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Samsung S20 Plus Repair Singapore

Where to Repair Samsung S20 Plus in Singapore?

Samsung S20 Plus Phone Repair Breakfixnow Singapore provides professional and quick services with S20 Plus screen Replacement and battery replacement done only within 30 mins. Our customers enjoy free diagnosis and 90 days warranty through our services.


The Samsung S20 Plus is considered one of a kind and it deserves the right treatment no matter how old it is. This is because, apart from being a good investment, Samsung S20 Plus comes with all the premium features that Samsung offers and needs to be taken cared of as such. The best way to look after your Samsung phone is to get it checked quickly whenever it faces any issues. Whether you want to use it casually or for business, having it repaired at a reputable Samsung phone repair store makes good sense. Read on to learn more about our services and why you should choose BreakFixNow.


BreakFixNow Samsung S20 Plus Repair Services


Every Samsung phone needs a battery replacement after two years of usage and the Samsung S20 Plus is no exception. Through the battery replacement procedure, a technician will look at the functioning of your device and test it for any internal damage or malfunctioning parts to see exactly what’s damaged. This will help them determine the cause of your unit’s problems and thus determine the appropriate solution to give you fast and satisfactory service.


When looking for a Samsung phone repair service, the first thing that you must do is to do a little research. Find out if the company offers free quotes. If they do, make sure that you opt for this option. BreakFixNow repair services do offer free quotes to its customers.

We Seriously Consider Your Data Safety


A professional Samsung phone repair service provider does not only offer replacement services but safeguards their customers data. At BreakFixNow, data safety is a priority and our technicians ensure that your data stays safe before proceeding with any repairs.


Our Most Popular Samsung S20 Plus repairs


Our Samsung S20 Plus repair centers offer services such as replacement of screen, LCD replacement, motherboard repair, power button, camera replacement and speaker repair as well as other parts such as power button replacement and charging port repair. In fact, we are experienced enough to help you fix nearly all problems of these gadgets.


Another common service that BreakFixNow provide is the replacement of the back glass. When your Samsung smartphone breaks down, you would need a new back glass. If you have bought a smartphone and used it for a long time, chances are that the back glass has become slightly damaged due to friction. However, you can easily get this broken back glass replaced by professionals at our repair centre.


Quality is King


In order to provide quality services, we only use quality parts for every replacement. These parts play a vital role in providing you with improved functionality of your smartphone. There are different types of Samsung phone repair parts available in the market such as camera, battery, screen, USB cable and many more. When you are repairing your Samsung S20 Plus, you should ensure that you are purchasing genuine Samsung parts. These parts will help you utilize your smartphone to the fullest and with better longevity.


We also provide services for damaged capacitors for Samsung S20 Plus. When you are looking for Samsung mobile repair services providers, make sure that you are getting the best quality service. You can also check our website and find information regarding the variety of services that we are offering. Once you have this information, you can easily pick the service that suits your mobile phone best. Moreover, you can even compare the prices of various Samsung repair services on different websites.

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How we change the Gorilla Glass on Samsung?
– We remove the broken gorilla glass on the top layer
– Then we remove the OCA covering the AMOLED panel
– Replace the OCA and the gorilla glass simultaneously

Why BreakFixNow is better at Samsung Glass Replacement?
– We don’t tell you there is risk and make you assume the risk
– If we accept your phone we will cover any risk during the process
– We use gorilla glass
– In-house. It will take 40mins – 1hr not 1-2 days.
– 3 month top-up guarantee provided

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Redstone UV Adhesive tempered glass
1. If you choose NOT to REPAIR your phone, many use Redstone UV tempered glass to cover away the minor cracks. In fact it is PROVEN to makes cracks invisible to the naked eye
2. Why do you need it? Cause you will want to protect your screen with the BEST
3. We have made it so much cheaper than nearest competitors like DOME($79.90)
4. We paste it for you for FREE
5. Warranty provided

DIY Repair Video

Please view the video on the left for more information on how to DIY Samsung Repair yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can all models of Samsung do Gorilla Glass Replacement?

A: Sorry not all models are eligible for this process. Most Samsung flagship models are able to proceed with this procedure as they are made of AMOLED.

Q2: How do I know my LCD is working fine?

A: Please looks for black dots, pinks marks or lines on the screen. These are obvious signs that the Lcd beneath has been broken and leaking the liquid crystals.

Q3: Can I resell my Samsung phone after gorilla glass has been done?

Yes of course this procedure has been perfected by us so much so that no one will be able to tell that the phone has been dropped before least by the dents beside.

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