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Six common iPhone problems that Singaporeans have to endure

iPhones are just simply expensive, and the worst thing that could happen to an expensive item is to get it broken knowing that the cost to fix it would also be hefty, so have you ever experienced dropping your $1,000 dollar iPhone X accidentally? Does your time stop? Have you tried turning back time and wish it did not happen? You can look for BreakFixNow is you have any iphone screen repairneeds.

Dropping your iPhone could result to a cracked screen, however, this kind of problem is just one of the most common problems and issues that many iPhone users and owners in Singapore encounter regularly knowing that everyone’s very busy there, they tend to forget how to take care of their expensive iPhones.

Just like the rest of the people around the world, Singaporeans have the same common problems with their iPhones that you will know by reading the rest of this post.

1. Cracked screen– Just like what is mentioned above, a cracked screen is one of the most heart-breaking things that could happen to your iPhone. It is totally frustrating and whilst it can work right now, there is a huge chance that your phone could become unusable the next moment that is why it is better to get it repaired right away rather than to wait for later. There are actually a lot of solutions from Do It Your own (DIY) kits all the way from taking your phone into the nearest Apple Store, however, there are also independent mobile repair shops out there that can offer you a better price to fix your iPhone and get the job done quicker than the Apple Store. You can check out Repair iPhone Screen Here and Save 40% Off by clicking at this link.

2. Damaged by water– One of the most damaging substances that can easily ruin an electronic or electrical device is water and regardless of how expensive your iPhone is; it is not waterproof. If your iPhone is submerged in water, it is not actually totaled at all. There are a lot of ways you can do to save it. The first step you can try is to wipe off the excess water off your iPhone. You should not try to turn on your iPhone while it is still wet because it will cause its board to short-circuit. Second, you should drench your wet iPhone in a bowl of uncooked rice that will surely absorb all the remaining moisture and water by leaving it for two days straight. If you are somehow techy, you can dismantle your iPhone and use a blow dryer to speed up its drying process before you drench it in a bowl of uncooked rice.

3. Freezing screen– One of the most common problems and also, it is one of the easiest problems to solve right away. Either you can turn off and turn on your iPhone again, or you can hard reset it by holding down the home button of the iPhone at the same time to fix it.

4. iPhone does not turn off– By holding down the home button and the sleep/wake button, until the logo of Apple appears on the screen, it works normally, however, there are a lot of iPhones out there that does not work this way, instead, it remained powered on and it won’t let the user turn it off that needs a hard reset, or worse, you have to bring it to a technician to repair the problem that may come from its circuit board.

5. The volume button is stuck– If the mute button is stopping to work on your iPhone this will surely because you inconvenience when someone calls you, however, you can easily turn on the Airplane mode momentarily as all of the phone calls will be directed to your voicemail, while you can also try to mute all of the iPhone’s sounds. You can fix it by trying to use the assistive mode of your phone that will enable you to use the touch screen feature of adjusting the volume from the home screen.

6. Battery easily drains– iPhones have a big tendency to drain its battery very quickly. There is a simple solution to prevent this from happening by turning off all of the unnecessary applications that you are not using because this is a factor that causes your battery to drain quickly. Also, you have to reduce the brightness of your iPhone because this uses a lot of battery without you knowing it.

Now that you are well-aware of the most common iPhone problems, you might want to learn the standard service fee when you take your iPhone to Apple Store that will surely convince you to bring it to an independent technician.

An iPhone XS Max repair costs S$42 while the iPhone Pro Max costs you S$489 while for the iPhone XS, iPhone X, and the iPhone 11 Pro costs you S$42 while the rest of the previous editions of iPhone will have the same amount. However, the worse the problem is, the higher the amount of service fee that you have to pay at the Apple Store.