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Surface Pro Repair Specialists4

The Microsoft Surface Pro repair specialists who can fix any issues flawlessly without damaging the device and here are a few of these specialists-

The Microsoft surface pro is a pretty great device. It is powerful, versatile, and portable. In essence, it is everything that a laptop should be. However, just like any other laptop that tries to be lightweight and sleek, the surface pro is fragile. Its slim body is bad at protecting its sensitive internals from impact shock. It also does little to safeguard the screen.

Today, we are going to take a look at all the ways you can damage your surface pro. We are going to talk about the most common types of damage that this device sustains. We will also be discussing what can you do in order to reverse the damage.

Common Types of Damage


The Screen

The surface Pro’s sleek frame really catches the eye. This laptop is designed to be extremely portable. In order to reduce bulk, its design compromises on protection. If you take a look at its screen, you will notice that it has really small bezels. This design choice is more obvious in the latest surface pro models. Due to this, the screen is really easy to damage. The laptop’s screen can sustain damage if it falls down or gets hit too hard.

Surface Pro Repair Specialists

A broken screen can render a laptop useless. But fortunately, it is not irreparable. Broken surface pro screens can be fixed with new ones. This repair job will cost you a pretty penny, but it will also restore the functionality of your laptop.

The Keyboard

Keyboards are designed to be hardy. And the Surface Pro has a rather decent keyboard. However, no keyboard is able to hold up against water. Water damage is the most common form of keyboard damage. Spilling even a drop of liquid on the wrong place can end up compromising the overall functionality of your keyboard. When a keyboard gets damaged, you have to replace it entirely. You cannot get one or two faulty keys changed. Just like screen repairs, Surface pro keyboard repairs are straightforward as well. You can take your device to a certified technician and they will replace your old keyboard with a new one.

Surface Pro Repair Specialists 2

The Battery

The Surface Pro packs a lithium ion battery. These batteries will outright explode if they get punctured. Luckily, they are housed inside your device and cannot be damaged easily. But you can decrease their lifespan if you don’t take care of them. Lithium ion batteries have a lifespan that is measured in charge cycles. One charge cycle measures the power input and output of your battery as it goes from 0-100% and back to 0%.

Surface Pro Repair Specialists3

Constantly draining your battery places stress on it. It burns through the charge cycles of the battery faster. And as this happens, the overall efficiency of the battery declines. Given time, your laptop’s battery timing will decrease and you will find yourself tied down by its charging cable more and more.

An old or faulty surface pro battery can be replaced with a new one. Since the Surface Pro’s battery is internal, you have to open the device in order to access it. A skilled technician can replace an old battery fairly quickly.

The Speakers

The Surface Pro’s speakers can sustain damage as well. This device has two-speakers in its body. They can sustain damage for a variety of reasons. When a speaker gets damaged, its sound output will suffer or become non-existent. Fortunately, both speakers can be replaced with new ones.

The Charging Port

No matter how great of a battery a device may have, its battery does run out. In order to recharge the battery, you need a working charging port. The microsoft surface pro repair charging port can sustain physical or water damage. Yanking on the charging cable too hard could break its internal connections. A damaged charging port will not be able to supply power to your device.

This form of damage can be troublesome, but it is reparable as well. You can have your charging port replaced with a new one.

How Should You Repair Your Surface Pro?

In order to repair a surface pro, you need access to the right tools, spare parts, and also expertise. Most of us don’t have what it takes to work on our own device. This is why we would recommend that you find someone to fix your device for you. Microsoft has its own service centers where you can take your device and get it fixed. If your device is under warranty, you can even have it replaced with a new one.

Surface Pro Repair Specialists4

Microsoft surface pro repair centers are a good option. But they aren’t available everywhere. Surface pro repair services are only available in regions where the company offers official support. If your region isn’t covered, then you will have to rely on third party options, which isn’t a bad thing.

Third party repair centers are great for repairing devices. As long as you find a reputable lab, you will be able to get your device repaired quite effectively. A good thing about third party labs is that they are more affordable. And they also operate a lot faster than first party labs. Most repairs can be done within a day. A third-party repair lab can hand your device back to you on the same day. This is great since having to wait for your device to get back to you can be frustrating.


The Surface Pro is a beautiful yet fragile device. You can break it in a number of ways, but it is also easily repairable. In order to repair your surface pro, you should take it to a professional. If you’re someplace where you can access Microsoft’s official repair centers, then you should take your laptop there. However, if Microsoft doesn’t provide official support in your area, you will have to rely on third party repair labs.

Third party repair labs are more trustworthy than you may think. They can fix your device quickly and effectively. In order to find a trustworthy repair lab, you will need to do a bit of research.

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