One Plus Repair

One Plus Repair

ONE PLUS Phone Repair Breakfixnow. Fast one plus Screen Repair, battery replacement. Fix 1+1 1+2 1+3 1+5 charging port, full warranty. Cheap one plus phone repairs Singapore

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  • Cheaper than changing the housing by 1/3 the price at least
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one plus repair

Where do I repair my One Plus phone in Singapore?

At Breakfixnow we repair all one plus models such as the one plus 3, one plus 3T and even the latest one plus 5. These are all models which our company is proficient in and can all be done on site within 40mins. One plus is a china made brand based in Shen Zhen – the silicone valley – of china. This brand uses a pure version of android and is favoured by developers and overclocking modification phone geeks alike. People love this brand for its simplicity in use but repairs for this model is slightly more complicated and is not recommended for DIY.

Why repair one plus at BreakFixNow?

We use authentic parts for this brands and are one of the few who can fix it on site within 40mins of downtime before you can leave with a brand new phone. We are able to repair:

Broken screens
A broken screen can be inconvenient and a cause for worry as moving quickly over the gorilla glass can cause unwanted skin cuts and bleeding. We are fast in fixing this one plus display screen as it is a popular model in China and our technicians are all well versed in this.

Battery replacement
One plus battery will need replacement when you are in the 2nd year of using the phone and you can tell that the battery drain is fast and it is no longer as efficient in holding it charge anymore. You could also experience the phone shutting down unexpectedly when it shows 20% remaining power.

Faulty charging port
Accidently bent the charging port inside when dislodging the charging cable from the phone, we can help you fix this problem. When the port is evidently broken due to accidental damage and brute force, we will change an entirely new charging flex and remove all past signs of damage to the phone.

Motherboard issues
Even though it is rare for this model to have board issues, there are cases of phone being unable to power on after a night of charging. The charging ic on the motherboard might be affected by a power surge and burnt out. We can replace this at our outlet at bugis and this will require some time to test the phone for the problem. Don’t worry as your phone will be safe in our hands.

Camera replacement
One plus 3 no longer able to focus your camera on yourself for a selfie. You definitely need the camera changed to a new one to take your favourite picture. We do camera changes a rapidly as you can snap a photo. Trust us today with your repair and come by out bugis outlet. Breakfixnow will solve your camera clarity immediately.

one plus repair

Please view the video on the left for more information on how to DIY One Plus Repair yourself

If you are looking for phone screen repairs, you are on the wrong page please click on the link

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Can I buy one plus phone parts for you to help me replace?

A: Sure we do replacement for lcd, camera, charging port and even motherboard ic parts. Just get the right part so that you don’t waste money from buy from online source. Make sure they are reputable.

Q2: Is one plus an expensive phone to repair?

A: No parts are made in china and are relatively cheaper than models of the same specs from other major brands like iphone and Samsung.

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