Tab>General>Users>Software Update. Deleting the software update file and downloading it again may fix the problem. Also, it is recommended to plug in the charger to your watch during the update.

Apple Watch pairing issues with iPhone

If your Apple Watch is having pairing issues with your iPhone, ensure that you are running the latest software on both devices. If this doesn’t work, try unpairing both devices from each other and then pair them again, which will also fix many problems. Also, check for any third-party apps that may be causing interference between the iPhone and the watch.

Apple Watch screen display issues

If your Apple Watch screen isn’t working correctly, there could be a problem with the display, so you should do a hard reset on it by pressing and holding down both buttons for at least ten seconds. If that doesn’t work, try plugging in the charger to see if the screen lights up. Sometimes, the screen might even pop out of the casing due to battery bloating. In that case, quickly bring it to Breakfixnow to get it repaired before additional damage is done to the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is an excellent device with tons of features, and it’s convenient for people who are always on the go. However, there can be issues that need to be fixed, which we have detailed above. If you’re having any problems like these, give us a call at BreakFixNow, and we will do our best to resolve any Apple Watch issues using certified Apple parts.

Laptop Data Recovery Techniques and Solutions

Laptop data recovery expert services

Laptops are one of the most common methods for individuals to store and access their data. However, laptops can also be a source of frustration when they become corrupted by viruses or get lost due to hardware failure. This blog post will answer some questions about laptop data recovery, such as what causes data corruption? What is involved in recovering your data? And what can you do to prevent it from happening again?

Why do you need laptop data recovery?

One of the most important reasons laptop users need data recovery is that they suddenly realize that their hard drives are corrupted. Many times this happens when you turn on your computer and receive an error message saying there is no boot device available or the dreaded ‘Blue Screen of Death’ on Windows. If you don’t have a backup copy, you could be looking at a lot of time and effort to get your data back.

In other cases, the laptop’s hard drive might have been damaged by some hardware malfunction, such as power surges or even dropping it on the floor! Whatever causes corruption in your files can result in permanent loss and no longer access them.

How does data recovery work?

There are two processes involved in data recovery. The first involves repairing the hard drive by fixing any physical damage that might be on it. If you dropped your laptop, this would include replacing damaged components on the motherboard and perhaps even replacing some fried memory chips if they were affected during a power surge.

The second process is where your computer specialist has to try and recover your data. They use special software utilities that let them copy the sectors on a disk one by one to be reread. This has some limitations because even if you have recovered all of your files, there is still no guarantee that they will open properly.

This process could take days or weeks, depending on how much data you have stored on your laptop. It also depends on the size of the drive, how badly it is damaged and whether or not they are working with a complete backup copy that can be used to restore everything quickly.

As you might imagine, this process gets expensive quickly since data recovery experts will likely spend many hours recovering data for each gigabyte of storage space. In some cases, a data repair specialist can partially recover by only recovering specific files from the drive rather than everything at once. This is usually done on request and is much cheaper than a full recovery.

Laptops can be tricky to work with because they are designed as mobile devices that must be very compact for travel purposes. This means there are limited cooling fans or airflow inside, making it easy to overheat the laptop’s components if you use them too long without giving them time to cool down.

How to prevent data corruption in laptops?

There are many things you can do to help prevent laptop data corruption. One of the most important is making sure that your battery has a full charge before using it on battery power for any length of time. This will lessen the chances of overheating and reduce the chance that some components might be damaged by excessive heat.

Another thing you should always do when using your laptop is to keep it clean. Dust can accumulate inside the case, which will affect how well air circulates around internal components and also cause overheating in some situations if there’s too much-trapped dust.

Moving on from hardware issues, you should always install an anti-virus program as soon as possible after buying a laptop. These programs can protect your files from being corrupted by viruses and other types of malware that might want to make changes on the disk without you knowing it.

If you are running Windows, a tool is included called ‘Check Disk,’ which will scan for corruption when it runs into problems reading specific drive sectors. Access this feature by right-clicking your preferred disk> properties> Tools> Check> Scan or Repair.

Most importantly, regular backup is essential to recover your data without paying a computer specialist. Ensure that any files stored on the laptop are also stored somewhere else, such as an external hard drive or USB flash disk, so they can be restored if something happens with the source.

Troubleshooting a corrupted disk and recovering files by yourself can be challenging, and the success rate is minimal. It is always best to hand over your corrupted laptop hard disk to a data recovery expert to securely and safely recover your corrupted data. Breakfixnow offers laptop data recovery services with quick turnaround times at an affordable price. Get in touch with us to fix your laptop data issues.

Apple Watch Battery Life: The Reality of Apple Watches

Apple Watch Series of 2021

Apple Watch Series Battery Solutions
Apple Watches are one of the best smartwatches available today. They are sleek, stylish and come with a variety of different features to help you stay connected. However, the Apple Watch battery life can be an issue for some people. This blog post will discuss the popular Apple Watch Series of 2021, the cause of battery consumption on Apple Watches, and getting a battery replacement for your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is a must-have gadget for many. With the introduction of the Apple Watch Series, it has become even more popular than ever before. If you are looking to buy an Apple Watch, then here’s all that you need to know about the popular ones.

Most popular Apple Watch Series of 2021

1. Apple Watch Series 7: The Apple Watch 7 was announced alongside the iPhone 13 and came in two sizes- 41mm and 45mm. The key takeaway is the 33% increase in charging speed. Apple also increased its Always-on Display brightness to 70%. The estimated battery life remains (18 hrs) the same as previous models despite an increase in charging speed.

2. Apple watch SE: This is the most affordable Apple Watch series of 2021. It may not be comparable to the Apple Watch 7, but it has excellent features for basic users. The Apple Watch SE runs on watchOS 7 and comes in two sizes: 40mm and 44mm. Like other models, it has a battery life of 18hrs but consumes faster while playing music and using GPS.

3. Apple Watch Series 6: The Apple Watch 6 ranks higher than the SE with an S6 chip and an Always-on Display. It also features ECG and blood oxygen measurements, unlike the Apple Watch SE. However, the battery has a run time of only 18 hrs, and with the implementation of these features, the battery consumption increases.

Reasons for Apple Watch Battery Degradation

Apple Watch battery life is decent, but not great. For instance, Apple claims that the basic model can last 18 hours on a single charge and up to 72 hours with low usage. However, some users have reported less than stellar results for several reasons.

Operating system updates/changes

Apple has continued to update its operating system for the Apple Watch, which impacts your device’s battery life. The more apps you have installed on your watch, and the higher level of connectivity you have set up with various devices, the worse off your battery will be. This is because these factors require additional power from your watch.

The watch may not be calibrated correctly.

Many people do not realize that the battery life listed by Apple is simply an estimate to help you gauge how long your device can last on a single charge. If your watch dies much sooner than expected, it might just need to be recalibrated for optimum performance. However, if this does not work, you may need to replace your battery.

Apple watches are not fully optimized just yet.

The fact that Apple Watches have only been around for a few years means there is still room for improvement when it comes to optimizing batteries and workings of the device in general. You can expect this issue to be dealt with over time as developers make Apple Watch battery life better.

Apple watch needs frequent charging.

If you find yourself having to charge your watch every day, the issue is most likely with how much energy apps and functions on your smartwatch are using up.
If you have a lot of connectivity features turned on (Bluetooth, WiFi), or if you use fitness features like GPS, your watch might run out of power very quickly.

Instead of simply disabling connectivity features or fitness functions entirely, you can find ways to use them less frequently so that they don’t consume as much energy. You could turn off Bluetooth on the weekends when it’s unnecessary for phone calls and enable it during workdays instead.

If your Apple Watch doesn’t last long as intended or the battery has slow charging times, bring it to Breakfixnow and get a new battery for your Apple Watch that will work like new. Our Apple Watch battery replacement service is known for durability and affordability.

Other common issues with Apple Watch Series include:


  • Apple watch not turning on or working properly.
  • Water damage repair.
  • Cracked screen replacement.

Laptop Hard Disk: Issues, Types and Maintenance Tips

Issues Faced on Laptop Hard Disk

Laptops are an essential part of our lives now. We use them for work, school, and even play! However, laptops can be prone to specific issues that we will cover in this blog post. One such issue involves the laptop hard disk. There are two types: HDD (hard disk drive) and SSD (solid-state drive). HDDs have spinning disks inside, containing your data, while SSDs do not; they store data electronically on flash memory chips instead. You may notice that HDDs tend to make more noise than SSDs since the disks need to spin whenever you read or write information from them, whereas there is no physical movement with an SSD.

This means that if you want a quieter laptop, then you should aim for an SSD. However, this downside is that HDDs are typically cheaper while SSDs can be more expensive, but they have better durability and speed. Another issue is laptop hard disk failure which occurs when data on your HDD becomes inaccessible or corrupted for some reason. This may happen due to several factors, such as natural damage from dropping the laptop, overheating the CPU, or HDD due to improper ventilation. While rare, your laptop hard disk can fail completely, which means you may need a new one if this does happen. However, there are various ways to prevent this, such as regular backups and ensuring that your computer stays cool by using an external fan.

Types of laptop Hard Disk Drive

The laptop hard disk comes in various types. The popular ones are IDE, SATA, and SCSI.

  • IDE is Integrated Drive Electronics, where the controller is built into the drive itself. IDE drives have lower data transfer rates but are cheaper than other types of HDDs.
  • SATA or Serial ATA connects via a cable rather than a ribbon-like IDE does. It also has higher transfer rates which make it more attractive to buyers.
  • SCSI or Small Computer System Interface is the most expensive type of HDD and has high data transfer speeds. However, it can be challenging to install since so many small parts need to be adequately connected for SCSI drives to function correctly.

Steps for laptop hard disk drive maintenance

The following are some steps that one can follow to maintain their laptop hard disk drive properly.

  • Always shut down your computer before you turn off the power supply of the device. This will help save electricity and prevent damage to any files saved on your laptop’s hard disk if something goes wrong while shutting it down or restarting it.
  • Always shut your laptop down properly and not by pressing the power button for a long time, as this can lead to problems with your hard disk drive (HDD).
  • Once you turn on the computer, always check if there is any pending update before doing anything else because these updates may be necessary to prevent data loss.
  • If you are using an external HDD, always make sure that it is clean and dry before use. If you don’t do this, the hard disk drive will not function properly and may get corrupted or damaged easily.


SSD or Solid State Drive is a hard disk drive that does not have any moving parts and therefore is more durable than traditional HDDs. They also offer higher data transfer speeds and better efficiency, and they are also less likely to fail.

HDD or Hard Disk Drive has rotating disks inside it which store the information on them. However, since they have moving parts inside them that are prone to wear and tear, HDDs tend to fail more often than SSD’s.

If your laptop is facing any hard disk problem, bring it to Breakfixnow for repair, and we will make sure that your data is safe. Breakfixnow provides laptop hard disk repair services at affordable prices for all laptop models. We have a team of experts who are well trained in handling this delicate procedure.

You can reach us at our website or call us at 63372739 for any questions that you may have regarding your laptop’s hard disk drive. We also provide other services such as data recovery, liquid damage repair, and much more to keep your devices working correctly!

Charging Issues and Fixes on MacBook Pro


Why Is Your MacBook Pro Unable to Charge?

To be sure, there might be several reasons for your MacBook Pro not charging properly or at all. For instance, the primary culprits may be a worn-out or broken power adapter and cord. Occasionally, an old battery, along with some other minor problems, may also be to blame for the charging issue.


As a result, we will need to examine the topic from a variety of angles.

Examine the Power Adapter and Cable

The first step is to check for damage to the power adapter and cord. If the charging accessories appear to be damaged, they may be the source of the problem.


If there is no visible damage to the charging equipment, check that the power adapter is correctly attached. Disconnect your MacBook’s charging cord and reconnect it properly. Additionally, clear the power port of dust and dirt to prevent the connection pins from becoming clogged.


Is It Time to Replace Your MacBook Pro’s Battery?

When the battery reaches the end of its life, macOS notifies you that it should be replaced. To determine whether the battery needs to be replaced, click the battery symbol in the menu bar. If the menu item “Service Battery” or “Replace Now” appears, the battery has aged and is no longer capable of holding a charge. The only way around this is to replace the battery. This will breathe fresh life into your MacBook.


Have You Been Notified That Your MacBook Pro Has Been Recalled?

Apple recalled some 15-inch MacBook Pro models released between 2015 and 2017 due to a widespread battery overheating issue. A MacBook’s eligibility is determined by its serial number. Select About This Mac from the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen. Verify that the model is “MacBook Pro” (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015).


Following that, navigate to the Apple Support battery recall programme page and input the serial number of your MacBook Pro to see whether it is eligible for the programme.


Additionally, the firm recalled the 2016–2017 MacBook Pro (non-Touch Bar) models due to a component failure that resulted in the built-in battery expanding. To see if your laptop qualifies for the battery replacement programme, visit the Apple Support website and input your serial number. If your device is determined to be qualified, the firm will replace the battery free of charge.


Reset the system management controller

When your MacBook has a battery or power-related issue, the most dependable remedy is to reset the SMC. That is a smart gamble to make, as it is simple to accomplish on your own. SMC is the MacBook’s System Management Controller, and resetting it frequently resolves a variety of issues with power, battery fan, and other functions.


Unplug the power adapter first, and then shut down your MacBook Pro. After that, connect the power adapter and simultaneously press the Control + Shift + Option (Alt) and Power buttons for approximately 10 seconds, and then release them all simultaneously. Following that, power on the notebook by pressing the power button.


Your MacBook Pro Should Be Updated

If your MacBook continues to fail to charge, there is a slim chance that the issue is a software issue. Apple occasionally upgrades macOS to enhance communication with a power adaptor. Therefore, attempt to upgrade the OS if it is available for your current macOS version.


To do so, open System Preferences and navigate to the Software Update section. If the MacBook has the most recent macOS update, download and instal it normally.


In the event that nothing works, contact a MacBook Pro repair centre.


If none of the aforementioned methods work, there is a good possibility that the issue is with your MacBook pro’s DC Jack or some other hardware-related issue that requires expert assistance and cannot be resolved at home. It is now necessary to call a MacBook Pro repair facility. BreakFixNow is one of the most dependable MacBook repair centres due to its years of experience and a well-known track record of providing quick and effective service at a reasonable price. Therefore, contact us immediately to resolve the issue.

MacBook Pro Flexgate Issue- How To Fix It


The MacBook Pro’s flawless combination of hardware and software puts it ahead of the competition. While the gadget succeeds at offering an exceptional experience, it has had its share of troubles, including display issues with various MacBook Pro models, which have proven to be a nightmare for a huge number of customers.


Flexgate is a phrase that refers to a display issue that occurs on certain versions of MacBook Pro due to a defective Flex cable. Once the problem was found and made public, netizens quickly coined the term “Flexgate,” after the flex cable was identified as the primary cause of the problem.


Given the problem’s prevalence, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to the Flexgate issue with the MacBook Pro display and a possible remedy. Therefore, if you are experiencing the same issue, continue reading to learn how to resolve this MacBook Pro display issue.


What Could Be the Cause of the Flexgate Problem?

Before delving into the core of the MacBook Pro display’s flexgate issue, it’s prudent to identify a probable reason.


MacBook models impacted by this issue employ thin and frail display flex cables. Because the flex cables are loosely wrapped around the display controller board, they are compressed each time the device’s lid is opened and closed.


Typically, the backlight cable fails first, resulting in different backlighting difficulties. Additionally, it is accountable for the display’s full failure at times.


Which Models of the MacBook Pro Are Affected?

In 2016, Apple introduced a revamped MacBook Pro with an all-new flex cable. As a result, it looks as though the Flexgate problem affects every 13- or 15-inch MacBook Pro model made in 2016 or 2017. (sold between October 2016 and February 2018). According to many sources, it has mostly affected Touch Bar devices.


If the display backlight occasionally/consistently exhibits vertical bright regions at the bottom of the screen, if the display has wide vertical bars, or if the display totally fails to function, there is a good possibility that your MacBook Pro is impacted by the Flexgate problem.


Apple Repair Program for Backlights

As is customary, Apple recognised the flexgate issue with the display after it became public and was reported by a large number of impacted consumers, and established the free backlight repair programme to service the afflicted notebooks.


The tech giant has identified the following MacBook Pro models as eligible:

  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016) with four Thunderbolt 3 ports
  • MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2016) with two Thunderbolt 3 ports

What If Your Affected MacBook Pro or Air Is Not Repairable?


Though Apple was fast to identify the afflicted MacBook Pro models, we cannot rule out the chance that other devices will be affected by similar vulnerabilities.


While Apple made the necessary modifications to resolve the flexgate MacBook Pro 2017/2016 issue, we have discovered that other 2017/2018 models may be impacted as well and are not covered by Apple’s free repair programme. Fortunately, earlier MacBook Pro models are not impacted by this issue since they include a more robust cable that is run through the hinge rather than around it. As a result, it is more suited to withstand stress.


What if your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is not covered by Apple’s repair programme? In this case, you should call a MacBook repair shop to get the laptop repaired.


BreakFixNow has developed a reputation for providing quick and cost-effective solutions, and has become a sort of go-to platform for repairing MacBooks. What differentiates us from the competition is our ability to troubleshoot and resolve both complicated hardware and software issues. Therefore, call us immediately if you wish to address your MacBook Pro’s display difficulties.

6 MacBook Battery Issues and How to Fix Them


The Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About MacBook Batteries and How to Resolve Them.


1: Your MacBook’s Battery Isn’t Charging

The most likely cause of this issue is the power supply or charger, not the battery or gadget. A faulty or soiled wall adapter may render your MacBook Pro inaccessible. If your charger ignites or if the LED light on the charger does not activate when plugged into a wall adapter, the charger is liable.


How to repair a Macbook battery that is rapidly depleting:

  • Thoroughly clean the charging port and MagSafe connection.
  • Ascertain that the MagSafe connector’s pins are configured appropriately.
  • Change the wall adapter.
  • Ascertain that the wattage of the charger is suitable with your MacBook.


2: The Battery Never Gets Fully Charged

Allow your MacBook Pro to calibrate the battery first. To do this, charge the Mac to 100% and then disconnect and use it until the battery reaches 0% and the Mac shuts down automatically. After 5 hours, restart your MacBook. If this does not resolve your MacBook’s battery life issues, then you must reset the SMC. Switch off your Mac and then hold down the “Shift” + “Control” + “Option” + “Power” buttons for ten seconds, then release them all simultaneously. Following that, press the power button once to restart your Mac.


3: When You Work, Your Battery Depletes Rapidly

How to Repair: To begin, you’ll want to identify how your battery’s charge is being consumed. Simply click the battery symbol in the upper right corner of your screen or use the activity monitor app to accomplish this.


Additionally, you should be aware of the typical battery life of your product. It’s best to run your Mac for the most of the time without active Bluetooth, high screen brightness, or keyboard light. Additionally, you may arrange functions such as automatic backup to operate only when the device is plugged into a power source.


4: Utilize a Notification That Reads “Replace Soon” or “Replace Now”


How to Resolve: To begin, determine the battery’s health. Open the “Apple Menu,” hold down the “Option” key, and when the “About this Mac” option changes to “System Information,” choose the latter, and then on the left side of the following screen, click “Power.” If the battery status is good, such as “Fair” or “Normal,” the battery life is still intact. However, if the indicator reads something bad, such as “Poor” or “Check battery,” your battery is now a write-off. Nonetheless, it is recommended that you replace your battery only at an Apple store.


My Battery Isn’t Being Recognized

When your Mac’s battery is fully exhausted, it enters a low power mode to protect its ability to charge, which may result in it failing to register correctly on the system.


How to Resolve: To resolve Macbook battery life issues, plug your Mac into a wall outlet and charge it for at least five minutes. If the issue persists, you may need to reset your SMC (as described in how to resolve issue #2).

6: The Low Battery Warning Is Ignored

This issue is most likely caused by the user’s battery status display preferences.


How to Correct: Select “Energy Saver” from the “Apple Menu,” and then check the box under the “Show battery status in menu bar” option.

Spilled Water on Your MacBook? Tips To Fix Water Damaged MacBook

MacBook water damage repair


Have You Accidentally Spilled Water on Your MacBook? What You Can Do to Avoid Additional Damage


Perhaps you were caught off guard by the rain and water crept into the laptop bag, soaking the MacBook, or perhaps a cup of coffee spilled all over your MacBook! Whatever the cause for this sad circumstance, you’ve come to the correct place. Here, we’ll discuss how to limit the damage and maximise the possibilities of your liquid-damaged MacBook surviving.


What You Should Do Immediately If Your MacBook Is Water Damaged


To begin, check the three critical steps you should do immediately when attempting to revive a water-damaged MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or any other MacBook model.


