Replacing iPad Pro Screen

replacing ipad pro screen

In order to replace your iPad Pro Screen, just follow these easy step by step visual guide and you will be able to replace the broken screen all by yourself

If your iPad’s screen has recently become broken or damaged, then you have probably found yourself in a messy situation. Of course, if the crack in question is a minor one then you can continue using our iPad without an issue. However, if the crack in question is a large or deep one, or if it happens to be a lot of shattered glass that has spread throughout your screen, then you have two options, you either replace the iPad completely or you have o op for a screen replacement. Now you can choose to either get the screen replaced b a professional, or you can just do it yourself.

In case you do not have access to a professional, then you have no choice but to opt for the replacement job ourselves. this is of course not the ideal scenario but it is still possible to be able to replace your iPad screen even if you are not a professional. In case you happen to be interested in learning about how you can replace your iPad Pro screen yourself, you can keep on reading below.

Your iPad’s screen is an entire glass panel on a sort of LCD screen. Now when you are replacing your iPad screen replacement done , you want to be sure to replace the entire unit in a single go. Of course, if you want the home button to continue recognizing your fingers, then you will have to be sure to save the home button as is, and then transfer it onto the replacement screen. Also a word of advice, you want to make sure that you have bought replacement adhesive because you will need it when you are assembling your iPad once again.

iopener ipad screen

  • iPads already happen to have a strong adhesive that keeps the screen and other components locked into place. To deal with the adhesive layer, you will have to separate it by heating and softening it, you can do this by either opting for the official iOpener or by using a heat gun or hairdryer depending on what you have at our house. you will have to constantly keep reapplying heat to make sure the adhesive is soft and melted enough to come off.
  • If you are using the iOpener, then you will just position it around the bottom edge of our iPad’s screen for a minute or two.
  • Once you have dealt with the adhesive layer, you need to bring your attention to the actual screen and work on removing the screen. In case your screen has a lot of glass shards, then you should cover your iPad’s screen with clear tape in order to keep the glass pieces and shards in one place. this is done for our safety. Once this is done, you want to put a suction cup near he home button and then press down on the suctions cup to achieve and create a seal. To get the best results, you want to get the suction cup as close as possible to the edge of your iPad’s display screen.

  • you will then pull the suction cup upwards in order o make a small gap between the actual front panel and the rest of the case. you do not want to be impatient here, so do not pull too hard, or else you can end up shattering the glass. is is a slow process and you might find yourself reaching for the heat gun ever now and then in order to gradually soften the adhesive whenever needed. Once the gap between the two is big enough, you need to put in an opening pick in the little gap ha has now been created.
  • In order o make sure ha ou have moved through all of the adhesive layers, ou will slide he pick from the edge of the display screen and slide I into the bottom left corner. Do not remove the pick now, if anything you need to leave it there for a bit in order o make sure ha he adhesive does not end up re-sealing.
  • Now you will apply heat in the left edge of our iPad for a minute or two. you want it to be hot to the touch, but at the same time, you do not want it to be too hot. you can either use the iOpener here or the other alternatives that we had already mentioned above

  • you will now insert another opening pick towards the same bottom left area of the iPad. Repeat the same step of sliding the second pick along with the adhesive layer in order o separate I, and then leave as is.
  • Now you will bring your attention to the top edge of our iPad and then apply heat to the area until lt is hot to touch as well. you will now bring in our hird opening pick, bu his will be positioned at the top left corner of our iPad. Now this pick will be used to slide through the adhesive layer along the top right corner of our iPad. Please be mindful of the fact that the top-right edge of the iPad has a camera lens and you want to make sure that only the tip of our pick is inserted in the adhesive layer around the camera lens. If you break this camera lens you will require an entire housing replacement.
  • the same process will be repeated for the las right edge of the iPad and a fourth pick will be inserted here and as you are sliding it, make sure to stop before the home button.

remove screws

  • A fifth opening pick will be instead on the top area of the iPad, but don’t remove the display right now.
  • Now you will lift the displays from the top edge and slides upwards until you can see the screw that is used to secure the battery power connector towards the bottom of the screen.
  • the 1.9 mm Phillips screw will need o to be removed.
  • To disconnect the battery, you will slide the battery prong under the battery power connector to interrupt the power circuit.

  • the spudger will now come into play to pry and then disconnect all the cable connectors, once that is done you can now remove our display assembly.
  • Use pre-cut adhesive strips and use adhesive before ou start sealing again.
  • To move the home button, you want to use a halberd spudger to lift the flap of ZIF connector which is usually present on the home button and then use tweezers to pull the home button out the ZIF connector.

careful with the wires

  • Be careful of the cable since it is fragile and damage to the cable can end up ruining the home button, and you will end up having to get that replaced as well. So be sure to be gentle when you are trying to remove the home button bracket. Use the flat edge of a spudger and carefully move it near the iPad’s bottom edge.
  • Ou can now take a crack a lifting the home button bracket. you want to be sure to pull it up towards the display while being mindful of the cable.
  • After cleaning off the old adhesive with alcohol, apply a new coat of glue and make sure that the bracket is properly aligned and cured before placing the home button.

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