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The worst moment in life is when you acknowledge that you have broken the screen of your iPhone. You might be able to tolerate the trauma if it is an older version but what to do when you have the latest iPhone 8. Do not worry because we have got you covered. Here we have everything you need to know about the iPhone 8 repair services.

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  • iPhone is the most wanted smartphones around the globe due to its appealing design and unique operating system. Despite being manufactured by the best team of technologists it is still vulnerable. A single fall and you will be searching for the iPhone 7 plus repair services.

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Where to find iPhone 8 Repair services?

We can understand that one of the worst moments in life is breaking the screen of your phone and you will never be able to forgive yourself for the mistake that you have made. However, now you have to look for the service center that will provide you the best services.

Remember that you can always take your phone to the Apple service center and they might offer you a new phone as a replacement for some extra charges. If you are on a tight budget it is not an option. In this case, we will be your perfect choice.

What makes us the best iPhone 8 repair service providers?

We understand the issues that you are going through and so we have brought the most reliable services. All you have to do is let us know the screen issue that your phone is creating. Our experts will diagnose the main provider and will resolve it within 30 to 40 minutes.

In case the screen is broken we, all know that it consists of three layers. The outer gorilla glass layer, middle digitizer touchscreen, and the innermost LCD. In case the outer layer is damaged the screen can be replaced but there is no solution for the inner layers, so you have to be extra careful. All our services are available at the most affordable rate and you will not have to worry about disturbing your budget.

Some issues you will face after screen replacement

There are many fake service providers in Singapore. They will install a fake screen in your phone due to which you will have to deal with the following issues.

• Insensitive touch
• Blur or no display
• Touch function is jumpy
• Black Patches
• Flickering display
• Dead pixels

However, once we are done with your phone you will not have to face such issues. We use the most reliable and authentic screens. As well as you will get 3 months warranty with the services. It is a benefit that no other iPhone 8 Repair service provider will offer because they are fake.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Apple vs Third party service providers: which is the best?

A: If you still have the one year warranty by Apple, then you should consider taking your iPhone to the Service center. Otherwise, the third-party service providers will be a better option. They will provide you the best services at cheap rates.

Q2: Can I use my iPhone with the broken screen?

A: In case the outer layer of your iPhone has been damaged you can use the phone but it is a better option to get it repaired first because the cracks have the tendency to expand due to which it can reach the inner layers.

Q3: Why we are the best service providers when it comes to iPhone 8 repair services?

A: We have been providing the best and reliable services to our customers. You will get the risk coverage for the duration your iPhone is with us and 7 days money back guarantees if you are not satisfied.

We also have an outlet at Yishun NorthPoint City for those who stay in the North and are unable to come to our Bugis Village main store.

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