How do i get to BREAKFixNow from Bugis MRT?

Exit from Bugis MRT from Bugis Junction Exit. Cross the road into Bugis Street and walk through the main passageway to the end where the fruit stalls are. Turn left and walk past Durian stall where you will see (I ? TaiMei – ????). We are located just behind their stall.

Please see to get a better understanding.

About BREAKFixNow

BREAKFixNow was initiative started by a group of hardcore mobile techies to police the mobile world and to provide AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, PROFESSIONAL services/advice to fellow Singaporeans. Feel free to enquire about mobile related topics if you are unsure about the prices or information given to you by third party vendors. Stay safe and peace out!

Do you buy Broken phones?

Sometimes customers feel that the cost is too high or uneconomical to service their phones and throwing them in the trash would be a real pity. At BREAKFixNow we take your broken phones and fix them for a good cause. Donate or sell your broken phones to us Now.