Oppo Smartphone Review: What Is the Catch?

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When we think of China’s top smartphone brands, names like Xiaomi and Huawei come to mind. However, there is a player that has been making waves in the industry: Oppo. Initially founded in 2004, Oppo has grown steadily over the years and now commands 23% of China’s smartphone market share as of 2021 Q1; it also ranks as one of the top 10 phone manufacturers globally. With such an impressive accolade, you might assume that all Oppo phones are perfect- but this isn’t necessarily true! This article will talk about what makes an Oppo phone great and where they fall short.

The Pros of Oppo Phones

1. Excellent photography features

The photography features in Oppo smartphones are one of the biggest drawcards for users. Oppo features selfie cameras that stand well against its competitors. The Ai-enhanced camera features used by Oppo phones allow for high-resolution and detailed selfies. They also included various lighting modes and filters that users love trying. Back in 2012, Oppo was the buzz for the best selfie phones with built-in beautifying features. In 2018, they launched the stealth 3D camera on the Oppo Find X.

2. Long battery backup

Oppo phones have a strong battery life that is perfect for those who require a long usage time. Many Oppo phones include the VOOC flash charger, which charges their batteries from 0-100% in just 30 minutes! Customers can get quality battery backup in every price range. Like the Oppo Reno series, most of its flagship models feature SuperVOOC and 65W charging speeds, which is a lot more than its competitors like the Xiaomi Mi 11.

3. Best Brand for all budgets

Oppo makes mobile phones for all kinds of budgets. The Oppo A1K 32 can be purchased for as little as $108 and comes with a slew of features that set it apart from the competition. Oppo provides a wide selection of models with exciting features at various pricing points, regardless of your budget.

Since Oppo does not only concentrate on the creation of new models, it also manages to focus on the characteristics of earlier ones, and the smartphone is less likely to become obsolete and redundant after a time.

The Cons of Oppo Phones

1. No Android updates

Oppo phones don’t fit in in today’s world of changing smartphones and regular updates. The Android version on your Oppo phone will stay the same at the time of purchase and can’t be upgraded. This means that you will not have access to all those new features and security patches from Google. Oppo users face the bugging problem of installing new apps that requires a higher android API. This is a common problem since Google updates its Android versions regularly while Oppo doesn’t provide any software updates.

2. Overheating issues

Oppo phones are losing their reputation for overheating issues. Many users report that the phone is getting hot while charging and during normal usage, especially when playing graphic-intensive games or editing videos.

This happens due to poor thermal management on Oppo devices, leading them to overheat quickly and cause battery drain faster than usual. Over time, the battery life also degrades, and the phone gets sluggish.

3. No unique design

Oppo phones generally have the same design characteristics across all price points. This makes it difficult for them to stand out from their competitors, especially since most of Oppo’s smartphones are pretty similar in appearance. This does not mean that they don’t look good- but you won’t catch anyone drooling over an Oppo phone. Of course, the Oppo Find 7 and Neo are praised for their ingenious designs, but that’s all.

Every smartphone has its share of advantages and disadvantages, and Oppo phones are no different. They have many benefits like great cameras, long battery life, and low price range, but they also fall short in areas like software updates and design uniqueness. After all, you can study its pros and cons and make a more informed decision.

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