iPhone XR Battery Replacement Price



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BreakFixNow iPhone Battery Replacement Singapore

Choose BreakFixNow for iPhone Battery replacement. It is done faster, cheaper and better at our various shops with 3 months warranty provided. All our prices are nett.

-Once you hand over your phone to us we will begin with these steps:

-The phone will be dismantled

-The Original Battery will be inspected for bloating and any deformation

-The motherboard will be tested with the voltage machine to check if the logicboard and all the integrated circuits are running efficiently. If there is a leakage on the board, changing the battery will not be useful and might cause more damage.

-Battery is replaced and tested for charge about 5 minutes.

Order this if:

-You prefer having to save cost as compared to a $99- $129 battery repair at the official Apple service centers.

-Do not wish to lose your data or have no time to back up data.

-You need to get it fixed within 20 minutes or less.

-You require a 3 month warranty on battery replacement.


Enquire further if:

– The iPhone Xr has an obvious bulge in the screen or there is a popping out effect.

– Touch responsiveness on your iPhone Xr screen is intermittent

– The screen display has areas of discolouration mainly due to battery pushing again the back of the LCD OR OLED.

– iPhone Xr screen display shows noticeable black marks.

– Your iPhone Xr does not powers on or charges normally.

– Short usage time of less than 6 hours are cause of poor battery health.

– iPhone Xr doesn’t charge when plugged in with a power supply. There may be no display because your charging port is faulty instead of the screen. Do refer to our iPhone Charging Port product pages for more information.

– The iPhone Xr screen touch is accurate and responsive.

– There are signs of water damage on your iPhone Xr.

At BreakFixNow, we do a very detailed check on your phone before we change your battery. This is because there are many third party dealers who do not check before making a change resulting in returning issues with your iphone. Please do not be alarmed if we tell you that your phones battery dropping quickly is not due a weak battery. Drops and moisture can cause your circuitry to be weakened and therefore resulting in lower usage times as compared to when it was new. 

All our technicians have been trained to handle even the worst cases of iPhone breakage. If you think that your iPhone is toast after a hard smash to the concrete, don’t give up hope, let our professional repair techs give you a free diagnostic to see if the problem can be fixed! The majority of the time we are able to fix even the most severely damaged iPhones.

The most common iPhone repair that we do is battery replacement. There is about 50 batteries being replaced daily. We use original batteries which have the highest standard with 3 months warranty. Don’t worry about your battery replacement when you come to us at Break Fix Now.

We hold ourselves to the highest level of iPhone repair integrity. We only use the highest quality parts for your iPhone repair and offer a 90-day warranty on all of devices repaired. Having issues with your iPhone after a repair? Bring it back for a warranty diagnostic and we will fix any defective parts that were used during the original repair. 

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