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This page will explain the Huawei P20 LCD repair service and how we provide this service. To go back and view the product page for more Huawei P20 repair parts.

Huawei P20 Camera Replacement Singapore by Break Fix Now

Choose Break Fix Now for Huawei P20 Camera replacement. At Break Fix Now, our repairs are done On-The-Spot, with better quality and an affordable price that is outright net and inclusive of service charges.

I will check your Huawei mobile phone upon receiving it to confirm double that the problem is indeed the Huawei P20 Camera and not the motherboard or other internal parts. Allow us to note I will check for whether it’s the front camera or the back camera or both affected before proceeding.

Why We Do it Better:

– You are aware that our Huawei P20 camera replacement price is more affordable than other third-party or Huawei service center costs.

– The camera is flickering, and auto stabilization is not working

– Camera does not even OPEN

– Huawei P20 Front camera opens, but the back camera does not OPEN

– Camera only works for Instagram but not for Camera App

– Huawei P20 Camera is not in focus

– You know your Huawei P20 charges and functions

– Your Huawei P20 has never been sent to any other place for any other repairs before.


Enquire with Us:

– The Huawei P20 cannot power on.

– You are unsure your Huawei P20 LCD is damaged or not.

– You are unsure whether your Huawei P20 is liquid damaged

– Huawei P20 doesn’t charge when plugged in with a power supply. There may be no screen because of other reasons, such as a faulty charging port.

– The Huawei P20 is turned on, but the screen is unable to respond

The Huawei P20 Camera is made by Huawei and is a high megaP or Mate Series camera for beautiful scenic shots and cannot be repaired but only replaced. This Repair is a medium difficulty repair as the entire mobile phone has to be dismantled to get to the front and back cameras. I will replace the real camera and take the same pictures with the same HD megaP or Mate Series Huawei P20 camera.

If you dropped your Huawei P20 mobile phone and note it unable to boot up, I will first ascertain what parts of the mobile phone have been damaged and requires repairs. If both motherboard and screen s of the Huawei P20 is affected, I would highly recommend that you DO NOT proceed with this repairs unless the data is critical and in this case would highly recommend you OPT for data recovery instead of full restoration. Full restoration of a Huawei P20 would include screen and motherboard repairs, which would be too pricey, and I would highly recommend buying another second hand Huawei P20 instead.

I provide top-notch quality service for Huawei P20 mobile phones, and our prices are competitive as with the quality. I do not use low grade or B grade parts for your Huawei P20 repairs. People often drop and break the mobile phone accidentally. This is not covered by the Warranty Provided for this Repair at the Huawei service center even under their Warranty Provided for this Repair period of 2 years. At Break Fix Now, I aim to provide On-The-Spot service and a one-stop repairs center for all Huawei mobile phone repairs.

I pride ourselves on the 1 Month Warranty Provided for this Repair I provide for your Huawei P20 repairs. I do not charge any service fee for any diagnosis, unlike other shops or the official Huawei service center, which charges $39 just to look at your mobile phone. I also have additional safeguards such as a 1 Week full refund at your request. Terms and conditions apply.

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