iPhone fingerprint touch id not working

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iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market. It offers a lot of benefits to the users. It provides the most secure and safe environment to your data so that it will not be lost by any damage or hacked by an unauthorised person. Additionally, the hardware of the iPhone is much reliable that it does not offer any problem for a couple of years.
Well, in all the hardware parts of an iPhone, the touch ID is the most sensitive part. Sometimes it stops working and retains its past condition by adopting some methods.
So, if you are also facing the touch ID problem in your iPhone, consider the following things that are beneficial in this regard:

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Clean the Scanner

The very first thing to do if your iPhone’s touch ID is not working is cleaning the scanner. This is used to detect the high-resolution picture of your finger, reads your fingerprints and then matches it with the fingerprint stored in the file.
As the sensor or scanner is very much sensitive thing, so it detects anything over it even if it is very tiny in size or low in weight. When there are dust or dust particles over it, it will be unable to read the fingerprints and understands the structure of the dust particles, which alternatively does not unlock the screen, and you will think that the touch ID is not working.
So, clean correctly and then try. If the problem was only occurring because of dust, then the scanner will start working after cleaning it.

Update iOS

Another reason for the wrong working of iPhone touch ID is the old version of your iOS. As it is evident that the iOS perform the complete functionality of the iPhone. Every part of the iPhone is under the control of iOS and the code of it working is written inside it.
When iOS become out of dated, then there is a huge chance that most of the features of the iPhone stop working. It may also affect the part of the iPhone so that it stops to work. That’s why, when your iPhone touch ID is not working, there could be a chance that the iOS version of your iPhone is out of date.
So, update the iOS version and again try. Your iPhone touch ID will start working if the problem will be this.

The position your Finger Correctly

This could be very rare, but there is also a possibility that the reason behind lousy working of your iPhone’s touch ID is nothing but the wrong placement of your finger. When you place the finger on the scanner, it reads the fingerprints and matches with the stored one in the file of iOS. So, if you have not put your finger correctly, then it will read it wrong, and the result will not be the same. So, position your finger correctly to make sure that the input fingerprint is accurate.

Well, above has described some of the ways by which your iPhone’s touch ID may not work, and it could start working again. So, consider all of them and use the touch ID scanner better.