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iPhone 7 Plus’ dual cameras Review!


Are the iPhone 7 Plus’ two cameras better than one?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 still has the better UI

When it comes to user interface (UI), the Samsung Galaxy S7 still has the upper hand. Apple’s Camera UI remains largely changed in iOS 10. The only new feature is the ‘2x’ icon on the iPhone 7 Plus, which switches between the 28mm and 56mm cameras on the back.

The iPhone 7 Plus’ camera is slightly better in good light

The iPhone 7 Plus’ cameras are slightly better than the iPhone 6s Plus in good light. There are more details in each shot, but still not at the same level of clarity as the Samsung Galaxy S7. The iPhone 7 Plus’ raw files also have less detail than the S7, and more color noise. It looks like the iPhone 7 Plus applies a liberal dose of noise reduction in JPEGs, which gets rid of the color noise but also fine details. This holds true for both the 28mm and the 56mm cameras.

The iPhone 7 Plus takes better panoramas

The iPhone 7 Plus still takes better horizontal panoramas than the Samsung Galaxy S7. There are almost zero artifacts and tears at the seams, even with moving and complex subjects. They sometimes appear, but rarely, while ghosting and tears appear easily in the S7’s horizontal panoramas.