Disconnect All Peripherals From Your MacBook


To protect your MacBook from water damage, the first thing you should do is disconnect the power adapter, if it is attached. Exercise extreme caution when performing this task; ideally, wear rubber gloves and rubber footwear. Water and electricity are not the greatest of friends!


Additionally, unhook any dongles/peripherals attached to the device, such as the mouse, scanner, or printer. This is done to avoid damage to critical components such as circuit boards, connections, and batteries from spreading.



You may remove the battery from earlier MacBook models, such as the 2009 MacBook Pro 15″. While removing the battery from earlier Mac laptops may appear simple, it must be done carefully. Therefore, do not hesitate to seek support from professionals if you require it.


Take note that newer MacBook models, such as the 2015 MacBook Pro 15??, include glued-in batteries. As a result, you cannot manually remove the batteries from the newest versions of Mac laptops.


Shut Down and Leave the MacBook for a minimum of 48 hours

Additionally, you should immediately switch off the MacBook (if it is not already off) and leave it for at least 48 hours. Yes, experts strongly advise against turning on the gadget before it has reached the required time.


If your MacBook does not react, press and hold the power button until the notebook shuts down completely.

Tent Your MacBook (Non-Retina Model) to Drain the Water

After you’ve powered down your MacBook, flip it into a tent position to drain the water. However, pause for a moment before turning your laptop into the tent configuration!


Bear in mind that the tent technique is only compatible with pre-2018 MacBook Air and pre-2013 MacBook Pro models equipped with non-retina displays. These laptops include waterproof displays, courtesy of an aluminium front frame (available on the MacBook Air ) or a front protective glass ( available on MacBook Pro with a non-retina screen). As a result, they are suited to keep water out.


The retina displays on the newest MacBook models are not water resistant due to the lack of protective glass and an aluminium frame. Therefore, avoid placing your MacBooks with Retina displays in tent mode, since this will allow water to enter and cause damage to the screen.


To assist the MacBook models with Retina displays in securely draining water, gently place them in a 90-degree angle against a table edge and allow to dry.


What Not to Do When Dealing with a Liquid/Water Damaged MacBook Pro


When confronted with a liquid-damaged MacBook, there are three critical things you must avoid.


Avoid Attempting to Dry Your MacBook with a Hairdryer


Using a hairdryer to dry a wet MacBook is strictly prohibited. Therefore, you must avoid doing so since it may result in additional harm to the gadget by allowing liquid to enter the internals.


Shake Not the Wet MacBook


Shaking a moist MacBook is a mistake since it allows water to enter even those areas where it would not typically go. As a result, avoid shaking it.


Avoid Attempting to Turn on the Device


Another critical point to remember is to avoid turning the gadget on, since this might further imperil the device’s components, such as the circuit boards and batteries.


What About Drying the MacBook with Rice?


Without including the rice technique, this tutorial would be inadequate. According to this widespread tale, users may dry off a wet MacBook by placing it in a bag of rice. While this time-honored method may work partially on a liquid-damaged iPhone, the likelihood of it functioning on a MacBook is extremely small. As a result, we would not recommend it.


Bear in mind that the rice or its microscopic particles may find their way into the notebook’s ports, causing extra harm. As a result, avoid doing so.


If the Basic Tricks Do Not Work, Contact a Reputable MacBook Repair Center


If none of the aforementioned solutions worked, the likelihood is that the water destroyed the hardware. In this case, the damaged components must be replaced or repaired.


We recommend contacting a reputable MacBook repair facility. BreakFixNow is a well-known MacBook repair centre with several years of expertise and a strong staff of supertechies. We excel in resolving complicated issues due to our commitment to provide the best repair at the most reasonable price. Contact us immediately for assistance in repairing your water-damaged MacBook.

DIY: Fix Booting Issues On MacBook


Since the introduction of macOS, there have been booting difficulties. At times, this is due to a corrupted operating system; at other times, it is due to a crashed or malfunctioning piece of software or application that prevents the Mac from starting normally.


Not to add, hardware difficulties have been identified as a key cause of unexpected troubles on iMac or MacBook. However, do not worry; these expert techniques might assist you in resolving booting difficulties on your Mac and restoring regular operation. With that in mind, let’s begin the troubleshooting tutorial!


Disconnect All Accessory Devices

To begin resolving booting difficulties on your Mac, you should unplug any attached peripherals, including printers and USB devices. At times, peripherals connected to the computer might prevent it from booting. Therefore, give it a shot first to see how it performs.


Safe Mode on Your Mac

Another dependable method for resolving a Mac that would not start correctly is to use Safe Mode. For those unfamiliar with Safe Mode, it is intended to make it easier to evaluate whether the difficulties you are experiencing are related to the software that loads when the Mac starts up. Safe mode loads ONLY the absolute minimum services and applications necessary for Mac to boot correctly, with no third-party software or services permitted to start. If the problem is due to third-party software, the Mac should boot into Safe Mode.


To start your Mac in Safe Mode, power it down first. Then, while holding down the Shift key, restart your computer. Bear in mind that Safe Boot often takes some time to activate. If you are able to successfully boot the device into Safe Mode, the remaining steps are a matter of deletion. Delete the apps that start at login one by one and check to see if the system boots normally afterwards.


Reset the PRAM / NVRAM cache memory

Often, you may resolve your Mac’s booting difficulties simply by resetting NVRAM. When Mac appears to take an excessive amount of time to choose which disc to boot from or begins with the incorrect screen resolution, this solution makes things a lot easier.


Simply restart your Mac. Then, hold down the Command-Option-P-R keys while pressing the power button. Maintain a firm grip on these keys for approximately 20 seconds before releasing them.


Keep in mind that if you have an older Mac with a startup chime, you will need to hold down the keys until you hear a second starting chime.


Reset the system management controller

The System Management Controller is intended to manage a variety of critical parameters, including power management, fan control, and temperature monitoring. As a result, anytime anything goes awry, you’ll notice a variety of issues, including poor performance, excessive fan noise, and even failed booting. Therefore, attempt to reset SMC on your Mac.


On desktop Macs, turn off the machine and then unplug the power cord. Now, pause for fifteen seconds. Reconnect it and wait another 5 seconds. After that, power on the Mac.


MacBooks equipped with the T2 security chip (and other Touch ID-enabled devices):

Shut off the PC. Following that, press and hold the power button for ten seconds before releasing it. After a few seconds, hit the power button to bring your Mac to life. If the situation persists, restart the Mac. For seven to ten seconds, press and hold the right Shift key, the left Option key, and the left Control key. Press and hold it till the following phase. Now, press the Power button for seven seconds (while maintaining control of the other buttons – we understand this is a bit of a stretch for your fingers, but bear with us) and then release all of the keys. After the Mac boots, restart it.


MacBooks with non-removable batteries (no T2 chip): Turn off and then unplug your Mac. Then, while holding the Shift, Option, and Control keys, press and hold the power button. Hold the keys for at least 10 seconds before releasing them. Following that, plug in the power adapter and restart your Mac normally.


MacBooks with detachable batteries (no T2 chip): Switch off your Mac and then unplug the power cable and battery.


After that, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. After that, release it. Following that, replace the battery and reattach the power cord. After that, power up your MacBook.

Reboot Your Mac in Recovery Mode

Recovery Mode is a final resort. Therefore, if none of the other methods has resolved your computer’s booting difficulties, give this one a try as well.


Restart your Mac and immediately press and hold the Command and R keys simultaneously until the Apple logo or spinning globe displays. When your Mac enters Recovery Mode, the Recovery Mode Utilities window should appear. You now have many options for restoring your machine, including restoring it from a Time Machine backup or reinstalling macOS. Choose your favourite choice and you’re ready to begin. If you choose to reinstall macOS, it will perform a clean instal, erasing any locally stored data, so exercise caution when selecting this option.


Contact a Reputable Repair Facility

If your Mac remains stuck on the black screen of death or does not appear to finish booting, there is a possibility that there is a hardware issue or a more sophisticated software problem that cannot be resolved using do-it-yourself methods. In such instances, you should call a reputable MacBook repair centre such as BreakFixNow, which can assist you with a variety of MacBook-related difficulties.


BreakFixNow takes pride in becoming the most trusted Apple repair facility. With an ever-expanding footprint across Singapore . Therefore, call us immediately to get your Mac repaired.

Features and Issues on macOS Big Sur


MacOS Big Sur: Highlights, Cons, and More

There is no mistake that macOS Big Sur is the most significant macOS release in more than a decade. By changing the naming scheme to 11, Apple has established an entirely new age of macOS — one in which universal programmes and an iOS-style UI will rule the roost on macOS as well.

Apart from compiling a list of the finest macOS Big Sur features, we’ve also discussed the difficulties that have arisen as a result of this newest release. So, whether you’re curious in what the latest version of macOS has in store or about the issues that have surfaced, let’s get started!

The Most Important macOS Big Sur Features You Should Be Aware Of


Control Center in the Style of iOS

Among the new add-ons included in macOS 11, the iOS-style Control Centre has garnered the most attention, and with reason. After all, it is a major addition to macOS. Whether it’s changing the brightness, enabling/disabling Dark Mode, turning on/off Night Shift, or managing AirDrop, it’s all going to enrich your Mac experience even more. This functionality is particularly useful for those who already own an iPhone or an iPad and now enjoy the same unified experience on a Mac.

New Battery Configuration

What happens when your Mac’s battery begins to drain? As a result, you are compelled to identify the perpetrators and also to seek for solutions to reduce needless energy usage. That is why the new battery options (on which more later in the problems section) are such a welcome addition to macOS.

Effects of iMessage

If you’ve experimented with bubble and screen effects in iMessage on your iPhone, the odds are you’d like to use them on your Mac as well. What makes them so useful is their capacity to enhance communications with fantastic effects such as confetti, hearts, and fireworks. Whether you’re expressing affection or wishing someone well on momentous occasions, these new text effects for Mac will play a significant part.

Stickers Memoji

You guessed correctly! Additionally, Memoji stickers have made their way from the iPhone and iPad to your Mac. Memojis are extremely popular on iOS/iPadOS, and we see no reason why they cannot enjoy the same level of popularity on macOS. Therefore, the next time you desire to brighten up your iMessaging, do not forget to implement them.

Translator in Safari

A built-in translator function is something that the majority of us appreciate in a web browser. It guarantees that no language becomes a barrier while we are browsing the web or performing routine tasks such as reading articles. As a result, the Safari Translation is an excellent addition to Big Sur.

Significant Problems with macOS Big Sur

While macOS Big Sur may claim to be feature-rich, it is far from flawless. According to many accounts, the newest version of macOS is afflicted by a number of vexing difficulties. The three primary issues are as follows:

After the software update, the battery quickly drains.

A few MacBook owners who just upgraded to macOS 11 have claimed that their MacBook is draining significantly more battery than it did with the previous version. As is frequently the case, the issue may be triggered by the usage of a number of power-hungry features and resource-intensive applications such as Google Chrome. As a result, we propose that you utilise the new battery settings to pinpoint the causes.

On your Mac, open System Preferences and choose Battery. Now, choose Usage History to examine the battery’s usage trend. Additionally, there is an option to modify the battery parameters to extend the life of your notebook’s battery. Utilize this tool to detect and eliminate power-hungry resources, therefore extending the life of your battery.

Certain applications crash and occasionally become unresponsive.

Another issue that appears to have afflicted a sizable number of Mac users is random programme crashes and freezing. The issue is most likely due to incompatibility. In this instance, the best course of action is to update the programme, and if that does not resolve the issue, consider uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.

Sluggishness That Was Not Expected

Sluggishness is frequently the result of crowded storage. As a result, it is always preferable to delete space-hogging and unneeded files. Additionally, we recommend that you remove any outdated programmes that may be causing the unexpected delay.


As mentioned previously, macOS Big Sur is a significant improvement over its predecessor, Catalina. It’s worth a try for features like the highly convenient control centre, text effects, and the economical battery setting.

Concerning the macOS Big Sur problems, they are a natural byproduct of technology advancements. In most situations, the methods listed above will resolve macOS Big Sur issues. However, if these steps do not cure the issue, call our Mac repair centre immediately to get your device repaired.





























MacBook: What Are The Signs of a Damaged Motherboard?

On a Mac, the logic board refers to the motherboard, which houses the electronics and components that enable your computer to work. Whether you own a Mac laptop or desktop computer, frequent logic board failure symptoms include issues with the machine’s power supply, graphics, ports, fans, Bluetooth, and odd behaviour. Issues can range from little inconvenience of a single USB connection not working to a completely dead MacBook.

While these typical Mac logic board failure symptoms overlap with those of other hardware and software issues, recognising the symptoms of a faulty logic board can help you identify when it’s time to take your Mac to an Apple Store or other authorised Mac repair shop for service.

Causes of Mac Logic Board Failure

Your Mac’s logic board may fail due to a manufacturing flaw or prolonged use, but accidental damage such as falls and spills also occurs. Additionally, prolonged computer usage that results in overheating and a lack of ventilation can wreak havoc on the logic board, causing it to break prematurely. If your logic board breaks as a result of a manufacturer fault or normal use, you may utilise your Apple warranty to get it repaired or replaced.

If the equipment is out of warranty or the issue arises from misuse, you will be responsible for the cost of pursuing available repair alternatives. When your Mac is really old or requires numerous repairs, it may be more cost effective to purchase a new computer rather than spend hundreds of dollars repairing the logic board. According to Forbes, fixing recent Apple MacBook Pro logic board issues also entails replacing the laptop’s solid-state drive, which can add considerably to the cost if the machine is not covered by warranty.

Power Outages and Sudden Shutdowns

Because the logic board is responsible for controlling the computer’s components, one symptom of a Mac logic board failure is the computer failing to come on at all when you push the power button. While a dead battery may potentially be the cause of this issue on a MacBook, inability to boot even with the power cable connected in indicates likely logic board failure. In certain other instances, your computer may turn on but shut down before the boot process is complete, or it may boot correctly but shut down unexpectedly while you’re using it.

Another possibility is that your computer may totally freeze, to the point that you will need to hold down the power button in order to force it to shut down and restart. While this issue might be as simple as faulty memory modules, it could also indicate a malfunctioning logic board.

Display and Graphics Problems

Another indication of a Mac logic board failure is when your computer’s display fails to power up or behaves strangely. You may hear your computer start and the fan spin up, but the backlight never comes on, leaving you with a blank screen or a dim image. This issue may even continue when an external monitor is connected to your Mac, indicating a visual problem on the logic board rather than a broken or old display. If the screen does come on, you may encounter further difficulties such as distorted graphics, in which the image on the screen is jumbled or has lines of odd colours.

If you are facing issues with your MacBook such as Fan failure, blue screen of death, dead motherboard, cracked screen etc. Then bring it to BreakFixNow for a quick repair at affordable cost.

Make It Our Business to Get Your iPhone Back In Shape At The Lowest Cost


Choosing an iPhone or iPad for your child’s first cell phone may seem like a great idea, until you realize that you can’t afford it. Fortunately, with the invention of the iPad, a new level of mobility has been reached that will change the way we do things forever. The cost of such devices has gone down while the performance has gone up. What is left to decide is if you should get an iPhone or an iPad for your child? In this article, we provide you with tips and advice on how to choose the right iPhone or iPad for your child.


The primary reason for needing an iPhone or an iPad is obviously to keep track of your kid growing into a teen. This is why we provide iPhone repair in Singapore with our expert technicians who are always ready to help you out if you are faced with any Apple product problems. For most children, their first cell phone is the iPod Touch. Although quite impressive at the time of its release, the cost of maintaining an iPod Touch after a young child has grown out of it is expensive. And with most teens only using their cell phones as a messaging device, replacing an older model with a more powerful device will have serious financial consequences for parents. You can get your iphones repaired here at a lower cost.


Another common use for the iPhone or iPad is for students. Most schools have rules on the use of cell phones and they frown on students roaming around campus. This is where an iPad or an iPhone with a cellular service provider comes in handy as a replacement. If you are thinking of using an older model of the aforementioned devices, we provide iPhone repair in Singapore with a range of excellent wireless services that will allow you to stay connected even when you are away from home.


There are many accessories that come with the iPhone and some are proprietary, meaning you have to buy them separately. If you want to use those accessories, you will probably have to pay extra for them and this is where we offer our unique iPhone and iPad repairing services. We can source these accessories for you at wholesale prices, including a few that are associated with your contract. So whether you want to use a case, protective skin or a screen protector, we can supply you with the best possible deal.

We also offer our usual range of iphone repair such as screen replacement, battery replacement and charging cables. These products are usually thought of when it comes to repairing an iPhone, we can provide all of them. We always recommend our customers to keep their phone in a protective case whenever they travel. This is because you don’t know what might happen to it while it is in transit. You can never be too safe with an iPhone and, in this particular situation, the protection of your phone is absolutely vital.


If your phone has been subjected to water damage, you need to contact us immediately, before the problem progresses. We will guarantee your satisfaction by fixing the problem and giving you a full refund on the cost of the repair if it stopped working under warranty. However, if your phone has been restored to perfect working condition but you are still experiencing battery issues, we will gladly assist you in finding the solution to this most common problem among modern cell phones. With our expert technical service and fast turnaround times, we are certain that you will be delighted with the results.




iPad Repair Services – What You Should Know


BreakFixNow is the perfect place to purchase an affordable iPad repair in Singapore. They offer a fast, professional and highly skilled iPad repair service. If you too have some problem with your iPad, they will help you to get it repaired. Repair cost of your iPad depends upon the model of which you own.


A good repair service provider is responsible for providing all kinds of computer repairs from phones, iPads, laptops, desktops, tablets to various other electronic gadgets. Various companies give their trained professionals with the expertise to work on these gadgets and at reasonable rates. One of the most important things that clients need to know is the type of guarantee they get for their money. A genuine company would provide the customers with money back guarantee if the product is not able to serve the customers needs.


There are many people who use a malfunctioning iPad but still need to fix their device. It could be due to a fault in the hardware or software. Some repair companies also offer home users the facility to fix their devices in their premises. This means that the user need not go all the way to the repair centre. However, this is only viable for screen or battery replacement.

Many companies fix their devices in their own stores and supply the iPad users the spare parts at the time of demand. The spare parts, if genuine, will serve the purpose of getting your device repaired to the utmost quality. There are other spare parts as well, which can be procured from the repair service center. Some of the parts like RAM, flash memory, camera, Wi-Fi modem etc. are hard to find and therefore it would not be possible for the users to fix their device by themselves.


One of the most popular services provided by an iPad repair company is a custom-designed case for the iPad. Cases are useful because they make the device look more appealing and thus ensure that repaired iPad lasts longer. Cases also protect the device from dust and moisture so that the LCD screen does not get damaged due to excessive shock or temperature. Most cases available in the market come with a watertight seal that makes it safe to use the iPad for long hours.


An iPad repair service center is capable of installing replacement of the motherboard and the LCD screen. They are also capable of installing the memory modules of the iPad. In addition to all these services, many of the iPad repairs also include the provision of replacement of the battery, iPad charger and the USB cable. Thus the customer can make sure that the repairs made by them are effective.




How To Find The Best iPad Repair Companies


iPad repairs are not as difficult as some people think. If you are not familiar with iPad yet, do not worry. iPad repairing does not have to be hard if you know the right places to get the parts and how to do it. We will show you how to get iPad parts and the best way to repair it.


The parts of your iPad are the most expensive because it is not easy to produce something that has become as popular as the Apple iPad. Therefore, it is important to find the best iPad repair to get the best performance out of your iPad. There are several ways of finding parts for your iPad and some are more difficult than others.


One of the best ways to locate the parts is to use the internet. You can do this easily. Search for qualified technicians in your area and you can have the parts within two days. The great thing about the internet is that, you can find a wide range of professionals with similar expertise and check their reviews. This makes it easy to compare prices and services from different companies or technicians.


Another way is to use Google Maps. Look up your local area under “IPad repairs near me”. Once there, look up the phone number of the place. Of course, you need to choose those that are open for business hours. Many times, qualified technicians are working on vacation and cannot return immediately. This is why you have discuss in detail with the iPad manufacturing company to be sure that they still have qualified technicians available. They do affordableipad repairs here for the lowest prices in singapore.

Some iPad repairs are more complicated than others. For example, there are some technicians that sell non-functional parts at a cheaper price and want to earn extra money by selling defective parts. If you decide to buy one of these products, you have to make sure that the technician has a license to sell such products. You should also verify whether they pass an inspection or not.


iPad repairs need not be costly. Even if you just purchase a simple part, such as a simple cracked screen, you can still perform the necessary repairs yourself. This will save you money as well as the trouble of finding a qualified technician in your neighborhood. With all these tips, I am sure you will find the best ipad repair company to get your device repaired.




