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Charging Issues and Fixes on MacBook Pro


Why Is Your MacBook Pro Unable to Charge?

To be sure, there might be several reasons for your MacBook Pro not charging properly or at all. For instance, the primary culprits may be a worn-out or broken power adapter and cord. Occasionally, an old battery, along with some other minor problems, may also be to blame for the charging issue.


As a result, we will need to examine the topic from a variety of angles.

Examine the Power Adapter and Cable

The first step is to check for damage to the power adapter and cord. If the charging accessories appear to be damaged, they may be the source of the problem.


If there is no visible damage to the charging equipment, check that the power adapter is correctly attached. Disconnect your MacBook’s charging cord and reconnect it properly. Additionally, clear the power port of dust and dirt to prevent the connection pins from becoming clogged.


Is It Time to Replace Your MacBook Pro’s Battery?

When the battery reaches the end of its life, macOS notifies you that it should be replaced. To determine whether the battery needs to be replaced, click the battery symbol in the menu bar. If the menu item “Service Battery” or “Replace Now” appears, the battery has aged and is no longer capable of holding a charge. The only way around this is to replace the battery. This will breathe fresh life into your MacBook.


Have You Been Notified That Your MacBook Pro Has Been Recalled?

Apple recalled some 15-inch MacBook Pro models released between 2015 and 2017 due to a widespread battery overheating issue. A MacBook’s eligibility is determined by its serial number. Select About This Mac from the Apple menu in the top left corner of the screen. Verify that the model is “MacBook Pro” (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015).


Following that, navigate to the Apple Support battery recall programme page and input the serial number of your MacBook Pro to see whether it is eligible for the programme.


Additionally, the firm recalled the 2016–2017 MacBook Pro (non-Touch Bar) models due to a component failure that resulted in the built-in battery expanding. To see if your laptop qualifies for the battery replacement programme, visit the Apple Support website and input your serial number. If your device is determined to be qualified, the firm will replace the battery free of charge.


Reset the system management controller

When your MacBook has a battery or power-related issue, the most dependable remedy is to reset the SMC. That is a smart gamble to make, as it is simple to accomplish on your own. SMC is the MacBook’s System Management Controller, and resetting it frequently resolves a variety of issues with power, battery fan, and other functions.


Unplug the power adapter first, and then shut down your MacBook Pro. After that, connect the power adapter and simultaneously press the Control + Shift + Option (Alt) and Power buttons for approximately 10 seconds, and then release them all simultaneously. Following that, power on the notebook by pressing the power button.


Your MacBook Pro Should Be Updated

If your MacBook continues to fail to charge, there is a slim chance that the issue is a software issue. Apple occasionally upgrades macOS to enhance communication with a power adaptor. Therefore, attempt to upgrade the OS if it is available for your current macOS version.


To do so, open System Preferences and navigate to the Software Update section. If the MacBook has the most recent macOS update, download and instal it normally.


In the event that nothing works, contact a MacBook Pro repair centre.


If none of the aforementioned methods work, there is a good possibility that the issue is with your MacBook pro’s DC Jack or some other hardware-related issue that requires expert assistance and cannot be resolved at home. It is now necessary to call a MacBook Pro repair facility. BreakFixNow is one of the most dependable MacBook repair centres due to its years of experience and a well-known track record of providing quick and effective service at a reasonable price. Therefore, contact us immediately to resolve the issue.