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LG Phone Repair

LG Phone Repair

Best LG Phone Repair. Fast LG Screen Repair, battery replacement. Fix charging port, full warranty. Cheap LG phone repairs Singapore Breakfixnow

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Where do I repair my LG phone in Singapore?

If you have broken your lg phone it will be quite troublesome to go without it for a few days. We understand your problem and that is why we have experienced staff to help with all lg phone issues starting from lg g4, lg g5 and lg g6. These flagship phones have a tendency to experience certain common issues.

Broken lcd screen
If your phone has experienced a drop and the lcd display is faulty with no display showing or lines running up and down the screen, we are able to so a quick swop for you with a brand new genuine lg screen for you to get back to you work immediately. There is no need to worry even if your warranty is over by the manufacturer.

Touchscreen Failure
If you phone looks okay on the outside but the screen does not respond to any swipe action by your hands, the digitizer of the phone might be broken. You might need to bring it down for a free diagnosis to find out if the screen is having a hardware failure or a software corruption. You can try to restart your phone and see if this solves the problem temporarily. If it works for a while, it might be the baseband failure and this is a costly fix which we will advise buying a new phone.

BreakFixNow LG Repair Centre

Motherboard Failure
This may be obviously failure whereby the phone is unable to start at all or it could be only the charging is affected. All motherboard faults are related to a corresponding integrated chip and we will find the problematic chip and replace it to make it working brand new again. Breakfixnow has the technology to swiftly diagnose the failure.

Water Damage Phone
If your lg phone has gone swimming, there could be still traces of water within the phone. We recommend strongly that you do not charge the phone or there could be parts within which will short circuit and result in greater damage which may then not be fixable anymore. Taking too long to clean up the internal parts of the phone may cause more harm than good.

Phone not charging
If you phone is constantly needed to charge or can only charge by tilting the charging cable a specific way, you might need to replace the charging ic or the flex cable related to this. Having to constantly charge your phone at an angle is a hassle to your already busy life. Bring it to BFN to change it within 40mins and rid away you worry once and for all.


Please view the video on the left for more information on how to DIY LG Phone Repair yourself

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Can I buy lg parts online for you to help fix my phone?

A: Yes sure you can! We only charge you the service fee for this repair. Just make sure to get the correct model and version of your phone. LG has many versions of the same phone so just be careful. If you are unsure, please let us handle this and rest assured with our warranty coverage and low price value offer. .