Tips to Fix Your Broken iPad


The world seems to halt when your iPad plunges down to the floor. Usually the first damage amounts to the screen itself, whether it’s the LCD glass or the tampered touch screen itself. This is usually the most affordable iPad repair service to fill because of the fragility of today’s iPad screens.


But then again, you don’t need to worry. Just because you have a broken iPad doesn’t mean you can’t have it repaired. You can have your broken iPad repaired just like a new one, the same one you fell in love with. But how do you choose the right iPad repair service provider for your situation? Here are some tips:

Find an iPad repair service near you.

Although it may seem like an iPad repair service company should be able to come to your rescue no matter where you are, it’s often better if they can’t come. It would be too frustrating if they are far away from your area. If you’re not too far away from their service location, check if the service provider offers a pick-up or delivery service. If they do, then you won’t have to wait too long before you can get back to using your iPad. Know there at Breakfixnow if your ipad if broken we can fix it!

Steps to take after fixing your iPad

If you already brought your broken iPad home after fixing it, then the first thing you need to do is to turn off your device. Then, try to connect it to the AC power source and check whether it is charging . Next, press the Home button twice but don’t release it. After doing all these, disconnect the AC cord from the wall and then try re-connecting it. Next, switch on the iPad and check if everything is working fine. Also, keep a tab on the battery percentage and how many hours it can run before the iPad switches off.


Check your warranty

Make sure that when you’re taking your iPad to the iPad repair centre, you let them see your warranty card. If you can’t find your warranty card and you know it hasn’t expired, then it’s better for you to contact Apple customer service and convey your problems with them. This will help you avoid being charged for repairing the iPad if it is under warranty.


Now that you know how to fix your broken iPad hardware, you might also want to know about flashing your iPad software that can help you clean your iPad with viruses or add new features. There are many programs out there that are made specifically for iPads. You can use these programs in order to fix your iPad software as well as to prevent further damage to your device. It might be a good idea to read through the manual of these programs in order to learn about how these programs work.

Tips On Getting The Right iPhone Repair


The popularity of Apple’s iPhone has created a high demand for anyone wanting to offer iPhone repair services. There are many iPhone repair companies offering their services locally, as well as online. However, it’s important to find the best iPhone repair company that offers the best quality repair work at an affordable price. On-site, off-site, mobile/handheld services allow you to call a specialist at any time and location of your choice. We compare mobile/handheld repair and iPhone replacement services to find the best quality service available.


There are two primary reasons for needing an iPhone repair. The first is broken or damaged screens. Screen damages can be caused by drops, spills, or scratches. Whatever the cause, an experienced iphone repair expert will be able to replace your phone’s screen quickly and easily, without a lot of down time. For this reason, many consumers prefer to hire an iphone repair company that provides quick and quality service.


Another reason to choose an iphone repair company is damaged LCD. LCD problems can include pressing on the home button too much or incorrectly, coloured lines, black screens, inaccurate touch screen readings, and even dead buttons. Broken LCDs are a common reason for purchasing another iPhone, but it also means spending more money. An iPhone repair shop can easily pop out a new LCD and give you immediate, pain-free use. This also beats replacing the phone’s battery, which can be more complicated. Mobile/handheld repairs can even include replacing charging ports and power button, perils of which can be especially problematic during the holiday season. fix your iphone problems here

Whether you have an old or new iPhone, it’s likely that at some point you’ll need some type of iPhone repair. While you can certainly go techs and have them do it for you, most people don’t know where to begin when it comes to replacing or fixing their own phone. That’s why it’s so important to choose a trained iPhone repair technician to take care of the task for you.


When it comes to iPhone repairs, Apple doesn’t make it easy. While there are several authorized dealers for their parts including some in the United States, it’s best to go with a local, professional repair service for peace of mind. That’s because not only will you receive quality parts, but the technicians working for the right iphone repair service will know exactly how to handle the situation professionally; that too with a lesser price compared to official iPhone service centre. There’s nothing worse than getting your iPhone repaired when the part you need isn’t exactly what you were expecting.


If you need to get your broken iPhone replaced but you don’t know where to start, there are several options. You could simply decide to take it to an Apple store to have someone look at it for you. While this option may be available, it’s costly, and may not be the best choice if you need just one or two iPhone repairs. For this reason, it’s best to choose an iPhone repair shop that offers expert services and specializes in all types of iPhone repairs. While you may choose to bring your phone in to have it checked out, you should also let the technicians from that shop know that you want to save money by having your broken iPhone repaired without going to a pricey tech at Apple. By choosing such a shop, you’ll be able to get the help you need when it comes to fixing your broken iPhone.




How To Find The Right Samsung Phone Repair Service


Are you thinking about getting a Samsung phone repair for your Samsung S21 ultra? While we all know that Samsung makes high-quality phones that are durable and reliable, there are also times when they make a mistake. No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. Instead of sending your phone off for repair to the official service centre and having to wait while repairs are being completed, visit our local repair service centre instead.


There is no reason that you should have to sit around and take the pain to deal with your Samsung S20 phone’s cracked screen or other damages. Samsung Devices offers an array of exciting new features packed into their sleek designs and advanced technologies. They are among the most popular and versatile smartphones on the market today. It wouldn’t be enough to simply own one of these brilliant phones. You would want to take it with you everywhere you go. That is why it is a good idea to take your Samsung smartphone to a phone repair service quickly when any damages occur instead of letting the damage spread all over the phone.


Having your Samsung smartphone repaired may seem expensive, but it actually won’t be. If you shop around, you can find a company that offers affordable Samsung phone repair services. The great news is that you don’t even have to leave your home to get help with your Samsung phone. In fact, many repair service providers actually deliver their services right to your front door.

When looking for Samsung phone repair services, make sure you consider the type of Samsung phone you have. The Samsung S8 is a little different than the older models, but there are still a number of Samsung phones to choose from. For instance, the Note 8 and Pro designs offer two different battery types: standard and compact. If you have a Note 8 or Pro, then you may want to know the difference between them before proceeding with the repair. If you need help in fixing your samsung phone?.


Samsung phone repairs often require specific parts, such as battery, screen, and Motherboard IC. However, if these parts are in good shape, then you won’t have to worry about your Samsung phone being replaced. If you’re not sure what kind of Samsung battery or screen you have than you can do a quick search on Google by typing in your phone model and checking up on the specs. Some repair services adds the wrong repair parts by mistake. So, do a thorough check of your phone details before giving in for repair.


Samsung phone repairs may be a hassle, but they are also a necessary process. No one wants to think about a broken Samsung phone, but it happens. Repairing your Samsung phone is the best way to ensure that you can continue using your phone for years to come. Whether you have a Note or Pro, there’s a way to fix it or get a replacement, and it just might save you money in the end. Shop online for Samsung phone repair, and find the exact part that you need.




A Brief Guide to Phone Repair Service


Samsung repair stores are all over the place, you will find them in every mall and in almost every shopping center. But are they all good? Are there really reliable places that can provide a quality Samsung repair? Well, of course not! That is why I have compiled this article to help people decide which Samsung repair store to use. The first thing you need to know before choosing a Samsung repair outlet is whether they specialize in repairing just the Samsung models or if they provide a full range of services.


Samsung Repair: One of the most popular repair shops can provide you with the best quality repair when your Samsung phone gets damaged. Search and choose a shop that has been offering fast and reliable service for 6-12 months at the least. If you ever encounter a problem with your Samsung mobile phone, don’t hesitate to approach these professionals with months of experience. They will be more than happy to fix your problem without charging a fortune. If you are unsure whether they are the right person for the task, check out their reviews and ask about it to your friends or colleagues who has used their services to decide for yourself. I would recommend BreakFixNow. This is the best phone repair shop in singapore.

Samsung is a brand that caters to all types of Samsung mobiles. There are many repair centres that offer to replace phones or repair cracked screens. There are also a few specialized repair shops that only deal with Samsung mobile devices and provide only the best quality Samsung phone repairs.

Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Repairs: If your Sony Ericsson phone gets damaged by a scratch or a crack, you do not need to panic. Many Sony Ericsson phones get into a lot of scratches and bumps during their lifetime. If your phone is not appearing as it once did, go to an experienced cell phone repair service provider to get it repaired. They will assess the damage and tell you whether they can successfully fix the phone or if you would need to take it to a Sony Ericsson service centre. They will guide you in choosing the best option to take care of your damaged Sony Ericsson phone.


Answering Your Phone Inquiries: Many people often wonder if they need us phone technicians. The simple answer is that, in the modern world, we always have more things to do than to watch our favourite shows or surf the internet. That is why we don’t want our gadgets to break. When they do, we usually put in a trained expert to take care of the situation, such as a Samsung, Sony Erickson or iPhone repair specialist.


Don’t just call any phone repair shop to get your phone repaired. Make sure that the technicians that you choose have the proper certifications. You can check with the organization that certifies technicians for your particular brand of mobile phone. The last thing that you want to do is to hire some unknown Samsung Galaxy repair technicians who have little or no experience repairing the myriad of makes and models of Samsung phones.




What To Expect From a Smartphone Repair Service


Starting a new phone repair shop or franchise is a great idea for business owners looking to promote their product. Having your own store gives you the opportunity to build brand recognition with your customers and offer them a wider range of products. The franchise option enables you to quickly expand your business while enjoying increased profits. There are, however, some disadvantages to buying into a franchise system. Here are six of the most common:

Franchisees & Mobile Phone Repair Companies

A mobile phone repair service is not much different from other electronic repair service. The storefront is usually the way to go for branding your product and laying down trust in your consumers’ minds. But the start-up costs of opening your own is much higher than that of working for a repair company. You will also likely have to hire additional employees to deal with new software for your storefront and more marketing material.

You won’t have any technical expertise.

Since most people don’t take assistance for their phones from professional repair companies anymore, they assume that any type of technician who promises to fix their phones is actually one of the top technicians available. Unfortunately, inexperienced technicians take assistance for their pocketbooks just like those who promise to fix cars. If they don’t fix the phones they take assistance for, you will still be forced to pay their fees. If you’re not sure if you have the ability to properly repair the phones, consider paying the extra money to have a professional mobile repairing service take assistance from you instead. Its smartphone mobile servicing done better here at Breakfixnow in singapore.

You can’t do everything.

Most cell phone repair services will have packages for most common repairs including LCD screen repairs, sim tray repairs, camera repairs, speaker and earpiece repairs. While you can choose to work on basic repairs as part of your regular routine, it’s often better to have the repairs completed as part of a package so you can complete all of the necessary repairs to keep your phone in good working order.

You have a number of choices.

There are so many different types of phones and so many different manufacturers that it can be difficult to choose the right service. However, choosing the right service is really helpful when you have issues with your phones or need to have other issues repaired. You will want to get an experienced professional to help you with the right repairs for your needs. It’s important to take the time to look around online to find the best possible professionals near you.

You might not know how to fix your own smartphones.

However, you’ll find that there are many smart phone repair professionals that can help you with this task. If you take advantage of the services offered by repair shops that offer expert training on how to repair various makes and models of smartphones, you should be able to fix your own smartphone. Even if you aren’t comfortable performing these repairs, you can at least rest easy knowing that your device is going to be taken care of properly. This can only be helpful if you ever need a smart phone repair in the future.




Samsung Phone Repair- Do’s and Don’ts

Every Samsung phone repair begins with a free initial diagnostic test. During this stage, a technician will carefully look at the performance of your phone and check for internal damage to determine what’s broken or malfunctioning. If the device contains more than one component, it may be necessary to connect the devices together in order to ensure that they are all functioning correctly. Once all components are properly connected, your unit will then be inspected for internal damage.


If the damage to your Samsung phone repair device requires a replacement, your technician will first test your device with an image. Screen replacements are one of the most common repairs that are performed by Samsung technicians. A screen replacement basically entails repairing your unit’s display screen in order to make it look like it was replaced. In most cases, the display will not have any impact on the performance of your unit, but it can be extremely helpful to have the screen appear like it was part of the original when you use a repaired Samsung phone. Data management and recovery can also be helpful in situations where your unit needs additional storage for files and other applications. samsung smartphone servicing here at this mobile repair shop in bugis.


In some cases, Samsung phone repair may require something more drastic. In these cases, the technician will perform a mobile scan in order to determine which specific parts of your unit are in need of replacement. Sometimes, this may mean removing the battery from your device or opening up the device’s innards in order to locate the exact component that is needing repair. For some devices, a complete replacement is the only option; in these instances, you will usually find that a mobile scan is not enough to provide you with accurate information because of the damage that may have occurred during the manufacturing process.


There are specific reasons why Samsung phones may need a mobile screen replacement or a battery replacement instead of just a general repair. In some cases, the battery is responsible for overheating and will need to be replaced immediately. In other situations, the motherboard may cause the heating on the battery, while the battery is still new. If your Samsung phone has a cracked screen or if there are general screen problems, it may be necessary to replace the LCD as well. Samsung phone repair professionals know how to locate all of these specific components, and they can often replace your unit with a new battery without requiring you to do anything else at all.


When you have Samsung phone repair professionals perform a mobile screen repair on your device, you may find that they will replace your device’s battery with a new one. If your battery is not properly replaced, it can cause all sorts of problems, including a reduction in battery life and reduced performance on your Samsung device. The difference between a general repair and a mobile screen repair makes it clear that the latter is always a better option.


Many people choose to get their Samsung smartphones repaired by a mobile repair service rather than replacing them. While this decision is based more on convenience than anything else, it is important to consider the health of your device. Replacing Samsung smartphones is never a good idea, as the chips in these devices are extremely fragile and can easily suffer from wear and tear. By getting your devices repaired instead, you can ensure that you get the most out of your device, knowing that it will work when you need it to.

Smartphone Repair Companies Do Offer a Variety of Services

When it comes to taking care of your phones, you might think that you’ll have to pay a lot for professional phone repair services or hiring mobile service technicians. However, there are many affordable ways to take care of your devices, even when they’re from the old days. If you’re wondering what’s available out there, then this article will explain some of the more popular options. From LCD replacement to screen repair and battery replacement, you can find affordable fixes for all of your needs. With this information, you’ll be able to fix your phone or get one on call.


Full price for mobile phone repair usually varies by company, device, and work. For instance, online repair services for broken screen usually range from $50 to $99, depending on the issue and age of the gadget. iPhone 7 and 8 screen repairs usually run between $100 and $160, while fixing screens for newer iPhones can cost as much as $250. There are also other common repairs including battery replacement, sim card and USB replacements, speaker docking stations, and even LCD replacement.


While some people aren’t too concerned with cracked screens, others would rather have the whole thing replaced. As such, there are other kinds of phone repair options such as water damage fixes and chip recovery. In order to get an idea of what’s available, check out the phone’s user manual or seek advice from customer service. Then you can decide whether you need to have the gadget repaired in the local phone repair shop, or if you can do it yourself. The internet has made it easy to find local businesses in your area so that you don’t have to waste time or gas traveling to different locations. handphone mobile repair services done better here at Breakfixnow in singapore.


For more complex issues, you may want to bring in a professional. Most reputable technicians are licensed, so you’ll know that they use quality products and techniques when working on your device. These professionals may also be able to provide services like data recovery and software upgrades at competitive rates, so you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding which phone repair services to go with. The most important thing is that your cell phone isn’t damaged further and you can continue using it or take it in for repairs by your own.


While most of us are comfortable with tinkering with electronic devices and the latest mobile phones, others have no such confidence, especially if they’ve let their gadgets get scratched, dinged, or otherwise broken. For these people, it helps to know that there are many companies that offer in-home, as well as online phone repair services. You can choose services that will make your life easier, but you should always take the time to research the company before hiring them.


When you need to find one of the many online phone repair companies, you may want to start by searching for “cell phone repair shops.” This will allow you to read reviews and see if customers are pleased with the company’s performance. Reading online reviews, as well as visiting a few in-person repair shops, is a great way to learn about the pros and cons of each option before you make a final decision. Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for, be sure to check the company’s pricing so you don’t end up paying more than necessary for a battery replacement or charging port repair.

How to Choose a Phone Repair Service for Your Smartphones

There are many reasons why you might need a smartphone repair. One of these reasons is probably the damaged caused on your smartphone. Now, you might feel that a broken smartphone is a piece of junk that is just not worth the money to repair it. This is a common sentiment among people who do not fully understand all of the functionality options that they have on their smartphones. A broken smartphone is one of those pieces of junk that just has potential in being salvaged.
One of the other top reasons why you might need to hire a smart phone repair service is cost efficiency. It is probably cheaper to repair your smartphone than to purchase a new smartphone again. Even if you do have warranty, there may still be some out of pocket expenses when you need to fix the phone. However, this will only get worse if your broken smartphone gets damaged further. You could end up owing more money than you would in the first place if your broken smartphone keeps on functioning incorrectly.


Many people also feel like their cell phones are second-class citizens. They have to pay more for the features that they want on their smartphones and they are less flexible with the carriers that they have signed contracts with. If they get their hands on a cell phone repair services, they can easily get back on track with their smartphones again. This is because most repair services for smartphones are backed by networks and they do not charge much for the service.


One of the benefits of using mobile phone repair services is that they are less expensive compared to the usual retail stores. This is because the repair companies don’t have to change the whole of the mobile phones but only get the replacement for the damaged parts. Hence, they have the option to choose the quality of the repaired parts and add flexibility to the prices.

Beware of having a smartphone repair service where the technicians use old and outdated parts. This means that they will be more likely to neglect the problems with the gadgets. A technician should have taken a proper maintenance program for his gadgets so that they do not get damaged too often. If the devices get damaged too often, the chances of them malfunctioning increases. You may find yourself in a fix when you are unable to use your smartphone properly anymore. We are a provide better cellphone repair services in singapore.


On the other hand, a mobile phone store probably will not have many issues with their gadgets. They are likely to use these phones until the device stops working correctly. Once the device stops working, the staff at the mobile phone store will probably recommend that you buy another phone. This is probably the least of your worries when you hire a specialist from a smart phone repair service.


However, this does not mean that you should rely solely on your phone repair service. You should also check out how experienced the technicians are. You want an expert who can easily solve any problems that you might have with your smartphone regardless of whether they are hardware or software related. Technicians who are very good at their job probably know the steps that they need to take to fix different kinds of software or hardware related problems.


This is why you should also ask about the kind of warranty that the company offers. If they offer a service that is much cheaper than that offered by a mobile phone store, then you should definitely go for them. Of course, this is not something that you should choose based solely on price. There are people who might think that having a cheaper option means that they have to compromise on quality. It is very important for you to choose a smart phone repair store that is both reliable and affordable. If they are able to do these two things, then you can rest easy knowing that you are going to get your broken smartphone back in no time.

What Are the Most Common Problems That Affect iPhone 12 Owners?


If your iPhone has broken or you have some other problem with your iPhone, but you’re not exactly sure where to turn for the best help, then consider iPhone 12 repair. “BreakFixNow is an electronic gadgets repair shop that repairs all sorts of electronic devices! We provide fast, same day turnaround on all repairs, and also offer a free diagnosis on all new iPhones!” You can get in touch with us from the comfort of your home by dialing the number given on the website.


BreakFixNow repair service offers professional repair service and a wide range of upgrades for your iPhone too, such as the iPhone camera upgrade, a memory upgrade, a FaceTime camera replacement, and even a LCD screen repair. Whatever it might be, your first order of business is to check out our website and find out what services we offer. Once you find that they are one of the top providers of iPhone repairs in Singapore, contact us and schedule an appointment to come in and have one of our professionals look at your iPhone. You will have your choice of having the iPhone repaired on site or taking it back to their warehouse. We accept returns with our 90 days warranty option and guarantee to rework on any previous repair done with us.


In addition, you may also choose to send your iPhone 12 repair and have the parts shipped directly to you. The iPhone 12 camera is one component that can be quite difficult to replace because of its location on the iPhone. If your camera is cracked or broken, then you need to send it to our centre for a camera replacement. The iPhone repairs and service staff can work on your iPhone to determine which components need to be replaced and send out the parts. A damaged camera can be repaired and sent back to you within twenty-four hours of your purchase.

One of the most popular iPhone repairs is to replace the display or LCD screen. When you have an iPhone with a cracked display, then the best thing for you to do is to enquire about iPhone 12 product pages replacement. There are several companies that offer iPhone replacement LCD screens. In order to ensure that you get the right display, then you should enquire about iPhone 12 product pages replacement from various sources. These companies usually provide you with a high quality replacement screen and a full guarantee that they will not ship the broken display back to you. get your iphone 11 smartphone repaired here.


Other than iPhone 12 replacement screens, there are some other iPhone repairs that affect your usage and functionality. For example, an iPhone with a cracked motherboard or a fried battery can be fixed by our technicians. In order to fix the problem, the damaged component needs to be replaced with a board from Apple. Once the board is replaced, you should enquire about iPhone 12 service cost and save some money on the repair. In addition to this, it is essential to ensure that the iPhone battery is replaced before the repair process is completed in order to avoid any inconvenience later on.


