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Huawei Phone Repair

Huawei Phone Repair

Huawei Phone Repair Breakfixnow. Huawei Screen Repair, battery replacement. Fix huawei p9 charging port, Mate 9 full warranty. Cheap huawei phone repairs Singapore

Huawei Phone Repairs

best huawei repair singapore

Where to get your huawei phone repaired?

Huawei is one of the upcoming smartphone companies that have been introducing latest technology in phones at the most affordable rates. There are many individuals that are interested in buying the Huawei phone because they know they will be getting the most sophisticated camera in the market. However, it has been noticed that most of the time Huawei phones are more prone to spoil after 2 years. We are here to provide the best Huawei phone repair services. Here is the address of the 2 Official Huawei Service Centres.

1. If your phone is Out Of Warranty, the prices at the Official Service Centre will be significantly higher
2. If you just need a simple battery change or a charging port repaired, it would be more cost effective to bring it to us
3. If you need the phone data to remain in the phone
4. Water damage or motherboard damage happened accidentally and u did not manage to back up the device
5. If you need it done within 1 hour or less.

Please do check for warranty for your Huawei phone before coming down. If you still have Official Huawei warranty please do go claim it first as it is free. Note that accidental damage such as screen cracks and water damage is not covered by Warranty.

We are Experts that can repair the Integrated circuit chips

Here is the list of motherboard connections and circuit chips that our professionals can easily repair.
• Power management IC (PMIC)
• CPU (Central processing unit)
• Display IC
• Embedded Multi-Media Controller (eMMC)
• Audio IC
• Wifi IC
• Charging IC
• Baseband IC
Remember that if your PCB has been severely damaged or the motherboard damage happened accidentally because of water then Huawei phone repair services are not possible. We will advise you to restore as much data as you can and destroy the phone because it cannot be used anymore. There are special IC stocks at our platform and we will provide you free diagnostic services.
The motherboard of your phone is developed with the Print Circuit Board (PCB). There are several minute connections and chips on the board that makes the phone work properly. Every company has its own special board and chip technology and differentiate the performance of the phone from the rest. In case your phone has been damaged we have the experts that know how to deal with different types of motherboard damages. We will repair your phone within a few hours.

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Q1: I did not drop my phone but the screen is causing problems, can you tell why?

A: You have to switch off the phone and then switch it on. If the problem is solved there are chances that the touch IC has some issues and our professionals will repair it.

Q2: What should I do is the WiFi tab is greyed out and weak?

A: It indicates that the WiFi IC of your phone has been damaged. The professionals will have to repair the IC and it will take 1 to 2 hours according to the damage done.

Q3: How you will provide the Huawei phone repair services?

A: Our services will begin with 30 minutes of diagnosis. We will take out time to pinpoint the issue on the motherboard. Once found you will be notified of the price and the time you will have to wait. All the services are provided by the store. In case we cannot repair your phone we will let you know the fault.