iPhone 12 Release & New Features

iPhone 12 Release & New Features

The iPhone 12 event is right around the corner and here is what you should know about the latest features and the official release date of Apple’s Flagship Devices

rom everything we have looked at so far, the iPhone 12 is looking to be one of the more promising devices available in the market. However, that does not mean that the rumour mill is going to stop any time soon. We are aware of the fact that the phone is going official thins month, Apple being Apple, there are a lot of details about the iPhone that are still hidden away from the general public, and due to that, we have to be certain that we are prepared for what’s in store for us this time around.

At the same time, it is important to understand that there is a chance that Apple might not announce the iPhone 12 at all and instead, Apple goes with the iPhone 11s series. To some, it might sound like a strange move but if you have been following the release patterns of almost all the iPhones, you will realise that this is exactly what Apple is known to do, in the first place.

Whatever the case may be, industry insiders tell us that Apple is planning on launching 4 iPhones this year. Which means that just like last year, we will have two models that are more centred towards the general public, and two options that will be suited better for people who are looking for more intensive tasks.

With that out of the way, before the announcement goes official later this month, we have a lot of speculations waiting for you. Therefore, we are going to curate everything in a single article. This will help quench your thirst for the upcoming iPhone 12 or 11s series.

iPhone 12

Release Date & Availability

There is no shortage of news and speculations so far and for all the right reasons, to be honest. We have heard a lot of rumours so far. However, it is important to understand that the phone is indeed going official this month. Apple releases their phones in September. However, this time around, the tipsters have told us that the iPhone 12 might be delayed by a few weeks due to the early impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems to be valid.

Moving onto the second question that a lot of people have and that relates to the pricing and availability. Well, it is already a fact that the new iPhones are not going to be cheap. However, that does not mean that you will be spending all your money on them. As a matter of fact, the new iPhones are tipped to cost just as much as the iPhone 11 series did, and the older series will be discounted. Additionally, it is important to know that there are going to be four models in total, which means that there is going to be something for everyone in a number of price brackets.


iPhone 12 Features

We can assure you that as far as the features are concerned, the iPhone 12 is not going to be a slouch. This is something that should not come as a surprise to anyone because we have seen a lot of amazing phones in the market in the past years and this is just as good in almost every regard when it comes to features.

However, this time around, Apple will have to put up a fight because 2020 brought about a lot of impressive devices with a lot of impressive features. Everything from great cameras to super-fast and responsive screens to huge camera bumps, and massive batteries.

This is the year where Apple simply cannot introduce a few basic features and expect everyone to buy the phones. Now, we are already aware of the fact that the iPhone 12 series is going to sell well, but still, having good features is just as important as anything else.

iPhone 12 Release

Better FaceID & A Possible Fingerprint Reader

With the release of iPhone X a couple of years ago, Apple ditched the TouchID for the higher end models and replaced it with FaceID, a proper facial recognition system that only got better with time. However, this time around, there are chances that the iPhone 12 might debut with not just one but two ways of using biometrics to unlock your phone.

The improved FaceID is already going to be there, and there is no denying that. But we have been hearing news about how Apple might also bring Qualcomm’s ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor, as well. Which means that this will be the first iPhone to offer both methods of unlocking, and that could potentially drive up the cost, as well.

iPhone 12 Cameras With Improved Sensors

There is no denying that iPhone cameras are hailed as some of the finest in the market, and that has not changed a bit over the past years. However, with ever new iterations, we are seeing improved camera sensors, and this year is no different.

The iPhone 12 is said to have better cameras with improved sensors, and perhaps a couple of new sensors, as well. It will sport the same camera layout, but the speculations point to an addition of 2 more sensors.

iPhone 12 New

High Refresh Rate Display

Last but not the least, one of the highly sought after features for this year’s iPhone is going to be the higher refresh rate screen that will definitely make a lot of people shift over. Ever since I started using a phone with higher refresh rate, using anything below that has become almost impossible and I can tell you, Apple is planning on introducing a 120Hz refresh rate panel on their new iPhone.

Although we have heard that the higher refresh rate panels are going to be limited to the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. But until the official announcement is here, we cannot say how it is going to play out. The only thing that we are certain is that the phone is finally going official this month and from the looks of it, everything points towards a pretty interesting device, to begin with.

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