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Phone Trade In

Phone Trade In

Phone trade in price for used phone Singapore. We accept Singtel trade in for second handphone singapore. Best M1 Starhub Trade in prices for mobile phone singapore.

Phone Trade In
Phone Trade In

Singtel does not provide Singtel trade in prices online currently. Please refer below for Starhub and M1 trade in prices.

Telcos do not take in phones which have serious cosmetic damage, home button/touch ID issues, wifi or any motherboard problems. However, we can! We will deduct the difference in repair costs and you can trade in your phone with us.

1. You can bring any model of phone that you have. For us, all the used phones are the same which means that if your phone is very old, there is nothing to worry about.
2. Our experts will check the condition of your phone and determine the Starhub trade in prices, which means that you can bring the phone in any condition.
3. Please note condition of the phone is very important to get a good value. Scratches and dents will severly lower the value of the phone.

Phone Trade In


There are various shops you can sell your phone. Please choose the nearest one to you and call them before you go down!

If you stay in these areas we are there:
1. BUGIS Bugis Village Hp: 9173 2030
2. YISHUN NorthPoint Hp: 9788 0587
3. BEDOK BedokMall Hp: 9777 7509

4. BUKIT PANJANG Bukit Panjang Plaza Hp: 9150 8229
5. CITY HALL Hp: 9678 0203


Why are our prices better than the telcos?
1. We have no middle man which take a cut.
2. We have direct export markets in Indonesia, India, Thiland, Brunei and Vietnam which can offer great prices for your phone.
3. We can even take broken phones as we have the biggest recycling program for electronics

We can understand that you are concerned about the quality of product that you will get. Most people want to get the best prices for their precious gadget. Do not worry because all our M1 trade in prices are updated and we understand the need to get value for money. Please compare with the telco prices and let us know if we can be better!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which phone models are available for the Phone trade in services?

A: All models are available for trade in. You even take in the older models, we have the right to change our prices or reject taking in any phone without prior notice or explanation.

Q2: What are the phone models that I can bring in for the trade?

A: You can bring any mobile that you have. It can be a recent phone or an old one. We will assure to provide you the best services.

Q3: Why should I get Phone trade in services from you?

A: Our take in prices are better than the telcos & we are located near to you.