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Brief Outline on Surface Pro 3 Repairs at BreakFixNow

Microsoft has launched many series of Surface Pro: Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 6 and up to Surface Pro 7.  Surface Laptop Go, Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2, Surface Laptop 3 are also other devices Microsoft has launched.

Here at BreakFixNow, we can repair the various components of the Surface Pro 3 Series and we will explain briefly the various issues and problems a surface pro may have and the process to get them fixed.

From our knowledge, there is no official service centre in Singapore but you can check the Microsoft Website to see if you have a warranty and what repair information can the official sources provide.


LCD replacement for Surface Pro 3

The touchscreen for the surface pro 3 easily shatters if enough force is hit at the corners of the device. Most people break this when they disengage from the dock and use it like a tablet. Very seldom cases are used and this LCD beneath easily breaks.

Due to the digitizer and LCD of the Surface Pro 3 being bonded together. If you break the glass it will also require LCD full set replacement. This is a mid-range priced repair and we have a couple being done daily at BreakFixNow surface pro 3 repair centre.

– Time taken is 60-90 minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


Glass replacement for Surface Pro 3 with BreakFixNow

For surface pro 3 glass replacement will require the entire upper portion of the device to be replaced. This is a simple and fast process and will require heating the device to weaken the adhesive bonds of the surface pro before the screen can be safely removed.

– Time taken is 60-90minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


Surface Pro 3 Battery Replacement Details

This is the second most popular repair after crack glass repairs for Surface Pro 3. We will replace your surface pro with the original battery and this will require removal of the screen and motherboard before we can reach the battery beneath. This will need the heating machine and quite a bit of time before the adhesive holding the screen and housing together start to melt.

Battery requires changing after about 3 years for surface pro 3 devices and this is seen by a reduction in battery life or an obvious bloating of the surface pro leaving an impression in the middle of your screen.

– Time taken is 60minutes

– Warranty is 3 months


How your Surface Pro 3 Motherboard is repaired at BreakFixNow

Surface Pro 3 not turning on or having glitches resulting boot loops or stuck at logo icon page is common. This will require a FREE diagnostic and may require 1-3 days for your surface pro 3 to be fully repaired. There is a risk in screen removal for surface pro 3 repairs and your consent must be given before be undertake this endeavour.

Affected integrated circuits in the motherboard of the surface pro 3 are pin pointed and we will replace these chips before testing your device again. If the issue is not solve it will require more time to troubleshoot the error and finding the related trouble maker ICs. This task can only be done by level 4 motherboard surface pro 3 experts and we have 4 of these senior technicians here at BreakFixNow.

– Time taken is 1-3 days

– Warranty is 3 months


Surface Pro 3 Charging Port Repair

If your Surface Pro 3 cannot charge it could the charging connector which has corroded or the charging pin has fried. This is quite obvious if you can smell a burning smell coming from your surface pro 3 connection dock or the port. We will replace the charging flex for you and this should solve your problem.

– Time taken is 30-40minutes

– Warranty is 3 months



Call or whatsapp us at 97292739 for BreakFixNow repair customer service to advise you on price and stock availability for your Surface Pro 3 repair. We have various supporting outlets which may be closer to your location.


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