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iPhone Back Case Repair


Breakfixnow iPhone Back Glass repair singapore. Expert iPhone Back Case repair services available in singapore

iphone back glass repair

iphone back glass repair

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

However, you may wish to check if your warranty is valid first if you have AppleCare+ before trying to claim warranty.

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Your iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR back glass is made of gorilla glass but it still gets easily scratched or cracked if the phone is dropped. Repair your housing and back cover of the iphone here. If you think that the crack is minor you may wish to try our UV screen protector to create a thin layer over and hide the minor scratch or crack. This works really well for thin cracks and heavy scratches.

Where you can find the best back case repair services?

If you are in the confusion that from where you can find the best iphone back case repairing services, we suggest you to must choose us and must choose our platform without any worry.

We have the team of professionals that have a deep knowledge about the back case of iphone and can repair them for you in no time. Don’t need to get worried about the damaged back case of your iphone. You will be amazed by getting our most reliable and Affordable services.
1. Faster repairs in 1-2 hours compared to 3-5 days
2. No data is lost during our repairs
3. We provide 1/3 cheaper than official service centers cheaper than official service centers
4. Resell value is unaffected as compared to other repair shops
5. We use Official Equipment Manufacturer parts
6. $80-$180 as compared to $300-$800

If you are looking for the address of the Official Apple Service Centre you can find them here.

Redstone UV iPhone Glass Back Protector

1. Protects the Back Case which is made of Glass for the iPhone 8, 8+, Xs, Xs Max, Xr.
2. Ultra clarity and form, you wont be able to tell there is a tempered glass protector as it fits perfectly.
3. No unsightly dust trapped at the sides and inside due to UV bond.
4. Case friendly
5. Housing repair at Apple is ($300-500) very costly. This is a necessity for all iPhones with Glass Back. See the iphone back glass screen protector
1. If you choose NOT to REPAIR your iPhone back housing CRACK, many use Redstone UV tempered glass to cover away the minor cracks. In fact it is PROVEN to makes cracks invisible to the naked eye
2. Why do you need it? Cause you will want to protect your iPhone back with the BEST
3. We have made it so much cheaper than nearest competitors
4. We paste it for you for FREE


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3. BEDOK Hp: 9777 7509
4. BUKIT PANJANG Hp: 9150 8229

iphone x back glass repair
Other repairs that BreakFixNow can do

If you are in the search of the best iphone base case repair services our services are reliable. We ensure you we have the best skills to repair your iphone back case. We also are able to replace the screen for your iphone x, battery replacement takes only 30 minutes or less.