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On this page we will explain to you the iPad Mini 5 repair details and information and we provide and how to purchase this service. To go back and view the product page for more iPad Mini 5 repair parts.

iPad Mini 5  Power Button Repair Singapore by BreakFixNow

Choose BreakFixNow for your iPad Mini 5 power button repair by the best at iPad Repairs. We do it faster, cheaper and without any data loss than others or the Official Service Centre.

Order this if:

– You are aware that our iPad Mini 5 power button repair prices are much more affordable than Apple Service Centre Prices.

– There is no response when you press the POWER BUTTON

– The button works but when you press hard

– The POWER BUTTON is dented in due to drop 

– iPad keeps restarting and assumes you are pressing the POWER BUTTON

– Your iPad has never been sent to any other place for other repairs before.


Enquire further if:

– The iPad Mini 5 cannot power on.

– You are not sure whether your iPad Mini 5 is water damaged

– iPad Mini 5 doesn’t charge when plugged in with a power supply. There may be no display because of other reason such as faulty charging port.

The 9.7 ipad power button is easily damaged due to drops due to its strategic location at the corner of the top. This power button is the most used part of the iPad to turn on or off. Water can sometimes enter this gap and cause the button flex to corrode and wear out. We at BreakFixNow do not just change the button, we will change the entire power flex to ensure good workings for the next 3 years.

This power button flex replacement for iPad Mini 5 is slightly more complex than the usual as screen needs to be removed, motherboard removed, camera removed before it can be replaced. Trust this to the professionals at BreakFixNow as we do many a day for customers and B2B clients alike.

iPad issues plague families who have young children who use it for learning or playing games. Drops and knocks when there is no screen protector or casing results in breakage of the glass in the front or blunt trauma to the internal components like the motherboard and battery. iPad Mini 5 is a large ipad and these problems will require a certified technician to fix the ipad. Screen removal is a challenging task as a heat plate is needed to melt the adhesive that sits behind the screen before it can be removed safely.

iPad will have problems after 2 years. Common issues include battery weakness and this is definitely going to happen to your iPad Mini 5. Other problems include power button becoming unresponsive due to extended usage after 3 years. Last the most common issue is breaking the screen due to drops causing glass to crack and making it dangerous to use. BreakFixNow is used to all these iPad issues and we are able to fix them within a short time.

iPads by Apple are the most popular tablets in the marketing commanding high market value even after many years. We recommend that you fix your Apple iPad Mini 5 instead of buying a new one as this is a reputable brand which has quality parts. Most people choose BreakFixNow as our repair prices are nearly half the price of the Official Service Centres and our quality can match. 

We pride ourselves for the 90 day warranty we provide for your iPad repairs and we do not charge any service fee for any diagnosis unlike other shops or the official Apple service centre which charges $39 just to look at your device. We also have additional safe guards such as a 7 day full refund at your request. Terms and conditions apply.


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