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Genuine OEM Parts For Your Repair

Genuine parts are offered by this repair shop for all phone repairs

Our repair shop will get u the REAL device parts for you so that you can set your mind at ease when you use your 5G smartphone. Quality components are sourced from reliable mobile repair suppliers such as LG or Foxconn with min 3 months Warranty provided for our Phone Repairs.


This repair shop can do samsung phone repairs faster

If you do need DOOR-TO-DOOR phone repair, please do take note that ANY doorstep phone repair shops charge additional $30-$50 on top of usual fees. Jason from our repair shop recommends that u come to our location as it only takes 30 mins. We do home button, charging port, device data recovery, phone lcd replacement services on-site.


Majority of phone models and gadgets can be fixed at this one stop phone service centre

We can FIX what the majority of Gadget Repair shops cannot due to our dedicated Phone Motherboard repairmen and ability of get ANY high quality spare part that the Market can offer. Diagnostics is FREE and iPhone logicboard issues are diagnosed within 30mins.


Most Singaporeans chose to fix their mobile phones here at breakfixnow

We provided free In-Your-Face diagnostics and quote you a fair price for your repair services.

Best at Samsung Phone Glass Screen replacement for Latest Models Note 10, Note 9, Note 8, S9, S10. We use Gorilla Glass for our repairs! LCD replacement for broken devices can be done fast at our professional device repair shop.

100% Customer Satisfaction Repair Service

Breakfixnow is a top rated phone repair shop in Singapore

All phone repairs are quoted NET, No Extra Charges without GST or service fees. For Maximum Customer Satisfaction Reviews, we offer a 7 day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your phone fixed. Our repair shop aims to provide the best customer service. Additional services our repair shop provides include water damage checking.

Best Professional Phone Repair

friendly customer service from breakfixnow repair staff

Why most Singaporeans choose BREAKFixNow over third-party phone repair companies? Cause we are always trying to provide cheaper and more affordable repair in singapore. Dont believe we are cheaper? Just call us for a quote.