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Where do I repair my Samsung phone in Singapore?

Samsung produces the top of the line smartphones as seen in their note and galaxy s series line up. The latest note 8 will be launched in Singapore in September of 2017. This playmaker phone company has already many huge successes which has captured the Singaporean crowd. One out of every 3 people owns a Samsung galaxy phone. If you have a broken Samsung phone and it is covered under the warranty you may want to head down to your local authorised service centre to fix your Samsung phone at plaza singapura or westgate.

Get your Samsung phone repaired at breakfixnow Singapore

At BFN we have various outlets for you to choose to get your Samsung phone repaired at the lowest most affordable rates while giving you a genuine quality product within the shortest possible repair downtime. We also boast that we can do it within 40mins of you leaving your phone with us.

BreakFixNow Samsung Repair Centre

What Samsung repairs can we do?
We are able to do complete phone repairs beginning from the phone screen, the internal lcd display, the motherboard, the charging port, the camera and even the home button.

Broken phone screen
Samsung phones are made of the best quality gorilla glass 4 from corning company. These screen are entirely scratch resistance and ultra-thin. This thinness does have a drawback which is the ease of breakage during drops from height. We are able to get rid of your broken glass screen at our outlet at bugis.

The internal AMOLED LCD
Samsung makes their own AMOLED display screen and they also do so for other phones. This monopoly of the AMOLED industry makes their lcd screens relatively more expensive as there is no other competitor to compare with. We have the lowest prices as we can get these screens in bulk and pass these low prices directly to you.

Camera replacement
The camera is the most important feature in the phone and this also have the most moving parts within the Samsung phone. Camera replacement is necessary when the internal focus components are stuck or have been damaged by impact. Non focus is 90% a result of external environment damage. But don’t worry we can fix it for you within 40mins.

Button replacement
If you feel that there are some buttons which are sticky and need more force to get a response, you might need those hardware to be changed as well. The back button, home button and volume button can also get damage if you drop the phone on a hard surface resulting in a dent in the metal body.


Please view the video on the left for more information on how to DIY Samsung Repair yourself

If you are looking for phone screen repairs, you are on the wrong page please click on the link

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Can I buy parts online for you to repair my Samsung s7 edge?

A: Yes but most online portals don’t offer genuine parts and please be careful if you buy an expensive part but don’t know how to send it back for warranty if it is faulty. We only charge for the service when you bring your phone and purchased part to us.

Q2: How long is your warranty for your Samsung phone repairs?

A: We provide 2 months coverage for most popular models of Samsung. Warranty is extended when you are a regular with us.

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