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All the functions of your phone are based on the screen and a minor issue can lead to a major dysfunctionality. When you need the iPhone 6s Repair services you have to be extra careful regarding the service providers.

You have to assure that you select the best one because only then you will get the authentic services. We have been providing its customers with the best iPhone 6s Repair services and here we have everything you need to know.

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Where to find the best iPhone 6s Repair services?

In case that you have broken the screen of your phone and you are looking for the iPhone 6s Repair services you have come to the right place. Before we can talk about the services we are providing it is important that you understand how the screens are manufactured.

LCD technology is used in the manufacturing of the screens of all the latest phones and in Apple they have been using the 3 layers to provide their customers with better results and graphics. However, the screen is directly attached to the gorilla glass due to which it becomes harder and vulnerable to cracks. To protect your screen you should use the tempered glass protector or the fall-proof casing for the phone.

How the iPhone 6s Repair and replacement takes place?

The iPhone 6s Repair does not take more than 30 minutes if you have the right tools and techniques to accomplish the job. It all begins with opening the case and removing the gorilla glass. For the latest models, we will have to heat the front panel. Then the front cover is removed with the help of suction cup and other tools.

To prevent the screen from the damage it is held from the edges and once the iPhone 6s Repair takes places, experts will put everything back.

The screen of the phones depends on the version and the manufacturing state of the phone. It is important that you let the specialists know before they get started with your phone. The replacement services come with 3 months warranty to assure that if anything happens you will get the repair services again. We have the experts that know how to deal with such issues so you can get the best iPhone 6s Repair services.

We also have an outlet at Yishun NorthPoint City for those who stay in the North and are unable to come to our Bugis Village main store.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Can I have the gorilla glass replacement for all models of Apple?

A: Yes, all models of Apple are compatible with the services. You can bring any version that has the screen developed with the LCD technology.

Q2: How can I point out if the screen has been replaced properly?

A: Once you have got the replacement services look for the pink lines and the black spots. They will provide the perfect indication that whether your screen has been properly replaced or not.

Q3: Can my iPhone be sold after the gorilla glass replacement?

A: Yes, your iPhone can be sold after the gorilla glass replacement because our employees will assure that it looks as good as new.

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