An iPhone with a water damage repair can also be fixed on our service centres at the best price. Most companies in Singapore to offer this service at reasonable prices. In case of a water-damaged iPhone, the malfunctioning iPhone motherboard needs to be repaired before the device can be returned to the customer. To fix the iPhone motherboard repair, you need to buy a new iPhone motherboard from a repair centre that offers this services.

Samsung Phone Repairing The Right Way

Samsung is one of the most popular phone brands of today. The popularity of Samsung phones is at an all-time high and there are more Samsung phone models than there are other brands on the market. Samsung makes a variety of different handsets including the modern-day models like the Samsung S series and the ever-popular models such as the Samsung S21 and S20 series. If you have a Samsung phone, whether it is an old model or a new model, you most likely have some issues with it.


Samsung’s response to these problems has been to produce a wide range of mobile devices with high end specs. There are many different pieces of Samsung phone repair equipment that you can purchase to take care of your Samsung S devices. The choices for Samsung phone repairs start with battery replacement. You can find Samsung battery repair kits at nearly any retailer that sells Samsung phones. Simply schedule your Samsung battery replacement, Samsung screen repair, or other Samsung phone repairs at any phone-service store near you or online now.


Other Samsung phone repairs include charging ports, headphone jacks, and USB ports. A Samsung Galaxy repair expert can also help you with any wireless device that you may have purchased from Samsung. There are all sorts of Samsung’s to choose from, including some of their most popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S and the Samsung galaxy note series. When it comes to Samsung’s, you will not be short on options. Samsung repair technicians are trained to handle all of the major pieces of Samsung technology including their newest generation of mobile devices. Samsung technicians are also trained to replace screens, back up memory, batteries, and even their famous Gear connect mobile app.


If you are not a tech-savvy consumer and do not want to take the chance of paying extra at official Samsung service centre, there are many mobile device stores online that offer Samsung repairs at affordable prices. Samsung mobile repairs are offered for a wide variety of their newest mobile phones including Smart phones, tablets, and even some of their older models. While Samsung does not manufacture its own smart phone models, they do produce one of the best-selling smart phones in the world. With a Samsung smart phone repair, you will receive the same high quality service that you would get from any other Samsung phone store including fast, friendly service, quality parts, and Samsung warranty replacement. note 10 samsung repairs here.


Samsung smart phone repairs can be scheduled for a quick pick up or if you need your phone repaired immediately, you can have it repaired as soon as you arrive at our store. Samsung technicians are committed to providing their customers with the highest quality of service. Samsung technicians are very familiar with all of the features that are featured on their new and old Samsung phones. Samsung is also known for providing their customers with a large selection of models from which to choose. With so many different Samsung phone models available, it is easy to find the perfect phone to fit your personal needs and Samsung technicians are ready, willing and able to help you find the phone that will work best for you.


Samsung phone repairs are affordable and can be handled by Samsung technicians located in most cities throughout the (your country). If you live in an area that experiences high moisture, Samsung technicians can also help with cell phone repairs after a water damage. If you live in an area that has no Samsung cell phone repair shops, you can go online and enquire for the nearest repair store. Samsung is one of the leading makers of cell phones and its popularity continues to grow every year.

Common Laptop Repair Problems

Let’s face it, laptops are expensive machines. As such, there is always the risk that one of them will break down and need laptop repair service. When it does, you will need to take it in to the repair shop. However, how do you know what to expect from the laptop repair service facility? Here is an article, which will hopefully outline the most common laptop repairs and where you are able to get yours fixed.


The most common problem associated with laptop repair service centres is when the laptop malfunctions after few months of purchase. This can be due to a software issue, a hardware issue or perhaps malware on your system. If this is the case, then the first thing you should do is contact the official service centre. It is possible that they have a special repair service for laptops only, although these tend to be very expensive. You can ask around in your area for a local guide on how to solve common technical issues that often occur with new laptops. In many cases, their local guide may also provide an email address of someone who can be reached at anytime for emergency support. common laptop repairs done here.


If you want to save some money on laptop repairs, you can try to fix the laptop yourself. For many people, this might be the best option as you can determine if the hardware is working properly. However, it is important to know the basic components of a computer and how they work before attempting to replace the motherboard, hard drive or memory. In many cases, people who perform self-repair are actually better equipped to handle data recovery problems, so they might be worth consulting a professional first.

One more common laptop repair shop problem is when they cannot fix the problem with the laptop’s battery. Most of the time, this problem is easily solved without taking the machine to a professional service provider. The most common cause is a low charge in the battery. This can usually be fixed by simply connecting the laptop to an alternate source of power. If the battery is still not charging, it could indicate a serious problem with the laptop’s motherboard, so it is important to contact a service provider right away.


Another very common issue with laptops is the appearance of a blue screen. If this occurs, the hard disk or other major component of the laptop needs to be replaced. In many cases, replacing the hard disk or other hardware is going to be more affordable than having the entire laptop repaired. To fix this problem, all you need to do is disconnect the laptop from the power source and then try to locate the source of the problem. In many cases, replacing the hardware will fix the problem and your laptop should start working again.


When hardware problems occur, it is very important that you take immediate action. Laptop repairs are only possible if the malfunction is diagnosed by a professional, so do not skip this step. Even if you feel confident that you handled the problem yourself, it is still better to have the laptop tested to ensure that you did not do anything wrong. Testing the unit to ensure that the problem is not hardware related is an excellent idea. It can cost you a lot of money if the unit does not function properly after a successful hardware replacement.

Basic Laptop Repair Services

It’s always bothersome, to seek for the right laptop repair service to have your device fixed within a short span of time. Most of the common problems associated with a laptop are usually associated with technical or software faults. But with professional service providers, you can be rest assured that any issue concerning your laptop will be dealt with immediately. The following is a quick and easy fix to the common problem of a laptop that goes for a power trip. affordable notebook repairs done here.


This is a very common occurrence in most laptop models. A lot of people experience a problem with their laptops when they attempt to charge it. The process is as simple as it gets and is usually accompanied by a sound. Before you get too excited over this particular issue, you must first realize that the issue will only last for a couple of hours or so before it goes dead. The laptop repair service that you’ll be seeking to deal with can easily handle the problem. This issue will require the immediate replacement of the battery.

Another common issue that people visit the laptop repair service centres is when the hard drive fails to function properly. This normally happens when there’s too much pressure placed on the disk drive due to too much activity on the laptop. The process to solve this issue is to simply remove all the additional components such as cache or other unused files that have been stored on the drives. This is done in order to allow the machine to read the files correctly. You also have the option to replace the drive with another one that offers better compatibility such as an SSD. The technicians working for the service provider will be able to give you all the relevant information regarding how to proceed.


The third most common issue that you will encounter with laptop repairs is when your screen is not functioning properly. This problem can also be caused by a variety of issues, including virus or spyware infections. The first thing that you have to do is update your antivirus software so that it can detect any viruses or spyware programs that are currently threatening your laptop. You can also perform an automatic system scans to identify possible problems with your laptop. The technicians working for the laptop repair service centre can help you with performing these functions. However, it is highly suggested that you also update your antivirus and security software on a regular basis so that your computer is protected against all malicious threats.



If the LCD screen of your laptop is not functioning after a certain period of time, you may need to replace it with a new one. Our services will be able to provide you with all the necessary tools to replace the LCD screen. One of the major problems that people face with their laptops is the screen getting damaged due to the heat it is exposed to. In order to fix this issue, the laptop repair shop will recommend that you place a few extra papers beneath the laptop in order to protect the sensitive screen from getting damaged due to overheating. This will also help you to prevent the display from getting black and blue.


Another common issue faced by many laptop repair service centers is related to the lack of AC power. In order to resolve this issue, the technician will suggest that you connect a cord of AC power to the wall outlet instead of using it directly. The AC power cord will allow you to use the laptop without the blue screen effect and will allow it to operate normally even during overheating situations. Many companies will also provide the customers with various tips and tricks related to the AC power plug discharges and repairs.

Asus Laptop Repair Service

Choose BreakFixNow for your best in laptop repairs. It’s a good time-saving technique for busy individuals and for people who are very particular about their equipment. The company is one of the fastest in providing laptop repair and Motherboard repair services, in contrast with other companies.


Your laptop consists of many different elements like the battery, the hard drive, the CPU or the graphics processor. If your fan is dusty then we can do a professional cleaning. You also have the option to replace your fan and battery. If you’ve got a problem with your Wi-Fi connectivity, a common trouble for most laptops, then a quality Motherboard repair can be called for.


The main point here is that you get professional help when your laptop battery replacement needs to be carried out due to obvious reasons. Most times people want their systems working smoothly again without having to wait for the experts to get to work. BreakFixNow offers laptop battery replacement services in minutes, with your CPU and motherboard being ready for repairs in under 2 hours. Within 30 minutes, they repair laptops faster here.

One more point to remember is that it’s often better to choose the same company when replacing motherboards and RAM. Even though Asus laptop repair services and motherboards can be the same, you might find that your RAM’s are incompatible with your Asus machines after some time, so you’ll end up needing a new battery or motherboard. Again, by opting for the same company that provides you with both laptop repair and battery replacement services, you can save yourself a lot of hassle.


If you’re looking to buy your Asus laptop online, it might be worth checking out the company website first. Asus itself has its own support site, which can be accessed by logged in users. Here you can request and read troubleshooting guides and manuals on various different kinds of repairs, whether you need to do something regarding the graphics card, the hard drive, the processor or any other aspect of your machine. They also have a very helpful and comprehensive troubleshooting manual which is printed on premium quality paper. You’ll even find an extended warranty for Asus laptop repair, covering everything from the power supply to the screen if anything should go wrong. For some people, this warranty covers not just parts and labour but also the original purchase price of the unit as well.


Asus laptops can be repaired at the official service centre if needed but they’re usually quite pricey. It is much cheaper to get the services of a specialist such as Liquid XP or others in your local area. For example, if you live in Wisconsin, then it’s likely that you’ll find a Liquid XP technician at home. These guys are trained to handle all kinds of repairs on all sorts of Asus models, whether they’re liquid spill repair, need to replace the RAM or a damaged port.

Warranties and Support for Your Lenovo Laptop

If you own a Lenovo laptop, there is a good chance that you will need some form of laptop repair at one point or another. This can be as simple as having a dead battery replaced, or even something more complex such as a keyboard replacement. Whatever the problem, we’ve listed the best places for you to go when you need a repair. Just follow the steps listed here and you should be able to get your laptop repaired in no time.


Lenovo Laptop Repair Services: standard services are listed below. If your laptop doesn’t power on then it might require a new AC power jack. If your LCD screen is loose or has dead lines running through it then you probably only need a new LCD screen installed. These are two simple fixes that you can do yourself, but if you need more help or guidance, our technicians are available to help you with these problems as well. get your notebook & laptop repaired at BreakFixNow.


Common Service Addresses for Lenovo Laptop Repair: Our technicians are available to repair all of your laptop lcd screen issues. These include screen cracks, screen washing, cracked screens, projector failure, keyboard replacement, and motherboard damage. Screen cracking is the most common issue, our technicians encounter. If you crack your screen then most of our services include repairing a screen. Sometimes however it might be necessary to replace the entire screen, so make sure you let us know this issue so we can quote an accurate price.

Common LCD Screen Repair Service Addresses For Lenovo Laptop: Our services include LCD screen repair, including cracked screen repair if necessary, and keyboard replacement if necessary. Unfortunately the LCD screen is the part of your laptop that tend to break at the most, so if yours breaks we have a good selection of LCD to choose from for your replacement. If you have an older model laptop, we can also perform laptop recovery, which can sometimes be necessary. Recovery involves restoring your laptop’s functionality after a hard drive failure or other catastrophic event.


Warranty Info: Before you decide on any service, be sure to check the warranty details. While a Lenovo laptop repair service provider may offer support with some of their methods, many will not have a warranty. Before taking your laptop in for repair, be sure to ask what kind of support will be provided. Also take every precaution to determine what the cost will be for the service before taking your laptop in. Some vendors will charge extra for methods that you would already be able to perform yourself.


Data Recovery Services for Lenovo Laptop Repair: If you accidentally break your laptop’s screen, there are times when we can perform data recovery services for you. However, this is usually handled on a case by case basis. In all cases the laptop must be taken to a certified repair facility for broken LCD screen repairs. The cost varies and usually includes replacement of the LCD screen.


Precautions To Take Before Repairing Your Damaged Laptop


How professionals repair laptops? Let’s know more about it. We all are aware of the importance of a laptop in every individual’s life, whether we know them or not. They help us carry out our important work with greater convenience and ease. It is also a source of learning and entertainment.


Get in touch with our Professionals at laptop repair services BreakFixNow, fix common problems faced by laptops and desktops alike, including battery, processor, hard drive and optical disc problems. Get in touch with our experienced professional laptop repair company by just giving a call or dropping an e-mail. Understandably, the inconvenience of your laptop may be really frustrating for you and hence, you require a speedy recovery of your gadget once you experience this kind of inconvenience. Your work depends on you and it is always better to take precautionary measures to avoid any inconveniences. This is the best place to get your laptop fixed in singapore only at BreakFixNow.


Common Problems faced by laptop users include power cord damage. If your system is plugged in but not working, it is likely that the power cord is faulty. In most cases, when the plug is still in the socket and does not give any indication to power, it may be a sign of a defective power cord. Therefore, just by replacing the old broken power cord with a new one, it will solve your problem. It is not necessary that a new power cord should be bought since it is not essential. By just replacing the plug, it will make your laptop work properly again. If the display screen only shows black but the keypad is responding, then, it is a sign of a damaged screen too.

The main issue that affects all laptop screens is the tear caused by static electricity. This problem can also affect the keypad if it is not responding after hitting the power button several times. The keypad might need to be grounded using a metal wire or wire ties. On the contrary, the laptop keyboard might need to be unplugged but left plugged in until the screen starts working properly again.


Many people think that in order to replace the screen, you would need to buy a completely different model. But, it is not the case anymore. You just need to find out which particular screen has gone bad and is unable to function normally. You will be able to purchase a compatible screen from the market by just taking a note of its model number, its size and other specifications. In case, if none of the available screens are working properly, then you might need to replace the entire LCD screen panel.


The most common LCD repair can be performed by taking out a small number of the faulty pixels from the monitor. When you have done so, all you have to do is to place the repaired lcd screen in an appropriate spot inside the laptop. Now, all you have to do is to use the screwdriver to gently but firmly push the damaged pixels back in place.

Quick And Easy Repair Service For Laptops


Quick And Easy Repair Service For Laptops

Do you require laptop repair service at home? Is your laptop breaking down frequently? Few things can disrupt your daily life and your work and this may well include a damaged laptop. Whether you’ve accidentally overcharged the battery, downloaded a Trojan virus, or incurred hardware damage, come to us for a hassle-free laptop repair service.


Laptops are generally manufactured to be used with an integrated browser and a touch-pad, including Internet Explorer and Flash support. Most laptops also include basic software like MSN and Skype. Most brands of laptops available in the market today have built-in flash memory, a solid state hard drive, an inter-developmental language translator, a browser with integrated image support, and many more. Some manufacturers of computers offer customized options for their customers. If your computer has a virus get it fixed here only at BreakFixNow.


It is common for LCD screens to develop problems, such as burn-in, blue screens, and dead pixels. For laptop repairs, it is best to seek the help of professionals. The most common laptop replacement is a lcd screen replacement, which is usually available in different refresh rates, size, and price ranges. If only a part of it is damage, one has no option but to change the whole LCD screen.


Other laptop repairs include a hard drive repair, hard disk repair, optical disc repair, keyboard replacement parts, camera replacement parts, graphic card replacement parts, and WiFi card and modem replacement parts. It is not advisable to try to replace these components on your own. If these parts are not properly fitted to the laptop, it could result in damage to other important electronic components or could damage your laptop permanently. It is also not safe to remove the internal components without using the right tool. It is advisable to contact a laptop repair technician to do the repair.



If your battery is dead or the LCD screen, or the power switch has been tripped and the laptop has shut down, it is advised to seek immediate help from technicians. If the power or battery cables are damaged or torn, it could lead to short-circuit conditions, which could lead to loss of electricity or malfunction of all the computer components. Many times, when laptops are placed upside down by mistake or even because of mishandling, the hinges may come loose and come off. The wires may also come loose, and the keyboard might get stuck in the gap between the keyboard and the frame. It is not safe to try to open it up by yourself.


Many repair stores offer LCD screen replacement services. However, it is difficult to determine if the display screen is easily repaired. If you see any signs of physical distortion, lines in the screen, spots, or cracks, or distorted pictures, it is best to contact the authorized service center for LCD replacement. Most LCD screens will only need to be replaced if it becomes cracked or the image is distorted. If the screen can be easily repaired, and there are no defects, the cost will be minimal compared to the cost of buying a new laptop.

Laptop Repair Services in Singapore


Laptop Repair Services in Singapore

Welcome to BreakFixNow Singapore, we offer emergency laptop repair service that is very flexible on your time schedule. We provide the most affordable laptop repair prices in the city. We provide services such as desktop and notebook repairs, screen repairs, optical and hard disk repairs, laptop battery replacements and upgrades and more. We have experienced technicians who are always ready to give support at affordable prices.


If you are looking for a dependable and professional service provider, then look no further than our office in Singapore. The services offered are backed with unbeatable customer care services. You can pick up the phone or send an email to solve your laptop problems at the best price available.


We are the one stop shop for all your laptop repair services. From new and replacement batteries to hard drive replacements and other electronics repair we carry most of the brands like Toshiba, Sony, HP, Samsung, Asus, Lenovo and several others. We specialize in providing services for all brands and with a lot of creativity. Our expert technicians will suggest the best solution for all your laptop related problems. We guarantee to resolve all your technical issues in the shortest time possible. This is the laptop repair servces done cheaper only at BreakFixNow.

There are many benefits when choosing a right place to fix your laptop. There are many service providers in Singapore who can offer services at competitive rates. But we offer services at the best prices with our expert technicians who have a lot of experience. We can fix any type of electronic device with in 2 hours without any hassles.


Most of the common problem that people face with their laptops and PC’s is slow performance, power problems, software bugs, blue screens, internet connection failures and so on. These technicians fix all these problems at the earliest to provide you optimum satisfaction. Many of the technicians use the latest and advanced tools and equipment to deal with different kinds of laptop issues. They can perform a variety of diagnostics and repairs which can sometimes include replacement of batteries, software updates, hard drive replacements and so on. We can provide free online tech support to answer your queries related to all your laptop repair services for your personal computer.


We are just an hour away from the capital. Our technicians will offer services at reasonable prices and within the shortest period of time. We are committed to serve our customers with the new quality one. So if you want to fix your laptop, mobile phone, PC or any other electronic device, then don’t think twice but just contact us. Best services are waiting for you!

Trade-in: The Ultimate guide to maximize your used phone’s trade-in value!

Trade in

Here we present a guide that offers all the tips and tricks to get the maximum trade-in value out of your used phone.

The following guide will help you to maximize the trade-in value of the phone you have used.

Five Main Points: An ultimate guide to maximize your used phone’s trade-in value.

  • NEVER ever throw away anything that comes with the new phone.

Always keep all your accessories even if you have no use for it!

  • Use the correct tempered glass and phone cover to protect your device.

Use full-cover tempered glass and silicone covers. Your Gorilla-screen is not scratch-proof, so that your phone’s screen is safe and secured.

  • Keep track of your used phone’s warranty period.

A phone with valid warranty is worth a lot more and you should always keep it.

  • Sell your phone before your competitors do.

Sell your phone ASAP, before your competitors flood the market with the same phone model.

  • Compare vigorously to sell your phone at the maximum trade-in value.

Compare using Google search engine, call to inquire fully, and you can even sell on Carousell platform if you have time.

  1. Singapore’s trade-in rates in the world
  2. Is it safe to trade in my used phone to neighborhood mobile phone shops?
  3. What are the Benefits of phone trade-in to resellers like BreakFixNow?

  4. Secret money-saving tips to maximize your used phone value
  5. Five points that can help to maximize your used phone’s value

  6. Conclusion ~ WhyBreakFixNow?


The guide aims at providing you all the information regarding how you can maximize your used phone’s trade-in value. While new smartphones being introduced every year, there are many who trade in their used phone. Trade-in of used phones is trending in Singapore because of the discounted bundle prices at telcos such as Singtel, Starhub, and M1. These telco plans typically come with a 2-year contract. We’ll also discuss how your iPhone values evolve over time and the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of potential buyer.

What is mobile trade-in?

