DIY iPad Air Battery Replacement

DIY iPad Battery Replacement

You can easily replace the iPad Air Battery all by yourself by following our step by step visual guide and have a better battery backup on your iPad Air

We always recommend getting this done by a professional repair centre, but if this is something that you need to do yourself, we strongly recommend going through the following guidelines carefully and work smartly.

DIY iPad Battery Replacement Step 1

  • Safety always comes first so be sure to drain your iPad’s battery to avoid any mishaps since these are lithium-ion batteries.
  • You will require the services of an iOpener in this situation so place your iOpener in a microwave and heat it for thirty seconds and do not leave it unattended. You will find yourself repeating this procedure throughout the replacement process.
  • In case your iPad’s display is broken and you need repairs, you will have to secure it by tape to avoid possible injury during the process, and handle the LCD with care.
  • You now want to place the iOpener towards the left bottom side of the iPad, and let it be for a minute. You want to be mindful of the front-facing camera, the display cables, and the antennas of the device.
  • Use and place a suction cup on the heated area of the iPad, and make sure to get a tight seal. You then pull the suction cup upwards to separate the two layers.
  • You will now take an opening pick in the gap you created (being careful not to go too deep) and place it there.
  • If your iOpener is cold now, reheat it again.

DIY iPad Battery Replacement Open Screen adhesive

  • Take a second opening pick and place it with the first and slide it along the length of the edge of your iPad to remove the adhesive layer, and you want to do this along the edge.
  • You will now focus on the first pick and slide that upwards going to the corner of the iPad.
  • Take the iOpener once again and place it around the top edge area of your iPad.
  • You will again use an opening pick around the top corner of your iPad to deal with the adhesive layer. You will continue sliding the pick until you reach the camera because you do not want to get adhesive on your camera lens. You will instead slide the pick out and use the tip and slide it around the top area of the front-facing camera.
  • You will insert the prior pick towards the left of your camera and move it across the other corner of the iPad. You will not move these picks to avoid the adhesive sticking together again.
  • The heated iOpener will now be used on the area with the lock and volume buttons.
  • A new pick will then be inserted and this pick will be moved along the right edge of the iPad starting from the middle.
  • Your next concern is the display cables that are located around the halfway point starting from the bottom of your iPad, so you should ideally stop moving the pick when you get close to 4.5” staring from the bottom of your iPad.
  • Now place the iOpener on the area with the home button of your iPad.

Open IPad screen

  • The pick placed on the left lower corner will need to be moved along that corner. Once you have reached the end of the corner, you will then leave the pick where it is.
  • A new pick will be taken and it will be used to slice over the left-handed antenna but must be stopped before getting to the home button. This pick must move from the outer edge and directed towards the center of the iPad to avoid damage to the antenna.
  • Now use a new pick to slip into the right side of the previous pick. You will use the same procedure to deal with the right antenna as you did with the left using the new pick.
  • A new pick will be inserted towards the right-hand corner, and you will slide this pick towards the left and stop before the home button.
  • After heating the iOpener again and placing it along with the volume buttons, you should already have two picks that are lodged in the two corners. You then use the two picks to lift the display screen. Move slowly to remove the rest of the adhesive layer along the edge of the iPad’s display screen.
  • Do not damage or remove any of the display cables that are attached here. You can now place the replace the front glass of the ipad elsewhere.
  • You will now direct your attention towards removing the screws that are keeping the LCD intact (4mm and 4.8mm screws)
  • Only lift the LCD by the front-facing camera area as there are cables still attached. It should be lifted just enough to be grabbed by your fingers.
  • Lift near the camera again and turn over the home button end as if it were a book, and look at the cables as you flip over the LCD screen.

  • Lay the LCD screen face-down to see the display cables.
  • You will now remove the screw that secures the logic board and battery connector. A battery blocker can be used for added safety.
  • You will now remove the screws that are present in the display cable bracket. Gently wiggle the display cable bracket off the logic board.
  • Flip the tab that is present to move the cable ZIF connector up, and remove the cable out the ZIF connector, and then peel the adhesive holding off the rear case of the iPad.
  • Use a spudger to fit into the antenna cable and move to lift to disconnect the cable connector.
  • Leave all tapes a bit attached to help yourself when reassembling later.
  • Place pick between the antenna cable bracket and the speaker enclosure. You then push the bracket opposite to the speaker to clear all adhesive.
  • Now remove the right antenna present in the iPad, and then work on the speakers and removing them.
  • You will work on removing the antenna and then the front-facing camera connector, both from the logic board, and then disconnect the back camera connection from the logic board.

disconnect heapdhone jack

  • Then disconnect the headphone jack, microphone cable from the logic board.
  • Once the adhesive has been softened, remove from the logic board.
  • Use an opening pick to slide between the cable connector and case to remove adhesive.
  • Continue adding and removing picks around the length of the logic board carefully until you are sure that you have removed all of the adhesive surrounding the logic board and it can be safely removed.
  • The battery is now visible and you should remove the glue surrounding it using an adhesive remover.

  • You will now use the iOpener and cards periodically to loosen the battery from the adhesive layer at the rear case. You will use two cards and move them along the left and right tops and corners of the battery and then along the length of the battery.
  • Use the two cards positioned in the rear of the battery to help push and lift the batter up and out of the rear case of the iPad.
  • You should now be able to remove your old ipad battery and then replace it it with a new one. You will then have to apply adhesive and use it to reapply your new battery.
  • You will then work on reassembling the rest of your iPad, making sure to use adhesive, tape, and putting everything back in the right place before trying to turn it on again.

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