Brief Outline on Acer Laptop Repairs at BreakFixNow

The Acer laptop is a robust laptop which has a few distinct Models.

We repair all these Acer models and we do it faster, with no data loss and at a cheaper price point as compare to other repair centres.

You can check the official page for Acer Laptop Repair locations.


Screen Display Replacement for Acer Laptop

Most of our customer get their Acer Laptop screen replaced by BreakFixNow as they need their work devices immediately and cannot wait the mandatory 5 days at the official service centre. Often after the warranty runs out after 3 years, the price for repairs at the official ACER SERVICE CENTRE is nearly the price of a second hand Acer laptop.

– Our LCD repairs will be using the original LCD panel made by their various manufacturers

– Time taken is 60-90minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Acer Laptop Battery Replacement Details

This is the second most popular repair after the broken screen repairs. Acer laptop batteries mostly have external batteries which you can purchase from us at a budget cost. However, more often the newer series of Acer laptops have internal batteries which only service centres can replace. Acer battery replacement will require machinery which BreakFixNow is able to do in a short time. You can give us a call to let us know the series and model. Like for example, Series S and Model MK201 battery.

– Time taken is 60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Acer Laptop motherboard repairs at BreakFixNow

Acer motherboard are gigantic and sturdy however, common ICs (integrated circuits) are prone to failure. These include the ACER power ic and the wifi ic. These chips are used everyday so often that after 3 years they are no longer efficiently working and require replacement. We have level 4 motherboard technicians to fix your ACER laptop motherboard and they can diagnose and quote you the price on site without having to pass your laptop to any other repair shop.

– Time taken is 1-3 days

– Warranty is 2 months

Acer laptop hinge repair details

The corners of the ACER laptop whereby the hinges are, are the most prone to snapping or cracking when you drop your ACER device or when you close the laptop with something resting on your keyboard. When they snap or crack, the hinge either breaks totally or sub breaks and you cannot close your laptop anymore. This repair will require that our technicians completely trip the housing of your laptop and fix the hinge using metal and bonding to create a new joint for your ACER hinge repairs.

– Time taken is 40-60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Acer laptop fan replacement at BreakFixNow

The internal fans of a ACER laptop blows air needed to cool the internal motherboard of the device. When this fan collects dust or spoils, you will need a ACER laptop fan replacement for you laptop or your motherboard will overheat and it will meltdown. This is not a costly repair and we can also just do a Acer laptop fan clean up if it can solve the issue.

– Time taken is 40-60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months

Acer keyboard replacement at BreakFixNow

If you have keys which have fallen off or you can unresponsive AWSD buttons, you may need to get the entire keyboard replaced. This is common after years of dirt and grime which falls below your keyboard, you can change it in its entirety for both usage and health reasons. At BreakFixNow we do keyboard replacements on site and within a short time for you convenience. Do let us know the model of your ACER laptop keyboard as many series have very similar models with American, or UK keyboards.

– Time taken is 40-60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


Call or whatsapp us at 97292739 for BreakFixNow laptop repair customer service to advise you on price and stock availability for your ipad repair. We have various supporting outlets which may be closer to your location.

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