Singapore’s trade-in rates in the world

Singapore has one of the highest trade-in rates in the world. According to the reports released in April 2018, the global average is only 12%. Singapore’s second hand market selling smartphones is one of the liveliest used-phone market in the world, with 25% of all smartphones sold in the market.


Is it safe to trade in my used phone to neighborhood mobile phone shops?

YES, of course! Contrary to widespread myths, trade-in used phones at handphone shops is a widespread practice. Everyone does it, and at BreakFixNow, we provide a fuss-free experience for everyone. And, it is very much safe to trade-in your used phone to the neighboring mobile phone shops. Everyone does that, and at BreakFixNow, we provide a fuss-free experience for everyone.

What are the Benefits of phone trade-in to resellers like BreakFixNow?

  1. No Privacy Issue.
  2. No need to assume responsibility after the deal.
  3. Receive cash on the spot.
  4. You can even trade in your broken phones.

Secret money-saving tips to maximize your used phone value

Is it worth to trade-in your used phone for an upgrade? Definitely! You just have to follow these secret money-saving tips, and you will find yourself paying little to no money for your next upgrade.

Disclaimer: The “free” upgrade refers to re-contracting your telco plan.

READ: Miscellaneous: How to get best value when trading in NEW phones?


  1. Never throw away anything that comes with the new phone

People often do not keep the accessories that they get with their new phones. This is because most people are not aware that the things that you get with a new phone are very important for maximizing your phone’s trade-in value. For example, carriers will prefer to have your original charger but may not care about the box when you trade in a phone. Because every accessory that comes with your phone count. Retailers deduct a chunk off the trade-in value if there are missing items, and that will ultimately affect your phone’s trade-in value.

Though it totally depends on the buyer how much amount will be deducted for your missing items, but as a guideline, it varies from $5-$20 per missing item. Hence, it is wise to always safe-keep the box and all of its contents to ensure a maximum trade-in value of your used phone.

Trade in

  1. Keep your phone protected by using the correct tempered glass and phone cover –

Tempered glass

The physical condition of your phone matters the most, it has the biggest impact on its trade-in value. A little scratch on your phone can also reduce your phone’s trade-in value very badly. Therefore, it is very important to keep your phone’s physical condition safe and protected from all kinds of shocks, bumps and external forces that can result in breaking of your phone. For protecting your phone and keeping in the best possible state, it is very important for you to use the best protective products for your phone.

  • You can use Gorilla-glass phone screen to protect your phone from scratches, but the gorilla glass only protects the screen of your phone from scratches for about 3 months only and after that, it does not provide much protection.
  • You can also use better-grade tempered glass for providing better protection to you phone. Hence, the wise choice is to buy a “full-cover” tempered glass. This full-cover tempered glass covers the whole screen including the edges, which basic protectors don’t. It may cost a little more price than others, but it is worth buying.
  • Use full-cover silicone phone casings. Also, silicone casings (also known as TPU, or soft covers) which cover all sides of your phone is recommended. A silicone casing does not leave physical marks on your phone, and thus, your phone looks the same as new for a much longer period of time.
  1. Keep track of your used phone’s warranty period.

A device under warranty will have a higher trade-in value. It offers the next user a peace of mind in case of defects. Hence, tracking the warranty period will help. Thus, it becomes very important for you to keep the track of your used phone’s warranty period, if you want to maximize your used phone’s trade-in value.

  1. Sell your phone before your competitors do so.

Selling your phone before the next generation is launched can let you have high value for your phone. Because then, people will be interested in the product more and thus will buy it at the most reason able cost. Also, you must try to sell the phone when the phone is under warranty as it helps in maximizing the value of the phone. We advise doing the buying and selling ASAP. This helps you sell off your phone before your competitors. Remember, you are not the only one upgrading to the latest iPhone, Huawei or Samsung phone. The longer you delay, the more competitors you have. It will become a rat’s race to sell your phone, due to the abundance of alternatives.

  1. Compare vigorously to sell your phone at the maximum trade-in value.

Firstly you should do market research and gather a list of shops and contact them first. If you have any doubts, make sure to ask. Most shops welcome such inquiries. And then understand how each shop assess your phone, working hard to inquire with multiple shops will help you to understand better, giving you a clear idea of the maximum trade-in value for your used phone. As a consumer, it is important to ask carefully about the terms and conditions to prevent misunderstandings. You can also find a reputable store to trade-in your used phone that will be a great option for you to get a genuine amount or value for your used phone.

Conclusion ~ WhyBreakFixNow?

At BreakFixNow, we are accredited by CaseTrust. We provide transparent pricing tables with clear terms and conditions to tell you how much your phone is worth. Click here for more information on BreakFixNow’s trade-in prices.

If you want to sell your phone by your own, the best platform for you would be App. You can use the app for selling your phone by yourself.

However, we recommend selling on Carousell only if you have experience, or you are at least prepared to be patient. On top of that, your phone should be in mint condition without any defects. Otherwise, you will have a hard time selling your phone. It is better to sell your phone to shops for instant cash. You can find tips on pro Carouselling here.

Some tips to get maximum trade-in value for NEW phones.

  • Compare contract price and trade-in price.

When telcos introduce flagship phones, outdated models tend to plummet in price. To get the maximum trade-in value, must compare the price of re-contracting versus the buy-back value of all phone models. By doing so, you will get a better idea of pricing of the phones.

  • Do not “monkey-see, monkey-do”

It is not always true to choose the latest smartphone such as the iPhone XS Max. Depending on market demand, sometimes it’s better to get older models such as Samsung Note 9, over the newer models such as Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the iPhone XS Max.

To compare prices, head over to our trade-in page here and the re-contract price of the 3 major telcos ~ Singtel, Starhub, M1.

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iPhone 12 singapore

iPhone 12 has really become a mystery now and we are to tell everything that we know about the iPhone 12 so far and here is what everything we know that you should too!

  1. iPhone 12 Release Date
  2. Clearing Background Applications
  3. iPhone 12 Singapore Prices

  4. iPhone 12: Display and Design
  5. Notch

  6. iPhone 12: Colours

  7. iPhone 12: Camera
  8. iPhone 12: Specifications

Rumors and everything that we know so far.

iPhone 12 has really become a mystery now. We are to tell everything that we know about the iPhone 12 so far. So, we did not see the release of the iPhone 12 during Apple’s September event, but, we got confirmation another Apple event is happening on 13 October 2020 where Apple will most likely be revealing their new iPhone 12 alongside other products.

Various things have been heard about the upcoming iPhone 12 but not everything has been confirmed. The launch will be released virtually, due to the current pandemic and it is set to start at 10 AM PT, converted to 1 AM, 14 October 2020 in SGT. Although we confirmed the event is happening, Apple has yet disclosed any information on what they will be revealing. However, the new 2020 iPhone is so heavily rumored and fans anticipation is at its peak, so we highly believe this event is where we will see the iPhone 12 Singapore got revealed.

If rumors are to be believed, iPhone 12 exists in three models that is, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

On 25th September, tipster @DuanRui also shows three silicone case stickers (although a little strange because the ‘m’ in the moniker is a small letter case) that mentioned existence of the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iphone 12 singapore2

The numbers mentioned in the picture above depicts the size of the three models of the iPhones in inches. The iPhone 12 Mini is the odd one out there as Apple has never launched a phone with mini in the name, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest it might do so this year. Alternatively, we’d previously heard of an iPhone 12 Max which could land instead, but either way there will probably be four phones in the range.

The latest iPhone 12 models is expected to come with iOS 14 installed and 5G ready for it to be future proof. The 5G technology is slowly but surely expanding its horizon and mobile devices without 5G supports will be washed out of the market quickly. Hence, it is only wise for Apple to make sure the iPhone 12 series comes 5G ready since their new processor is powerful enough to handle the infamous 5G power chug.

Watch the following youtube video for the introduction of the new iPhone 12 –

iPhone 12 Release Date

Mainly, Apple releases the new devices during September. And as per their routine, Apple launched an event but the iPhone 12 is nowhere to be found. While everyone was waiting for the new iPhone 12 models, during the September event, Apple announced a new Apple Watch Series 6, two new iPads, other new services.

Apple event

Clearing Background Applications

A common mistake a lot of peo

Therefore, the wait is finally over now, as per the Jon Prossser’s tweet 13th October, 2020 is the most likely date we will get to see the release of the new iPhone 12.

According to Jon Prosser, the standard phones would apparently ship on the week commencing October 19. However, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max apparently won’t be up for pre-order or ship until sometime in November. So an exact new iPhone release date is still a little unclear at this time.

iPhone 12 Singapore Prices

Everyone is the waiting for the prices of iPhone 12. According to the leaks and rumors of the pricing of iPhone 12 shows that the prices of the new iPhone will be similar to the prices of the previous iPhone 11. 

Jon Posser’s tweet has given us an idea of the prices of the new iPhone 12. Jon Posser has tweeted the prices of the iPhone 12 on 30th April, 2020.

Jon Posser Tweet 30 April, 2020.

According to the tweet, we can expect 4 models of the new iPhone 12.

  • iPhone 12 ( 5.4 inch )
  • iPhone 12 Max ( 6.1 inch )
  • iPhone 12 Pro ( 6.1 inch )
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max ( 6.7 inch )

The models include an iPhone 12 Mini with a 5.4-inch display, which starts at $649 and will be available for preorder on Nov. 6 or 7 with retail availability of Nov. 13 or 14. The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 will start at $749 and be available to preorder on Oct. 16 or 17, with release on Oct. 23 or 24. Both models come with storage options ranging from 64 gigabytes to 256GB. The higher-end models include the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro, which costs $999 and include a telephoto lens with 4X optical zoom and a lidar sensor for depth tracking, similar to the new iPad Pros. Preorders reportedly begin on Oct. 16 or 17, with release on Oct. 23 or 24. The 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max will start at $1,099, and include the lidar sensor and a telephoto lens with 5X optical zoom.

ple make is letting their background apps run forever. Having too many background applications open at once can end up causing a lot of issues in your smartphone in general including slower speeds, slower response times, and then issues with other functions. If you happen to have a lot of background apps running at once, then you should clear them and see if that makes any difference.

You can take this a step further and opt for a soft reset as well to clear your cache and any leftover unnecessary data. You have to hold down your start and volume keys until the power of pop up appears. You will then drag it to the right and wait for a minute. You can then restart your phone and see if the Face ID feature can be used to unlock it.

iphone 12 price leak

There is also a rumor suggesting a 4G variant for the iPhone 12 release which is expected to come at a lower price point. However do take the rumor with a pinch of salt as the leaker doesn’t have great track of leaking.

Another leak from Kuo Ming-Chi, who is a very trusted source, stated in an article at Macrumors that all the new iPhone 12 models will come with 5G and a new OLED screen. Hence contradicting the leak by @OmegaLeaks. Comparing the two, the leak by Kuo is more reliable in terms of accuracy.

Omega Leaks Tweet

iPhone 12 Display and Design

iphone 12 display and design

Nothing has been yet confirmed about the design of the iPhone 12. Though, if the rumors are to be believed, the display and design of the new iPhone are significantly clearer than the launch dates of the iPhone 12. All these information is according to the rumors and leaks.

So, with Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who’s a very trusted source, being among those to say this, iPhone 12 will have a flatter metal frame than the iPhone 11 range. There are expectations that the rear part of the phones would be of glass and the corner edges can be squared and not rounded.

Exclusive! iPhone 12 design leaked. It’s Huge!

Watch the video on youtube – 

Highlights of the above video are:

  • Bezels that are 0.9mm thinner than on the 11 Pro Max.
  • Larger screen: 6.7in, compared to 6.5in.
  • Thinner chassis: 7.4mm, compared to 8.1mm.
  • Much smaller notch.
  • LiDAR sensor forms fourth element in square camera array.

The display size that has been leaked is:

  • iPhone 12 (Mini?) with a 5.4-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Max with a 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display

The above mentioned iPhone display sizes are leaked by Kuo in a research note obtained by MacRumors way back in December 2019. From the same article, we also saw that Kuo also expects all 4 new iPhones 12 will be using OLED instead of LCD. So, we can say that sizes are not really confirmed but from a various sources we have got these sizes.


The notch in the front of the screen that houses the selfie camera is also rumored to be slimmed down, although unlikely to disappear entirely in this generation of phone. The notch is rumored to be contains important sensors, those for Face ID, for example – and removing it would raise design problems, of course. Apple may go for a punch-hole design, which is a compromise of its own. But we feel that would be the worst of both worlds: an admission that the notch was a misstep, the loss of an iconic piece of design, and a failure, still, to actually provide a seamless all-screen design.

Though, Jon Prosser has also leaked in the design and display of the new iPhone 12:

Jon Prossser Tweet on design and display

iPhone 12 Colors

We’ve had come across a rumor that as for the iPhone 12 colors, Apple will be bringing a navy blue on its top-end models. Also, according to the reports, the Midnight Green color that debuted on the iPhone 11 Pro sold beyond Apple’s expectations, so the company may also decide to keep that or it may be replaced in the lineup by this navy shade

iPhone 12 colors

iPhone 12 Camera

iPhone 12 Camera

The above image is by Phone Arena

iPhones have always been known for its camera. For the new iPhone a lot of rumors are there that the camera is going to experience a great change. The main change is likely to be the addition of a LiDAR scanner, just like we’ve seen on the iPad Pro 2020. There are a lot of leaks and rumors about the addition of the LiDAR scanner. According to sources online, the LiDAR scanner could only be made available on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max alongside a three-camera setup.

Watch the video for iPhone 12 Pro leaks –

Highlights of the video regarding the camera are:

  • Possible bigger megapixel count for the new iPhone 12 lineups
  • Sony camera sensor
  • Apple widening the Ultrawide angle lens by 35% to allow more light into the lens which improves night shots
  • Possible a Macro shot feature
  • Apple expanding night mode to all of its lens including the selfie cameras
  • Smart HDR improvement to Smart XDR, but it is stated that “Smart XDR” will not be the official name
  • Bigger battery on the Pro models

Apple has been constantly maintaining a 12MP sensor for its iPhones and not partaking in the competition to achieve massive camera megapixels. Samsung and Xiaomi have packed a whopping 108MP sensor on their flagships while iPhone resisted and instead focusing on enhancing their post-processing software and introducing bigger better sensors under the camera.

This is why we are skeptical about the inclusion of a 64MP. Considering Apple possibly taking part in the megapixel count race, we expect an increase to be around 16MP or a 48MP camera. There is no reason for Apple to bump to 64MP or even 108MP since their effort on providing a good post-processing software and a powerful sensor is proven to be effective.

iPhone 12: Specifications

According to MacRumors, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (also known as TSMC) – Apple’s exclusive supplier, confirmed the manufacturing of a 5nm chipset for Apple’s 2020 new iPhones. The new chipset known as the A14 chip will allow Apple’s new iPhone to be more powerful than ever and also more power-efficient.

The new processor inside will be capable of greater power efficiency, with six cores inside and a 16-core Neural Engine that’s twice as fast as before.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max reveals scores that are lower than the Snapdragon 865 Plus (the top Android chipset of 2020). That said, the scores are still good, and the iPhone 12 range is sure to be very powerful.

Below we curated a list of the rumored specifications of the iPhone 12:

iphone 12 specification

Wireless charging will also be available in the iPhone 12 – which is not surprising, what’s surprising is that according to ITHome, the iPhone 12 wireless charging will include a magnetic coil on the back of the device which allows the iPhone to snap into your wireless charger perfectly. This will reduce the headache where you put the device on a wireless charging pad and come back in a while just to realize that the phone is not charging because it is not aligned correctly. Below are some images from ITHome which shows the possible design and implementation of the said magnetic coil:

iPhone 12 specs

Separately, Kuo has warned that Apple’s 5G-ready handsets probably won’t offer 2×2 MIMO uplink as had previously been predicted, and rather than six amplifier they will have only one or two. This may only affect theoretical upload speeds, however, at least at launch: the carrier infrastructure is unlikely to support 2 x 2 immediately.

Check this subject in far more detail about ~ 5G iPhone rumors.


Conclusion- FInal Verdict: iPhone 12

So, the date of release of the new iPhone 12 is near and it is worth the wait as per the rumors and leaks of the gadget. Apple’s new iPhone models have always been exciting and the iPhone 12 will definitely too be excited about. We look forward to the rumored Apple’s first 5G iPhone ever, albeit we probably only be seeing this phone only in October due to the Covid-19 pandemic slowing down Apple’s supply chain.

Apple has always amazed people with its amazing gadgets always and we hope the same with the iPhone 12 as well.

To everyone who are confused that whether they should wait for the iPhone 12 or buy iPhone 11, waiting for Apple’s new model has always been worth. So, one should definitely wait and check what Apple has for us.

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iPhone Face ID Failure & What Causes It

iphone face id not working

Apple’s Face ID is one of the most secure ways of unlocking your phone with un par accuracy, but sometimes it may be unable to scan it properly and here is why

We all know that Apple is considered a pioneer in the world of smart technology and that they are largely responsible for making smart technology available to us. Apple created the blueprint for other tech companies to follow. Apple has since then, continued to be a pioneer of advanced technology and has created more gems like the Airpods. Another advancement that can be credited to Apple is the use of facial recognition technology.

iphone face id failure

We are all used to typing passcodes, pins, patterns, and our fingerprints as safety mechanisms for our phones, and all of these are of course working perfectly fine and have no faults in them as is, however, Apple decided to push things even further and introduced a facial recognition feature, also known as Face ID. Like the biometric detector, you basically save your face on your phone, and when you try to unlock your phone, you will need to show your face to the camera which will scan your face and then see if it matches the face it has saved in its system, and once it matches, your phone will automatically unlock itself. This is a way to beef up your security because if your phone does not recognize the face, it will either stay locked or require you to enter a security code. This also adds a very futuristic feel and eliminates the need to type when unlocking your phone.

Of course, this technology, like all technology is not perfect and does have its share of issues. Some iPhone users have complained about issues related to the Facial ID feature. We will be covering some of these complaints down below, so if that is something you are interested in, then this is the article for you.

iPhone Face ID Failure & What Causes It

Clearing Background Applications

A common mistake a lot of people make is letting their background apps run forever. Having too many background applications open at once can end up causing a lot of issues in your smartphone in general including slower speeds, slower response times, and then issues with other functions. If you happen to have a lot of background apps running at once, then you should clear them and see if that makes any difference.

You can take this a step further and opt for a soft reset as well to clear your cache and any leftover unnecessary data. You have to hold down your start and volume keys until the power of pop up appears. You will then drag it to the right and wait for a minute. You can then restart your phone and see if the Face ID feature can be used to unlock it.

face id issues

Configuration Issues

If your Face ID was working perfectly fine until you went ahead and customized the settings yourself, then you most likely have enabled an option that is preventing your iPhone’s Face ID from working. The best thing to do in this situation is to reset all of your settings and switch to default settings once again. If this fixes the problem then you know that the problem was somewhere in your configuration.


Require Attention For Face ID

This is a feature that you will find in your settings. This adds an extra layer of security since the True Depth camera of the iPhone activates itself to make sure that you are paying attention to your iPhone. This also leads to a failure to recognize your face if you are not looking directly at the iPhone camera, if you are wearing colored lenses, or wearing sunglasses. If you have this feature enabled, you can disable it and see if it makes a difference. The Attention Awareness feature can also be turned off to ensure that you do not have to look directly into your iPhone’s camera every time you need it unlocked. If tinkering with these settings does not fix your problem, then the problem probably lies elsewhere.

face id not available

Updating Your iOS Software

The iPhone X has mainly faced the majority of the issues related to Face ID and the newer models no longer face issues from the manufacturing end. If you happen to have an iPhone X and are facing issues related to the Face ID feature, you should see if you have updated your iOS software since Apple usually fixes these sorts of bugs in their software updates so make sure to update your software. Even if you happen to have a different iPhone model, make sure to update your software because software related issues can also become a cause for issues in other iPhone features.


Correct Setup Procedure

You have to make sure that you are setting up the Face ID feature correctly. To do that you have to be sure to follow the instructions correctly; this includes making sure that the lens of your iPhone’s camera is clean, keeping the phone in portrait mode, making sure to keep a little distance between the camera lens and your face, and making sure that your entire face is visible to the True Camera Lens. If you have followed all of the steps correctly and still notice issues then the problem might be elsewhere.


Manufacturing Fault

In some cases, you have done everything correctly and you still find yourself facing issues with your iPhone’s Face ID. In this circumstance, there is a likelihood that there truly is a problem with your phone on the manufacturing end. If you have tried everything else, then you can assume there might be a manufacturing fault. In this case, you can try to get in touch with Apple’s customer support service and see if they get back to you. If you happen to have an actual Apple resource center near your location, then you can take your iPhone to the resource center and have one of the experts look at it and then tell you whether or not it is an issue on the manufacturing end or if something else might be causing the problem here.

