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Description & Details

On this page we will explain to you the Acer repair details and information and we provide and how to purchase this service. To go back and view the product page for more Acer repair parts.

Acer LCD Replacement Singapore by BreakFixNow

We fix your Acer cheaper, faster and better than anywhere else at BreakFixNow. Please do read below for more information on your Acer LCD repairs.

Order this if:

– You are aware that our Acer keyboard Repair prices are more affordable than Acer Service Centre Help.

– There is No display showing on your Acer.

– LCD is flickering and there is greenish lines on your Acer Laptop.

– Touch responsiveness on your Acer Laptop LCD is NOT functional.

– No data is affected during the repairs of your Acer Laptop.

– Device shows noticeable black circles.

– Your Acer has never been sent to any other place for LCD replacement before.


Enquire further if at 97292739:

– The Acer Laptop cannot power on.

– You are not sure whether your Acer Laptop is water damaged

– Acer Laptop doesn’t charge when plugged in with a power supply. There may be no display because of other reason such as faulty charging port.

LCD replacement for your Acer device is common and it is regarded as a mid-level repair. This means that the time taken and effort will be about 60-90 minutes to complete. We will diagnose the device to confirm that screen replacement will solve any of the display issues you are facing on your Acer.

Common issues which plague the Acer Laptop series of phablets from Microsoft include namely, screen damage, glass cracks, battery bloating and charging port not charging. All these issues are common after the Acer has been used more than 3 years of age. Do not worry, your repairs will be affordable and done fast at our Acer LCD Service Centre.

Acer Laptop repairs is a specialization which can only be done by repairers with knowledge of Microsoft devices. Here at BreakFixNow we are highly capable of conducting this repair of your Acer as we have laptop and tablet experts who are well verse at such portable devices. Being able to fix a Phone vs fixing a Acer Laptoprequires largely different skillsets and experience. Therefore we urge you to bring your Acer Laptop Device to us to diagnose and fix.

We pride ourselves for the 90 day warranty we provide for your Acer Laptop repairs and we do not charge any service fee for any diagnosis unlike other shops or the official Microsoft service centre. We also have additional safe guards such as a 7 day full refund at your request. Terms and conditions apply.

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