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Brief Outline on iPhone 8 Plus Repair at BreakFixNow

The iPhone 8 Plus is a 4 year old phone and there are some models like the iPhone 8 Plus Max repair prices or iPhone 8 repair prices which are its cousins and we also do the repairs for them. Please do take a look at the outline of the other phones which we do repairs for. Please do check out the Official iPhone Repair page for warranty coverage if you do have warranty for your iphone repair.


Lcd replacement for iPhone 8 Plus

Full set lcd replacement here is done within 30 minutes and we will change the entire front half of the iPhone 8 Plus. This is a fast replacement which comes with 3 months warranty. We do it quickly in front of you and without any loss to data. Our prices are more affordable, time is faster and warranty is provided. The iPhone 8 Plus oled screen is high grade with genuine oled and the same response time and resolution as your old screen.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Glass replacement for iPhone 8 Plus

Many of us end up with a cracked screen after dropping it, causing a faulty display. It is essential and affects your usage. Glass replacement is a cheaper alternative than full set oled replacement at the official apple store. We will check that your iphone can proceed with this glass replacement as it is not possible for a  badly cracked digitizer to do glass only replacement for iPhone 8 Plus.

– Time taken is 40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

– Glass is AAA grade gorilla glass


iPhone 8 Plus Battery Replacement Details

This is the second most popular repair after crack screen repair. All iPhones have a 2-3 lifespan depending on the number of cycle counts used. We recommend changing your iPhone 8 Plus battery after 2 years as this will affect your phone efficiency and provides you with longer usage times. Most people choose to replace their batteries to give it away or to use as a spare phone.

– Time taken is 20minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


Repair your iPhone 8 Plus Motherboard

BreakFixNow technicians are the experts as motherboard or iPhone 8 Plus logicboard repairs. We can do common power ic, u2, u3 power chip replacements easily. Other common motherboard integrated chip failures include the wifi and audio ic. These are usually caused by overheating, over charging or just old aging parts. Lastly the network ic or baseband ic are the commonly affected logicboard parts that the iPhone 8 Plus will need changing. These are more serious and will probably take about 1-3 days to complete.

Water damage also causes motherboard damage in an iPhone 8 Plus. This is easily coming in from the ear port hole or the charging port hole or sides of screen. Corrosion must be cleaned up before the phone can be certified from usage. Do bring your iPhone 8 Plus for water damage repair servicing here at BreakFixNow.

– Time taken is 1-3 days

– Warranty is 3 months


iPhone 8 Plus Charging Port Repair

Tired of constantly tilting your charging cable left and right to allow a charge? This is a common issue for old iphones which have been used for a couple of years. We will change the entire charging flex to allow 100% efficiency back to the original condition. Other people might do only a port clean up or port change but we at breakfixnow have decided that the entire original charging flex be replaced.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


iPhone 8 Plus Back housing replacement

Ever dropped your phone and the front glass is not broken but the back instead is shattered? You might have thought that this is a cheaper repair at Apple official service centre, however, you are wrong as this will require the entire housing replaced and it is similar to changing your phone phone. Here at Breakfixnow, we are able to do the replacement faster and without such a high cost. The Xs back housing is replaced within 60-90 minutes.

– Time taken is 60-90minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


Change iPhone 8 Plus Camera

Auto stabilization for the iPhone 8 Plus camera not working? Dropped and found out that the front or back camera cannot be opened. We will do a quick change to allow you to use your device again. This procedure is a rather fast one and will not require too much time. Prices are also affordable and will not cost a arm or leg. The iPhone 8 Plus camera has high mega pixels and any unclear or blurry photos might be a cause for concern.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


iPhone 8 Plus Power button replacement

The most used button for all iphone is the power button. We will replace your power button for a low price and it will be good as new. Damage of the iPhone 8 Plus power button can be cause by long wear and tear or drop and knocks on the side of the button. We will change the entire power flex for your iPhone 8 Plus and this will make all power related components brand new.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months



If you need to buy a used iPhone 8 Plus instead of repair, you can refer to this page to buy a iPhone 8 Plus.

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