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iPhone Weak Wi-Fi Reasons

iphone bad wifi

A weak wi-fi can cause a lot of distress when we live in a moving network and sometimes your iPhone can have weak wi-fi signals and here are the reasons why

None of us anticipated just how much our lives would change after Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPhone back in 2008. This is when we all entered a new era, namely the era of smart technology. After the iPhone was sold to the public, people recognized how much this would change their lives for the better. It was now possible to contact and connect with people from around the world since this phone could house multiple social media applications. Checking work emails, browsing the internet, making calls, and listening to music and everything else was now possible thanks to this palm-sized device that we can carry around.

iPhone Weak Wi-Fi Reasons

This is why Apple continues having a cult-like following simply because they are the pioneers of smart technology. Of course, this does not mean that iPhones are not free of faults. Several problems are considered almost characteristic of iPhones, and this includes battery problems, issues with charging cables, and limited storage space (this is no longer a problem with recent models). However, for the sake of this article, we will be focusing exclusively on Wi-Fi and connection related issues. A large number of iPhone users have, over the years, complained about issues with connectivity, and this includes trouble connecting with Wi-Fi and weak signals when connected with Wi-Fi. This problem was especially bad with the iPhone 6, but other model users have also complained from time to time about this issue.

If you happen to be an iPhone user with the same complaint or are just curious about what might be causing this issue then you are in the right place! This article is dedicated to the subject of connectivity issues, what might be causing them and how you can go about possibly fixing them.

weak wifi

Phone Model

The iPhone 6 has really bad connectivity issues and this is believed to be a manufacturing issue. So if you happen to own an iPhone 6, then you should consider switching out and opting for a different model. The iPhone 6 also happens to be a relatively old model as well, so you are already missing out on some things and your iPhone has likely slowed down as well since Apple has admitted to doing that to old models every time a new one is launched. So this is a failure on the manufacturing end, and switching to a different model will help you in this situation.


Connectivity Issues

This seems simple, but when facing connectivity issues, there are many things you can try and this includes and is not limited to

  • Turning your phone’s Wi-Fi off and then on restarting it.
  • You can go to forget the network and then reconnect to the same network by entering the password again.
  • You can restart your iPhone and see if that makes a difference.

These are the simpler solutions that you can try and see if they make any difference. If none of these solutions end up working for you, one last resort would be to simply factory reset your iPhone and see if that proves to be useful or not.


Case Interference

This is not a common cause behind slow Wi-Fi speeds or connectivity issues but sometimes our phone’s cover can become a source of interference. This happens when your cover is made of unconventional materials or if it is blocking the antenna or Wi-Fi signal receiver. One quick way to check this theory is to simply remove your iPhone’s case and see if that leads to any difference in your Wi-Fi speeds. If you do notice a difference, then your cover might be the cause of the problem here. Simply switching your case here will resolve your issue.


Contacting Your Internet Service Provider

There are instances where the fault does not necessarily lie in your phone. The problem can be coming from your Internet service provider (ISP), so this is where you will have to call your internet service provider and ask them if the issue here might be coming from their end. This is, of course, only the case a handful of times, but if you have already exhausted your options then there is no harm in calling and asking them.


Signal Interference

This is a problem that occurs in neighborhoods or other areas that happen to have a lot of other Wi-Fi devices nearby. Your iPhone is technically designed to latch onto strong Wi-Fi signals, so if you live in an area where you are surrounded by different Wi-Fi signals and devices, the interference can end up affecting your Wi-Fi connection since your iPhone will be trying to switch between different Wi-Fi channels because it is trying to figure out which one you might need at the time. To resolve this issue to an extent, you can try moving your Wi-Fi router to a different position or area where you know you will not be facing disruption from strong neighboring Wi-Fi signals.

iphone weak wifi

Updating Your iPhone

This usually seems like an afterthought but your iPhone can end up creating issues over time if you do not regularly update it. So, if you happen to have any pending iOS upgrades, we strongly recommend opting for them to see if your problem gets resolved. Usually, an update comes with fixes for different bugs and problems that users might be facing, so this can end up potentially fixing your problem for you.


Router Problems

This is not a common cause for this problem but sometimes your router is the cause of the problem. Your router could simply be transmitting weak signals, and you can check this out by seeing if other devices are also facing weak connection or connectivity issues. If this happens to be the case, you can borrow another router, set it up, and see if the other router is transmitting better signals. If this happens to be the case, then you know the source of the problem and how to fix it now. In case it doesn’t work, you can look elsewhere.

router problems

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iPhone 12 Release & New Features

iPhone 12 Release & New Features

The iPhone 12 event is right around the corner and here is what you should know about the latest features and the official release date of Apple’s Flagship Devices

rom everything we have looked at so far, the iPhone 12 is looking to be one of the more promising devices available in the market. However, that does not mean that the rumour mill is going to stop any time soon. We are aware of the fact that the phone is going official thins month, Apple being Apple, there are a lot of details about the iPhone that are still hidden away from the general public, and due to that, we have to be certain that we are prepared for what’s in store for us this time around.

At the same time, it is important to understand that there is a chance that Apple might not announce the iPhone 12 at all and instead, Apple goes with the iPhone 11s series. To some, it might sound like a strange move but if you have been following the release patterns of almost all the iPhones, you will realise that this is exactly what Apple is known to do, in the first place.

Whatever the case may be, industry insiders tell us that Apple is planning on launching 4 iPhones this year. Which means that just like last year, we will have two models that are more centred towards the general public, and two options that will be suited better for people who are looking for more intensive tasks.

With that out of the way, before the announcement goes official later this month, we have a lot of speculations waiting for you. Therefore, we are going to curate everything in a single article. This will help quench your thirst for the upcoming iPhone 12 or 11s series.

iPhone 12

Release Date & Availability

There is no shortage of news and speculations so far and for all the right reasons, to be honest. We have heard a lot of rumours so far. However, it is important to understand that the phone is indeed going official this month. Apple releases their phones in September. However, this time around, the tipsters have told us that the iPhone 12 might be delayed by a few weeks due to the early impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems to be valid.

Moving onto the second question that a lot of people have and that relates to the pricing and availability. Well, it is already a fact that the new iPhones are not going to be cheap. However, that does not mean that you will be spending all your money on them. As a matter of fact, the new iPhones are tipped to cost just as much as the iPhone 11 series did, and the older series will be discounted. Additionally, it is important to know that there are going to be four models in total, which means that there is going to be something for everyone in a number of price brackets.


iPhone 12 Features

We can assure you that as far as the features are concerned, the iPhone 12 is not going to be a slouch. This is something that should not come as a surprise to anyone because we have seen a lot of amazing phones in the market in the past years and this is just as good in almost every regard when it comes to features.

However, this time around, Apple will have to put up a fight because 2020 brought about a lot of impressive devices with a lot of impressive features. Everything from great cameras to super-fast and responsive screens to huge camera bumps, and massive batteries.

This is the year where Apple simply cannot introduce a few basic features and expect everyone to buy the phones. Now, we are already aware of the fact that the iPhone 12 series is going to sell well, but still, having good features is just as important as anything else.

iPhone 12 Release

Better FaceID & A Possible Fingerprint Reader

With the release of iPhone X a couple of years ago, Apple ditched the TouchID for the higher end models and replaced it with FaceID, a proper facial recognition system that only got better with time. However, this time around, there are chances that the iPhone 12 might debut with not just one but two ways of using biometrics to unlock your phone.

The improved FaceID is already going to be there, and there is no denying that. But we have been hearing news about how Apple might also bring Qualcomm’s ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor, as well. Which means that this will be the first iPhone to offer both methods of unlocking, and that could potentially drive up the cost, as well.

iPhone 12 Cameras With Improved Sensors

There is no denying that iPhone cameras are hailed as some of the finest in the market, and that has not changed a bit over the past years. However, with ever new iterations, we are seeing improved camera sensors, and this year is no different.

The iPhone 12 is said to have better cameras with improved sensors, and perhaps a couple of new sensors, as well. It will sport the same camera layout, but the speculations point to an addition of 2 more sensors.

iPhone 12 New

High Refresh Rate Display

Last but not the least, one of the highly sought after features for this year’s iPhone is going to be the higher refresh rate screen that will definitely make a lot of people shift over. Ever since I started using a phone with higher refresh rate, using anything below that has become almost impossible and I can tell you, Apple is planning on introducing a 120Hz refresh rate panel on their new iPhone.

Although we have heard that the higher refresh rate panels are going to be limited to the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. But until the official announcement is here, we cannot say how it is going to play out. The only thing that we are certain is that the phone is finally going official this month and from the looks of it, everything points towards a pretty interesting device, to begin with.

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Laptop Overheating Issues

Laptop Overheating Issues

Laptops can easily overheat if it does not get enough room to exhaust the internal heat out besides here are some other reasons why your laptop is overheating

For anyone who works on their laptops a lot, it is safe to say that one of the most painstaking experiences is when your laptop starts overheating. With your desktop computers, it is not that big of an issue but when a laptop behaves that way, things can become complicated and you might not like the overall experience as you have to take care of things in an extensive way rather than shifting things around just a bit to see how it affects.

Now the good news is that overheating of any magnitude can be dealt with some care and smarts and if you know what you are looking at, you should not have any problems coming in the way, at all. In this article, what we want to do is look at some of the laptop overheating issues, and we are going to try and sort them out too.

That way, the users will have an easier time understanding the implications and how they can be handled, in the first place. We are going to take a look at some common reasons why the laptop need repairs heats up and possibly talk about a solution too because that is just as important and we don’t want to ignore anything.

The Laptop Vents Have Been Blocked

One of the common reasons why a laptop starts overheating in the first place is mainly because of the laptop vents being blocked. Now I know that the chances of this happening might sound rare and one in a million but in reality, this happens all the time and the best way out of this is by making sure that you are not only performing routine maintenance, but you are also taking care of other details like ensuring that the place you are using the laptop in is not as crowded with dust as some of the other situations. The cleaner you look for, the better it is going to be, in general, and therefore, a better experience, overall. It is all about being certain that you are not dealing with some other issues that could come in the way.

Laptop Overheating Issues 2

High Ambient Temperature

Yes, this sounds like this cannot be a problem but in reality, this happens all the time. Especially if you are in a room where the ambient temperature is higher than usual, you are more likely to face such issues, and in all honesty, it would always be advisable that you are avoiding getting into such situations or if you are not willing to, you can simply just go ahead and install a laptop cooler. The notebook repairs shop in Bugis can diagnose and tell you what is the issue.

Incorrect Placement

Over the years, I have realized just how important laptop placement is. Every time I am using the laptop and it is placed on my bed or on a blanket, the fans struggle to keep the temperatures in control. Now the good news is that my laptop does not have a lot of output when it comes to power, which means that it does not heat up a lot. However, the same cannot be said about other laptops that are available in the market.

Especially the gaming laptops that have become a lot more powerful over the years and at the same time are known for outputting too much heat. If you are using the laptop on awkward locations, I would highly advise against it.

The Laptop Fan is Dying

It does sound like something that is not a commonality, but there is nothing special about a laptop fan dying. I cannot recall the number of fans I have seen dying and although this is not something that is going to be expensive stuff you still need to know if you are trying to troubleshoot.

Laptop fans normally don’t just die right away. There are a number of signs they give before they finally give in. For starters, the laptop fan might start rattling or spinning a lot faster. But since a laptop fan also is mechanical, make sure that there is no debris or dust stuck in the laptop fan.

Laptop Overheating Issues3

The Thermal Compound is Giving In

Another issue that a lot of people don’t really pay attention to is the fact that if your laptop is overheating, the chances are that the thermal compound is not optimally performing. Thermal paste is supposed to be changed every 2 to 3 years. So, if your laptop is within the given years of operating, and you feel that the overheating is getting out of control try getting it serviced and see if that helps. In most cases, it will work just fine after that.


How to Solve Laptop Overheating Issues 

Honestly, there is nothing spectacularly confusing about the whole idea of laptop overheating. The problem is a lot more common than one might think and in order to deal with it in the best possible way, you can take some precautions.

Below are some of the ways that can help you make the most of the situations and avoid getting into trouble because of heat-ups.


Regular Maintenance

One of the surest ways of avoiding any heat-ups is simply by getting your laptop regularly maintained. You can do it on your own if you have all the right tools or if you are looking to get the job done by a professional, that is also an option.

When you do bring your laptop for servicing, all the cleaning process gets rid of a lot of dust that eventually ensures that you will not run into problems that will only grow bigger, and therefore, will save your time. It is about being careful and this is one of the best ways of doing so.


Using It Properly

Your laptop is not built so you can throw it around because that is only going to create larger problems for you. The right way would be to simply perform regular maintenance so you do not have to worry about anything going wrong or out of the way.

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When Do You Need to Replace Your iPad Battery

When Do You Need to Replace Your iPad Battery

The iPad battery can wear out like any other battery and here is what you should know when it is time for you to change the older one and get a new battery

If you are in the market looking for a new tablet, it does not go without saying that the best one available in the market happens to be from Apple. Granted, there is always something that Samsung is doing and the new Galaxy Tab S lineup is a great way to go on an absolute powerhouse from Android but you have to understand that the sheer productivity options that are being given by Apple at the time of writing are always better and for a better experience, you cannot go wrong at all. If you want a good experience, that is the way to go.

Now, the important thing is that an iPad is just like any other device in the market that runs on battery, which means that as you use and spend time with the iPad, the battery of your device is going to deteriorate, and it will reach a point that you will not really have a good experience, and things can easily go wrong.

Therefore, it is up to you to ensure that you are aware of when is the right time to replace the battery of your iPad, or any other device, for that matter. The good news is that the process is not that difficult, which ensures that you can actually get away with doing it on your own.

However, if you are not sure how to handle something like this, we will always suggest that you are looking at hiring the professionals who are going to help you achieve the same.

When Do You Need to Replace Your iPad Battery2

How to Know It is Time to Replace Your iPad’s Battery

Now when it comes to changing the battery or understanding that it is time to change the battery on your iPad, things are a bit different. For starters, like some of the other Apple devices, you are not going to get any information on the battery health like you to get on an iPhone. Similarly, the iPads are also not going to show you the battery charge cycle counts. So, in most cases, you are left on your own that the battery of your iPad needs replacement.

Thankfully, after years of experience in the field, we have observed and curated a list of very commonly known signs that say “replace your battery”. These do apply to devices universally, so keep an eye out on these even if you don’t happen to have an iPad.

The Battery Timing Has Significantly Worsened

Batteries are generally complicating to understand. I remember this one time my phone’s battery sensor kept talking about how the phone’s battery is “too cold” to charge, and I need to wait for a while. What happened was an app was behaving maliciously. Therefore, uninstalling the app fixed the issue. Which is strange, to say the least.

What I mean to say here is that if you are suspecting that your iPad’s battery life is not the same as it used to be, there could be an app that is causing that. However, it is not always the case, as apps on iPads are normally not malicious, to begin with.

If you have been using your iPad in the same state as you bought it with only a handful of different apps, to begin with, and you are still noticing the change in your iPad battery life, then it is showing that it is time to start considering changing the battery finally.

When Do You Need to Replace Your iPad Battery

The Battery Level Drops Even When on Charge

Another very, very sure way of telling that your iPad battery needs replacement is if the battery starts dropping even when you are charging the device. However, this is not always the case with a bad battery as a bad charger can cause that, as well. But if your charger seems to be working fine on a different device.

Normally, this is called a trickle charge method, but if the charger is fine, then it should not be trickle charging at all. Therefore, it would be better if you get the battery tested to see if it is working fine and therefore, it would be ideal if you get it removed because that is an important thing, as well. After all, these things batter a lot in such situations and it is important that you know.

Unnecessary Overheating

I still remember back when I had this excellent Xperia T and it was a great phone overall. However, the phone would overheat unnecessarily. At first, I thought it is just something more powerful devices in the market do but it didn’t take me long enough to realise that there was something seriously wrong with the battery, and getting the battery replaced fixed it.

The same is the case with pretty much any device available in the market whenever you are experiencing a lot of heating up scenarios without actually using the device actively or putting them through their paces.

There is Bloating on The Back of The Device  

We have talked about bloated batteries before too, and truth be told, it is one of the most common ipad repairs issues that you will face whenever you are talking about running into the battery issues. We are not going to explain why the batteries bloat, in the first place. But if you are someone who is experiencing that the front of your iPad screen has started to pop up, it is a sure sign that your iPad needs to have its battery replaced and you should get to it right away, so you do not run into any problems that could come in the way. If the bloat builds too much pressure, the screen will be forced to give way and crack and it will be a more costly ipad screen repair.

Only Powers Up With a Charger

This is perhaps the given fact that your iPad’s battery is completely done for. If you are in a situation where your iPad only powers up with a charger, there is no denying that the battery has given up and it is better that you are working towards removing it because it will be ideal if you do that. Otherwise, you are only getting yourself in unnecessary complication and we don’t want that.

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When to Replace Your MacBook Pro Battery

When to Replace Your MacBook Pro Battery

The macbook pro battery backup is great however if you face battery issues or any other signs, here is when you should replace your macbook pro battery-

There is no denying that MacBooks are some of the finest devices available in the market and for all the right reasons. Whether you are looking for a true workhorse level of performance or you want something that is good for media, the laptops are available in a wide range of options, so you are never really left out when it comes to buying.

However, we are not going to talk about a buying guide. The topic that we are discussing here is a bit different as it is pertinent to the battery life or the battery replacement of the MacBook Pro, as we seem that a lot of people have no idea about this, to begin with.

Unlike Windows, macOS has a feature that tells you the battery cycles, which is something that should help you when it comes to understanding whether you need a new battery replacement for Macbook but more often than that, things are a little more complicated than that because when you are talking about that, you will need to understand that.

For starters, if the Macbook Pro battery has some issues going on, the battery could start deteriorating without the software showing any information on that. That is why we are going to talk about some of the signs that will help you understand when you should be replacing the battery of your MacBook Pro or just a MacBook as it applies to both, additionally, you can use the same method for pretty much any laptop or battery-powered device available in the market.

When to Replace Your MacBook Pro Battery2

But what is important here is that MacOS has battery condition status and understanding that status is more important than anything else. Because otherwise, you will just end up buying a battery without even needing it and that is not what we are going to go for, in the first place.

For your convenience, we have listed down the different condition states that a MacBook shows, so you know what you are going to do in a situation.

  • Normal: if the MacBook is showing this, it means that the battery is functioning the way it is supposed to be functioning.
  • Replace Soon: In such a situation, you will need to know that the battery, although is functioning the way it is supposed to be functioning, but does not hold the same level of charge as it used to out of the box.
  • Replace Now: This means that the battery is although functioning properly but the overall amount of charge it holds is significantly lesser than the charge it used to.
  • Service Battery: The battery has stopped functioning normally, and in most cases, you may not notice the change in the overall performance, but it would ideal if you take your MacBook for servicing. Using your MacBook for a prolonged time with the same status might end up affecting your computer’s performance, and that is not what we want, to begin with.

These are just some of the things that you must know in order to determine whether the battery needs replacing or not.

When to Replace Your MacBook Pro Battery3

Understanding The Meaning Behind Cycle Counts

Now the good thing is that MacOS is capable of telling you about the cycle counts, which are always helpful whenever it comes to understanding whether you need a new battery on your MacBook or not. For the majority of MacBooks available in the market, Apple has given an estimate of 1,000 cycles.

Now you might be wondering just what cycle count means, it basically means that using all the battery and charging it again. Every time a battery completely drains, the cycle goes up. Apple says that the batteries are designed in such a way that they can retain up to 80 per cent of their capacity at 1,000 complete charge cycles. So, you can actually expect that even after crossing the 1,000 cycle counts, your battery should be working just fine.

When to Replace Your MacBook Pro Battery5

What Are The Signs Your MacBook Needs a Battery Replacement

Now that we have taken most of the things out of the way, it is important o understand just when should one actually go ahead and change their MacBook’s battery. It is important to understand that you can do it on your own but still, there is no point in opening up your MacBook only to realise that the battery on your MacBook is still doing well, because that would make little to no sense and that is not what we are trying to do, in the first place.

For your convenience, we have mentioned some of the signs that tell you that your MacBook’s battery needs replacement.

The Battery Life is Not as Good

Over time, the batteries of our devices deteriorate, and there is nothing surprising about that. However, it is important to keep in mind that in most cases, you will be all fine and you might not even notice the difference. However, if the difference is noticeable to a greater extent, then, in that case, you will need to replace the battery as soon as possible.

Unexpected Shutdowns

Normally, when you are talking about a MacBook, the hardware and software work so well together, and the best part is that there are very few crashes whenever you are buying such a device. But at the same time, you will need to understand that when your MacBook is unexpectedly shutting down, there is a chance that there is something to do with the battery.

