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Exit from Bugis MRT from Bugis Junction Exit. Cross the road into Bugis Street and walk through the main passageway to the end where the fruit stalls are. Turn left and walk past Durian stall where you will see (I ? TaiMei - ????). We are located just behind their stall.
BREAKFixNow was initiative started by a group of hardcore mobile techies to police the mobile world and to provide AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL services/advice to fellow Singaporeans. Feel free to enquire about mobile related topics if you are unsure about the prices or information given to you by third party vendors. Stay safe and peace out!
Sometimes customers feel that the cost is too high or uneconomical to service their phones and throwing them in the trash would be a real pity. At BREAKFixNow we take your broken phones and fix them for a good cause. Donate or sell your broken phones to us Now.


Yes it is possible to fix that EXPRESS at BREAKFixNow. The market rate for the touch panel is around $30-40 at neighbourhood mobile shops for high grade OEM touch. Call us now for our value quote.
BREAKFixNow will be glad to quote our prices to you over the phone. The current market rate is $80- $110. It is relatively unsafe to accept doing repairs below this price as it is highly probably that your phone is being fixed with sub-par parts. BREAKFixNow only uses high grade OEM parts to ensure quality and standard.
For water damaged phones, the user will usually be unable to power up the phone. Therefore, we will provide you with free diagnostics check and advise you on the cost and course of action. A good gauge will be >$100 - $200. We aim is to provide Affordable mobile repair to the masses

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General Technical Enquiries

The home button is classified under EASY REPAIR and will be done in an Express. 30 mins or less.
Water can short circuit critical components and cause corrosion. Fortunately, damaged cause by water or liquid incursion can often be reversed resulting in a fully repaired iPhone. Even if the phone is usable after it has been immersed in water,OFF it immediately and do not plug in the charging cable. Bring it down to BREAKFixNow and we will flash dry your motherboard by immersing it in our proprietary liquid to make it good as NEW!
Your Samsung note could be facing 1 of 2 problems. Firstly, the charging port metal clip could be loosened due to wear and tear or the charging port itself is faulty. Depending on the damage the cost of repair will vary. Bring it down now for a non-obligatory diagnostic!


YES! BREAKFIXNOW can replace solely the glass of these devices. Customers can choose to replace the glass with a variety of options to fit their budget and comfort level. Original Parts/ Fast Service & Satisfied customers is what we aimed to achieve.


Our water damage repair service includes a 30-day warranty so if you experience any water related issues caused by the initial water damaged within 30-days, you are covered.
BFN is able to rebond the glass to the LCD so successfully that many of our customers are able to return to Samsung to warranty other parts of their phone. This is indeed a major breakthrough. Keeping customers satisfied is our aim.
BREAKFixNow uses original OEM parts that adhere to the phones specifications required by the Official Manufacturer. So even though we cannot claim that our parts are "from Apple/ Samsung", we are CONFIDENT of our repair components and our warranty (Up to 6 months) is here to protect our consumers.
BREAKFixNow's proprietary repairing system is designed NOT only to repair your phone but to also reduce any chances of you voiding your warranty with the Official Manufacturer(OM). To SAFEGUARD our customers who are afraid to void their OM warranty, we provide up to 6 months warranty for the parts we repair.
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