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Samsung Motherboard Repair


Samsung Motherboard Repair Singapore Breakfixnow. Advanced s8 s9 S10 note 10 note 20 series repairs, motherboard replacement. Samsung Note and Galaxy S motherboard fix with free diagnostics. Best samsung motherboard repairs singapore

samsung motherboard repairs

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Most common problems with your Samsung motherboard

1. S7 Edge unable to turn on
2. Note 4 keeps rebooting at the Samsung logo
3. Phone overheats and unable to maintain battery life
4. Galaxy Note 5 turns off without notice

There are the various motherboard issues that Samsung users face when using their Galaxy mobile phone.

What BreakFixNow Fixes in the Samsung Phone?
One of the main sources of these issues is mainly due to the eMMC (embedded Multi-Media Controller) chipset and refers to the combination of flash memory and a flash memory controller combined on the same silicon chip. This silicone chip will need replacement and as this is a larger Integrated chip will take longer to complete.

Other smaller components such as the charging IC and wifi IC also face degradation overtime and will need replacement.

How to replace your Samsung motherboard?

The difficulty in replacing the motherboard is on moderate difficulty and will need an estimated 30mins for someone which technical knowledge and the right tools. You will need the Philips #00 screwdriver.

– Open the back rear case and remove the sim and SD card
– Heat the front panel for newer models such as Note 5/ S7 Edge/ S8
– Using a thin pry tool and a suction cup to remove the front LCD panel
– Remove all camera and lcd connector and remove motherboard assembly
– Hold the board by edges to prevent electrostatic damage (ESD)
– Put everything back together

*Please note that Singapore Samsung phones uses a different version of motherboard than those from the USA,UK and China. Our local Samsung distributor uses the 4G version with single sim.

fix your samsung motherboard here

Please view the video on the left for more information on how to DIY Samsung Motherboard Repair yourself

If you are looking for Samsung screen repair, you are on the wrong page please click on the link

Common Motherboard Related Questions
Q1: Can I purchase my Samsung motherboard online and do it myself?

A: Yes for older models such as the galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 & Note 3 this is possible. However newer waterproof versions such as S5, S6 and Note 5 onwards, the difficultly increase greatly due to the improvement in design of removing the replaceable battery. You will need a heat gun, gloves and a steady hand.

Q2: How many months warranty does BFN provide for Samsung motherboard replacement?

A: We provide you 2 Months warranty guarantee.