Especially when you have diagnosed everything about the MacBook and everything seems to be in the perfect working condition.

In such a situation, it would be ideal if you get to the replacement of the battery. So, you know that you are doing the right thing.

MacBook Does Not Power On Without a Charger

This is perhaps the worst-case scenario. If your MacBook fails to power on without a charger plugged in, then you should know that there is a sure chance of battery failure, and in order to save yourself from the trouble, you should focus on getting the Macbook battery replaced because it will be a very important factor.

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MacBook Blue Screen of Death

MacBook Blue Screen of Death

The MacBook Blue Screen issue is a very prominent problem with some devices but here is everything you should know about this bothersome problem

Being met by a blue error screen upon starting your device is never a good sign. In fact, most people are so afraid of this dreaded screen that they have begun calling it the “blue screen of death”. While it sounds quite serious, in most cases, it is not. The Macbook blue screen of death used to be a sign of dying or damaged hardware. Even today, it can be a bad sign, but fortunately, we have more ways of trying to fix it.

Today, we are going to take a look at how can one encounter the blue screen of death on their MacBook. And if they do encounter this screen, what can be done.

MacBook Blue Screen of Death

The MacBook is a pretty capable device. But just like any other electronic device out there, it cannot function if its hardware is acting up. A blue screen of death is caused by hardware that is acting up. It is basically an error message telling you that something is preventing your computer from starting up. In order to solve this problem, we need to understand what exactly is a blue screen of death.

What is a Blue Screen of Death?

The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is shown when your MacBook runs into a STOP error. This is a critical error that caused your OS to crash. When your OS crashes, the computer hangs and you need to restart your device. The BSOD can occur when you startup your device or when you are already using it.

Depending on your MacBook version, your BSOD will look different. However, the culprits behind this critical failure are always the same. The BSOD will ail your computer due to hardware failure, driver failure, or because of some low-level software causing trouble. Regardless of the reason, your MacBook will hang and you will have to either shut it down or restart it. But before it hangs, it will generate a crash report that you can check out if you are tech savvy. This report will be able to tell you what exactly caused the BSOD.

What Can You Do About It?

Due to this error’s name, a lot of people tend to panic when they see it. A BSOD does not always mean that your laptop motherboard is dead and needs replacement. In most cases, it is probably being caused because of some software problem.

When you run into this problem, you should carry out a small diagnosis. If you have recently installed some new software, it could be the cause of the problem. Or, maybe your device has recently been infected by malware. In order to diagnose a software issue, try starting your device in safe mode.

Your peripherals could be causing this problem as well. In order to check your peripherals, disconnect them from your device. For desktop Macs, you will want to leave the mouse and keyboard plugged in. After disconnecting your peripherals, shutdown your computer and wait for 30 seconds. Then turn it on again and check if your problem is resolved. If it still isn’t, you will have to do some more troubleshooting.

Apple accessories

Usually, starting your device in safe mode does the trick. It gives your MacBook time to resolve the problem that caused the crash. Startup in safe mode and then restart your device normally. If you’re met with a BSOD again, then you might have to update your Mac’s software. Start your device in safe mode once more and check if any latest software updates are available.

MacBook Blue Screen of Death 2

If your software is up-to-date, move onto the next step of your diagnosis. Go to your System Preferences and click on Users & Groups. Here, you will find your user account and the Login Items tab. Open this tab and take a screenshot of all the login items in it. After that, delete all of them. If your laptop fails to start even after this, then there is a chance that your startup drive is faulty. The startup drive is where your MacBook’s OS is stored. If it runs into trouble, your OS has difficulty loading properly. This causes it to crash and lead you to a BSOD.

MacBook Blue Screen of Death 3

A fault in your startup drive can be physical or software based. You can find hard drive diagnostic tools online that can check your hard drive for you.

You should note that your BSOD may not actually be blue in color. In Macs, the color of this screen changes from model to model. The BSOD on modern MacBooks tends to be greyish black instead of blue. Also, the MacBook has a number of different error messages that can appear when your computer crashes. And not all of them are BSODs. You should search the internet for whatever error message pops up before troubleshooting it. Knowing what an error message means can really make fixing the problem a lot easier.

Should You Be Worried?

Like we mentioned before, the BSOD does not always spell doom for your device. In most cases, it is a resolvable problem. But there is a small chance that it may actually be serious. The only way to figure this out is by diagnosing your device before jumping to conclusions. If you are not able to pin down the problem even after a thorough diagnosis, then you should consider taking your device to a professional.

MacBook technicians can diagnose your device for you and identify the root of your problem. And if they find a critical hardware failure, they can help you save your device. If your MacBook is under warranty, you can consider taking it to an Apple Store. They will repair or replace your device free of cost.

The BSOD is not as scary as it once used to be. But it can still be a cause for concern. Fortunately, we now have ways of resolving the problem on our own. Only in extreme cases you will have to take your device to an expert for further diagnosis.

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Samsung AMOLED Red Tint Problem

Samsung AMOLED Red Tint Problem

Samsung flagship devices use their best AMOLED screens which are sometimes susceptible to the infamous Red Tint Problem and here is what you should know-

Samsung’s AMOLED screen has always been fun to use. it has great colors, sharp image output and it’s quite energy efficient as well. The technology is so popular that a number of companies have been incorporating AMOLED displays in their phones. However, the AMOLED display on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 left fans a little disappointed. There were a number of complaints all over the internet about the S8 and S8+ smartphone’s AMOLED display having a red tint. The red tint messed with the screen’s color output and compromised the user experience of many customers. This weird tint was even more noticeable when compared with the screens of other flagships that the S8 was competing against.

Samsung AMOLED Red Tint Problem

To counter this problem, Samsung released an update that allowed users to manually adjust the RGB output of their screens. This update provided a fix for the red tint issue. However, installing this update will not automatically fix your screen. It will only give you access to new color adjustment options. You will have to go to these options through the phone’s settings and fine tune your screen’s output. Before we take a look at how can we do that, let’s discuss Samsung’s response to this problem.

Samsung AMOLED Red Tint Problem

What Did Samsung Have to Say?

The company faced a fair amount of backlash from the public. Their pricey flagship seemed to be defected and was definitely compromising user experience. The company responded by saying that this wasn’t a manufacturing defect at all. Samsung stated that the red tint was present because of the nature of the AMOLED screen being used on this phone.

However, Samsung’s statement wasn’t able to cover the fact that users were facing serious problems with their displays. Some people reported that the red tint in their screens was so visible that even adjusting their screen’s color settings wasn’t effective. Other users stated that the intensity of the red tint varied across their screens. Cases like these wouldn’t benefit from the color adjusting update at all.

If your S8 or S8+ has a visibly red screen, you can try making it better by adjusting your screen’s colors. This might not provide you with a complete fix, but it may help make the red tint more bearable.


Adjusting Your Screen’s Colors

In order to fix your phone’s display, you will have to go into your phone’s settings and adjust its white balance. Prior to the software update, you only had a few white balance presets that you could choose from. But after the latest update, you can actually tweak the intensity of each primary color in your phone’s display.


Here is what you need to do:

  • Open your phone’s settings and find the Display tab. Open this tab in order to access your phone’s display settings.
  • In here, you will find a tab called “Screen Mode”. Tap on it and you will be led to a number of white balance presets for your phone’s screen.

Samsung AMOLED Red Tint Problem3

  • Scroll down further and you will find a bar that lets you set the warmth of your white balance. Decreasing the warmth of your screen’s white balance will reduce the red tint.
  • If the color balance bar is not enough, you can scroll down further to access advanced display options. Select this and you will find sliders that will let you adjust the Red, Green, and Blue tints of your screen.

Samsung AMOLED Red Tint Problem4

  • The advanced options let you make finer adjustments. But bear in mind that adjusting your screen’s color balance manually can be tricky. You need to maintain a balance between the three colors in order to maintain normal colors. Simply reducing the red bar will make your screen look yellow. You will also have to tweak the green and blue bars.

The best way to do this is by placing another phone next to yours. Keep both screens on and adjust your phone’s color balance until it matches that of the other phone.

  • After you have adjusted the RGB balance to your liking, you can scroll down some more to find an option to adjust the Screen Edge Color Balance. Select this option and another color balance temperature bar will appear. Fiddle with this bar until your screen edge’s color balance matches with the rest of the screen. Bear in mind that adjusting your phone screen’s edges will restart your phone. Only do this if you don’t need your phone for a while.

Samsung provided a bunch of options that let people tweak the color balance of their screens. What’s nice about these options is the fact that users can carry out some really fine adjustments. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Samsung’s flagship phone was released with an obvious screen coloring problem. Not only was this embarrassing for the company, it was also unfair for its customers. Flagships have become really expensive lately, and the S8 and S8+ were no exception. Both phones had hefty price tags.

Hopefully, the screen color balance adjustment update resolved the problem for most people who were facing it. We do know that some of the more serious cases (with red tint blotches on the screen) did not benefit from this update.



The S8 and S8+ phones’ super AMOLED screen had an obvious red tint that annoyed a lot of customers. Despite the fact that Samsung stated that nothing was wrong with their screens, a lot of people were plagued with the red screen issue. In order to resolve the problem, Samsung released an update that allowed users to adjust the white balance of their phone screens. This update kind of provided a fix for the problem, but not for everyone. Some people continued to face the issue even after fine tuning their screen’s color balance. It goes without saying that phone manufacturers should be more responsible about how their quality control. Especially when they are ready to make such bold claims in their marketing campaigns and charge customers so much money for devices that lose their monetary value so quickly.

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Surface Pro Repair Specialists

Surface Pro Repair Specialists4

The Microsoft Surface Pro repair specialists who can fix any issues flawlessly without damaging the device and here are a few of these specialists-

The Microsoft surface pro is a pretty great device. It is powerful, versatile, and portable. In essence, it is everything that a laptop should be. However, just like any other laptop that tries to be lightweight and sleek, the surface pro is fragile. Its slim body is bad at protecting its sensitive internals from impact shock. It also does little to safeguard the screen.

Today, we are going to take a look at all the ways you can damage your surface pro. We are going to talk about the most common types of damage that this device sustains. We will also be discussing what can you do in order to reverse the damage.

Common Types of Damage


The Screen

The surface Pro’s sleek frame really catches the eye. This laptop is designed to be extremely portable. In order to reduce bulk, its design compromises on protection. If you take a look at its screen, you will notice that it has really small bezels. This design choice is more obvious in the latest surface pro models. Due to this, the screen is really easy to damage. The laptop’s screen can sustain damage if it falls down or gets hit too hard.

Surface Pro Repair Specialists

A broken screen can render a laptop useless. But fortunately, it is not irreparable. Broken surface pro screens can be fixed with new ones. This repair job will cost you a pretty penny, but it will also restore the functionality of your laptop.

The Keyboard

Keyboards are designed to be hardy. And the Surface Pro has a rather decent keyboard. However, no keyboard is able to hold up against water. Water damage is the most common form of keyboard damage. Spilling even a drop of liquid on the wrong place can end up compromising the overall functionality of your keyboard. When a keyboard gets damaged, you have to replace it entirely. You cannot get one or two faulty keys changed. Just like screen repairs, Surface pro keyboard repairs are straightforward as well. You can take your device to a certified technician and they will replace your old keyboard with a new one.

Surface Pro Repair Specialists 2

The Battery

The Surface Pro packs a lithium ion battery. These batteries will outright explode if they get punctured. Luckily, they are housed inside your device and cannot be damaged easily. But you can decrease their lifespan if you don’t take care of them. Lithium ion batteries have a lifespan that is measured in charge cycles. One charge cycle measures the power input and output of your battery as it goes from 0-100% and back to 0%.

Surface Pro Repair Specialists3

Constantly draining your battery places stress on it. It burns through the charge cycles of the battery faster. And as this happens, the overall efficiency of the battery declines. Given time, your laptop’s battery timing will decrease and you will find yourself tied down by its charging cable more and more.

An old or faulty surface pro battery can be replaced with a new one. Since the Surface Pro’s battery is internal, you have to open the device in order to access it. A skilled technician can replace an old battery fairly quickly.

The Speakers

The Surface Pro’s speakers can sustain damage as well. This device has two-speakers in its body. They can sustain damage for a variety of reasons. When a speaker gets damaged, its sound output will suffer or become non-existent. Fortunately, both speakers can be replaced with new ones.

The Charging Port

No matter how great of a battery a device may have, its battery does run out. In order to recharge the battery, you need a working charging port. The microsoft surface pro repair charging port can sustain physical or water damage. Yanking on the charging cable too hard could break its internal connections. A damaged charging port will not be able to supply power to your device.

This form of damage can be troublesome, but it is reparable as well. You can have your charging port replaced with a new one.

How Should You Repair Your Surface Pro?

In order to repair a surface pro, you need access to the right tools, spare parts, and also expertise. Most of us don’t have what it takes to work on our own device. This is why we would recommend that you find someone to fix your device for you. Microsoft has its own service centers where you can take your device and get it fixed. If your device is under warranty, you can even have it replaced with a new one.

Surface Pro Repair Specialists4

Microsoft surface pro repair centers are a good option. But they aren’t available everywhere. Surface pro repair services are only available in regions where the company offers official support. If your region isn’t covered, then you will have to rely on third party options, which isn’t a bad thing.

Third party repair centers are great for repairing devices. As long as you find a reputable lab, you will be able to get your device repaired quite effectively. A good thing about third party labs is that they are more affordable. And they also operate a lot faster than first party labs. Most repairs can be done within a day. A third-party repair lab can hand your device back to you on the same day. This is great since having to wait for your device to get back to you can be frustrating.


The Surface Pro is a beautiful yet fragile device. You can break it in a number of ways, but it is also easily repairable. In order to repair your surface pro, you should take it to a professional. If you’re someplace where you can access Microsoft’s official repair centers, then you should take your laptop there. However, if Microsoft doesn’t provide official support in your area, you will have to rely on third party repair labs.

Third party repair labs are more trustworthy than you may think. They can fix your device quickly and effectively. In order to find a trustworthy repair lab, you will need to do a bit of research.

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When to Change Your Surface Pro Battery

When to Change Your Surface Pro Battery4

The Surface Pro Battery can last a very long time but if you see that the battery is having issues, here is when you should change your surface pro battery-

The Surface Pro’s slim form factor, lightweight, and its performance make it an ideal portable workstation. The ability to turn the device into a tablet on the go is an added plus. But just like with every other laptop, the Surface Pro has limited battery time. Its battery is housed inside its body and it is an impressive one. The Surface Pro can dish out 13 hours of battery time on a single charge. This is an insane amount of battery timing.

While the Surface Pro’s battery performance is better than what most of its competitors, it still uses the same technology. It has a lithium-ion battery, and these sorts of batteries have a limited lifespan. As lithium ion batteries are used, they gradually lose their efficiency. And as they lose their efficiency, the overall battery timing of your device declines. Having an old battery can compromise the functionality of your device. This is why it is advised to have your battery changed when it gets old.

Replacing an old Surface Pro Battery with a new one is possible and also recommended. It can help restore the functionality of your device and also extend its lifespan. But how does one tell whether their battery needs changing or not? There are a few signs that you should keep an eye out for.

When to Change Your Surface Pro Battery

How to Tell Whether Your Battery Needs Changing


Your Surface Pro’s battery could need changing for more than just one reason. Lithium ion batteries can sometimes develop faults that compromise their ability to supply power to a device. And sometimes they just grow old and lose their efficiency. Regardless of what’s causing your battery to not work properly, there are a few telltale signs that you can spot.


Less Battery Time


This being the most obvious, a faulty or old battery will not be able to give you good battery time. If you find yourself running to your charging brick after every few hours, your battery is obviously not working as it should be. Windows 10 has a few in-built tools that you can use to diagnose the performance of your battery as well.

When to Change Your Surface Pro Battery2

Unstable Battery Discharging


Old and faulty Surface Pro batteries need changing. batteries aren’t able to store power very well. Thanks to this, they often end up discharging in uncertain ways. If your laptop’s battery jumps from 70% to 45% out of nowhere, your battery’s discharging capability is compromised. Unstable batteries can be a pain to work with since you never know when are they going to quit on you.


Battery Heating Up


It is normal for lithium ion batteries to become warm when they are being used. However, it definitely isn’t normal if they start producing excessive heat. If your Surface Pro’s body feels too hot without any reason, your battery is probably producing more heat than it should. This can be a bad thing because overheating batteries can increase the temperature of your entire device, affecting performance. They can also turn into safety hazards.


Charging Problems


An old battery will have a hard time storing power as well. Typically, older batteries take longer periods of time to reach full-charge. And their total storage capacity becomes compromised as well. Meaning that your old Surface Pro battery will be unable to store the amount of energy that it once could at 100%. This will lead to lesser battery time.

When to Change Your Surface Pro Battery3


Swollen Battery


Lithium ion batteries tend to swell as they get old. This swelling is dangerous since it makes your battery easier to puncture. And as we all know; punctured lithium ion batteries can combust violently. If your battery is slightly swollen, you may not notice it since it is housed inside of your device. However, more extreme cases of swelling can actually deform your device’s shape. If you feel that your Surface Pro’s screen or back panel are bulging, they are probably being pushed by your battery.


System Generated Warnings


Windows 10 has the ability to track your battery’s health. Your OS will warn you when it thinks that your battery is reaching the end of its lifespan. These warnings start off as prompts that you can ignore (but you shouldn’t). Once your battery reaches a critical stage, your computer might refuse to power on. You will be met by an error message alerting you that your battery isn’t able to supply enough power to your device.

If you are being pestered by battery life warnings, you should have your battery checked by a professional as soon as possible.


Random Shutdowns


Old and faulty batteries are bad at supply constant power to your device. Thanks to this, your device may shut down randomly when it is on battery. This can be annoying and frustrating since random shutdowns can corrupt data and make you lose progress. 


How Should You Change Your Battery?


If you’re having to deal with any of these telltale signs, you should get your battery replaced. Since the Surface Pro’s battery is housed inside of its body, changing it isn’t as easy as you may think. You need to disassemble the device in order to access the battery. The best way to go about a Surface Pro battery replacement is to take it to a certified technician. 

When to Change Your Surface Pro Battery4

Surface Pro technicians are easy to find. You can either take your laptop to a Microsoft repair center or to a third-party repair lab. They disassemble your device and replace your old battery with a brand new one. This will rid you of many problems that were making it hard to enjoy your device.

A battery replacement can help extend the lifespan of your device. Just make sure that you take your device to someone who knows what they are doing. An experienced technician will always have a reputation. They may also have a website where you can go to check out their reviews and their services.

Despite what many people think, third party labs are trustworthy. They have access to the right spare parts and expertise as well.

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DIY iPad Air Battery Replacement

DIY iPad Battery Replacement

You can easily replace the iPad Air Battery all by yourself by following our step by step visual guide and have a better battery backup on your iPad Air

We always recommend getting this done by a professional repair centre, but if this is something that you need to do yourself, we strongly recommend going through the following guidelines carefully and work smartly.

DIY iPad Battery Replacement Step 1

  • Safety always comes first so be sure to drain your iPad’s battery to avoid any mishaps since these are lithium-ion batteries.
  • You will require the services of an iOpener in this situation so place your iOpener in a microwave and heat it for thirty seconds and do not leave it unattended. You will find yourself repeating this procedure throughout the replacement process.
  • In case your iPad’s display is broken and you need repairs, you will have to secure it by tape to avoid possible injury during the process, and handle the LCD with care.
  • You now want to place the iOpener towards the left bottom side of the iPad, and let it be for a minute. You want to be mindful of the front-facing camera, the display cables, and the antennas of the device.
  • Use and place a suction cup on the heated area of the iPad, and make sure to get a tight seal. You then pull the suction cup upwards to separate the two layers.
  • You will now take an opening pick in the gap you created (being careful not to go too deep) and place it there.
  • If your iOpener is cold now, reheat it again.

DIY iPad Battery Replacement Open Screen adhesive

  • Take a second opening pick and place it with the first and slide it along the length of the edge of your iPad to remove the adhesive layer, and you want to do this along the edge.
  • You will now focus on the first pick and slide that upwards going to the corner of the iPad.
  • Take the iOpener once again and place it around the top edge area of your iPad.
  • You will again use an opening pick around the top corner of your iPad to deal with the adhesive layer. You will continue sliding the pick until you reach the camera because you do not want to get adhesive on your camera lens. You will instead slide the pick out and use the tip and slide it around the top area of the front-facing camera.
  • You will insert the prior pick towards the left of your camera and move it across the other corner of the iPad. You will not move these picks to avoid the adhesive sticking together again.
  • The heated iOpener will now be used on the area with the lock and volume buttons.
  • A new pick will then be inserted and this pick will be moved along the right edge of the iPad starting from the middle.
  • Your next concern is the display cables that are located around the halfway point starting from the bottom of your iPad, so you should ideally stop moving the pick when you get close to 4.5” staring from the bottom of your iPad.
  • Now place the iOpener on the area with the home button of your iPad.

