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Can I get the iPad Air 2 Repair services in Singapore

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Everyone knows the feeling when they acknowledge that they have broken the screen of their iPad. It is a very helpful device that is mainly used for the commercial purpose where you cannot take your laptop. However, if you have broken the screen you must have been looking for the iPad Air 2 Repair services.

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  • Cheaper than changing the housing by 1/3 the price at least
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Where are the best iPad Air 2 Repair services?

TMost of the people prefer to visit Apple service center because in the past Apple used to exchange the broken device for a new one at a minor cost. Now, this facility is not available because of the low margins and high costs.
When you will take your device to the Apple service center you will have to pay $200 only for the screen replacement. For this minor job, you will have to wait for 5 days and they will delete everything that is available on your phone.

How we can provide you the best services

If you have a tight budget and you cannot afford to wait, do not worry because we have got your back. Our service providers will provide the iPad Air 2 Repair services within 30 minutes. It would be equal to your trip to the market. The best part is you will not have to worry about any data loss.
Our experts will check the three layers of the iPad to assure that only the first gorilla layer has been damaged. If the inner layers have the crack then the screen cannot be replaced.

Screen issues you might have to face after screen replacement

You have to be very careful while selecting the service providers for the iPad Air 2 Repair. You single mistake can damage your entire device and you will have to face the following issues.
• No display
• Insensitive touch
• Flickering touch
• Jumpy applications
• Black Patched
• Dead pixels
For your satisfaction, we will provide you 3 months warranty and risk coverage for the time your phone is with our experts. All our workers are certified and that is why we have the warranty. It is a facility you will not find at any other service provider.

Q1: Third-party services vs Apple services center: Where I should take my iPad?

A: Apple service providers will provide you authentic services, but you should only select them if you have the warranty. If you are looking for some reliable and cost-effective services, our experts will meet all your requirements in the best possible manner.

Q2: What will happen if I use my iPad with broken screen?

A: If you will use the iPad with the broken screen the crack will expand to the inner layers and it means you might damage the device.

Q3: How have we been providing the best services to our customers?

A: All our services are guaranteed and we provide 7 days money back facility if you are not satisfied. We will assure to gain your trust with our reliable services and high-quality screens.

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