iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement Guide

iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement Guide

The iPhone Xs Max Battery can be easily removed with the help of our easy step by step visual guide without causing any damage to any of the internal components

Replacing batteries on phones used to be easy. All you had to do was remove the phone’s back panel and the battery would be right in front of you. However, ever since glass back panels have come into fashion, battery replacements have become harder. The iPhone XS Max is a great example of having a hard to replace battery. The glass back panel is too fragile to be removed without breaking it. So, we have to open the phone from the front in order to reach the battery.

Replacing the battery on you iPhone XS Max can take 1-2 hours. It is also a really delicate process since you will be removing your phone’s screen and a number of internal components. However, the procedure can be worth it as it can increase your phone’s usage times.

In order to start the replacement process, you will need to have the following things:


  • P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver
  • A Heat gun or Hairdryer
  • Opening Picks
  • Suction Cup
  • Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver
  • Plastic Prying Tool
  • Tweezers
  • Standoff Screws for the iPhone XS Max
  • Phillips #000 Screwdriver


  • iPhone XS Max Battery
  • iPhone XS Max Battery Adhesive Strips
  • iPhone XS Max Display Assembly Adhesive

The Replacement Process

Pentalobe Screws

Step 1

  • The first step of opening any phone is to power it off. Also, make sure that the battery is below 25%. This decreases the chances of your lithium-ion battery exploding in case you puncture it.
  • After prepping your phone, head down to the charging port and locate the 2 screws near it. Remove both of these screws and set them aside.

Step 2

  • You will now have to heat the adhesive holding the screen to the phone. Use your heat gun to gradually heat the edges of your display. Be very careful while doing so, you can damage your phone by heating it too much.

Step 3

  • Once your phone has become hot enough to touch, the adhesive will have softened up. You can now use your suction cup to pull the screen away from the phone’s body. Secure your suction cup on the lower end of your phone’s screen. 
  • The suction cup should not be set on the curved edges of the screen.
  • With the cup in place, gently and firmly pull at the screen. You don’t want to rip the screen off of the phone, you only want to create a slight gap between the screen and the phone’s body.
  • Be very careful, applying too much pressure can damage your screen.


Step 4

  • With a bit of patience and gentle pulling, you will form a gap between the screen and phone body. 
  • Insert your opening pick into this gap. Make sure that you do this gently, you can damage the screen or your phone’s internal wiring.
  • With the pick in place, move it from side to side to cut away at the adhesive holding your phone together.

As you do this, keep on applying gradual pressure with the suction cup. You will also need to heat the adhesive multiple times to make sure that this part of the process goes smoothly.

remove all adhesive

Step 5

  • After removing the adhesive from the bottom half of your screen, move up to the top half.
  • Re-position your suction cup on the top end of your screen and start cutting away at the adhesive.
  • Near the screen’s top, there are clips along with the adhesive. As you cut through the adhesive, gently pull the screen down towards the charging port to release the clips. Do this slowly and carefully as the clips are fragile and can break.


Step 6

  • With the adhesive and clips gone, you can now remove the screen. But do this carefully as it still has a bunch of wires attached to its right side.
  • Lift the screen from its left side and towards its right side. Think of it as opening a book.
  • As you do so, you will see that a host of ribbon cables are running between the screen and the phone’s body.

You will also see the phone’s battery nestled between a number of other components.

Step 7

  • Now, you must remove the screen from the body entirely. Otherwise, it could get damaged while you’re working on the battery.
  • The top right side of your phone has a bracket under which you will find another bracket and a bunch of cable connectors.
  • Remove the first bracket by unscrewing its 4 screws. Lift it up and then remove the battery connector before anything else. Use a plastic pry tool for this job.
  • Then, remove other bracket being held in place with 3 screws. Underneath this bracket, you will find the display connector and the digitizer connector. Remove both of them.
  • Then, locate the cable connecting the front-panel assembly to the phone. This cable is set in place with a weak adhesive. Use tweezers to gently pull it up and remove its connectors.
  • With all this done, you can remove the entire front panel from your device.


Step 8

  • Now, head down to your phone’s bottom end and locate the taptic engine and speaker assembly. These are held in place with a bracket, 5 screws, and weak adhesive. Remove them.
  • After taking out the screws, use your tweezers to gently take out the bracket. If the adhesive gives you trouble, you can heat it up. 

Remember to be gentle, the bracket can be bent if too much force is applied.

Step 9

  • Underneath the module, you will find a connector cover held in place with 1 screw. Remove it in order to access the speaker connector. Disconnect this and then unscrew the speaker by removing its 3 screws.
  • Use your pry tool to coax the speaker out of the phone. Do this gently while minding the speaker’s cable.
  • There’s a plastic bumper strip that you will have to remove with your tweezers while you are removing the speaker.
  • Gently rock the speaker as you take it out. This will gently remove separate it from the adhesive.


Step 10

  • Now, remove the taptic engine by unscrewing 2 screws on its left side.
  • The taptic engine will come out very easily once the screws have been undone.

Access the battery

Step 11

  • You can now finally access the battery. There are 4 adhesive strips running under the battery that keep it in place. You will find their pull tabs on the top and bottom of the battery.
  • To release the battery, grab the pull tabs and pull them one at a time. Do this slowly yet firmly. Maintain a low angle when pulling on the pull tabs.
  • If the adhesive strips break, you will have to use a heat gun and a pry tool in order to remove the battery. This is a lot more dangerous since prying the battery can damage it. Make sure that you don’t use anything sharp.
  • With all 4 strips removed, the battery will come out of its place.

Step 12


  • Now, before replacing the iPhone Xs Max battery, install the speaker and taptic engine assembly completely. This will make placing the new battery easier.
  • Apply adhesive strips to the new battery and set it in place.

Follow the steps in reverse in order to close your phone.

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