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Brief Outline on Huawei P30 Repairs at Break Fix Now

The Huawei P or Mate Series was formerly from the Ascend series: a line of high-end Android smart mobile phones introduced by Huawei. The P and Mate series was previously marketed as part of Huawei’s larger Ascend brand.

Under the new leadership of Huawei, the P or Mate Series mobile phones are directed towards mainstream consumers as the company’s flagship mobile phones, refining and expanding upon technologies introduced in Mate series devices (which are typically positioned towards early adopters). The P or Mate Series has featured a strong focus on-camera performance; since 2016, and beginning with the Huawei P9, Huawei has been co-engineering its camera with the German manufacturer Leica.

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Huawei P30 LCD replacement at Break Fix Now

The Huawei P30 LCDs are made of AMOLED or OLED by Samsung or LG manufacturers. Samsung makes a better quality OLED. If you know the OLED is broken: evident by the black circle patches on your screen display or flickering colors. You will need to change your Huawei P30 LCD with us at Break Fix Now. It will be a relatively expensive Fix as the OLED is genuine and need to be fully reversed. The individual LEDs cannot be repaired, and the full LED panel has to be changed.

– Estimate time needed is 30-40minutes

– Warranty Provided is for three months

Huawei P30 Glass replacement

Glass replacement on your OLED is possible if you only crack the surface of the AMOLED. This is a specialized repair that only Break Fix Now can do to have the factory equipment separate and repair the screen. Changing the glass for your Huawei P30 OLED is a more affordable repair than might be nearly half the cost of changing the full set HUAWEI P30 OLED. We recommend this if you don’t wish to spend so much on your repairs.

– Not all Huawei P30 mobile phones are fit for this Glass Replacement

– Estimate time needed is 60minutes

– Warranty Provided for this Repair is three months

– Glass is AAA grade gorilla glass

Huawei P30 Battery Replacement Information

We need to change many of these batteries in a day at Break Fix Now. Huawei P30 batteries can be used safely for 2-3 years. After this time, the batteries are not very efficient anymore. You can make this change of battery with any loss in data, and it can be done fast. Allow us to let us make a check before completing your Repair for your Huawei P30. We will use genuine batteries made by the OEM factories. Huawei P or Mate Series batteries are about 3000 to 4000Mah, and these are large. They may bloat if gases start to build up inside.

– Estimate time needed is 20minutes

– Warranty Provided for this Repair is three months

Repairs your Huawei P30 Motherboard

Break Fix Now technical gurus are the gurus for Huawei motherboard fixes. It is not uncommon for the motherboard to fail after 2-3 years due to usage methods. Overcharging will wear out parts such as the power IC and baseband IC faster. Often just 1-2 of these Integrated Circuits will short circuit and require replacement. However, all mobile phones have an expiry date, and other Integrated Circuits of your Huawei P30 mobile phone may follow suit.

– Estimate time needed is 1-3 days

– Warranty Provided for this Repair is three months

Huawei P30 Charging Port Repairs

Charging ports of ALL mobile phones, including the Huawei P30, will require changing as dirt or water may block the port or corrode the metal connectors inside. Often children break this charging port by twisting or pulling the cable by the wire and not by the connector. Drops when the port is still connected by bend the inner part of the Huawei P30 charging port by dislodging the soldering points inside the mobile phone that hold the port in place.

– Estimate time needed is 30-40minutes

– Warranty Provided for this Repair is three months

Huawei P30 Back glass replacement

The back case of all New Huawei Mobile phones has a vibrant metallic back case. This is often made of glass and will crack as quickly as the front screen when dropped. Allow us to let us know which color of your Huawei P30 mobile phone back case before you come down for this Repair. We will recommend that you give us a call at 97292739 before to allow us to check for the color available for this Huawei P30 back glass.

– Estimate time needed is 20-30minutes

– There is no Warranty Provided for this Repair for accidental breakage

Change Huawei P30 Camera

The main point of buying this Mobile phone is due to the high megaP or Mate Series camera, which takes incredible photos and apparent stabilization due to AI technology in the camera. However, this gadget is also easy to spoil when you drop it, and the mechanism inside breaks inside the Huawei P30 camera. We cannot repair such minute parts inside and will instead do a complete replacement.

– Estimate time needed is 30-40minutes

– Warranty Provided for this Repair is three months

Huawei P30 Power button replacement

The most used button for all Huawei mobile phones is the power button. I will replace your power button for a low price, and it will be good as new. Damage to the Huawei P30 power button can be caused by prolonged usage and tear or drop and knocks on the controller’s side. I will change the entire power flex for your Huawei P30, making all power-related parts brand new.

– Estimate time needed is 30-40minutes

– Warranty Provided for this Repair is three months


Call or WhatsApp us at 97292739 for Break Fix Now Servicing Centre for mobile phone to advise you on price and stock availability. I have various supporting outlets that may be closer to your location.

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