iPhone X Motherboard Repair Price

$180.00 $120.00


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BreakFixNow Motherboard Repair Singapore

Choose BreakFixNow for iPhone X Motherboard Repair. It is done in a secured place with no chance of data mismanagement and high chance of recovering your data. 

Once you hand over your phone to us we will begin with these steps:

-The iphone will be dismantled by our technicians.

-All parts less the motherboard will be kept aside which the motherboard is taken for testing.

-The motherboard will be tested with the precise instruments to find out which Integrated Circuit is affected or preventing current from passing through.

-Affected chip is replaced and the testing begins again.

-If the logicboard is still not proving to be stable, we will ascertain whether the changing of multiple chips is worth the customers time and money.

-Usually data is more important and we will advise on data recovery vs a fully working smartphone. This is usually in the cases of severe drops and water damage.

Order this if:

-You prefer having to save cost as compared to a $550- $1150 full replacement and swap of phone at the official Apple service centers.

-You really need to keep your data.

-You need to get it fixed within 1-3 days. 1 week or more is possible in some instances whereby the motherboard damage is severe and parts have to be ordered.


Enquire further if:

– The iPhone X has an obvious hot or burning feeling in the back case or screen. 

– Power drains extremely fast when using wifi, or callings (This might be due to a wifi chip failure or network IC failure)

– The screen display has sometimes turn blue or green lines which may be display IC integrated circuit failure

– Your iPhone X does not powers on or charges normally.

– Short usage time of less than 6 hours due to inefficient motherboard logicboard

– iPhone X doesn’t charge when plugged in with a power supply or only shows a Apple Logo.

– You have already changed the battery and the phone still does not function well. A big sign that the logicboard has other issues.

– There are signs of water damage on your iPhone X.

Our technicians working on your motherboards are all china trained Level 4 logicboard experts who can diagnose and swiftly find out the problem in a short time. They require concentration and focus to be able to see the tiny circuits under a microscope and replace them.

For water damage iPhones, this task is even harder when corrosion eats into the board. When the motherboard has holes in the circuitry they have to be filled up to allow current to pass through. Changing a few chips might not allow the motherboard to work at full capacity. Therefore, we recommend that people with water damaged phone quickly replace their phones immediately after the repairs are done.

We provide warranty for our motherboard repairs but for water damage phones this warranty is limited due to the nature of water damage. When metal touches water it oxides slowly and this makes it hard for technicians to find the areas whereby it has seeped into and rusted.

Our technicians have been trained to handle even the worst of iPhone issues. If you think that your iPhone is toast after a hard smash to the concrete, don’t give up hope, let our professional repair techs give you a free diagnostic to see if the problem can be fixed! The majority of the time we are able to fix even the most severely damaged iPhones.

Water damage can easily occur to the charging port as the hole is one of the only ways to enter. Even though the iPhone is rated ip67 water resistant, the metal in the port with enough time and age will corrode. Grime and dirt also exacerbate the degrading of the charging port contact points and thus we recommend that every 2 years you change your charging port, cable and adapter.

We hold ourselves to the highest level of iPhone repair integrity. We only use the highest quality parts for your iPhone repair and offer a 90-day warranty on all of devices repaired. Having issues with your iPhone after a repair? Bring it back for a warranty diagnostic and we will fix any defective parts that were used during the original repair. 


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