Note 7 being Recalled Again ???

note 7


The Galaxy Note7 is in full-on product free-fall right now. Retailers are pulling it off shelves, Samsung has stopped production, and the once-deemed-“safe” versions of the phone are very obviously not. Things, frankly, could not have gone worse for Samsung. The Note7’s launch has been brought to a screeching halt, and while many consumers may have been OK with Samsung’s first battery fire flub given the relatively quick turnaround and response, this second round simply has no hope of retaining that goodwill.


Just a month or so after getting their hands on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note7 phones, thousands of consumers have had to exchange them for new ones this month, in a worldwide recall of the phones sparked by incidents in which they caught fire.

A small number of these consumers even had to exchange the phones twice – after replacements were found to overheat and rapidly drain power while being charged.

Two consumers told The Straits Times that they had to swop their phones again over the weekend. Another five to 10 consumers posted similar complaints about their newly exchanged phones on Samsung Mobile Singapore’s Facebook page.