iPhone 8 Plus Rear Camera Replacement Price

$120.00 $100.00


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BreakFixNow IPhone 8 Plus Replacement Singapore

Choose BreakFixNow for  IPhone 8 Plus replacement. The iPhone 8 Plus for iPhones cannot be repaired. At 90% of the time the stabilizer is damaged due to drop or prolonged usage over many years. Changing is the only option for iPhone 8 Plus.   

-Once you hand over your phone to us we will begin with these steps:

-The iPhone 8 Plus will be tested.

-If it does not turn on or just auto focus issue will determine whether front iPhone 8 Plus is replaced or both front and back iPhone 8 Plus are replaced.

-Replacement will require about 40minutes to complete.

-IPhone 8 Plus is tested in front of customer to confirm usability.

-Once front and back iPhone 8 Plus are tested it is ready for collection.

Order this if:

-You prefer having to save cost as compared to a $200- $450 full replacement of the  iPhone 8 Plus at the official Apple service centers.

-You really need to keep your data.

-You need to get it fixed within 30 minutes.


Enquire further if:

– The iPhone 8 Plus does not even turn on. 

– The iPhone only takes photo and NOT video.

– The iPhone 8 Plus takes photos but is blur

– Your iPhone 8 Plus shows streaks

– The iPhone 8 Plus makes a lot of sounds when images are taken. 

– The phone has been water damaged before and you want to clean the iPhone 8 Plus inside.

– There are signs of water damage on your iPhone 8 Plus.


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