Open IPad screen

  • The pick placed on the left lower corner will need to be moved along that corner. Once you have reached the end of the corner, you will then leave the pick where it is.
  • A new pick will be taken and it will be used to slice over the left-handed antenna but must be stopped before getting to the home button. This pick must move from the outer edge and directed towards the center of the iPad to avoid damage to the antenna.
  • Now use a new pick to slip into the right side of the previous pick. You will use the same procedure to deal with the right antenna as you did with the left using the new pick.
  • A new pick will be inserted towards the right-hand corner, and you will slide this pick towards the left and stop before the home button.
  • After heating the iOpener again and placing it along with the volume buttons, you should already have two picks that are lodged in the two corners. You then use the two picks to lift the display screen. Move slowly to remove the rest of the adhesive layer along the edge of the iPad’s display screen.
  • Do not damage or remove any of the display cables that are attached here. You can now place the replace the front glass of the ipad elsewhere.
  • You will now direct your attention towards removing the screws that are keeping the LCD intact (4mm and 4.8mm screws)
  • Only lift the LCD by the front-facing camera area as there are cables still attached. It should be lifted just enough to be grabbed by your fingers.
  • Lift near the camera again and turn over the home button end as if it were a book, and look at the cables as you flip over the LCD screen.

  • Lay the LCD screen face-down to see the display cables.
  • You will now remove the screw that secures the logic board and battery connector. A battery blocker can be used for added safety.
  • You will now remove the screws that are present in the display cable bracket. Gently wiggle the display cable bracket off the logic board.
  • Flip the tab that is present to move the cable ZIF connector up, and remove the cable out the ZIF connector, and then peel the adhesive holding off the rear case of the iPad.
  • Use a spudger to fit into the antenna cable and move to lift to disconnect the cable connector.
  • Leave all tapes a bit attached to help yourself when reassembling later.
  • Place pick between the antenna cable bracket and the speaker enclosure. You then push the bracket opposite to the speaker to clear all adhesive.
  • Now remove the right antenna present in the iPad, and then work on the speakers and removing them.
  • You will work on removing the antenna and then the front-facing camera connector, both from the logic board, and then disconnect the back camera connection from the logic board.

disconnect heapdhone jack

  • Then disconnect the headphone jack, microphone cable from the logic board.
  • Once the adhesive has been softened, remove from the logic board.
  • Use an opening pick to slide between the cable connector and case to remove adhesive.
  • Continue adding and removing picks around the length of the logic board carefully until you are sure that you have removed all of the adhesive surrounding the logic board and it can be safely removed.
  • The battery is now visible and you should remove the glue surrounding it using an adhesive remover.

  • You will now use the iOpener and cards periodically to loosen the battery from the adhesive layer at the rear case. You will use two cards and move them along the left and right tops and corners of the battery and then along the length of the battery.
  • Use the two cards positioned in the rear of the battery to help push and lift the batter up and out of the rear case of the iPad.
  • You should now be able to remove your old ipad battery and then replace it it with a new one. You will then have to apply adhesive and use it to reapply your new battery.
  • You will then work on reassembling the rest of your iPad, making sure to use adhesive, tape, and putting everything back in the right place before trying to turn it on again.

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Replacing iPad Pro Screen

replacing ipad pro screen

In order to replace your iPad Pro Screen, just follow these easy step by step visual guide and you will be able to replace the broken screen all by yourself

If your iPad’s screen has recently become broken or damaged, then you have probably found yourself in a messy situation. Of course, if the crack in question is a minor one then you can continue using our iPad without an issue. However, if the crack in question is a large or deep one, or if it happens to be a lot of shattered glass that has spread throughout your screen, then you have two options, you either replace the iPad completely or you have o op for a screen replacement. Now you can choose to either get the screen replaced b a professional, or you can just do it yourself.

In case you do not have access to a professional, then you have no choice but to opt for the replacement job ourselves. this is of course not the ideal scenario but it is still possible to be able to replace your iPad screen even if you are not a professional. In case you happen to be interested in learning about how you can replace your iPad Pro screen yourself, you can keep on reading below.

Your iPad’s screen is an entire glass panel on a sort of LCD screen. Now when you are replacing your iPad screen replacement done , you want to be sure to replace the entire unit in a single go. Of course, if you want the home button to continue recognizing your fingers, then you will have to be sure to save the home button as is, and then transfer it onto the replacement screen. Also a word of advice, you want to make sure that you have bought replacement adhesive because you will need it when you are assembling your iPad once again.

iopener ipad screen

  • iPads already happen to have a strong adhesive that keeps the screen and other components locked into place. To deal with the adhesive layer, you will have to separate it by heating and softening it, you can do this by either opting for the official iOpener or by using a heat gun or hairdryer depending on what you have at our house. you will have to constantly keep reapplying heat to make sure the adhesive is soft and melted enough to come off.
  • If you are using the iOpener, then you will just position it around the bottom edge of our iPad’s screen for a minute or two.
  • Once you have dealt with the adhesive layer, you need to bring your attention to the actual screen and work on removing the screen. In case your screen has a lot of glass shards, then you should cover your iPad’s screen with clear tape in order to keep the glass pieces and shards in one place. this is done for our safety. Once this is done, you want to put a suction cup near he home button and then press down on the suctions cup to achieve and create a seal. To get the best results, you want to get the suction cup as close as possible to the edge of your iPad’s display screen.

  • you will then pull the suction cup upwards in order o make a small gap between the actual front panel and the rest of the case. you do not want to be impatient here, so do not pull too hard, or else you can end up shattering the glass. is is a slow process and you might find yourself reaching for the heat gun ever now and then in order to gradually soften the adhesive whenever needed. Once the gap between the two is big enough, you need to put in an opening pick in the little gap ha has now been created.
  • In order o make sure ha ou have moved through all of the adhesive layers, ou will slide he pick from the edge of the display screen and slide I into the bottom left corner. Do not remove the pick now, if anything you need to leave it there for a bit in order o make sure ha he adhesive does not end up re-sealing.
  • Now you will apply heat in the left edge of our iPad for a minute or two. you want it to be hot to the touch, but at the same time, you do not want it to be too hot. you can either use the iOpener here or the other alternatives that we had already mentioned above

  • you will now insert another opening pick towards the same bottom left area of the iPad. Repeat the same step of sliding the second pick along with the adhesive layer in order o separate I, and then leave as is.
  • Now you will bring your attention to the top edge of our iPad and then apply heat to the area until lt is hot to touch as well. you will now bring in our hird opening pick, bu his will be positioned at the top left corner of our iPad. Now this pick will be used to slide through the adhesive layer along the top right corner of our iPad. Please be mindful of the fact that the top-right edge of the iPad has a camera lens and you want to make sure that only the tip of our pick is inserted in the adhesive layer around the camera lens. If you break this camera lens you will require an entire housing replacement.
  • the same process will be repeated for the las right edge of the iPad and a fourth pick will be inserted here and as you are sliding it, make sure to stop before the home button.

remove screws

  • A fifth opening pick will be instead on the top area of the iPad, but don’t remove the display right now.
  • Now you will lift the displays from the top edge and slides upwards until you can see the screw that is used to secure the battery power connector towards the bottom of the screen.
  • the 1.9 mm Phillips screw will need o to be removed.
  • To disconnect the battery, you will slide the battery prong under the battery power connector to interrupt the power circuit.

  • the spudger will now come into play to pry and then disconnect all the cable connectors, once that is done you can now remove our display assembly.
  • Use pre-cut adhesive strips and use adhesive before ou start sealing again.
  • To move the home button, you want to use a halberd spudger to lift the flap of ZIF connector which is usually present on the home button and then use tweezers to pull the home button out the ZIF connector.

careful with the wires

  • Be careful of the cable since it is fragile and damage to the cable can end up ruining the home button, and you will end up having to get that replaced as well. So be sure to be gentle when you are trying to remove the home button bracket. Use the flat edge of a spudger and carefully move it near the iPad’s bottom edge.
  • Ou can now take a crack a lifting the home button bracket. you want to be sure to pull it up towards the display while being mindful of the cable.
  • After cleaning off the old adhesive with alcohol, apply a new coat of glue and make sure that the bracket is properly aligned and cured before placing the home button.

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DIY MacBook Pro Glass Replacement

DIY macbook pro glass replacement

You can replace the MacBook Pro Glass Screen all by yourself by following our easy step by step visual guide without causing any damage to your laptop

It is no secret that Apple MacBook Pro is considered one of the best laptops in the tech world. However, even this elite class device is prone to damages, regardless of the heft price it comes at.

The gorgeous, high-resolution display of MacBook Pro is quite sturdy, but you may need to have it replaced if the glass screen gets cracked, broken, or damaged. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on this as you can easily replace the glass screen of your device even if you’re not a tech pro. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to set up your working space so that you can carry out the screen replacement process with ease. Here is what you will need:

  • Your MacBook Pro
  • New screen
  • Blow dryer/ heating pad
  • Suction cup
  • Clean cloth

Heat the Edges of the Screen

Step 1: Heating The Screen


  • The glass screen is attached to the display with the help of a strong adhesive layer at the edges.
  • Use a blow dryer or a heating pad to apply heat to the edges of the screen. This will soften the adhesive and make it easier to remove the glass screen from the display.

Step 2: Pulling Off The Screen


  • Attach the suction cup towards one corner of the screen. If it is cracked or broken, you may need to cover up the areas with tape so that the suction cap can attach with the screen securely.
  • Press down on the suction cup to ensure that it seals with the glass screen.
  • Push the suction cup towards you to remove the screen from the display of your MacBook Pro

Step 3: Prepping The Display


  • Before you replace the new screen on your laptop, clean the display using a clean lint-free cloth.
  • Apply a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on a cloth and wipe away the leftover adhesive from the edges.

Preparing Screen Adhesive

Step 4: Prepping The New Glass Screen


  • Clean the new screen with a lint-free cloth
  • Peel off the plastic covering the adhesive layer on the edges of the new screen to expose the adhesive
  • Use a hairdryer to heat the adhesive layer on your new glass screen. This will ensure that it is attached securely with the display.

Applying the New Screen

Step 5: Applying The New Glass Screen

At any point in time if you break the Macbook there are professional repair shops who can help fix your apple macbook.


  • Place the new screen in position over the display while making sure that its edges are aligned with the display.
  • Press down on the edges of the screen to make sure that the adhesive created a strong bond between the 2 layers.
  • Remove the plastic layer covering the new screen.
  • Use a hair dryer once again to apply controlled heat to the edges of the screen to ensure that the adhesive is sealed properly. Keep in mind that the display should not get overheated, or it can get damaged permanently.
  • Press on the edges of the screen one final time, and you’ll be good to go!
  • If you do not wish for the hassle please do go to the official Macbook Service Centre Address.

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How to Replace The Battery of Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Replace The Battery of Samsung Galaxy S10

Batteries lose their efficiency over time, however, if you want to replace the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S10, follow these easy steps and you can replace it by yourself

Battery replacement is the ultimate solution to overcome battery related issues in your cell phone. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of replacing the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S10 yourself.

Although the battery is held securely in place, you can remove it easily with the help of an adhesive remover or concentrated isopropyl alcohol. After replacing the battery, you can use a replacement adhesive or tape to secure the battery and the phone cover back in place.

It is essential to follow the safety protocols to minimize the chances of accidents during the battery replacement process. Before you start, discharge the battery level below 25% and, if possible, discharge the battery completely to avoid any thermal accident while replacing the battery. Moreover, make sure the phone is not overheated if the old battery is swollen.

Removing The Back Cover

Step 1: Removing The Back Cover


  • Drain the battery level below 25% of its capacity
  • Turn off the mobile phone
  • Apply controlled heat from a blow dryer or a heating gun to the right edge of the phone while making sure that it is not overheated. The adhesive layer is the narrowest on the right edge, and applying heat here will help in loosening up the adhesive, removing the back cover easily.
  • Place the phone on an angled surface such that the right edge is at a higher level than the rest of the phone.
  • Hold the left edge of the phone to ensure that it doesn’t slide away.
  • Place the suction cup as close to the right edge as possible and pull it firmly, applying moderate pressure.
  • Insert an opening tool (or an opening pick) into the seam between the frame and the back cover towards the right side of the phone; slide the opening tool along the seam to loosen up the cover.
  • Apply heat to the right edge of the phone once again if you find it hard to insert the pick into the seam. You can also apply a few drops of 98% isopropyl alcohol to loosen the strong adhesive.
  • Make sure not to apply excessive force or slide the opening tool between the opening without applying heat. Otherwise, the back cover might break.
  • Keep the opening pick between the seam to ensure that the adhesive does not reseal again.
  • Next, apply heat to the bottom edge of the phone for 2 minutes.
  • Carefully insert the opening pick at the junction between the right edge and the bottom edge. Apply heat once again if you’re having troubles sliding the pick into the seam
  • Slide the opening tool towards the left edge, cutting through the adhesive of the bottom edge
  • Leave the opening pick in the bottom edge so that the adhesive doesn’t reseal again.
  • Move to the left edge of the phone, continuing with the heating action to loosen the adhesive and then inserting the pick and sliding it along the edge.
  • By the end of this process, you should have 4 packs inserted in your phone’s back cover, one on each edge. Twist one of these opening picks, pulling it upwards to separate the back cover off from the frame.

Removing The Top Midframe

Step 2: Removing The Top Midframe

  • The midframe is attached to the phone using 8 Phillips screws (each of 4mm), so you need to unscrew them first
  • Moreover, the midframe is also secured around the edges using plastic clips, which need to be removed using a spudger.
  • Insert the tip of a spudger in the small notch near the volume button on the right side and pull it up to loosen the midframe from the phone
  • Carefully lift up the midframe from the top and remove it.
  • In case the top midframe sticks to the lower midframe, use your fingers to remove the top midframe gently.

Disconnecting The Battery From Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 3: Disconnecting The Battery From Samsung Galaxy S10

  • The battery connector is secured to the motherboard right beneath the rear camera. Slide the spudger’s flat side in this area and carefully pull it upwards to detach the battery connector from the socket. Make sure not to detach any other components around the socket
  • Make sure the flex cable of the battery does not come in contact with the motherboard socket during the entire process

Remove the battery

Step 4: Removing The Battery


  • The battery frame (that is along the edges of the battery) is strongly secured to the mobile while the middle area underneath the battery is directly connected to the display. For this reason, you need to be extra cautious while removing the battery as any wrong move can damage the phone display.
  • Use an adhesive remover or concentrated isopropyl alcohol to make the battery removal process easier. Apply the adhesive remover or 98% isopropyl alcohol in every corner of the battery and wait for a few minutes to make sure that the adhesive bonds are broken
  • You can also apply some heat from the front towards the right side of the phone.
  • Use a thin opening card and insert it between the battery and the lower midframe, prying out the battery gently using the card itself or a thin spudger.
  • If the battery does not come out, apply some more adhesive remover to the edges and wait for 2 minutes before trying once again
  • Remove the battery and dispose it off properly so that it does not become a safety hazard for anyone else.

Replace The Battery

Step 5: Replace The Battery


  • Peel off any remaining adhesive from the frame and clean it using a cloth and isopropyl alcohol
  • You can use pre-cut adhesive tapes to secure the new battery to the mobile frame
  • Peel off the transparent plastic layer off the adhesive tape and stick it along the edges of the frame. In case the tape is not appropriately aligned, you can peel it back and place it properly
  • Press the tape in place using your fingers
  • Now, remove the blue plastic layer from the tape to expose the adhesive on the top layer and place the battery on it
  • Plug in the battery connector to check that the cable can reach the socket and then disconnect the connector once again
  • Press the battery down with fingers to ensure that it sticks to the adhesive firmly

Step 6: Replacing The Back Cover


  • Replace the midframe by simply aligning its edges with the phone and laying it in place on your phone’s top. You can then use your fingers to apply moderate pressure on it so that the edges of the midframe are secured in place.
  • Before replacing the back cover, turn on your phone to check if everything is functioning correctly. If everything is okay, you may proceed to secure the back cover in place.
  • Replace the adhesive along the inner side of the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy S10. You can also place the back cover without using any adhesive, and for that, you simply need to apply some heat and pressure to secure it in place.
  • If you prefer to go to the service centre. Please do see this for the address.

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How to Replace The Display of Microsoft Surface Pro 4

How to Replace The Display of Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has a stunning display but if you want to replace it with a new one, follow our easy step by step guide and get a new replaced screen

Laptops have indeed come a long way over the years – they are now more accessible, powerful, and advanced than ever. But truth be told, you can face a number of issues with your laptops, and one category of these issues deals with screen related problems. However, display related issues in laptops should not be a cause of concern since they can be easily fixed to get your device back in optimal condition. The best part is that you can fix a majority of these issues yourself without any professional help.

In today’s article, we will teach you how to remove and replace the display of your Microsoft Surface Pro 4. This one-of-a-kind laptop comes in 2 versions, both of which feature different displays. Version 1.0 flaunts an impressive Samsung display with a 25-pin connector, whereas Version 2.0 features a gorgeous LG display with a 32-pin connector. Both of these types are not compatible with one another, so it’s advisable to determine which connector your old display has and buy a new display accordingly.

Words of Advice


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has a lithium ion battery that can explode or catch fire if not handled properly. Hence, it is advised to turn off the laptop and handle the battery with care during the replacement process and discharge it to at least 25% of its maximum capacity before you start dissembling the device. Moreover, use a heat gun with caution as overheating can permanently damage the display as well as other components of your laptop. If the laptop screen is cracked or shattered, it’s advisable to cover it with tape to ensure that you are not injured during the screen replacement process. Also, the screen glass is quite thin, so applying excessive force can break it.

Separating The Display From The Body      


Step 1: Separating The Display From The Body      

  • The display is securely fixed to the laptop’s frame using a strong adhesive, and to remove it, the adhesive bonds need to be broken. For this purpose, apply heat on the edges of the frame using a heating gun, blow dryer, or a heating pad. Maintain this temperature while making sure the laptop is not overheated.
  • Secure a suction cup towards one of the edges of the screen. You may need to glue it to the screen in case the screen is broken. An ideal location is the top left or right edge, where it is relatively easier to insert an opening tool.
  • Hold the frame with your hand and pull the suction cup towards you to create an opening between the laptop frame and the glass screen.
  • Slide an opening tool, such as an opening pick, in this small gap and slide it to the slides to cut through the adhesive. You may need to apply more heat to cut through the adhesive easily. You can also use 98% isopropyl alcohol to weaken the bonds of the adhesive.
  • The adhesive width is quite narrow at the bottom edge, so make sure not to push the opening pick too far on that side to prevent any permanent damage.
  • Separate the top edge at the end since some important antennas are placed there, which can get damaged if care is not taken.


Step 2: Detaching The Connecting Cables

  • 2 display cables connect the laptop frame and its display, and you need to detach them to completely remove the display.
  • The cable on the right side can simply be removed by inserting the opening pic under the connector and pulling it upwards.
  • The cable on the left side can be slightly difficult to remove since a metal casing covers it. To remove it, you will need to use a thin spudger to pry around its edges and pull it upwards when it becomes loose.
  • Disconnect this cable to detach the old screen from the laptop body.

Removing The Old Display


Step 3: Removing The Old Display

  • With the display removed from the body, you can now mount the new display to your laptop and secure it in place.
  • Before doing so, check if any components need to be transferred from the old display to the new one.
  • The chances are that you might need to remove the NTrig board from the old screen and place it on the new display.
  • You can remove the NTrig board by disconnecting the cables attached to it and using heat and gentle force to separate it from the screen.
  • Then, you can adhere it to the new display and connect the cables in the right places.

Step 4: Replacing The New Display

  • Now is the time to place a gorgeous new display on your laptop.
  • Remove the residual adhesive from your laptop frame.
  • Apply isopropyl alcohol to a lint-free cloth and wipe it on the frame to clean it
  • Peel the cover from one side of a double sized adhesive tape and secure it along the edges of the frame of your Microsoft Surface Pro 4. If the tape is not aligned properly, you can pull it back and place it again.
  • Push on the tap to make sure it had adhered to the frame.
  • Peel the cover from the other side of the tap to expose the adhesive.
  • Connect the left and right cables to the new display screen
  • Place the display on the adhesive tap while aligning the screen edges with the edges of the frame.
  • Push back the screen gently along the edges to make sure it has securely adhered to the frame.
  • And Voila! You have successfully replaced the display of your Microsoft Surface 4 on your own.

So now you don’t need to rely on any repairing service to come to your rescue if your laptop display is damaged. Following this step by step guide, you can remove your old display and replace it with a new one in literally no time.

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