How to Extend Laptop Battery Life: 5 Quick Easy Steps

Quality laptop battery replacement in Singapore

The first thing to do when your laptop battery is not working as good as it used to be, is to check if your warranty is still valid. If the laptop repair company offers a warranty, then this will help you save money in the long run by saving on repairs and replacements.

If there are no warranties available or you have done all of your research and still cannot find out who has the best quality service, then one way that might work for finding a suitable replacement battery near you is checking with businesses in your area. Another way might be going online and searching around for reviews from different people who have had their batteries replaced before.

When looking for a laptop battery replacement service, make sure the business offers excellent customer support. This way, it will be easier to get in contact with them and easier to ask questions. Laptop batteries die off within two years or earlier if you constantly use them while charging. You can extend a laptop’s battery life by following the steps below:-

1. Lower the screen brightness whenever possible

This will make your laptop battery last longer and allow you to save money on electricity bills in the long run by not charging it as often. Unless you are using it for entertainment, it is recommended to use the laptop at low brightness. Applications like word, excel, programming apps, etc., are all useable under low screen brightness.

2. Close apps that consume more power

It is crucial to close apps you aren’t using because this will help save your laptop’s battery. Close any media players, internet browsers, and anything else that is running in the background. On Windows 10, type ‘See which apps are affecting your battery life’ onto the search bar to pull up the list of apps that are consuming your laptop battery. Close any app you are currently not using.

Make a habit of closing background apps as it will drastically prolong your laptop battery life. Note that apps such as Spotify, Adobe Acrobat, Discord, etc., hog a lot of power and should not be left running in the background while not in use.

3. Tweak graphic and display settings

Pumping up your graphic settings while gaming, designing, or watching movies is understandable. But you can get the most out of your battery life by lowering your graphic card settings during normal use. Even if you are not using any graphic intensive apps, each time a background app or website refreshes, this puts stress onto your graphics card, which in turn consumes more power from the laptop’s battery. By minimizing graphic settings during normal use, the battery will last longer. Note that if you are using your laptop for work or school-related apps requiring more GPU, keep this at high settings as it is necessary to function correctly.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If your laptop is not connected to the internet, it does not need to be using its wireless network adapter. Your laptop will use more power when on standby with the wireless adapter enabled because this is constantly looking for a connection. If you are not within the range of any available connections, disable the wireless adapter to save power. Similar to Bluetooth, it uses up a lot of power when enabled. Unless you are constantly transferring files or syncing specific devices onto your pc via Bluetooth, turn it off to save energy.

5. Control laptop heat with proper airflow

Make sure you have adequate airflow for your laptop to avoid overheating. Heat management is a priority to extend a laptop’s battery life. Heat management is crucial because it leads to higher battery temperatures which reduce its lifespan. Use a cooling pad if you are using your laptop on a flat surface or in any position where airflow isn’t optimal for heat dissipation.

If you are using your laptop on a desk, make sure the area around it is clear so that there isn’t anything blocking airflow. Avoid placing any objects like sofa pillows or blankets near the back of your laptop as this can trap heat which will eventually deplete its battery life.

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