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The speed at which the technologies are advancing is amazing. There are some many amazing smartphones in the market that selecting the best one often gets confusing. However, none of the brands available in the market have been able to meet the standards set by Apple. They have been developing the best quality phones.

However, the screen issues are still the same in most of the phones. As soon as the phone has to deal with some kind of external pressure or a fall, its screen will break into a million pieces. In this case, you must have been looking for the iPhone SE Repair services. Do not worry we have the solution you have been looking for.

  • Why CHOOSE Wraps?
  • Cheaper than changing the housing by 1/3 the price at least
  • Usable long term with unqiue look

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Common iPhone issues

Here is the list of the common issues that occur with the iPhone.
• Your phone is not turning on
• The phone screen is not responding
• The battery life is not maintained, and phone often gets overheated
• Your phone turns off without any notice

How our experts will fix your phone?

The major cause of this issue is that you have placed extra pressure on your phone or it has fallen on the ground. This has caused the gorilla glass layer of the screen to crack. In the recently introduced iPhones 3 layers including gorilla glass, digitizer screen and LCD has been used as the screen. So make sure that only the first has been damaged otherwise it would be hard to repair.

Reasons to have Gorilla glass replacement

You might be wondering that why you should get the gorilla glass iPhone SE Repair services. The reason is that they are affordable, and you will only have to pay 1/3 amount of the complete screen repair services. Our experts have been trained to change the gorilla glass of the phone. They will follow the given procedure.

• First, the gorilla glass of the SE will be removed
• Now the experts will remove the covering of the Digitizer
• Once broken parts have been removed the gorilla glass will be replaced simultaneously to protect your phone from any harmful effects.

Once you will bring the phone to us our experts will conduct a complete diagnosis to find the cause of the issue. There is no risk until our experts tell you so. They will only take 3- to 40 minutes to repair the phone screen and it will be like you have been on a coffee break. You will get the risk coverage and 3 months guarantee for all the services that we are providing.

We also have an outlet at Yishun NorthPoint City for those who stay in the North and are unable to come to our Bugis Village main store.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Is the iPhone screen available online?

A: The gorilla glass screens are easily accessible online. You can replace the screens of the older models yourself. However, do not make the mistake of using your skills on the latest waterproof models. They have special sealing that you might destroy. There are special tools and a heat gun required to make it possible. Even if you have the tools you do not have the skills required for the job.

Q2: Does the iPhone SE Repair services provided have any warranty?

A: Yes, all the services come with 3 months warranty.

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