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Brief Outline on iPad Mini 3 Repairs at BreakFixNow

The iPad Mini 3 is from the iPad Series from Apple it is distinct from the Pro Series. The ipad is a affordable priced ipad that was launch by Apple a few years ago. Its decently large size allows for drawing.

You can check the official page for iPad Repair locations.

Affordable Lcd replacement for iPad Mini 3

The LCD for the iPad Mini 3 is not that easy to break. Most often the glass on the outside is broken and you can look below for the glass repair in the next section. For the LCD it is made of liquid crystals which can rupture when enough force is used. When this happens the LCD will flicker and the colour will turn from a vibrant resolution to grey or dark tones.

Prices for the iPad repair may be considered to be on the middle range but definitely cheaper as compared to the official ipad repair centre.

– Our LCD repairs come with 2 colours black and white so please let us know.

– Time taken is 40-60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Glass replacement for iPad Mini 3 with the experts BreakFixNow

We are very professional at our iPad Mini 3 glass replacement. We can change the glass on your iPad within 60 minutes and this will be affordable. Even though the ipad glass is made of gorilla glass it will easily crack when you drop it on the side or corners. This cracked glass will make using the touchscreen extremely dangerous due to the risk of cuts. If your touchscreen digitizer sensitivity is affected due to drops and cracks, you may require LCD full set replacement.

– Time taken is 60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

– Glass is AAA grade gorilla glass

iPad Mini 3 Battery Replacement Details

This is the second most popular repair after crack glass repairs for the iPad Mini 3. We will replace your ipad with the original battery and this will require removal of the screen and motherboard before we can reach the battery beneath. This will need the heating machine and quite a bit of time before the adhesive holding the screen and housing together start to melt.

Battery requires changing after about 3 years for ipads and this is seen by a reduction in battery life or an obvious bloating of the ipad leaving an impression in the middle of your screen.

– Time taken is 60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

How your iPad Mini 3 logicboard is repaired at BreakFixNow

BreakFixNow are level 4 technicians and we are experts at diagnosing the issues for the iPad logicboard failure. Common issues include software stuck at Apple logo, wifi is not strong and network unable to detect errors. We can help check if the issue is a result of the baseband failure whereby we will deem that it is NOT worth fixing.

If the iPad Mini 3 has been through many drops or water spills, the motherboard IC and connections within may be broken or corroded. This will require clean up and time taken to reball certain integrated chips.

– Time taken is 1-3 days

– Warranty is 3 months

iPad Mini 3 Port Repair info

If your iPad Mini 3 cannot charge or you require some skill in tiling the ipad to allow charging you may need to replace you ipad port connector. This lightning port connect flex is sitting at the bottom of the ipad beneath the screen and require medium level skill to replace. Completely no charging can be due to this port being damaged or also could be due to motherboard issues like the charging IC failure.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

iPad Mini 3 Camera Replacement information

Auto stabilization for the iPad Mini 3 is not working? If it does not work you might want to change it with us instead of at the Apple Service Centre. Their prices for such a small repair is exorbitant and you might as well buy a new iPad. Camera for the iPad Mini 3 sometimes fail due to the mechanism within being stuck due to drops at the corner where the camera sits.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

iPad Power button replacement details

This is the most used button in the iPad Mini 3. Clicking it over 3 years will cause the ball at the bottom of the metal button to deflate and finally no more tik tak response is felt. This will require changing of the ipad power flex and we will change the entire thing instead of repairing it. This is for long term benefit to the customer and you will be able to use your iPad Mini 3 power flex for the next 3 years.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


Call or whatsapp us at 97292739 for BreakFixNow repair customer service to advise you on price and stock availability for your ipad repair. We have various supporting outlets which may be closer to your location.

If you need to buy a used iPad instead of repair, you can refer to this page to buy a ipad.

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