How to Prevent Your iPhone Battery From Becoming Bloated

How to Prevent Your iPhone Battery From Becoming Bloated

A bloating battery can be a security hazard and to prevent your iPhone battery from becoming bloated we have listed several important facts to keep you and your phone safe

Normally, a responsible smartphone user would take good care of their device. Not because it is expensive, but because our smartphones are now more or less our extensions. There are a lot of tasks that we take care of thanks to our smartphones; all those scheduled alerts, never-ending to-do lists, alarms, media, and all of the above combined into a person’s daily routine. Needless to say, a life without a smartphone would be a lot difficult.
You could see a person having the latest iPhone or a Galaxy and you could see someone with a cheaper device and the uniformity would be that they are both adherents to the phones in the same way, and they are both taking care of it in the same way, as well.
Every now and then, we hear complaints about smartphone batteries losing their endurance or simply not delivering the same performance they used to as far as battery timing is concerned. The worst-case scenario, however, is when we start seeing the smartphone batteries bloat. That is when you know that there is trouble brewing.
Now in order to understand how to prevent this from happening, in the first place. We need to look at just why it happens. That will help the users have the information they want, therefore, they will take the necessary precautions in preventing it from happening, in the first place.

How to Prevent Your iPhone Battery From Becoming Bloated 2

Why iPhone Batteries Swell & Get Bloated?

Chemistry is one of the things that can be traced back to the life of everything. The reason behind phone batteries swelling and becoming bloated is also chemistry. A smart overview provided to us by a few trusted sources traces back to stoichiometry. Rather than confusing you with stoichiometry, we are simply going to talk about how the batteries swell, in the first place.

Lithium-ion batteries are the ones that are commonly used in our phones, they rely largely on a chemical reaction in order to charge. However, if a chemical reaction does not end up consuming all reagents that are available, it ends up creating byproducts, and more often than not, those byproducts are not good enough.

Therefore, if you end up charging a faulty lithium-ion battery, the process of charging will end up generating gas rather than properly charging the battery. The gas, will obviously, build as the time goes on, and since the batteries are completely sealed, there is no way for the gas to actually come out.

How to Prevent Your iPhone Battery From Becoming Bloated 3

Which means that if you charge your phone over and over again, which you will, the more gas will accumulate inside the battery. Which will result in the battery from being just a little swollen to being swollen enough that it starts pushing out of the frame, and if you still don’t head the very obvious signs, your battery will eventually burst, with probabilities of it exploding, as well.

Now, before anyone starts freaking out, just because your phone’s battery is bloated does not mean it is a time bomb waiting to explode. Most people notice it in preliminary stages and seek out professional assistance. However, the chances are there, and that is why being aware is much better.

Now handling a bloated battery is rather simple; you can get in touch with the phone manufacturer or a repair service that will replace the battery for you. However, considering how it is a process that takes place over time, prevention is what is more important.

How to Prevent Your iPhone Battery From Becoming Bloated 4

How to Prevent Your iPhone Battery From Bloating?

Now that we have looked at the fact that battery bloating is common, the next thing that you need to know is how to prevent this from happening. I know I have said this before that the chances of this happening are always there, but that does not mean we cannot prevent it from happening, in the first place. Don’t worry, the idea of doing so is a lot easier than you might think.

You just have to follow a few measures and you are all set.
Keep Your Devices Cool
I know this sounds like very generic advice that you would give to someone regarding the battery bloating but hear us out. Lithium-ion, as well as lithium-polymer batteries, are known for hating heat. You should never leave your phone in the car on a day where the sun is at its max or simply don’t block the vents on your smartphones. Additionally, avoid charging your phones near the sunlight or a constant heat source.

This is another advice that I have tried and tested myself, but if you live in an area that is hotter than the rest of the places and you are using a very thick and heavy case on your phone, avoid doing that, because, at the end of the day, it is just going to create more trouble for your phone as well as dissipating heat is concerned and prolonged exposure is only going to create more issues.

Avoid Using Cheaper Chargers or Cables

There are some amazing third party chargers and cables available in the market that make you wonder just why your phone is being supplied by a small, and common charger. Well, the third party chargers that are not manufactured and tested under strict standards are likely to fail a lot. Batteries, in general, require a stable input of current, not more, not less. Chargers that are cheaper might not deliver on the same level as the levels can increase or decrease in random intervals, and that is going to severely damage your phone’s battery.

The damage is eventually going to lead to bloating, and therefore, must be contained beforehand.

Avoid Plugging Your Phone All The Time

I know that modern-day smartphones have batteries that are smart enough to understand when the charge is complete. However, this is not something that extends to every smartphone available in the market as most of them are still using dated technology.

Samsung and Apple smartphones, for starters, are very smart when it comes to charging tech in them because they are fully aware of when to stop charging your phone once the battery is full as they have proper sensors installed on the battery.

Don’t Plug Your Phone & Use It

There was a time that phone chargers would have oddly small cables that would ship with them and while people started outraging as to why it was a thing, that was a move to prevent people from using the phones while they are on charge. A trend that has slowly gone away as the charging cables are longer once again.

However, if you are putting your phone on charge and using it along the way, it is not going to end well. This is going to cause your phone to sip more battery, and not just that, there will be more strain on your battery, as well. Which is not going to be ideal for the battery.

The ideal thing is to use your phone as much as you want and then put it on charge as that is a quicker solution to get out of any trouble that you may run into. It is just something better and simpler and you will do a lot better that way.

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