How to Replace The Battery of Samsung Galaxy S10

How to Replace The Battery of Samsung Galaxy S10

Batteries lose their efficiency over time, however, if you want to replace the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S10, follow these easy steps and you can replace it by yourself

Battery replacement is the ultimate solution to overcome battery related issues in your cell phone. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of replacing the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S10 yourself.

Although the battery is held securely in place, you can remove it easily with the help of an adhesive remover or concentrated isopropyl alcohol. After replacing the battery, you can use a replacement adhesive or tape to secure the battery and the phone cover back in place.

It is essential to follow the safety protocols to minimize the chances of accidents during the battery replacement process. Before you start, discharge the battery level below 25% and, if possible, discharge the battery completely to avoid any thermal accident while replacing the battery. Moreover, make sure the phone is not overheated if the old battery is swollen.

Removing The Back Cover

Step 1: Removing The Back Cover


  • Drain the battery level below 25% of its capacity
  • Turn off the mobile phone
  • Apply controlled heat from a blow dryer or a heating gun to the right edge of the phone while making sure that it is not overheated. The adhesive layer is the narrowest on the right edge, and applying heat here will help in loosening up the adhesive, removing the back cover easily.
  • Place the phone on an angled surface such that the right edge is at a higher level than the rest of the phone.
  • Hold the left edge of the phone to ensure that it doesn’t slide away.
  • Place the suction cup as close to the right edge as possible and pull it firmly, applying moderate pressure.
  • Insert an opening tool (or an opening pick) into the seam between the frame and the back cover towards the right side of the phone; slide the opening tool along the seam to loosen up the cover.
  • Apply heat to the right edge of the phone once again if you find it hard to insert the pick into the seam. You can also apply a few drops of 98% isopropyl alcohol to loosen the strong adhesive.
  • Make sure not to apply excessive force or slide the opening tool between the opening without applying heat. Otherwise, the back cover might break.
  • Keep the opening pick between the seam to ensure that the adhesive does not reseal again.
  • Next, apply heat to the bottom edge of the phone for 2 minutes.
  • Carefully insert the opening pick at the junction between the right edge and the bottom edge. Apply heat once again if you’re having troubles sliding the pick into the seam
  • Slide the opening tool towards the left edge, cutting through the adhesive of the bottom edge
  • Leave the opening pick in the bottom edge so that the adhesive doesn’t reseal again.
  • Move to the left edge of the phone, continuing with the heating action to loosen the adhesive and then inserting the pick and sliding it along the edge.
  • By the end of this process, you should have 4 packs inserted in your phone’s back cover, one on each edge. Twist one of these opening picks, pulling it upwards to separate the back cover off from the frame.

Removing The Top Midframe

Step 2: Removing The Top Midframe

  • The midframe is attached to the phone using 8 Phillips screws (each of 4mm), so you need to unscrew them first
  • Moreover, the midframe is also secured around the edges using plastic clips, which need to be removed using a spudger.
  • Insert the tip of a spudger in the small notch near the volume button on the right side and pull it up to loosen the midframe from the phone
  • Carefully lift up the midframe from the top and remove it.
  • In case the top midframe sticks to the lower midframe, use your fingers to remove the top midframe gently.

Disconnecting The Battery From Samsung Galaxy S10

Step 3: Disconnecting The Battery From Samsung Galaxy S10

  • The battery connector is secured to the motherboard right beneath the rear camera. Slide the spudger’s flat side in this area and carefully pull it upwards to detach the battery connector from the socket. Make sure not to detach any other components around the socket
  • Make sure the flex cable of the battery does not come in contact with the motherboard socket during the entire process

Remove the battery

Step 4: Removing The Battery


  • The battery frame (that is along the edges of the battery) is strongly secured to the mobile while the middle area underneath the battery is directly connected to the display. For this reason, you need to be extra cautious while removing the battery as any wrong move can damage the phone display.
  • Use an adhesive remover or concentrated isopropyl alcohol to make the battery removal process easier. Apply the adhesive remover or 98% isopropyl alcohol in every corner of the battery and wait for a few minutes to make sure that the adhesive bonds are broken
  • You can also apply some heat from the front towards the right side of the phone.
  • Use a thin opening card and insert it between the battery and the lower midframe, prying out the battery gently using the card itself or a thin spudger.
  • If the battery does not come out, apply some more adhesive remover to the edges and wait for 2 minutes before trying once again
  • Remove the battery and dispose it off properly so that it does not become a safety hazard for anyone else.

Replace The Battery

Step 5: Replace The Battery


  • Peel off any remaining adhesive from the frame and clean it using a cloth and isopropyl alcohol
  • You can use pre-cut adhesive tapes to secure the new battery to the mobile frame
  • Peel off the transparent plastic layer off the adhesive tape and stick it along the edges of the frame. In case the tape is not appropriately aligned, you can peel it back and place it properly
  • Press the tape in place using your fingers
  • Now, remove the blue plastic layer from the tape to expose the adhesive on the top layer and place the battery on it
  • Plug in the battery connector to check that the cable can reach the socket and then disconnect the connector once again
  • Press the battery down with fingers to ensure that it sticks to the adhesive firmly

Step 6: Replacing The Back Cover


  • Replace the midframe by simply aligning its edges with the phone and laying it in place on your phone’s top. You can then use your fingers to apply moderate pressure on it so that the edges of the midframe are secured in place.
  • Before replacing the back cover, turn on your phone to check if everything is functioning correctly. If everything is okay, you may proceed to secure the back cover in place.
  • Replace the adhesive along the inner side of the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy S10. You can also place the back cover without using any adhesive, and for that, you simply need to apply some heat and pressure to secure it in place.
  • If you prefer to go to the service centre. Please do see this for the address.

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