singtel gomo vs starhub giga vs circles life data plan

you have to decide which data plan is better yourself

Singtel Gomo
Singtel Gomo is attracting data junkies with a plan that offers 20GB of data for $20. That is $1 per 1GB of data, a great bargain for many people. This plan puts a number of other data plans to shame. The 20GB tag is more than enough to draw in younger customers. However, that is not the only thing that you get for $20, after all, it is an entire cellular plan. Singtel Gomo gives you:
• 20GB of data
• 200 minutes of talk time
• 200 SMSs
• No hidden costs
One of the best things about Singtel’s plan is that they will not charge you a dime above $20. There are not any hidden fees that you have to worry about. You get everything for no more than $20.
The only catch is that Singtel Gomo has a bad reputation when it comes to service quality. The cellular company is known for network related issues and bad customer service. However, the company has been making an effort to improve its service quality.

Starhub’s Giga
At a glance, Starhub’s plan looks less attractive than Singtel’s. However, for $25, Starhub gives you more data and more minutes as well. Just like Singtel, Starhub is charging you $1 for 1GB of data. You get 25GB of data (which is a lot) and plenty of minutes and SMSs:
• 25GB of data
• 1000 minutes of talk time
• 1000 SMSs
• Free caller and incoming calls
• You can roll over unused data for up to 2 months
• A $2 delivery fee
The Giga plan certainly gives you a lot more value. You get more data, more minutes and SMSs, and an option to roll over unused data. One bad thing about this plan is the $2 delivery fee. But It does not seem like much when you add up all the value that you are getting.
Starhub also has a roaming pass that is available for $5 for 1GB. The roaming pass is valid for 5 days and can be used in fourteen countries.

Circles Life
Circles Life is trying to get in on the action as well. Their prices are not as great as the other plans though. For $28 you get 20GB of data along with minutes and SMSs. That is $1.4 for 1GB of data. Along with the data you get:
• 100 minutes of talk time
• 25 SMSs
• Free caller ID
This plan is not as great as what Singtel and Starhub are offering. But there is one catch to this package that changes everything. If you’re porting your number from another service provider then this package will only cost you 18$. This effectively makes Circles Life’s data plan the cheapest in the market. You get 20GB of data for only $18. You also have the option to bypass the $38 registration fee if you signup on their roadshows. This package is ideal for any data junkie who’s looking to port over to another network.
Circles Life also has a $5 per month plan. But it’s a very low weight data plan that will only appeal to people who have very light data requirements. This plan will give you 2GB of data, 50 minutes of talk time, and 25 SMSs. Compared to the other plans that we have discussed here, this plan has very little value.

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